Day 1 World Track Cycling Championships

Day 1

Day one's action, featuring the men's and women's team sprints and the women's scratch race. Chris Hoy provides analysis, with commentary by Simon Brotherton and Chris Boardman.

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COMMENTATOR: Up towards the line and the gold medal goes to Great


Britain, the Olympic champions again! Gold for Britain once more,


for the third Olympic games in a row! There is a medal here tonight,


it is silver! Gold for Great Britain! They smashed the world


record! Jason Kenny wins the gold medal for the second time in his


career. A spectacular silver. Mark Cavendish as an Olympic medal, it's


a silver one. And it is a richly deserved one. Laura Trott is


Britain's most successful female Olympian of all time. Can she get


over the line? I think she can! It's a golden hat-trick in Rio!


Sensational cycling. Brilliant, brilliant stuff.


STUDIO From the golden sun of Rio to the


Winter of discontent, British cycling has been through the ringer


over the past eight months and how it will emerge is one of the big


questions to answer at the Track Cycling World Championships, stage


for the first time in Hong Kong and only the second time it has been in


Asia. It is rare in sport to have a World Championship is every single


year but that is what happens in cycling. It is 7pm here and I'm


reliably informed it has been raining all day but that won't


matter in the very futuristic looking velodrome. Looks like a


spaceship has landed in Hong Kong. Delighted to say I am joined here


insulted by Sir Chris Hoy and Jo, for you, two Olympic golds and five


World Championships. The World Championship that come after an


Olympics are always a little bit different, aren't they? They are.


You have the people who underperformed in Rio who will be


determined to come back fighting strongly and get nations like


Australia and Germany, they often come back really strong in the first


World Championships. You also have the young pretenders, the young


athletes who have not had a chance yet at world level, this is their


chance to get back to the world stage and hopefully win a medal. Jo,


for a lot of those within British cycling, it is too much to expect to


see them come straight to a World Championship is after an Olympics,


so some of the big names taking a step back? It's quite unusual if


you've wanted to go straight for this series. There are a view who


did, like Katie Archibald. A view of us took a step back. I've retired.


Some people are on a bit of downtime which is fair enough but gives the


opportunity for some young British riders who have watched Rio and felt


like they wanted to be there to actually go and lay their markdown.


We're going to see people you might not have heard of and see them in


action and see if they can step up to the plate. Jo mentioned her


decision to retire but first let's reflect on a golden rear.


Joanna Rowsell... This is going to be some fight. I don't believe it


commits a world record! -- I don't believe it, it's a world


record again. And the crowd are getting behind them. Great Britain


win the Olympic title and the gold medal and another world record!


Joanna Rowsell is one lap away from the world title. It's gold for


Joanna Rowsell and Great Britain! When she gets going, she can keep


going all day long. The crowd are on their feet. Joanna Rowsell wins gold


for England in the women's individual pursuit. What an Olympic


final we have on our hands here. Jo Rowsell Shand takes over down the


back straight and now Great Britain are starting to turn the screw here.


Gold for Great Britain! They have smashed the world record!


STUDIO I suspect it's a little bit like


watching your life flash before your eyes, but when you look at that, Jo,


what do you think cycling has brought to your life? It's changed


my life completely. My first World Championships was here in Manchester


in 2008 which was the first lap and I guess I'm unrecognisable now to


the girl that first joined the cycling team ten and a half years


ago. I was very shy, had very little confidence. I must have had some


self belief in myself as an athlete, but for me, relocating to


Manchester, meeting all the people and legends of the sport like Chris,


that was terrifying! It's amazing for me to look back at that and see


how my life has changed. I met my husband through cycling and my best


friends are all cyclists. I've definitely become a lot more


confident and happy. It's amazing to watch that back, so thank you for


that! You're very welcome, thank you for everything you've given to


British cycling. It's a big decision to stop. Chris, you've done it. How


would you advise Jo to reassess and adjust her goals? For me personally,


I try to find something that was a big passion in my life, something to


focus on something to get your teeth into. I know you're already thinking


about that clearly can what you're going to do in the next few years,


but for me it was exploring things I couldn't do when I was a full-time


athlete. I became a dad as well. Things like that, just experiencing


a greater life out there, the bigger world out there. Are you looking


forward to it or do you treat it with a certain amount of bread? I


am. It was a really difficult decision to make and it took me a


long time to make it. I think for a while deep down I knew I was done as


a cyclist. I'm the sort of person who always looks for new challenges


and I had won everything I could possibly win as a cyclist, you can't


get higher than Olympic champion and world record-holder, and I saw them


something more. Add the Olympic pursuit for Tokyo, that would have


motivated me... But to go out and try new things... When I first had


the meeting with my head coach, I didn't actually say the word retire.


I had to call it the R word, I couldn't actually say I want to


retire! That was a step too far. It took a while to come to terms with


the idea of not being an athlete and not preparing for an Olympic Games


and it was incredibly difficult. I'm currently applying to university to


start in September. Great, to study? Physiology. Which has a nice link to


elite sport, so I could perhaps go into coaching, but the degree is


more taught from the point of view of physical activity for health,


using physical activity for things like obesity and diabetes. A


different perspective. The science is the same but it is down to how


you apply it and it could apply across the board. I think it will be


an interesting degree for me, something I'm very interested in.


Ever since I left school, I had a levels in biology, physics and


maths, I was very much a scientist back then and now I can go and study


whatever I want to study and maybe going back -- go back into elite


sport. Brilliant. We're thrilled to have your intellect here as well as


your knowledge of cycling. Here are the athletes we should be watching


out for. In the men's team sport, the average age of our team is 20.


They took gold in the Glasgow World Cup last November. No British


representation in the women's team sprint. The dominant side looked to


be China, they are the Olympic champions. Elinor Barker, who won


gold in the team pursuit in Rio, is concentrating on individual events


here. We will see her in the women's scratch today. And it is the first


round of the men's team pursuit. Andy Tennant at 30 is the senior


member of the team and he just missed out on the Olympic Games.


Determined to make his mark here. The women's sprinting scene in


Britain, we will talk about it in a second but if you wanted get in


touch with us, details at the bottom of your screen, if you want to get


tips on fitness or mental health from these two, use everything they


know. But obviously also questions about I cling or team members,


anything you want just via our way. Becky James is taking a break and


there's only one British female sprinter out in Hong Kong and that


is Katy Marchant. Are we looking at a bit of a problem in British sprint


cycling at the moment? I don't think so, you look at Vickie Williamson


who is thankfully finally getting back on her bike after a horrific


crash at the sixth day in Rotterdam over a year ago now. She is well on


her way to making her way back into the team. We have some really


talented young riders snapping at their heels of Katy but at the


moment Katy is focusing on the Kieren. I don't Inc is any crisis


intends of the future but there is still work to be done. In terms of


how you gel well, and it is always exciting watching the team sprint,


for the women it is a team of two rather than three. Jo, I will just


get your view on this as well, the strength of the teams that are


lining up for this. In the women's team sprint, yeah, I think China


will probably be the favourites, they are the Olympic champions.


Russia were the world champions from this time last year but I think that


is because China were disqualified in the final. I think Russia and


China are the big two favourites here. I would love to see Team GB


back in the mix but like Chris says, there are a view riders who have


unfortunately had injuries or something, that will not be


competing in this winter. But it is something that excites me going


forward and I personally would like to see the event go to three riders


and three laps rather than two. This is the only event now where there is


not equality between men and women in terms of the number of riders in


the team, so for me that is the last step. This event has been


progressing really well since it has been on the programme. The gap has


been getting lower and lower so I would like to see it equal out on


three, so that is my thing. Yes, absolutely. I think we're all


nodding in agreement. Let's let the commentators take it away.


COMMENTATOR: Hello, everyone. Thank you and welcome to this futuristic


velodrome here in Hong Kong, just eight short Drive away from the


centre of the city, and we are just in time for the fourth race in this


women's team sprint qualifying. Australia, Stephanie Morton entire


Lee McCulloch. The Australians we will be watching here, they are one


of the traditional forces in this event, particularly when Anna Meares


was paired with Thirimanne colour. That is a few years ago now and they


are not one of the big favourites. It is a pretty decent time, the new


fastest one, 32.785, for Australia. We have already seen how fast the


men's team pursuit was. A pretty special performance and you often


find that a good performance sort of goes through the whole team. I


suppose it's not surprising that the Australian sprinters are also really


raising their game here. Often the case for the Australians posed


Olympic Games, they tend to perform well the year after an Olympics. I


suspect that here in Hong Kong it will be no different. It's


interesting, isn't it, Chris, that different countries have very


different ideas about how to prepare? Many of them treat the


World Championships as seriously as the Olympic Games. Of course, they


are World Championships, so so you should come about their funding is


not just dependent on how you do in the Olympic Games. That may be a


reason why the British team approach things slightly differently.


Possibly. To do with the change of funding and also culturally of


course. But they do tend to perform well very consistently. We've got


used to the British team who do tackle it in a very different way,


it's all about the Olympic Games, tipping off after that major


competition. That is a cycle we have seen repeated three times now. I


don't want to put too much pressure on them but we're expecting to see


good solid performances. This is the one event where there is no British


interest, but it is a really strong field. Joanna was talking before


about China, the Olympic champions, and also Russia, the defending world


champions. We should not forget too Germany and that brilliant pairing


from any years now, Kristina Vogel, who is a world and Olympic champion,


and Miriam Welte. They are never far away. Great talents in world track


cycling. They are one of the real crowd pleaser is as well, one of the


real characters of the sport. Incredibly consistent and so are the


Chinese pair, but mistakes have been made as we heard alluded to earlier


in World Championships. The rules for this event have been tidied up a


bit now, making it a lot easier for riders to stop people being


relegated, because that is not what anybody wants to see. It's all about


that front wheel, they can't pass before the first line. Just to let


you know that China have got Junhong Lin racing and


Shuang Guo. A little bit messy Art of the blocks. The German pair


cleanly away. This is a strong finish now. Kristina Vogel powers


over the line. New fastest time and China way out of it. China's time is


a long way back and that has now come up as the third quickest time,


but they were some considerable distance behind Germany. Germany


32.356. When you consider that the world record is 32 dead, that is


really a very respectable ride. They have set themselves out as being the


team to beat. So consistent and .3 of a second clear of Australia at


the moment. Coming into this, perhaps no great surprise. Kristina


Vogel has been in very good form over the winter track system,


winning the Kieren and the sprint in Los Angeles and she won the


individual sprint as well in Cali. In stark contrast to many Olympic


champions, Kristina Vogel deciding to keep racing through and she has


kept that going. Riders deal with the pressure in different ways. Some


see the competition as an adventure and the result is just a symptom of


doing something they want to do. Others really build up on the result


and it's all about that result, there is a lot of pressure and they


need to get away afterwards. So we see a real disparity in performances


in this post-Olympic period. We have got four gold medallists on the


track in the Great Britain squad including Katie Archibald and Elinor


Barker. We will see them in different events to those at which


they were involved in in Rio. A busman's holiday. They are still on


the track but just getting the mental break of avoiding an event --


of doing a different event. Next on the track, Russia,


. Against Spain. Don't forget this is a three round competition and


this is the qualifying phase which will see them go through to the top


eight first will ride against eighth, second against seventh. The


better ride you perform now, the easier ride you get through and the


two fastest winners contest the gold. 12 teams in this qualifying


round and eight of them will go through. I way they go. Let's see


what kind of form the Russian pairing have brought here to these


championships. Voianova Leading the way on lap one.


Shmeleva takes over for the final lap. No surprise to see Spain


trailing at this point. Here we come up towards the line and their time


was 32.962, well down on the time set by Germany. These are big gaps


in a competition like this, which can be decided by hundreds or even


thousands of a second. The German team are going to be tough to beat.


So, Germany fastest qualifiers ahead of Australia, Russia and China.


Spain, Netherlands, Canada and Colombia also going through. We will


lose Mexico, Korea, Italy and India. We're just waiting for official


confirmation of that. But interesting to note that from what


we've seen so far, it is Germany who have the real speed in their legs


that this particular moment in time. Good to see Australia as well coming


back in this particular event, because they were dominant a couple


of years ago, they won the world title three years in a row. And as


Daria Shmeleva, a former junior champion, just winds down, there is


the confirmation of the qualifiers in the women's team sprint.


