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Good evening. These are their news teams where you are.


Good evening. These are their headlines. After 40 years, calling


time on Jersey's licensing laws. It will be great if the law has a


balanced on their health implications and how we can


re-stimulate an economy and we stimulate tourism and hospitality.


Flybe to concentrate on more profitable routes


And there's still life in this old bike yet which is also


And with some clout and showers this evening, tomorrow is not looking too


bad. Pisi at times. Stay tuned for the forecast.


There are plans to overhaul Jersey's 40-year-old licensing law.


Proposed changes include politicians replacing the courts in granting


licences to sell alcohol - and a new compulsory qualification


Enjoying a pint may be an age-old tradition,


but after a decade of consulting with pub landlords, bar-owners,


and others in the industry, Jersey is calling time


on its 40-year-old licensing law, to bring it into the 21st century.


The main changes proposed are - a simpler licensing system


holders prevent underage drinking and alcohol-related crime and health


a group made up of politicians and the public would oversee


The Constable involved says the process will become quicker,


with less red tape - and safer, with the new


that someone running it has the necessary experience


We have a system at the moment but we want to make sure when people


are deputising or on holiday people that are running pubs have got


And this is welcomed by some of the business owners involved


a car, or various other licences to do everything nowadays,


how come you could just wander into the island,


work in a bar and suddenly be a licence manager, which has a huge


And he's pleased the granting of licences would move


from the courts to a body that includes members of the public.


Those are the people who are most affected by running


a business and therefore those are the most critical


I don't think we should be using jurats' and bailiffs' time


to decide exactly what time you serve a pint until.


There'll be more regulation of licensing to come


in the next 18 months - including changes to fees paid


But this particular legislation, aiming to modernise the system,


will be debated in the States in just under six weeks.


A 38-year-old labourer has been found not guilty


by Jersey's Royal Court of raping a woman in St Helier last summer.


Marcio Patricio Figueira Dias had been accused of raping a woman last


August and has been in prison on remand since then.


Today, after three hours of deliberation, a jury found him


not guilty of rape and not guilty of sexual assault.


He was found guilty of one count of attempting to pervert the course


of justice by trying to influence a witness and will be


Small businesses based on States-owned land


at Guernsey's Fontaine Vinery have been given another year


They were due to be kicked off the site in St Sampsons last year


when it was announced it had been ear-marked instead for housing.


But States members today agreed to extend their tenancy until next


June, while a wider review of light industry is carried out by


That's due to come back to the States for debate


Jersey's Environment Department could end up spending ?30 million


on a machine to remove nitrates from waste water


Staff at the department are trying to reduce at source nitrates


which cause sea lettuce to bloom in St Aubin's Bay.


It's hoped with farmers using fewer nitrates, less will wash


But a last ditch solution could be to install a multi-million pound


de-nitrification plant at the island's new sewage works.


It's money that we'd much rather not spend.


The long term solution is to address nitrates at source,


we're hoping that'll be successful to reduce it.


We'll never get rid of green seaweed completely, but if our monitoring


shows a real impact can be made by the extra financial investment


in the sewage treatment works, then that's a debate to have.


Some Flybe services could be cut over the next few years as one


of the Channel Islands' most important airline struggles


There's no telling where the axe could fall.


The latest losses were unveiled today - although investors


Our business correspondent Neil Gallacher reports.


Flybe's losses were ?20 million for the full year, including


the damage that was done to them by the weakening pound.


So bad enough - although we've seen worse.


Four years ago the losses were twice as bad.


And today's news didn't rattle the investors,


as they had already signalled that they were heading for a loss.


Internal problem was that their website isn't good enough,


and they're spending several million putting that right.


The external problem was that they faced growth


in competition at a time when consumer demand was falling.


So they had too much capacity, too many planes.


All we understand is that they will be sticking to the summer and winter


schedules that are currently planned, in and out


There'll be a lot of watching this space.


An explosive shell from World War II was detonated by Guernsey Police


after being discovered by children on the beach.


It's believed to be a French shell used by the Germans.


The recent stormy weather is thought to have shifted


The device was exploded around lunchtime on Lihou Island.


Bomb disposal experts say it's quite common for them


I think we are up to 18 this year so far. The biggest find that we had


this year was in February. That matched a similar find two years


before that. Later in spotlight, Justin and


Victoria are out and about at the Royal Cornwall show. Thousands of


people have arrived despite the weather.


They say one man's trash is another's treasure.


Efforts are being made in Jersey to reduce the amount of waste


the island creates by reusing or recycling items that


Several bikes a day are left at the island's main recycling


centre, and many of them are sent to a community group to refurbish.


Volunteers at the Community Hub are busy with a steady stream


of bikes that have been abandoned or donated by their owners.


A bit of TLC and they're ready for the road again.


These bikes have come from the new Acorn Reuse Centre


at La Collette which has nowhere to store them.


With around 25 bikes a week being dropped off,


deciding what to do with them has been a challenge and now they're


It's a good problem to have when you're receiving so many.


What we're going to go down the line of doing now is selling the bikes


as maybe parts up at Acorn, over the coming next few weeks,


where people can purchase the bike as a part or spares and maybe


But this is where they get a new lease of life.


These dedicated volunteers based at St Saviour's Hospital,


are fixing all kinds of adult and children's bikes.


There are bikes and bike parts everywhere and they're making


Oh, we've been inundated and like everything else,


with the weather, everyone's getting out on their bikes and people


want their bikes looked at and they want to change


their bikes so, it's like everything else,


we don't know what's going to be coming in, we just


These upcycled bikes can be claimed with a donation to the scheme


and give more people a chance to get in the saddle.


A fairly dull day in the islands but we hear things could be getting


That's right. In and drive foremost tomorrow. Sunshine hazy later on.