COMMENTATOR: Germany out in front. Australia one of the countries you


were saying had a lot to prove after Rio. With the retirement of Anna


Meares, it has given Carla McCulloch the chance to show her skill. News


through recently that Mark Cavendish has been diagnosed with glandular


fever. Glandular fever is going to knock him out for a while, isn't it?


Jeff, that's pretty serious. The risk is that you try and get back


too soon and it extends the time you will be laid off for. I'm sure he


will get the best of ice on that but it is frustrating, he has still got


a lot left to achieve, he wants to win the highest number of stages


ever in the Tour de France and that will certainly hamper his


preparation. Let's concentrate on the qualifying for the men's team


sprint but that team of Heinz and Callum Skinner, Callum is the early


one at the World Championship 's and he is focusing on individual events.


It is a relatively new line-up, they are pretty exciting. Let's hear from


these new names. As a team, we're really close, we're really good


friends off the track as well. We'll came onto the Academy programme


around the same time. We were looking at a five-year goal, Tokyo


and then anything before that would be like a bonus. Obviously we want


to go to win. We are a young team and we have to give our best


performance and just see where that puts us. It can stand us in good


stead. Fantastic riding and the youth put in a fantastic


performance! We would like to go top five. If you go top five, you're


always going to be vying for a medal. It's a great record at any


level. Coming from their age through the Academy process together. I'm


really excited to see what those guys can do on the big stage. It is


very much their moment and how will they cope with it? Jack Carlin on


the left and that is Elinor Barker on the right. We will see her later


on in the scratch race. Chris, I started to ask you this but we


didn't have time to hear your answer, what is the secret to


gelling in the sprint competition. As a team, each rider has a very


different job to do, very different skills. The starter has to be an


exceptional rider accelerating the team up to a good pace. Number two


had to have the ability to soak up the start but deliver a strong lap


for the final person to hang on to the end. It is more than just


physical attributes, they are all good friends, they get on well and


they gel as a unit. It's very exciting for them just now, they are


on an upward Sharjah rhetoric and who knows how far they can go? -- an


upward trajectory. Let's have a look at Canada. The qualifying has


started but very early stages. Chris, talk us through what happens


here. Oh dear oh dear oh dear, nightmare. A lot of the holder


uppers are not that experienced. They're not from your team, they're


from the venue? That's right. A lot of the guys are big guys, 90


kilograms class and they have heavy bikes, so it can happen. Sometimes


it happens like dominoes, all six riders go down, not ideal when


you're about to start the race. These wheels are also very fragile


for lateral impact. They are designed very strong. You could


almost push your finger through that we'll if you hit it hard enough, so


there is a risk of damaging that ?3000 wheel. Is that it, I Canada


how? No, they get a restart because it wasn't their fault. But


psychologically it can be a distraction.


COMMENTATOR: They were the first two teams to go, Clare, actually. There


was a good story, it wasn't the rider who fell but a chap... Patrice


St Louis Pivin is one of the riders and he only set foot in the


velodrome for the first time 30 months ago, he was a power lifter


and one of the other riders suggested he tried out a training


camp and clearly it went rather well! Away. Cross-fertilisation I


believe is the term applied from going from one sport to another in


the sporting world, but it's actually a really good idea to take


people with the basic abilities and most importantly a desire to do it,


and give them the opportunity to try something different.


And experienced rider for the Netherlands, five times a world


champion on the track and three times on the sprint. Not for a


while, though. Nils Van't Hoenderdaal for the Netherlands.


Over half a second that of Colombia at this point. Of course it's all


about setting the time but it gives us an indicator of the blistering


pace being set here. Really quick bite Jeffrey Hoogland now. He leaves


it at the end and Theo Bos is an round three for the Netherlands.


Heading into the autumn of his career now, back on track in the


last year or so. Powering around the track at the bottom of this bowl as


he comes over the line in 43.970, nearly 43 hundredth of a second


quicker than the time on the other track from Colombia but it is all


about the time, they're not strictly trying to knock out the team on the


other side. Labouring a bit. You could see he was shaking his head,


wasn't happy with that. Nicely out of the gate. Respectable start there


by any measure. And so, so important to get out of the gate quickly in


this event. It doesn't win you the race but it can certainly lose it


for you. It's almost impossible to pick up the pace if you are not


thrown into this race at a high-speed. One of the key things


about this race in the last for five years is how they keep tweaking the


rules to adjust them in terms of the changeover. That is what has proven


to be the difficult part of the race. It's where people have


qualified on a berry regular basis and now they will do probably what


that to start with, it's all about the front wheel crossing the line.


Basically your counterparts can't cross over the line before you do.


Simple as that. The front rider has got 15 metres to get out of the way,


and out of the way is determined by the red line on the track. We've got


some excellent teams to come and in the seventh hit of eight will be


Germany and Great Britain. The last two Howell, New Zealand, the


defending champions, and Poland, as well. But at the moment we are


watching Japan, where Kazunari Watanabe is


the most experienced rider in their team. A real wobble there by the


Japanese team. Well off the track, and that is going to cost probably a


tenth of a second or more and in an event like this that can be


absolutely critical. Yoshitaku Nagasako leading the way on job --


that one for Japan commit his job is done. It is Yudai Nitta now for the


Japanese team. Not getting a time up for Japan at the moment, I think


perhaps riding off the track caused a bit of a problem. Jose


Marino for Spain... Japan with the second fastest time so far. Good


recovery at the end. Still a decent start, under 18 seconds for that


opening lap, but a better finish, I think. Well, had the experience and


the staying power to stay in there. -- Watanabe had the experience and


the staying power. You appreciate the timing of that effort, they


throw their weight back and forward in anticipation of that gate


opening. Get it slightly wrong and the wheels can snatch a bit. That is


what can happen. But recovered well. The medals will be decided tonight


in both the men's and women's team sprint, but still to go out onto the


track in the next few minutes. Next up will be the Czech Republic and


China. Here's confirmation of the standings in the clubhouse. The


Netherlands the quickest up to now but many of those teams will be


knocked down the leaderboard in the next few minutes. Tomas Babek, for


Czech Republic. Hush around the velodrome. Away they


go. It the might be the shape of the track actually pushing people down a


little bit here. It is a bowl-shaped track we've heard about. It was


actually quite quick, in the team pursuit qualification earlier today.


We'll have to see if it is the same for the team sprint. China


predictably the fastest so far. Many of the riders will be familiar with


this track. They had a World Cup meeting here last year. The track


was actually built in 2013. It's not like Rio where they basically turned


up and rode on it the day before the Olympics started. They're now coming


around for the Czech Republic. Sojka there. And China's time will be the


fastest so far. Just the quickest by about a tenth of a second.


Disappeared off the computer for a moment. Home advantage, always makes


the World Championships that little Morabito important. A very


respectable performance from them. -- a little bit more important. When


you are trying to drive out the power it takes self-discipline to


hold the position and not become more upright to get some more


powerout. You can see them on the back


straight. And Belarus now, starting near us.


But here are the Australians. Matthew glat zerl World Champion in


2012 -- Matthew Glaetzer. The Commonwealth keirin champion, in


good form, too. Jacob Schmidt with him. Schmidt a former two-time World


Champion and Nathan heart a common wealth games' bronze medallist. --


Nathan Hart. Away they G Australia fourth in the Olympics. And we have


a false start as you can see. We'll wait for the replay but it was the


starting rider. The Australians, haven't stopped here. That's


interesting. Australia are still piling around the track. Looking to


set their time. The familiar figurer of Glaetzer there on the start. He


is familiar. His body position. Mouth gaping wide open. Still second


fastest. Well hoping for a good finish here and it looks as if


that's what they are going to get. Here coming up to the line, Jacob


Schmidt for Australia, emptying the tank there. 44.136 for Australia.


Third quickest time, unofficially. Waiting for that to come up on the


screen. Belarus are saying - we do get another go, don't we? They do,


they get another start regardless of the cause of the mishap. But the


Australians did well to keep their composure. Normally there is a gun


fired and, so, they are well within their right. They have no problems


to keep going but often they are distracted. What happened here, do


you think maybe the gate didn't let go of the rider in time, an electron


malfunction with the gate? Our camera shot was a little bit close


up for us to be able to see there. He has It was just on head and


shoulders. They will go at the end, Belarus. They will have to wait


until everyone else has had their ride now, I think. They'll have to


go and warm down. And they will be on their own. Meanwhile, the


Australians, oh, almost a false start there. The first rider must


lead away. A well-drilled team. A respectable ride but I suspect he


will be a little bit disappointed with that to be honest. I have to


say we wandered down by the Australian pit a little earlier and


spoke to Gary there, and saw them all sitting there, getting prepared


and also, from what we have seen so far, Australia are all business,


aren't they, here at these Championships? Yes, it is a pattern


we have seen in past years, in performing post Olympic Games. They


enjoy competition. They are consistent throughout the Olympic


cycle, the four-year psychle. Often if they've had a disappointment at


World Championships, ory at Olympic Games they tend to take that out at


the worlds. They are looking sharp here. Early days I know in this


five-day World Championship. A slight delay because of that mishap


for Belarus but they'll have their chance to ride shortly. Here we go


with France. A young team for last. -- a young team for France. Up a


against them Russia. ! Well I'm not sure the Beard is the


most aero dynamic thing you could have for an event like this. Well,


this young French squad were second in the World Cup meeting in


November. Can they translate that level of performance to here in the


big change in the World Championships? Leading the way for


France is Edelin. The fist rider. on this first lap is... Up towards


the men what have they got in their legs? We are about to find out. Less


than 50 m to go, over the line they come and France 43.390. Puts them in


the lead. So they'll be pretty comfortable with that. Facial hair


or not. Well they look happy with that, certainly. No surprise. France


have been one of the powerhouse force a long time in World Frack


Cycling. We are seeing the next generation of their riders coming


through as well. -- World Track Cycling. They will be pleased with


that one. They were the fastest out of the blocks, 17.6 their opening


lap - they weren't the fastest out of the blocks. Only fifth fastest


but what a finishing lap. They have set the time to beat. It's not


always about the actual lap time. That's a really important element to


this event. It's about the delivery speed. So if there is part of your


lap where you are sling shotting the next rider in. And it is so


important you are speeding up not slowing down towards the end of your


turn. A tight balancing act. Particularly, of course, if you are


man 2 because you have to stay on the heels of man 1 who was blasting


to get away from the gate. All power on that first lap to set the tempo


and platform to go on and win. Man 2 has to have the speed to get on the


tail, not overcook it but also make sure theyp don't blow man 3's doors


off before his term. It is almost three different physiologies you


require and you can see the difference between them. The A


muscle to do that first lap. It is much, much less about aerodynamics


and power. Now about what about this, Jack Karlin, Truman and Owens


for Great Britain. 19, 20 and 21. Britain, of course the Olympic


champions, not with this kree yo but they've won two sets of gold medals


over the winter in World Cup races. A real opportunity. Calum Skinner


concentrating on the individual event. So it is all down to them


here. As they prepare to go to the start. Calum Skinner, one of the


gold medallists from Rio watching on. Watching his young team-mates in


this World Championship but look at the Germans on the other side of the


track. They are all power. Max leads them off. Leading on lap one for


Great Britain, Jack car Lynne. Let's lack at the time here now Carlin.


17.301 for them A very good start. Fastest of the series so far and


right at the tail end. So that means fastest of all the teams. The


British team are flying here as Owens takes them through. Here comes


Truman now, on the last lap. This the qualifying ride. Can he keep the


pace going? Can Great Britain set the fastest time? We're about to


find out now as they cross the line, 43.416. Second fastest. Great


Britain second-fastest time so far but a very strong ride out of the


gate for this young trio at the World Championships. Well the French


were around half a second clear of everybody else. So they really have


closed that gap and put some distance between them and the chien


autos who are currently in third position. They can be really


pleased. They said they wanted the finish top 5. Well what a great way


to set your stall out. And maybe the experienced rider had more in his


legs in the final lap, perhaps that's where the difference was made


for the French. We'll get some real analysis from Sir Chris Hoy later


on. The real expert at this particular discipline. A great ride.


I think they can be pleased with that one. As we watch Joe Truman


from Hampshire, the national sprint champion for 2017. Man 3. A chance


for him to get his breath back. They will need to do that because we will


be seeing them again in a little while. There we are, Great Britain


definitely through, we just need to find out where they are in the


standings but as you can see, second fastest up to noint and now we've


got an interesting one, because it is the last set of teams on the


track and we have the defending World Champions, the Olympic silver


medallists there from New Zealand and New Zealand have brought the


A-Team for this one. No messing around from them. No young riders


getting a chance here who are inexperienced they've gone with the


big boys, Mitchell, Dawkins there they are so used to run together.


And Poland, their team is good, too. We are watching a New Zealand trio


who won the world title in 2014 and last year and Ethan Mitchell is the


man who'll lead them out on will 1. -- on lap 1. Well, an excellent


start from them already, 0.2 of a second ahead and fastest-opening lap


in the series. Mitchell's job is done. It is Sam Webster now who


leads the way. Two times World Champion a Commonwealth champion as


well in the individual sprint and it'll be up to Eddie Dawkins to


bring it home at the end of the ride. Eddie so disappointed with


that Olympic silver medal last year. Can they bounce back with another


World Championship gold this time round as he grits his teeth? Their


time is the fastest, 43.267. They have the speed in their legs and the


Kiwis looking good. Dkwins was stalled at the end. Waiting to get


through. He had to back off a little bit before he started that final lap


and out of the gate, when you get it right, it just looks as if you are


not trying hard, because there is no swinging all over the place, it is


just a deleen, clean effort, all the power going into forward motion. He


was saying he was it was as if he was stuck in the Hong Kong traffic.


Backing up, ready to G he had the speed but not the room he had to


wait. Right on the wheel, waiting. He knows he can't overlap until that


line is crossed. You can see that actually, quite right. It was close,


very, very close. Let's have a quick look at the judges. See if there is


any deliberation, because he really did, I think get his timing perfect


there, which I think he did. Well, let's hope so, because it was only


going to be a fraction, wasn't t either way? They are such a good


trio and what form they are in. Let's see how the British trio match


up with the world's best as we await confirmation of the result. I think


Great Britain will be third fastest qualifiers. We've still got to have


Belarus. We've forgotten about them. They still have to race because


they, remember, had that accident at the start of their ride earlier on,


when the rider ended up on the gate, Veremchuk. Here they go, hoping


second time lucky. A better start this time. Well, a


little bit grabbed by the gate You can just see the snatch in his hands


as the rear wheel pulled him. Second rider leaving a gap here for him to


accelerate into. The now well-recognised strategy for team


sprint. Closing off a little bit quicker, though, again had to stall.


That's in the what you want. It is better to come in late and


accelerating. Now lap 2, he is about to hand over now for the third and


final lap. This is the last team on the track for the qualifiers for the


men's team sprint. Remember, eight teams going through to the first


round and I don't think Belarus will be one of them, in all likelihood.


14th fastest. 45.445. Great Britain will be through. The young trio have


performed well, we're just waiting for the official confirmation but we


think they are the third fastest team on the track here. I think so


but they're going to get a tough draw. They'll have the hardest heat


of all, I think but we'll wait for confirmation.


We watch Belarus complete their ride and hopefully we'll get the


confirmation of the teams that have gone through any moment now.


Remember when Belarus fell, Australia just carried on as if


nothing had happened and set their time. As they were perfectly


entitled to do and Belarus had to wait until everybody hells finished


before they got their ride. -- everybody else finished.


To qualifying in the men's and women's team sprint. Here is the


official result of the qualifying: Great Britain third-feastest They


have a good draw, 43. # will be their opposition. Nearly three or


four tenths of a second as a buffer. So it is good for them. They could


be going for a medal. STUDIO: But it is a very, very tough


schedule. Half an hour to warm-down and


warm-up and 42 minutes between that and the medal races you can see Jack


Truman shattered. Jack Carlin, less to do physically but when you are


the third man, Chris, as you know, it is just, brutal It is brutal. I


really feel sorry for Joe. Half an hour didn't seem like too bad a turn


around but when you have been producing that amount of lactic acid


the body is trying to flush it out, he will be hurting and thinking


about getting back on his bike for the second ride and hopefully final


round. Withdrew do you see the areas for improvement? The fist lap was


exceptional. A 12.30. He has done that before. Ryan Owens, I think did


a really exceptional ride here. 12.57, I think it was for the second


lap. That's world class. Owe quiff tloent Jason Kenny at the Olympic


Games. I think the fatigue was showing on Joe Truman having to soak


up the quick start and second lap. He will be hoping to go quicker.


Potentially he might be holding back a little bit subconsciously thinking


- it is just the qualification round. Come the final I would like


to see him do a 13.2 or quicker. Still scope to get into the gold


medal race? I think so. They can't hold back now. There is only a tenth


and a-and-a-half difference between first and fourth. They know the


ballpark figures. They could win or be out of the medals, it could be


that close. The first medals will be decided in the next race, the


women's scratch race which features, Elinor Barker, 22 from Cardiff. She


was part of the team pursuit that took gold in Rio but is focussing on


different events. Let's hear from her. I think I will still be racing


team pursuit but not the same build-up. I will not train for it


every day, it'll be like a bit of a cycle or warm-up for the other


races. It helps keeping you fresh. I don't think I could focus on it


completely for four years which is why I'm taking time out. But I think


it'll still be xet ti. The worlds are a little bit later this year and


the qualification is more strict than it was four years ago, after


London, approximate means people are having a solid track season and


enough time to come back after a post-Rio break and get back up to


fitness and be going well and have a lot of focus, so from what I've seen


at World Cups, I think it'll be competitive. Let's centre on the


focus, you mentioned a little less on the team pursuit. I can


understand it, maybe the demands are a bit too much for that for our fo


you are years, aren't they? I think so. I have been intrag with the


girls for a couple of weeks now -- I've been training, I have been


enjoying it. But, realistic clicks if I'm going to enjoy it in Tokyo,


if I want to still be doing it in Tokyo, I can't have an entire block


of focussing on team pursuit, it's a bit too precise and too numbers


based to have that kind of mental space for eight years, so toll take


time out is quite refreshing. Rob with the questions, speaking to


Eleanor about a week ago about why she's facing herself. Jo Russell


Shand watching here. 22 and her fifth major Championships She came


into the team after the London Olympics and has been focussed on


team pursuit almost solely since them. I can understand her comment


about wanting to try other things. This is a scratch trace which isn't


an Olympic event but part of the op nigh um, but people now would like


to show they have potential for that event. It opens up a lot of


opportunities. El is a very determined rider ie. ' Excited to


see how she will get on. And this is a big bunch -- I'm excited to see


how she will get on. This is a big bunch race, and it is all about race


tactics. Let's join the commentators.


COMMENTATOR: 40 laps of the track for the riders. 40 laps, Elinor


Barker racing for Great Britain. She was third in Los Angeles. And


giving herself a mental break, by riding other events. She said she


needed to step back from the team pursuit for a bit. Maybe is if she


decides to go back in a couple of years ahead of Tokyo she can gop and


focus on it, remember than constantly doing the whole thing. A


busman's who will day. It keeps them focussed on the racing. -- a bus


man's who will day. It gives them a change of scene. There is Elinor.


The Japanese rider, she is on the front. She gives way to the rider in


the pale blue, with black, yellow and black band around the chest of


Belgium. A big name in the race. A real star.


I think she has been attracted by the Maddison as well as races on


this one. She's on the front at the moment. She hands over to the


Italian rider. And taking over is the Norwegian, who is dominating the


Norwegian track Championships. She has seven national titles. Sarah


Hammer swinging off the front. One of the most prolific riders in


recent years. In the endurance event. We see an attack here. The


21-year-old German there No-one following at the moment. Nobody


wants to use up energy but if you can't sprint you've got to do


something and going for the long one, you don't, it doesn't often


come off but if it's the only chance you've got, it is the best


opportunity and she's got a quarter of a lap now. There is a tempo Hynd


which will stop anybody trying to join her when the pace is high, she


has held out there. Gaining steadily at the moment. Slowly increasing the


pace without leading the chase. Everyone playing poker, hoping


somebody else will use up their energy. There is the front of the


race. The German rider nearly has half a lap. You can see there now.


Elinor Barker just peels off the front. Now coming through for


Australia there, Christina Klonan. A first year elite rider, the


Queenslander. Well, it is significant. Hard, hard work. It'll


be starting to bite. She still has three-quarters of this race to go.


Here is the counter from the Russian. She has decided to wait


long enough and catapulted out and the rider from Hong Kong has decided


to go with her. Hence a few cheers in the main stand here down below


us. They are working well. Not sure if she will be able to make a lot of


use of these two. We'll see if she can slot in. A dangerous move. Do


you think she was waiting or do you think she's cooked? It was the right


thing to do but you can see the fatigue now. It'll be tough to


recover from that. I don't think they will be given opportunity to


get themselves organised because the chase is on Hynd. I think we know


the answer, she was tired she hasn't managed to hold the wheels and the


rest of the field baring down from here. The rider from Hong Kong, who


also rides on the roads, she got a decent placing in the overall in the


Tour of Thailand last year, looks Hynd and leads them through, 26 laps


to It makes you wonder, all this effort


to get up front, I have company and then to stop is a Kaurous move. Why


do it in the fist -- curious move. Why do it in the first place? It


might have been an element of panic because Pala looked like she was


gaining too much time. There is Pavlendova from Slovakia. 15 laps


into this race. China represented up at the front.


By Li, the national scratch race champion. Barker still in the pack.


Moving forward now, following the wheel of a rider that we haven't


mentioned yet. Kirsten from the Netth Netherlands. Here is Hamer


coming from the back, a serious move. Sarah hammer going for it. The


great rival of Laura Trott. Four times she's ended up with a silver


medal. But she has a great record at the World Championships. She is


going for it now. The danger has been spotted and Kirsten senses she


has to follow otherwise they will not be seeing her again? A really


big, committed move, for somebody who can sprint, Sarah Hammer. She'll


try to bluff it to get somebody else do the chasing but decided she will


have to close the track. Will they work toting? I'm not sure, actually.


It is a classy she riders here. Yes, Jasmine Glazer from Canada. World


silver medallist last year in London. She's up there too, twice


she stood on the podium at the Olympic games. So the Canadian on


the front, then the United States and Kirsten Velde. A hay-powered


trio we have. And having a look to see Elinor Barker who is involved in


the chase. They are losing the gap. Barker and Dura, part of a


three-rider group, closing in rapidly at those on the front. They


have help from the Italian rider as well. Barbieri from Italy. Now a


leading group of six. Well, it is a big number to go up the road now,


but it might be too big. You start to get a passenger, somebody who is


not going through. Nobody else wants to expend energy and everybody


intings U in an event like this, 15 laps to go, you need a group of


three to four absolute maximum. But they are rolling through and you


have to say when all the talent is up the road, who is going to do the


chasing? Yes, real talent in the leading club. The Australian was


trying to get something going but realises nobody is prepared to help


her. Now the Polish rider tries to open up the gap and lead the chase


and much more the Australian is on the front, using up a lot of energy


in her fist World Championship race at elite level A closeable gap. The


length of the straight at the moment. But you have to do it


quickly and at the moment they are swunging up the track, you can see


the judge be pointing at the front of the race, sometimes it breaks up


so much, it is hard to know which is the pointed end. That's his job to


point at the first rider all the time. Elinor Barker is tucked in


rather neatly in the mid-ess backpack. I think of the riders


there, certainly several others who have done far greater amount of work


that she has. She has ridden cannily up to this point. Wild used up a lot


of energy. Well, 12 laps to go and they themselves have the main group


within their sights. A long and a straight away. The impetus has gone


out of the chase. They don't believe they could make it and so they could


end up catching now with 11 laps to g that could get really messy for


this group because the winner, who's almost certainly going to come from


this six now... It could get messy for us in the commentary box, Keegan


eye for anybody if they're all mixed in together. -- keeping an eye.


Ten laps to go but the gap is closing but thankfully hasn't closed


yet. Kirsten Wild on the front They are ticking through now, waiting for


the finish and it is going to be decision time, soon. I say it often


when we watch this event, nine laps to go at about two-and-a-half


minutes of racing. You have to choose and am I go to wait for the


sprint or attack? And in that no-man's-land where people hesitate,


often a lone attack can work. Much to the crowd's delight, she is


off the main pack now. This could get very exciting. Euro may remember


she forced that early breakaway, she has been lapped by the riders at the


front. Elinor Barker at the front for Great Britain, Kirsten Wild of


the Netherlands just behind her. Tucked in in third place from


Italy,... Barker wants to get to the front here. She doesn't want to be


stuck in traffic. Wilde also aware of the danger. This one is likely to


come down to a sprint. Elinor Barker has risen this race really well so


far, as Jasmin Duehring hits the front. Barker is nicely placed on


the shoulder. She is just in the right place. Got to be careful not


to get swamped. Hammer coming round the outside. She has had a little


breather, in her terms anyway, and ready to go for it again. The rider


from Hong Kong looking feisty, stuck in the middle of the track out on


her own. Three laps to go and positioning is so important. Sarah


Hammer is trying to up the pace but the others can sense that as well.


Wild is not giving an inch there, as Elinor Barker comes around the


outside. Kirsten Wild will not give way. Barbieri of Italy in third


place. Elinor Barker in the business end of this one with two laps to go.


She just got stuck on the shoulder. Barker, look at this ride! And now


at the bell it is Elinor Barker from Great Britain, 150 metres away from


World Championship gold. Can she hang on? Half a lap to go, they are


closing in a bit, I don't know if Kirsten Wild has enough left! Barker


has just got an bit more. Can she do it? Just pipped by Barbieri of Italy


underlined! So, so close. What a dramatic race and what a superb


effort from Elinor Barker of Great Britain. That so nearly led to her


becoming the world's scratch race champion. He will finish with the


silver medal. She could not have done any more. We barely mention her


name in the first half of that race, which is exactly what you want. She


positioned herself well and she use that energy very carefully. It was a


good move, she came around the outside. See what duck on Kirsten


Wild's shoulder, she had to go forward. She couldn't stay there,


she couldn't be salaried and go back. She was committed with two and


a half plus laps to go, to be honest. So the strength was there


but the race was decided for her, really. She had to go just that


little bit early. Elinor Barker just swaps there as they crossed the


line, but Barbieri came second on this stage of the Tour down under on


the road, beaten by Kirsten Wild to the line on that one. But she had


the staying power here as they came up towards the line, and did Elinor


Barker hang on for the silver medal? I thought she had... In the jihad.


The computer was telling us otherwise. She gets the silver.


STUDIO That was heartbreaking for Elinor


Barker. What a terrifically brave ride that was in a gruelling ten


kilometres around that velodrome. Having caught up and negotiated the


traffic problems, she is caught just wide. That is a great performance


first of all and then what she might be thinking after it... She might be


initially disappointed because she thought she was going to get the


gold medal, but when she reflects on it... You will be happy. When she


got stuck on Kirsten Wild's hip. It is a long way to go on the outside.


You either drop back or commit and go for it and get to the front. The


Italian was quite canny and, to be fair, she had a great ride. Jo,


let's have a look at the closing stages and see what Chris is talking


about. Just being stuck in a little bit wide. The Dutch rider in the


orange on the inside committee took the shortest line around the track.


Elinor Barker is travelling further this whole time but trying to get


herself at the front. She obviously wants to lead the race out for the


spring, she thinks that is her best chance. But it's taking her a while


to get round Kirsten Wild. In those six runners in the break you have


got some world-class sprinters. Elinor Barker just runs away from


them here. She's got so much power. Kirsten Wild, Sarah Hammer, Jolien


D'Hoore, they are just all such strong sprinters but she has got a


gap on them. She has got the speed going up the banking and coming into


the home stride. -- the home straight. Frustrating for Elle.


Elinor Barker making her way to the interview position. Let's hear from


her. And in the Barker, a silver medal but so close to that gold


medal. Just take us through that last couple of laps, there. Yeah, it


all went pretty well, to be honest, I just guess not quite fast enough


at the end. When I came round Kirsten Wild, I thought I had won


the race committee is like the fastest sprinter there is, but it


doesn't always stay the same bad as it? Congrats to her but I'm


disappointed. It was brave to go to the front but the Italian had the


benefit of seeing what was going on behind. Yet, it was a plan but it


was ever so slightly too soon, which was possibly what cost me the race,


I suppose. I wanted someone to take it on sooner. I thought she was


going to and I was going to get a perfect lead out. A bit disappointed


now but hopefully by tomorrow I will feel a bit more proud of it. I think


you should do, it was a really well put together race just on the line


there. Yeah. I already feel like I want to do it over. Thanks very


much, Elinor Barker. Thank you. STUDIO


More relaxing to -- more reaction to Elinor Barker's race later on. She


has more races to come. But it is that women's themes print. -- the


women's team sprint. COMMENTATOR: It is a veritable


conveyor belt of bike racing here now and already we're getting under


way with the women's team sprint. This is the first round. Remember,


we're down to the last eight here. According to how these races go will


sort out who goes through and races for the medals later on. China


versus Spain. It is pretty close, this one. Hundreds of seconds in it


at the moment. China leading the way but as Chris says, only by a


fraction, as they come round towards the finish here. It is Eleanor can


that is for Spain who has been pipped to the line. They improved on


their lap in the first round. Half an hour between these rounds and for


the sprint athletes, it is pretty brutal. Everything going into just


driving that effort out. The first few pedal strokes critical in such a


short event. So, China powering over the line


with Lin Junhong, last year's Asian sprint champion, and Guo Shuang who


has been at the top of her sport for a long time as well. The defending


champions now, Russia, up against the Netherlands. Shanne


Braspennincx, who also writes the more endurance -based races. Keira


Lambert Inc as well. Actually, Laurine van Riessen has come in for


this race. There should be half a second between these two on paper.


If they are able to just keep repeating these performances, that


is a very different thing to just posting a fast qualifier. No change


for the Dutch but you just get the feeling this is going to be about


Russia. I way they go, clean start. Just look at the power being put


down their by Shmeleva of Russia. Voinova has got the little gap that


will allow her to come powering through for the final lap. You can


see the snap out of the gate was very sharp. The thick end of a


second between them there, which is enormous at this level of


competition. In fact it goes out to over a second. 32.456 is the time


for Russia. They are warming up very nicely, as this competition goes on.


The second fastest time in the competition so far.


So, only Germany have gone faster in the qualifiers. They've got to be


pleased with that. But Russia, with a ride like that, could change,


hoping it will be enough to put them in the final. We won't have to wait


too long, Australia and Canada will be on the track at any moment and


then it will be Germany and Colombia. So about details, this


event, as we've heard already interviews, if you're in the top


five then you're in with a shout of a medal.


At the highest level, it can be about who makes the least mistakes


as well. Consistency is as important as physical ability.


Kate O'Brien and Amelia Walsh for Canada. We are only 20 seconds away


now from this race. This is where the riders need to put it all about


them on the line. This will determine whether they are racing


for medals later. Kaarle McCullogh is the rider for


Australia. Away they go, Kaarle McCullogh is world champion in this


event three times but not for a long time, 2009, 2010 and 2000 11. Can


she get back to the summit this time with a new partner in Stephanie


Morton? They will be looking to better their previous lap and they


have done just that. 18.828, Australia, going just faster. And


they maintain it? Stephanie Morton over halfway through their final


lap, going towards the line, 32.570 the time for Australia. That was a


good ride and a good finish by Morton. Not quite as quick as


Russia. 32.456 for them, but Australia looking good too. It must


be very difficult being in that second place and deciding how much


to charge at the end. You will know, is your team-mate likely to die at


the end and you just rely on them to kick out that last bend? All those


subtleties. Stephanie Norton's career has progressed really well,


she first came to prominence as a tandem pilot in the para- cycling in


Australia. She won a gold medal in London in the Paralympics. Her dad


is here taking photographs, believe it or not. My had a word with him


earlier today. Proud as punch. Proud Yorkshire man. He got a few good


shots there, I think LEXI will have time to get a view more as well. We


will be seeing more of Stephanie Morton on the track in the next few


days. Almost ready for this final ride. Colombia the lowest qualifiers


of the eight. They are up against it, basically. The time is still


important. It's not just about winning, it's about which medal


you're going for. Kristina Vogel and Miriam Welte, three times previously


this team have it did the title. They look very good, they were the


fastest qualifiers. I think I said Australia then, this German pair. So


slick. They are so still but all the power is going forward. The control


muscle, their timing pretty good actually. Just look at the speed.


Kristina Vogel is the rider we want to see. Into the back straight for


the last time. Kristina Vogel, world and Olympic champion, crosses the


line with the fastest time. 32.668, not the quickest of those in the


first round, but more than enough to see off Colombia but yellow the only


team is actually seen so far down a little bit slower... Might be a


little bit disappointed there. Gone quite considerably slower.


Three tenths of a second. Still very fast, but at this level, you just


can't afford to make mistakes. So, they could well not be in the final,


Germany. They are not one of the fastest two teams.


Well, as always, we had best wait for full confirmation. We've had a


couple of glitches on our computer so far, so we hate to go ahead of


the captions, but here we are. Russia against Australia for gold


and silver, and as we thought, Germany just letting it slip after


that great start they will have to race for bronze. Having finished in


the Olympic and the well tended love it, given the way they start earlier


today, that will be a disappointment, I think. Release a


prized by that. They looked so slick. I didn't see anybody


challenging them there, and their pedigree is such that they are good


performers and you could expect them to deliver again and again. Slowing


in that second ride quite considerably. They will be really


disappointed. Men's team sprint coming up


STUDIO Let's get a quick thought from Chris


Hoy on what the British men have to do now in this round of the team


sprint. It's not just about beating the Dutch, it's about recording a


fast enough time to get the win in the gold medal race. They have to


win a hit but they have to do it with a quick time. -- win a heat. He


will still feel his legs from the first ride. But hopefully it will be


the rider for the gold medal. At the moment Poland against China is on


the track. COMMENTATOR: Well, a slight problem


here, Claire, because China are powering around the track, still


going, and the officials have been blowing whistles constantly telling


them to stop! They just won't. We've had whistles, we've had guns! Well,


that is going to cause a problem. We're not quite sure as yet, we will


see on the replay what caused the false start. It's usually one of the


riders overtaking rider won in the starting gate that causes the gun to


be fired. They must lead off. You can see here, they have already


anticipated the start quite badly, to be honest. And now the problem


they've got, Chris, it causes problems themselves and they have


spent a lot of their energy. You can't fault their commitment,


though! They are determined to see it through. You can fault their


hearing, though! What is interesting, we normally use a


starter's pestle to fire a real gun and it is a very different sound to


the electric one way using here. It is very different and it might just


not being bedded in their psyche. I think we just need something that


makes everybody jump, like we used to have. Because clearly what they


are using their didn't work there, with China. He thought that his job


was done for a little while but the news isn't good. For China.


So they ride off on the inside of the track. We will have a minor


delay but it won't last for long, because next up will be Great


Britain and the Netherlands. Owens, Carlin and Joseph Truman the riders.


This lovely space age velodrome has only been here for three or four


years. They do have a fantastic facility. We are seven hours ahead


of you here, so it is mid-evening in Hong Kong. One or two bleary eyed


team staff in the centre of the track just getting used to it,


working off the jet -- working off the jet lag from the


last 48 hours or so. As the British trio head to the line. Performed


well in their qualifying ride. They certainly did, they can be pleased


with that. They wanted to finish top five in this competition, but


they've got a very good chance here at ending up with much better than


that. So fingers crossed. But as we've already seen, it is all about


repetition and backing up, being able to do it not just once but


again and again. A couple of changes for the Dutch because Neils van whom


the ... There is no Theo Bos and no


Jeffrey Hoogland either for this one. Off they go. Three laps of the


track to decide whether Great Britain's young trio will race for a


medal tonight in the men's team sprint. Nicely out of the blocks


both teams, plenty of snap there. You can see the gap starting to


form, it's intentional. The others accelerating into its. Yes, don't


worry, that wasn't a problem there. Jack Carlin's job was done and now


Ryan Owens, who was the reserve sprint of Great Britain in Rio last


year, giving his team absolutely everything, as they take the bell. A


bit of a lag there, not quite on the wheel, but that could cost in the


closing stages. Joe Truman for Great Britain, booking a final -- Matthijs


Buchli a final ride for the Netherlands. The Netherlands the


fastest time. 43.481, still awaiting the time for Great Britain. 43.6


exec has now come up. I think just not getting on the wheel there in


that three might have just cost them at the back of that race. Both of


them got off the mark nicely. The opening lap was absolutely


world-class. According to the rule that they are laid down in front of


us here, that means that Great Britain will not be racing for a


medal and their place, it is the four winners who will race for the


medals. The fastest two ride off for the gold. Disappointing, there. They


got themselves the opportunity, but what a learning experience. They


acquitted themselves well in qualifying. Won't it be frustrating


if their time is quicker than teams that are actually racing pulled, but


we will have to wait and see. Plenty to build on. Great Britain's time,


43.6 -- 40 3.666, but the experience of


the Dutch carrying them home in the end, as France come up towards the


line now. Francois Pervis coming in for this one, who conquered all


before him, swept the board at Columbia in the World Championships


three-year is ago. Wasn't quite the same when he went to Rio last


summer. A good few years, 14 and 15. They had a lot of upsets within the


team, they had some coaching issues. They weren't all getting on terribly


well in the French sprint Quad, were they? At the other side of the


track, Australia. Nathan Hart, Matthew Glaetzer and Patrick


Constable coming in. Oh! The French, terrible start. We will have to have


a restart for France and Australia just ease up as well. This is going


to be interesting. The did anticipate the gate and grabbed his


wheel. The commerce heirs may decide to be lenient here because they had


a litre to Matt mishap for that restart. There was a fall but it was


clearly not an intentional fall, the days are gone when you could do


that, that what the real problem. Did the gatekeeper hold of his


wheel? Well, I think the connoisseurs should be generous


there. We haven't had a problem on the other side of the track. That is


Benjamin Edelin. Well, they will be looking closely at that. Do you


think it's a sticky gate? Well, it could be anticipation or it could be


the gate. We can't tell within hundreds of a second whether the


gate is opening late or whether he went early. I just wonder whether


Chris Hoy back in the studio has got any thoughts on what is happening


out here? Yeah, it looks as though they are potentially going a little


bit early but that has been entered -- been exaggerated by the fact that


the person standing on the gate does not look particularly heavy. A way


to try to stabilise it so if you go fractionally early, it is not going


to an stabilise the rider. Well, there is an incredible amount


of power going through the gate. Thanks for that, Chris. We will go


back to the studio of course once we have concluded this first round in


the men's team sprint, as the Australian rider Nathan Hart just


sort himself out and gets ready to go back out there onto the track.


Nathan Hart, Commonwealth bronze medallist in this event. In the won


team sprint for a few years now. 2012 in Melbourne, a few months


ahead of the London Olympics, that was the last time they ruled the


roost in this particular event. Matthew Glaetzer, who is in their


team today, he was one of their riders five years ago when they won.


Benjamin Edelin, Francois Pervis and Louis Pijourlet for France in this


one. Being doubly sure with the gates to make sure they have got it


right. As soon as the bike is secure, the clock starts to count


down from 50 seconds. Regardless of whether he is strapped in not...


They are so used to doing this repetition of this starting


procedure again and again in their training. They know that 50 seconds


is a long time, actually when it's your day job, so to speak. The


texture of the materials on these suits that the riders are wearing,


it's all about manipulating airflow. Hoping to try to get that bit of


extra speed. Smart new kit for the Australians.


Unveiled for the first time at these World Championships. Away we go,


clean start this time, Benjamin Edelin with no problem at the gate


on the second time of asking. Both teams cleanly away and you would


expect that at this level. Both of them going quick. Australia


significantly faster than France at the moment, three tenths of a second


ahead. Good start by Nathan Hartley. We often see him powering away in


the individual match. Now, what sort of time will he pass over? 34 point


X two. Dutifully tied change over. He got it spot on and gave nothing


away. Constable and Francois Pervis, the two last riders on the track.


Francois Pervis has turned it around for France on the third lap, what a


ride! A remarkable comeback. There were three tenths of a second in


arrears and in an event like this, that is absolutely enormous. A


blistering finish, they just got their nose in front just there.


Well, Francois Pervis looks as if he has got his act back together again,


doesn't he come with a ride like that? Absolutely. Here comes the


handover from man two the man three, Louis Pijourlet. Carrying Francois


Pervis right on the wheel there. You're giving away a length really


if you hit the line early, as long as you don't overlap, as long as you


don't touch that line first you can gain almost a bike length. It takes


some bottle and think at these speeds probably playing it safe and


staying in the slipstream like that is potentially the way to go top


white they kept him under wraps because he didn't ride in the


qualifying race. So impressive stuff from France there.


The strategy paid off. It certainly did as we prepare to watch the World


Champions. New Zealand. Watanabe will be the third man for


Japan, on the far side. 45 seconds to G New Zealand desperate to hold


on to their crown. They were pipped by Great Britain in Rio. But this


trio, two-time World Champions, including last year in London, 13


months ago. They look keyed up for T this must


be the hardest part. -- they looked keyed up for it. This must be the


hardest part the last few seconds knowing you can't make a single


mistake. Well getting out of the gate has been the hard part for a


number of teams but New Zealand's riders coped with it well and


getting a clean start, Ethan Mitchell. It is clean, you can see


the energy going in there, you can't you? Impressive stuff. Well in the


lead. 17.154. Ethan Mitchell. A great ride for him as Sam Webster


takes up the running now. It's all about the time, though, which medal


you are going for. You don't have to win, you have to post the fast time


if you want a gold go for gold. How much speds has Dawkins got in his


legs, he is half bay down the back straight. Up against Watanabe, but


it is about the rider in black as Dawkins crosses the line 43.183.


Fastest so far. I say so far bus we're in the quite sure who is going


to get to ride again or not up to now. Well, remembered that Poland


and China haven't posted a time even though China went around. Poland


weren't at fault when the race was stopped so they are going to


actually get to ride again, just outside of our pictures now they are


going brought to the track. And chain ease riders coming out so


everybody gets another go. The judges are obviously in a benevolent


mood today for the start of these Championships. We watch once again


the defending World Champions powering their way around the track.


You can see why they hold that title. Coming into the back


straight. Again, oh, really pushing it there. Cannot overlap before they


cross that line. So, just think the speed they're travelling, well over


60 kilometres an hour and this kind of judgment, amazing. Well look


forward to Chris Hoy's analysis of their performance and everybody


else's in a few minutes' time but they look impressive from start it


if Iish New Zealand when they get out on the track, the way they ride.


Very clean, sharp and fast. But this was went to be the first heat. It'll


be the final one. Well, I think it's going to be


fascinating to see the time that China post here, Chris because they


actually thought they'd completed their ride the last time. They - for


any viewers who have just joined a little late to our coverage, when it


was stopped and given as a false start a few minutes ago, China's


riders didn't hear the whistle and kept going, so they've used up a


fair amount of their energy and not long to recover. Well there are gaps


in the Polish riders. It is not ideal for the third man. It's pot


and in the lead at the moment by nearly a second, so it hasn't cost


the Chinese that xraf effort, I think. China have ended up doing two


rounds for the price of one here in this first round. They cross the


line 43.834. They were slower than Great Britain but it mattered now


because they beat their opponent on the other side of the track. !


Hopefully in a few moments we will get confirmation of what it all


means but Poland there benefitting from the fact that the Chinese team


certainly had continued to race when the false start was called the first


time around. The Poles are going to get - they might have been a little


bit ragged but they are going to get a shot at a medal here. So it should


be new zae and the Netherlands, shouldn't it. -- New Zealand and the


Netherlands? Yes, that's the way it is going to pan out. New Zealand go


in as the hot favourites here and with 0.4 of a second between them


and their opponents. So the men's team sprint finishing, just a little


later than expected, given the false start in the race. And here is the


confirmation: So new did he will be the favourites


in the final. The French will be the favourites for the bronze.


STUDIO: the frustration is were it on times, Great Britain would be in


the bronze medal position. What could they have done differently?


Well the first lap was a solid pearl'ance from Jack, Ryan Owens in


the first round, the qual figures was exceptionally quick. 12. 5. He


went a couple of tenth slower which was the real difference. Joe Truman


he would've lined to have gone quicker but fatigue there in his


legs, the Dutch had two fresh riders this brought n which was a smart


strategy and looking back now with Calum Skinner watching on the


sidelines, potentially we could have' brought in a fresh pair of


legs for the second rounded or the first round and picked the quickest


team for the final. With hindsight it is easy. The Dutch, the French


and Aussies all changed their line-up but the Kiwis didn't and


they were the quickest. There is not just one way to do but the Dutch


excelled in the second ride and unforetoon ately, although they were


the fourth quickest team, GB are out. It is a harsh position to be


in. You can tell from looking at the guys down there. There is outer


dejection there. On the left that's Joe Truman. I don't think they


should be disappointed. It is frustrating. I think this is, if you


look at it as the first step towards Tokyo they should be proud of the


season they've H two gold medals at the world Cups a silver medal at the


European Championships last year a fantastic breakthrough on to the


international scene at elite level. It is not the medal they wanted but


I don't think they should be overly critical and disappointed by the


performance. They will feel it but you are right, I mean there's lots


of compile and lots of scope and most importantly, lots of depth of


talent and as I heard someone say the other day - I either win or you


learn. Let's look and hear from Jill and sigh on and Chris Boardman out


in Hong Kong about what they expect from these World Championships.


It is the year after the Olympics, often we don't see some of the big


names they take time off but we have four Olympic champions with the


British team, Simon. A young team, average age of 22, 19 riders half of


whom have never been to woorld Championships before. So it is a


great opportunity for young, British talent to begin to make a mark. And


also for one or two of the more established riders to maybe ride


other events. It is a ream opportunity, isn't it, Chris, if you


think back it minutesk the London Olympics we saw Becky James come to


the fore and Sion Yates. -- if you look back to Minsk and we


saw Becky James and Simon Yates come to the fore. They have that depth


Hynd them. Calum Skinner will be interesting to watch the he was Man


of the Match in Rio, the guy who got them the team sprint modesal. Here


people expect the perforance for him. He is riding the sprint. It'll


be interesting to see how he copes with that status. It is interesting,


although the British team has a different strategy coming here w a


lot of new faces, it is not necessarily the face with many of


the other countries in so. Events. For example, in the women's team


pursuit. The United States, led by Sarah Hammer. She's here. They have


bought their A-Team. The men's team sprint. New Zealand, they have their


best team medals here. And we have a rider who won two medals in London


and Vogel, world and Olympic champion. So it'll be a good test.


Not a case of everybody sending young riders here. Who are you


looking forward to seeing, Chris? I think Katie Archibald riding the


individual pursuit. She's known that for a while so she has been


focussing that, out of the team events. A great interview, she is


really articulate and can express what she is' doing, always good fun


to watch. It'll be interesting to see what she can do. That's what I'm


watching. What about the women's Maddison on to the schedule. And


rumours we might get it back into the Olympics? Well it was a good


event in Glasgow a fewp months ago, a great success. Britain have


entered for it. It'll be interesting to see who turns up for the other


countries. I know there is a Belgium rider who is very a,accomplished


road and track rider so some of the top names targeting it. And there is


some discussion as it whether this may appear as an additional event in


Tokyo for men and women. It was a tragic loss from the Olympics. For


me it is the best spectator event in the track. Nightmare as a


commentator to work out what is going on, there is action everywhere


and sometimes it is hard to know where the bunch is but it is great.


It is great there is a woman's one as watch it is still irritating to


me that the women's is 20 k shorter than the men's, but one step at a


tienchts a good Maddison takes some beat, remember 12 months ago in


London, Mark Cavendish and Bradley wiggics brougted the house down,


winning the world title again, it is a fantastic race at its best but


Chris is right, we kept take our eyes off, it is like a tight-rope


workout for us for however long it takes. Do we know the British line


up for this? I believe Elinor Barker with Emily Nelson. A lot of people


suspected it was Katie Archibald but it is the same day in the programme


as individual pursuit which is odd I would put it on the last day and


make sure everyone is free so no Maddison for Katie but she has a


really good chance in her event. It could be a good day. The first medal


has come from Elinor Barker in the scratch race. Her medal ceremony is


happening now. Over to Simon.


COMMENTATOR: The The silver medal about to be presented to Elinor


Barker. So, so close to gold. A fantastic ride. So the silver medal


being presented to Elinor Barker. A hint of disappointment. More than a


hint of it on her face but it was a superb effort from her. She was near


the front for a long time there in that sprint towards the end Hynd


Kirsten Wild and so nearly hung on but there is the woman who managed


to get past her in the final few metres, Barbieri from Italy. Just


23. Second on a stage of the Tour Down Under. Nirted Maddison in Los


Angeles in the World Cup earlier this year. -- third in the Maddison.


She has the jersey placed over her shoulder.


I think she was as surprised as everybody there. She thought Wild


was going to be the one to beat but it was Elinor Barker, the


22-year-old from Cardiff who was the toughest to get past. A good race.


Some big names in it, too, drawn in for the endurance races here at this


World Championship. Some interesting souvenirs to take home as well.


Eleanor marker not riding in the team pursuit earlier today,


concentrating on this one, the women's scratch race, 40 laps of the


track which soar nearly yielded a gold medal for Great Britain and for


her. The crowd now stand for the Italian National Anthem.


APPLAUSE As the Italians celebrate. Eleanor


break had her on the edge of our seat. Out of our Saturdays. --


Elinor Barker. Out of our seats. But it wasn't her today but Great


Britain on the board on the very first day of the World Track Chipts


thanks to Elinor Barker in the women's scratch race.


STUDIO: Tears for the woman who got the rainbow jersey in Germany.


I love that National Anthem. It is great. In the event of a great


Briton not winning, I don't mind that. Jo, the Canadian team crashed


out in qualifying for this next event. You know some of these guys


Yes, so qualification for team pursuit used to happen on your own,


you were the only team on the track but now to save time they do two at


the same time. New Zealand were quicker than Canada, caught them,


passed them and a New Zealander caught front wheel of a rider here


to brings them all down and race over for them. New Zealand did an


incredible time so well done for them but for the Canadian guys they


didn't qualify for Rio. They haven't been up oven the world stage until


this season until they got bronze at the World Cup in Glasgow and won the


World Cup in November so they were hoping for a good performance today


but that was all ended in just in seconds there by that crash and


personally, I don't think you should have two teams on the track at the


same time for qualification, because, it's difficult to rank the


teams, especially if people have new names coming in, like we did. It can


make it unfair, it can affect your race if you have to overtake


somebody t can slow you down and similarly you can be slowed down if


people are overtaking you and it used to be purely on your own, on


the track, set your qualification time, now to save time they've done


this, which resulted in an accident which is a real shame. I think the


GB guys may have been slowed down slightly. They weren't able it fan


out for the finish because they had been overtaken and they sat up and


finished racing but we had half a lap to go. A reaction from Chris


Boardman out in Hong Kong. Ye, I watched the qualification earlier


today and Ian Dyer and I the British coach had a good look at the footage


of that earlier today. We are not convinced they got it ride because


the New Zealand fourth man, in his absolute desperation to stay on the


wheel, actually touched the Canadians shoulder and caused the


inability to caused him to bounce into the wheel. At first you think


it was insult and injury. I totally agree with Jo, by putting two teams


on the track you are kind of asking for dhivend trouble. So the event is


almost designed to cause a problem but it was that unusual touch that


caused the instability. One thing that interested me and maybe Jo will


have a word on this, Australia were close to the World Record with their


time. Did this stop them from breaking the World Record


potentially? I think really all that comes into the mix, about


qualification times, when you get catches like, that I don't think


we'll see that again. They knew they were going after t really, weren't


they? They knew it was an opportunity for them. For gnaws that


qualification, as well, normally the qualification times are slower than


final times because you are there on the track, if you don't have the


circulating air for another team for circulating air for the same power


output you go faster, that lends itself to now, faster times in


qualifying but Australia would've got a big game for chasing GB but


having to get over them that would've slowed them down, yes they


were close to the World Record but I don't think they would've been that


close if they were on their own, so a slight advantage for them but


overall I think it is a bad idea personally.


Well what you gain with one hand, you lose with the other It made for


interesting viewers It certainly was spectacular. We are now in the


second round. They were stacked up on the track all four of them. Here


we are with Russia and Belgium. W this should be the closest of


matches, between these two. A full second between them with Russia


getting the advantage in the previous round on time. They've


moved into the needs now. The slenderest of leads. The width of a


Thai. That's as small as it gets, I remember Chris Hoy winning a


Championship by that margin, may have been the Commonwealth Games.


Well one of his big titles was by 1,000th of a second but it doesn't


matter if it is by 10 m or 1,000th of a second you still get the med A


Russia increasing their lead. They are very consistent, Russia.


Slightly slower than their previous round in this opening kilometre. But


they might be cautious. Both teams technically riding very, very well.


It took them a while to get into their stride but they both look neat


at the moment. Often this event is decided by the


people who make the least mistakes. You see a change where a rider goes


up and comes down late and has to drive to get back into the


slipstream. Or comes down earlier as we have seen with Russia and that


energy they expend readjusting their speed, recalibrating into the team,


that can really hurt you later on and they are down to three already.


It's really early for the Russians to be down to three riders. Yes,


they have a long, long way to go. It'll feel a whole lot longer as W


Both teams made late changes to their line-ups ahead of this. Not


quite as the start sheet is suggesting here. But Russia down to


their core group of three. These three have to stick together. It


looks like they are finding it tough Being stretched. When you change to


three it alters the change completely. You have to be sharper,


shallower and those small ditcheses can really make a dimplts they are


going well, though. They have a good buffer. -- make a difference.


They have 1.6 seconds. Going away. Belgium still look organised. We are


seeing a lot of Russian trio but Belgium doing well About a minute of


racing left. A So with pretty much even pacing now


but Russia did the work early now and they can sniff the finish line


now. They are pushing away. A big turn on the front. Well they got it


wrong, they finished on the wrong lap. All of them just straightened


up with a lap to go and have had to get back on to the bottom of the


track. You don't see that very often. Now they are coming up and


sprinting for the line. And Belgium, crossing the line in 4. -- 4.017223.


Well we'll wait for confirmation. It is such a shame. The Russians


actually finished a lap early. I hope we get this in replay. On board


camera showing you what it is like to be in the seat at these speeds as


they lead into the 45 degree banking. They all came around with a


lap to go and were convinced it was the finish line and just blew their


advantage and they were so lucky to have that buffer to play with,


weren't they? Russia hanging in there, despite the fact they lost


one rider fairly early on. Ye, and the mishap. They made a mistake but


they quickly got back on the game there. Great Britain coming up on to


the track. Andy Tennant there, nearest the camera. They've made a


couple of changes. Steven Burke and Kian Emadi dropped out from the


qualifying round. Chris Latham coming in. Latham won a silver medal


in the World Cup earlier last winter. Mark Stewart, the Scotsman


coming in as W Andy Tennant, remember the World Champion a few


years ago in 2012. Ollie Woods who races for the Wiggins' team is the


other rider makingp the quartet for Great Britain. They were the fifth


fastest qualifiers earlier today: It'll be interesting to see what


this change is going to mavenlingt changing two men is quite unusual.


Away they go. Andy Tennant will lead off for the first lap or so for


Great Britain A very different look to the Great Britain team to what


which we saw in the Olympic Games last year. It is a tough job to get


this team going. Steven Burke has historically been man 1 in the team


pursuit. Well that really falling to Andy Tennant. The winners


of heat three and four, this is heat 2, they will go for gold and silver.


The remaining 16, which includes Great Britain, will be ranked by


their time in the first round and will be paired as follow. The two


fastest teams will ride for the bronze. So unlike the other event.


It is all to play for here Yes the time all important. All these


produced so that they produce strategic riding making sure they


have to fight for every step of the way. That's what the British team


are doing now. The very, very successful coach of the British team


in the track centre now indicating they are slightly away of schedule.


They are happy with the way this is going. Here we are with the on board


camera taking you into the thick of the racing. All of the teams have to


agree to carry these cameras. So it is an aerodynamic disadvantage but


it is evenly spread amongst the teams. And it certainly gives you be


an insight into what this racing is all about. Nine laps to go as they


cross the line this time. Riding on the front is Ollie Wood. Great


Britain team pursuit winners in the Glasgow round of the World Cup last


winter. He was one of the riders in that. It was a big turn. Yes, a big


turn as you say from Ollie Wood, the 21-year-old. Still very much on


schedule here. Going through two kilometres in two minutes. Slightly


slower than they were this morning. But good enough to put them


one-and-a-half seconds in front of the Swiss but the time, so, so


important in this one. I think they are measuring their effort W they're


being shown that they are bang on schedule now. And still hurting


around the bottom of the track, at the front mark, Stewart. He peels


away. A high change There the benefit of going that high up the


track is even if you do come down a little bit late, you can carry that


extra bit of speed down and close up quickly, which is exactly what he


did. Chris Latham there, just joining on the back Hynd Stewart.


And be-Hynd Stewart. Andy Tennant has dropped off the


back for Great Britain. He put the effort in to get them under way.


They are two and a third seconds ahead now. It is' really starting to


hurt now but all it play for, for Great Britain. They can see the


Swiss ahead of them at the other end of the straight as they move into


the last few seconds. Mark Stewart leading the way for Great Britain


now. ' Probably peel off as they GP around the banking next time. He


does that. Indeed now. Chris Latham takes up the running and he has


Ollie Wood right on his wheel. They'll take the bell as they cross


the line, this time just 250 m to G it is all about the time. Well, they


are riding well and finishing very strongly. That steady and middle


section I think is paying dividends now, driving for the line. Here come


the British trio over the line. 3. 56. 796, quicker than the qualifying


round earlier. A much smoother performance from them. A really good


use of efforts. Long and short-term getting the best out of the team,


rather than everybody trying to do even two seconds faster. They are


going to have to be pleased with that. It is a world class time and a


World Championship. Andy Tennant, a different effort to what we have


seen in the team sprint so far. Once you get this started, you've got


nearly four minutes of riding you have to contend with afterwards and


of course, Andy Tennant when he's done that start, he has to get on to


the back and into shelter, having had that effort, whilst the team is


still trying to accelerate. It is a tough job. Certainly a decent ride


from Great Britain in that first round. Well, many World


Championships have been won with times slower than that. The real


difference here is the way that nations like Australia were riding


when we saw them a little while ago in that qualifying ride. We'll see


them out on the track again. It will 's be interesting to see how they


back up that first performance where they very nearly broke the World


Record. We talked about them getting a catch, didn't we? They had the


benefit of the slipstreaming but then had to go around the traffic


for extra distance now they are going so quick it is possible they


could get another catch or a close catch, your absolute ideal, you


don't quite meet the team in front, they just carry you through that


last kilometre. I will be surprised if they don't try to do the same


thing again but probably assuming they will go all the way through


they'll be saving that for the final.


Just to remind you, the winners of this heat coming up and the next


will race for the world title a little bit later on. New Zealand and


Italy now and then after that you have Australia and France. It will


be a battle royale between those two. I think New Zealand -- I'm


surprised New Zealand are still in the competition to be honest. I know


it wasn't intentional but that touch of shoulders caused the crash with


the Canadians. Do you think the Canadians pulled off the top of the


track because he thought the gap was there? He had just been tapped on


the shoulder. You lean against it to counterbalance and then suddenly


there is a wheel in front of you and there is nowhere to go. As Joe Rawal


-- as Joanna Rowsell said earlier on, think it is a fault with the


format in the qualifying which means that that kind of thing is going to


happen. Away they go, plenty of experience in the Netherlands's


line-up. Filippo Ganna, he is still just 20 years of age for Italy, but


he blasted his way around to win the individual pursuit title, so what a


fantastic young talent he is. Francesco Lamon is the final young


rider for the Italians. Fantastic time in qualifying, 3.55, very


respectable. I mention Filippo Ganna and in that context I should have


mentioned Simoni, Sony in the context of good young riders. He won


the under 20 Three Rd race championship in 2015. The New


Zealanders should have the edge here and they have certainly got the


experience. The coach at the start of the track using a difference


Chatterjee and showing them their lap speed. -- different strategy.


Not much in it after the opening kilometre. Very close but pacing


your ride is so important here. New Zealand behind at the minute but


there is nothing in it at all. Have the Italians got the staying power


to hang in there with New Zealand? They are the underdogs here but they


are putting the pressure on. Two seconds between the previous round


but we have said time and again it's about backing that up and being able


to repeat that performance. It could come down to who it is that makes


the mistakes. It is Liam Bertazzo, who wrote the Giro d'Italia last


year, who leads the way. They have got plenty of writers and endurance


and staying power in this squad. It's actually the New Zealanders


that are going slightly slower in this round, the Italians raising


their game to chase for a medal opportunity. New Zealand have got


themselves in front by nearly a second now. Very interesting


handlebar design, sometimes limbs put in place at the front of the


bike to deflect air around the body. Everything counts when you're going


this fast. First technical observation of this championship.


It's taken longer than usual! New Zealand with their interesting


design, looking very impressive here. 1.73 seconds their advantage


with five laps to go. New Zealand sailing along serenely here, heading


for the World Championship final. Still with the four riders. Both of


these squads still with their full comes on out there on the track.


Well done to the Italians for fighting hard all the way through


this. They looked like they were really pushing on but they are


paying the price now. They tried to take it to New Zealand for as long


as they could, to try to hang in there. New Zealand so good, hard to


live within this sort of situation. New Zealand are actually going to


post a very similar time to this morning, round about 3.53. The only


team at the moment who I think challenge Australia. Down to three


as they come round to take the bell. They take the bell, 215 metres to


go. The New Zealanders are cracking and the Italians are not 1 million


miles away, you know. This is a really spirited effort from the


Italians. They are sticking together well here. Remember, it is a


third... Well, they had enough in the bag but they fought all the way,


didn't they. Italy are 3.55 .945, the Italians have gone quicker than


Great Britain. It was a good ride by them. New Zealand too have moved


themselves forward, so they can be pleased with that. I beg your


pardon, they've gone slightly backwards. But those times quick


enough to do the job. So, New Zealand, as a winner of heat three,


according to our sheets, that means they will go through to race for


gold and silver a little bit later on. New Zealand only going down to


three riders fairly late in the day. Trying to push to make sure they got


in the final, but keeping a little bit in reserve, if that's possible,


in a situation like this, with races coming back to back. Looked smooth


until the last couple of laps and then cracks just starting to show.


They've been put under pressure, they had to fight for that one. It


wasn't a given by any means, they had to fight for an easy around. But


they knew they had to post a good time as well. The men's team pursuit


finals tomorrow night at 12:53pm lunch time UK time, we are seven


hours ahead here. They will have a bit of recovery time overnight ahead


of those finals. But here come Australia now. Up against France.


Sam Welsford, the 21-year-old from Western Australia, Cameron Meyer,


vast Lee experienced, he is in this quartet as well. Kelland O'Brien at


18, at the opposite end of his career. And Porter as well for


Australia. Away they go. This is a very young team for France. They


were second in Glasgow in the World Cup last winter. These four riders,


the four riders in the blue of France, are the European Champions


Cup they won that last year. We've been talking about the Australians


going to the final and they are certainly the quickest by far in the


previous round, but you've got to actually do it again and they have


certainly started blisteringly quickly. They have the French, to be


fair. But the Australians are on top of it. They are trailing a little


bit but they will be happy. There was a confident out of the blocks.


Such depth of experience amongst them here. I will be waiting to see


how they back up their ride from earlier in the day. They were so


impressive in the league qualifiers. They are real fighters. We've just


seen a little bit of a sloppy change but that is the way they write, on


the ragged edge. They may pay a little bit for that opening time and


I will be surprised if they get near that again. But I don't think


they're going to mind. They just now need to do enough. They've got all


the times in front of them, they know what they need to do. Still ten


and a half laps to go. Australia with a distinct slower opening...


Well, it's not a distinct advantage for Australia at all, France going


well here. But it's close enough and they will be riding to a schedule


here, you feel. The French are really excelling. I think they might


be paying for this one but like Italy, they're just going to take it


to them and why not? Sam Welsford on the front for Australia at the


moment. The French are in bits already, I'm afraid. They've lost a


man more than halfway through the race. Thomas was struggling to hold


onto the wheel there. It's all over for them now. It's a long way to go


when you've lost 25% of your engine power. Alex Porter on the front for


Australia. They look very comfortable, very impressive and is


vertically -- is vertically ... This event looks great. It looks


like they're almost not trying. Very fluid. You see what has been going


on in the wheels... We're talking around 800 watts of power on the


front here and they barely get a rest on the back before they've got


to do it again. It's a series of sprints now, so fast. We're talking


about what it must look -- what it looks like but not how it must feel


like, it will be... Not quite looking like France are riding


through treacle but Australia started to reel them in. They are


almost in the same straight. Australia have three laps to go and


they are heading for a World Championship final, which will be a


good race against New Zealand, by the looks of it. Two and a half


seconds slower at this point than their previous round but that's OK,


they are getting information from their previous round. France


collapsing fast now in these closing stages. Less than half a minute of


racing to go now and they will be happy when it's over. One lap to go


for Australia. All still together, looking really good here in pursuit


of a world title that has eluded them since 2012, the last time the


championships were held down under in Melbourne, Australia coming up


and over the line. That is the time that they could have beaten if they


had needed to do so. They didn't even need to qualify fastest but


they did it anyway. They are relieved that one is out of the way,


I think. They did enough. They've not show you what else they've got.


They did it comfortably. Good rides from Australia and New Zealand in


those last two heats. STUDIO


The gold medal race will be Australia against New Zealand and


the good news for Great Britain is that they are into a bronze medal


race and that will be against Italy. For the men's team sprint, a time


that was fast enough that would have put them into a bronze medal race


but because they lost to the Netherlands they couldn't get there,


the way the format works. Let's get the reaction of Jack Carlin, Ryan


Owens and Joe Truman. Well, Jack, your first ever time on


the World Championship 's stage, so disappointing to miss out on a gold


medal race but how pleased are you with the way you've been able to


perform here? I think as a team we came here with not much expectation.


We obviously are all disappointed because we wanted to be in the gold


medal ride off, any gold medal ride offs in general. It's just


disappointing. But it just didn't happen, there were better teams


there today and it just didn't come together well for us. I think it


does show the depth in this British sprint team. You had an incredibly


blistering start you have been able to give this team. Yeah, there were


positives and negatives in the race. You're right, there's a lot of depth


with us and a lot of positives to take from today. Ryan, I must say,


hugely impressive ride from you again. Just how pleased are you with


the way that this season has gone? Picking up a couple of gold medals


in World Cups and that European silver. Obviously we've had a dream


run up till now really. We are still pretty close to our best time ever


today. Still really disappointed. We've come here with the form of our


lives and a few little technical things could have done differently


and it would have been a very different story. It's encouraging


for us to know going forward that we can polish that up in the next few


rights and then we could be onto a real winner and hopefully next time


the result will be different. I certainly think the rest of the


world will be looking at this young team and thinking where do they keep


producing these young maiden sprinters from, Joe? We've got a


good group of guys working at the velodrome and we have got a


fantastic support team around us. I can't thank them enough for having


progressed as well. We haven't really been fully able to execute


today but as I say, we win as a team, lose as a team. We work


together as a team. Not just the rest of the world that will be


watching on with interest, Jason Kenny, Callum, Philip Heintz will be


looking at the times you've been able to put in and hoping they can


still hold onto a place! Of course, we're all battling for those


positions and they have been helping a sale of building towards today.


Even this morning I spoke to Callum about something in my own right.


They've all been a big help for us to be able to get to this point


really. Just a shame when not going to be fully able to execute what


we're capable of today. A top five finish, for fastest on the day, you


should be very proud of that. Cheers.


A case of what might have been, Chris, but they're being very mature


about it. I think it's good to see disappointment, it showed ambition


and hunger. You got to take the positives. The cat Jack Carlin come


his first lap was the quickest of any team. A 12.53 was truly world


class. When they get it right on the day they are as good as any team. It


didn't quite work out for them today. We've got a great squad, not


just those three, Phil and Callum and Jason. It's a formidable squad.


Real strength in depth, as they say. Back to Hong Kong for the women's


team sprint final, starting with the bronze medal race, Germany against


China. COMMENTATOR: And away they go, it is


Germany against China here in this race for the bronze medal, with


Miriam Welte and Kristina Vogel against the Chinese pair. It is with


Kristina Vogel and it is her job now to bring home the bronze for


Germany. She is up against an Jim Leighton -- Jim Hong


. They led from start to finish. It wasn't the colour medal they were


hoping for, it wasn't the colour they thought they had the potential


to get after the final round but at least they are on the podium. They


underperformed in the previous round and they will be bitterly


disappointed because I thought they were the team to beat hereafter that


strong opening performance in the middle and you can't have an off


moment in something as explosive as this. So it looks like they're going


to salvage something from this. But it's not the medal they wanted. So,


another one for Kristina Vogel and Miriam Welte to add to their


collection. STUDIO


Yes, but as Simon said, not the colour they would have wanted. We


got the gold medal race, Australia against Russia. Jo, who wins it?


Australia. Russia. Just to make it exciting! Just to mix it up a bit.


Back to Simon. COMMENTATOR: Kaarle McCullogh on the


right floristry Leah. Defending champions rusher up against the


Australians. The confidence of the Australian too. You can see that the


gap and that is not about fatigue, it's just winding up for the


changeover and what a beautiful change it was. And now it is


Voionova against Stephanie Morton! Who is it going to be? It is gold


for Russia! 32.5 -- 30 2.500 and 20. It is gold once


more for the Russian pair, Shmeleva and Voinova. Kaarle McCullogh had to


settle for silver this time around with Stephanie Morton. You can see


the pace there, that was what did it for them. They might not have been


as fluid as the Australians but such a powerful start gave them an


enormous lead. Three tenths of a second in the first lap in an event


like this is an awful lot. It was an great change and finish from


Australia. It is Voinova who brought it home, she is now a four time


world champion and Shmeleva, at 22, the younger rider in the duo, she


was a star as a junior and won five world titles as a junior and now she


is on the top of the podium in this elite event. Rusher too good for


Australia, they take gold and Australia finish with the silver


medal. -- Russia were too good. STUDIO


And here we go now with the men's team sprint. We're going live now,


we were just a fraction delayed for the bronze medal race. Here is


Simon. COMMENTATOR: And it's France against


Poland here. Remember, France looked really good in that first round but


the Polish coaching crew going absolutely mad on the inside of the


track. And the French are looking a little bit ragged but I think that


is because of the pace. Strong start from them, 17.7, not the fastest


that we've seen but it doesn't need to be the fastest at this stage, it


just needs to be enough. Work to do at the moment but they are so, so


close. A hundredth of a second in it here. This is really close, it will


be the blinking of an eye and it is France who get it by less than two


tenths of a second! Great finish from them. Great finish. Poland off


the mark. Two tenths of a second faster. France, not a great start


but what a fantastic finish by them. There is Edelin, a who had that


false start in the last round. He got away cleanly this time. It


wasn't his best work but boy, what a finish here. Just laying off the


wheel, coming at it now. And he spent a lot of time in the wind.


Paid off for most of that race. I'm not sure what that was intentional


or not but boy, he certainly had the endurance to keep it going.


Absolutely delighted there. Great result for France. Pervis coming in


for what was effectively the semifinal, he was the man who made


the difference in getting them that ride and then Quentin Lafargue


coming in for the final itself. It was a big risk after seeing how


Pervis performed. Here we go now for the final itself, with New Zealand,


no surprise to see them where they are. A slight problem at the moment


just getting the bike fitted in the gate. It's all part of this event,


being able to deal with the pressure and everything that is going on


around you. Some of your competitors have already finished and are


celebrating and you've got the big one all still ahead of you, staying


focused on your own ride. But they are absolutely delighted, always


good to see. Interesting to see who the Dutch are going to go within the


final as well. Their line-up is much changed between the qualifying round


and the final round. Well, we've seen if you 80 performances so far


and slight upsets. New Zealand should be the fastest starter. But


let's see if they can roll it out again. Can they back it up? Just


over 20 seconds away from this final. So, they've changed it yet


again. There are going to be tough to beat.


Three laps of the track to determine who will be the world champion. And


leading the way now, Mitchell, and the gun has gone and New Zealand


have heard it as well and sat up. Well, let's have a look. A hush over


the velodrome. As the riders just slowly circled the track. It will


have to go through that process of preparing themselves for the final


all over again. It's nail-biting stuff. Let's have a look and see


what happened here. Well, it looks like it might have been... Well,


there were certainly -- there was certainly body movement but I'm not


sure there was physical movement there. I think that's more the case,


it was New Zealand who cause that one, I think. It looked like Sam


Webster, maybe. They know it is so, so important to get off the mark


fast. They're just pushing it and pushing it to the absolute limit, to


gain every possible advantage. Start gates go back out as they have to do


all that again. At least both teams heard it this time. Early on, China


didn't hear it at all and they completed their three laps! Then


looked around nonplussed when people were wondering why they were still


waiting. As McChrystal racing. They haven't stopped yet. You keep your


legs moving. Being held when you've got hot muscles ready to release


power, being held in the gate attic for too long is not ideal will stop


no team wants to be the first to go in -- go on line themselves up.


Brinkmanship at work. The crowd enjoying their evening


out. A little out of town, this velodrome. But it is in the centre


of the city, surrounded by parklands. Beautiful parklands and


there is and other stadium right next to it. Completely surrounded by


tower blocks as well, almost as far as you can see. Still just a few


moments for these two teams to adjust the bikes and get ready to go


in this World Championship final. STUDIO


And the good news for cycling fans watching is that we're not coming


off air at half-past, obviously, we want to see the conclusion of this


and have various conversations about what has happened on the first day


of these championships, so we will be staying on air until quarter to


three. COMMENTATOR: So, just a minute or


two away from this final race of the day. Unfortunately, neither team had


got too far before they were called back in. Certainly had some


challenges with the apparatus this evening. Another gate issue. Having


some trouble with the other one on the other side of the track.


Being able to deal with all of these different issues, being able to deal


with the pressure, it is all part of the event. I wouldn't like to be in


their shoes. The countdown very much on now. Carefully textured clothing


to turn the air flow turbulence around the outside of the arms.


Three laps of the track. New Zealand, two times the three riders


for New Zealand have won the world title including last year in London.


They had to settle for silver in Rio, won by Great Britain, the gold.


Both teams are well spread out. I think it might be intentional in the


case of New Zealand. But certainly not the Netherlands. A bit


disastrous for them. They didn't hold onto the pressure well. And New


Zealand now should be world champions again in just a few


seconds time. Dawkins has only got to go around the banking one more


time and into the finishing we go coming comes the Finnish! And


Dawkins takes it. 44.409 but it wasn't about the time, it was about


getting your nose over the line first and that is what New Zealand


have done and three times these riders together have been champions


of the world and they are once more. Great ride for New Zealand. The


class in the field. They take the world title. Least ragged I think is


the way I would describe that one! What a fightback by the Netherlands,


though. It was an absolute disaster after the first lap. But they kept


their heads and kept on fighting. They held their own. Pulled back a


tenth or so but New Zealand already got themselves enough on the margin


that they could afford to make a mistake. A little bit ragged but


they dealt with the pressure better in the end. The Dutch looked as in


they were two separate races on that first lap. It was -- the gap was


absolutely enormous between rider one and two. New Zealand 43.1 in


their previous round, 43.2. Nearly a tenth of a second


difference. But as you say, it doesn't matter, they won the race.


Yeah, it wasn't their best effort but they had done the hard working


getting to the final and they were able to it home. Gold for New


Zealand on this first night of racing in Hong Kong and another gold


medal. When the and his team-mates. What a trio they are. Commonwealth


champions as well. They won that in Glasgow. And that brings the racing


to its conclusion for this first day. We're just waiting for the


official results to come in, to confirm.


As the celebrations begin for New Zealand.


That's the grandparent of one of the riders I bumped into earlier on in


the stands. A great ride by New Zealand in the


end. They take the world title. Netherlands finish with a silver


medal and bronze for France. STUDIO: And all guys there, Chris


you used to raise against. New Zealand team have been around for a


long time. Dawkins I felt for him in the third and final lap. Three rides


in the space of a an hour-and-a-half. The fatigue that


creates is immense. You see the damage that did to him. That was a


slower ride than the bronze medal ride off but enough to beat the


Dutch team who had their own problems of the the second rider


there lost a wheel at the start. Created a huge opening which meant


he wasn't following the air of the first rider, he was pushing his own


air, which is a compromise. first rider, he was pushing his own


air, which is a compromise. It can make a massive difference.


The New Zealanders have taken home the gold medal. In terms of British


performances, silver medal forElinor Barker. Head coach Ian Dyer has been


reflecting on the first day's races with Jill Douglas. Ian, a good start


to the World Championships but let's talk about the team pursuit. It is


the team into the bronze medal race, you must be happy to see that. It is


nice to get that group of guys into the medal race. I think it'll be a


tight battle against Italy tomorrow. They've come up well for this event.


I this till' be close. It is likely there will be another team change


before tomorrow. You made a team change after qualifying but you have


a few cards to play, haven't you? Yes, good depth there. We came up


short in qualifying, so we made a decision to change two guys right


away. We had a much better first rounded there this evening. So we've


got to do a bit of number crunching before tomorrow. We know we're going


to make a change but we don't know where the data will lead us just


yet. The Australian looking good. So close to the World Record. A great


ride. We are all getting to grips with the new qualifying format. Two


teams per heat is a difference for us. And I think if you hit that


qualifying pretty fresh, depending on your draw and what your catch


looks like, there is a lot of variabilities to play with, as we


have seen can skew qualifying a bit. Talk about fast times, what about


the team sprint. The young team from Great Britain finishing for the


fourth fastest time. They don't get to ride a medal race but they've


sent out a strong message. They have done well. Done well all winter. In


the European Championships and delivering fast times. Today's


qualifying, a few little details in there but again we saw really strong


times from them. It didn't quite go our way in the first round, in the


semifinal round, so like you say, just the way the draw works out, you


can be the fourth fastest time but still not get a medal chance so


they'll be disappointed with that. They were hoping for more but that's


just a sign of how far they've come this past year and I'm sure there is


plenty more to come. You weren't tempted to pop Calum Skinner into


that race? We did talk about it but in fairness he has only really


prepared for the sprint here. We need to respect that. Calum had a


great year last year. I think that might have been a little bit unfair


on him, having not really done a lot of team sprint prep to throw him in


and because he has been foe cousin on the individual event we couldn't


be certain what he had. -- focussing.


And Joe held up his end of the deal in the qualifying. I don't think the


need was there. What about Elinor Barker, your podium place on the


opening day, a virl medA close to get the gold. We were all urging her


around. -- a silver medal. She did a super job and in the in recent weeks


with the selection, we talked Katie Archibald and Calum and having the


opportunity to take part in other events. A super ride. The way the


break worked I think the Italian got a great run to the finish but Elinor


did everything she could. A good start. Yes one on the board so let's


hope for more this week. So sensible. He has been part of the


team since 2002. He knows never to panic on day one but he mentioned


thelight. Eleanor bark he isser's silver -- Elinor Barker's silver med


A talk us through the final two lap abouts where she gets in an


unfortunate position and gets collared from behind. Six riders


gained a lap and all vying for position. She is in second now. Just


on the outside of the Dutch rider, trying to get around but it is a


long way around but she wants it lead out this sprint and Kirsten


Wild the Dutch rider is an incredible sprinter. Previous World


Champion. El is probably thinking right now she's nailed it, got


around probably the favourite of the race but it's now just a quarter of


a lap too far, maybe and the Italian rider sits in nice and takes a nice


run-up coming out of turn 4 and that finishing straight just pips on her


on the line, it is incredibly frustrating but I think El looked so


strong and I think there is so much more to come for her this week. She


has potentially three more eevents. She might race in the team pursuit


tomorrow. Even though she told us in her interview she wasn't. Yes. And


Barbieri, the last two laps she was sat behind Kirsten Wild, correctites


a huge pocket air to ride behind. A perfect run to the finish for the


Italian and the worst-case scenario for etch linor who is been on the


outside. A great turn of speed but not enough. And Elinor Barker we


might see her in the team pursuit tomorrow. What are the other two


events? The madison on Saturday with Emily Nelson and the points race on


Sunday. All events are up for change but that's what she is anticipate


currently down for. Starting off with a silver will only make her


hungrier for more, for wins. So a lot more to come for her and indeed


British cycling. hungrier for more, for wins. So a


lot more to come for her and indeed British cycling.


It has been a turbulent time. It there has been an independent review


commissioned to look at the set up with allegations of bullying. That


review hasn't been made public. Various things leaked but British


cycling has come up with a plan it has published to move the sport


forward. Part of that new culture is a new Performance Director. He has


come from sailing, his name is Stephen Park he has been speaking to


Jill Douglas. Congratulations on the new job. You


have enjoyed enormous success with the British sailing team but what


attracted you to the cycling job? I think opportunity it perhaps bring


some of the skills I have learned through my time at sailing into


cycling. You know cycling is still the biggest British Olympic sport.


There was an opportunity to perhaps step up and to take the opportunity.


They don't come around very often. Ultimately I've started getting


involved more in cycling my se. It has become a little bit of a passion


at a personal level. Headlines like - bullying, sexism in British


cycling, these have dogged the sport in recent months. When you applied


for this role, do you feel as though now you've been happeneded something


of a poisoned chalice? You could look at it like that but from my


perspective, it is the opportunity to be part of the next generation of


British cycling without trying to dismiss any of the allegations that


have been made or any of the issues made, many of which British cycling


have taken on board and are working hard to deal with. We are seeing


more and more cyclists coming forward, pointing out that perhaps


some of the things that have made it to the press don't necessarilip


represent their experiences. D necessarily represent. And certainly


in the experiences I have had, and more importantly in the last 24-48


hours here, they don't represent what I see. What I see is a group of


athletes that are know cowed on their game -- that are focussed on


their game. A group of support staff who are passionate about delivering


the best performance. Everyone is very conscious about that. They are


conscious about some of the issue that is have gone on in the past but


more importantly they are focussed on what they need to do here in


terms of their own roles and getting stuck into that and, so, it'll be a


great opportunity, as I say, to regain that public confidence and


hopefully give the British public pride in the performances that we


are used to, in terms of those fantastic medal-winning


performances, like World Championships and Olympic Games and


Paralympic Games and also the confidence in how we're achieving


those performances. Previous income bants have all come from a cycling


background, you have come in completely left field with no


experience as a coach in cycling, or as a cyclist yourself. Can you


achieve success without that background in the sport? Yes, I'm


absolutely confident of that. I wouldn't be here if I didn't feel I


was confident in being able to do that. I'm in the here trying to


replace the people that have gone before me. They have done a


fantastic job. I suppose I'm bringing a different type of


knowledge but the same level of passion and I would hope the same


level of application. We have got some fantastic technical brains


within the sport so hopefully it's really not so much -- I'm not


looking at telling them what needs to happen I'm looking at providing


Chalabi en, direction, support and leadership to the team as a whole


and I think -- at providing a challenge, direction support and


leadership to the team and I hope we can' deliver those performances to


get to Tokyo 2020. It is not the first time that somebody has moved


from one sport to a completely different one but it is the first


time in cycling, what is your reaction to this appointment? Well I


think he's level headed. He has shown he can lead a team that's very


competitive and can deliver at the highest level at the Olympic Games


and he is not underestimating the challenge. It'll be a huge challenge


for him but I think a great opportunity for him to come in and


really try to look forward. A lot of negativity in the press for the last


year surrounding the team but I think it is about focussing on the


good side of the sport. The good side of the things we have been


doing as a team and look to the future. It gives a a chance as well


for a completely new perspective. I think it is really exciting. I think


it's very easy for anybody in any walk of life to get set of noe your


ways. And always do things the same way but to have a new person come in


with a very different perspective of things, from a very successful sport


but a different sport, I think it's a really exciting time, to be part


of British psychingling. I really hope he makes some good chance


changes and I'm excited about the future. As I mentioned the


independent review isn't public but cycling have come up with a


response, pre-empting it. They've created a new role, an HR-type role,


really trying to focus not just on performance but also on supporting


the athletes during their career and when they time comes to retire or


not make the grade or team. I think it's a really positive,


forward-thinking way to approach it. So we have a new CEO Julie


Harrington. We've got Stephen Park obviously and a new team management


set-up but it is recognising that there were areas, where they had


fallen short and hadn't given support to the athletes that they


might have done but I would say for all there has been negativity about


the team, there's still a lot of positivity. A lot of people


supporting them, saying that that isn't necessarily the #1350er7bs


they've had in their - the experience they've had within their


time within the team. I it is not that that makes the papers. I think


you think that's not been balanced Well, the problem is, the people who


are motivated to complain and have rights to complain, but the people


motivated to complain go forward to give their side in the independent


review whereas a lot of the athletes who've had a neutral or positive


experience haven't gone and given their side of the story. So it can


seem skewed, so that isn't to say that the opinions of those people


who have come forward aren't valid, they are, but I think perhaps it can


be a skewed perspective. British cycling trying to get back on the


front foot and a performance at these World Championships could be


ignited. More to come tomorrow. A fantastic silver medal today for


Elinor Barker in the scratch race. Tomorrow we have Katy Marchant In


the sprint. Goodbye for now. I have never known


an atmosphere like this.


Clare Balding introduces the opening day's action from the annual track cycling World Championships, held this year in Hong Kong.

Three gold medals are up for grabs in this session - the men's and women's team sprints and the women's scratch race, won in 2016 by Britain's most successful female Olympian, Laura Kenny. The absence at these championships of the pregnant Kenny, along with her husband Jason, means early British medal hopes rest with Olympic gold and silver medallist Callum Skinner in an otherwise inexperienced men's sprint team.

Sir Chris Hoy provides expert analysis, with commentary by Simon Brotherton and Chris Boardman.

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