The cloud through today bringing us showers through this evening. This


cold front is leading a way to the East overnight to eight and into


tomorrow. Into Saturday at this low-pressure system. Most of the


cloud associated with that will go through the main centre of the UK.


Tonight we have cloud and if you showers. Tending to clear away


through the course of the night. Staying quite easy. Tomorrow starts


off cloudy for many of us but we should see that reading away. Drier


and brighter. Sunshine hazy at times. That wind easing a little.


Here is the outlook. It is not looking too bad. Tomorrow is mainly


fine and dry. Good sunny spells. Cloud in the second part of the day.


It may be thick enough for light rain. It clears to Saturday, mainly


a fine and bright day. The chance of one or two showers coming in. It


stays similar into the beginning of next week.


I'll be back at eight with a news update but there is no late news


because of the coverage of the General Election


Tomorrow there will be continued election coverage and how


the results may affect us here in the islands on both


BBC Radio Jersey and Guernsey's breakfast programmes from six


And we'll have more on that and all your local news from the BBC


in the sea. It is time to take you on a tour of


this huge Royal Cornwall Show. One of the places I love to come to


every year is the Cornwall food and farming tent. I have been coming


here for more than 25 years but what strikes me coming here every year is


how important local food and drink is to people now. The range of


products in here is now huge. But the quality is also phenomenal. You


can get everything from gorgeous Cornish bread to Cornish gin,


Cornish ducks, cheese, the list of things you can buy is endless.


Yes, you can naturally buy everything at this show. Welcome to


my home, if only. This could be your holiday home, a honeymoon suite, it


is a cabin made from locally sourced products. I think I may stay here a


while longer and shelter from the showers. You can take a look around


the rest of the show. Despite the weather,


it's business as usual. The sheep judging and


chasing starts early. Inside the sheep tent, they've spent


hours preening their animals. We have a carding brush which brings


the fleece together. And then I will go over with a pair


of hand shears and trim them. These piglets are warm


and dry and, according And these piglets are keeping warm


on a rooting mission. The chicks can keep


warm under a heat lamp. Well, they keep themselves


dry by wrapping up. Waterproofs and wellies


are the uniform of the day. And if you're really fed up


with the wind and the rain, you can come to the flower tent


and find your own jungle. This display of palms


has won a gold medal. There's almost


a tropical feel in here. But outside, most people


are prepared to brave it out. Perfect weather


for a bit of dancing. Although some of the younger members


of the audience are finding It is a bit muddy and slippery


underfoot but not enough to affect these athletes who have


taken every with ease. As the day moves on,


the rain dies out and the clouds can -- crowds can catch


a glimpse of the sunshine. Some of the animals are used


to the bad weather. She came off the moor in November


to the lady I ride for, And yes she's come for a bit


of handling and a bit of time out. She is really good despite


the weather being really windy. We brought her last


night, she loaded off in the rain and wind,


she's been really good. The perfect way to dry off


is to come to the Cornwall food and farming tent where you can enjoy


a well-earned cup of Food is important at


the Royal Cornwall Show There are 1000 horses, ponies


and donkeys on the showground, record numbers of pigs and record


numbers of sheep this year. I love the way the shoppers stop


in their tracks as the showing and judging happens,


it is exciting. Behind every flock, heard and gaggle


there are the farmers. I bumped into a couple


of old friends from last year. You were trying to


photobomb the camera shot? I get the feeling coming


to these shows it is all Coming and showing your


livestock, and competing Some people like to


win at all costs. Others just like to compete


and basically show your animals off And then hope that some


days you will win. What does winning


mean for your herd? It is always good to bring


home the red rosette. It's a good showcase if you can


say your animals have won In fact in our first year


of showing, at the end of the season we had a big win,


didn't we, Jim? We only went to the show because our


daughter-in-law was judging horses. We thought if she is going to judge


horses we will take the cows We happened to win the interbreed


championship which was And for us what made it so special,


it was the only time of the year we covered our cost to enter


the show and enough money to buy For us, we went home


very happy that day. It's nice to go off as a family


and compete, and it works very well. What can we look


forward to this year? We are hoping to get to one-day


shows even though we have been restricted and not able to come


here this year. We hope to go to four of the one-day


shows and hopefully bring I'm really pleased we managed


to talk again this year, when everyone is at the beginning


of the show, rather than at the end We will catch up with you later,


when you can lead one It was so good to see Jim


and Jean again, as Jim said, the way to spot an animal


who is a potential show winner from an early age is if it has a bit


of sparkle and a bit naughty. The stars of the show


are the animals. This year in the main ring these


wonderful vintage Ferguson tractors We will see them in action


in a moment but the man behind this idea is David Taylor


who is with us, hello. What is the idea, what do


these tractors do? They'll do acrobatics,


not jumping over each other, I don't know if that


was a good idea. You asked people to come forward


and they came in their droves. We already have a


tractor display team. We wanted something else last


year, something new. The Ferguson would be 70


years old so I thought we would have a tractor display


team but different. A few women said they would love


to do it so I put an advert in the parish magazine


and on Facebook, 27 came forward. Getting people to make


a fool of themselves, How often do they get together


to practise the display? Some of the girls when they started


couldn't even drive, they'd never Most of them are horse


riders and got to grips. The second batch, it was white


dresses, shoulder bags, flip-flops! Can't wait to see them in action,


thank you for talking to us. John Henderson has been


to see them in rehearsals. It is an agricultural


marriage made in heaven. Or rather 16 women at the wheel


of the TE20 Ferguson As displays go, it is


hardly turbo-charged. The little grey Fergie has


a top speed of 15mph. But


the world's most famous mass-produced tractor has


still got the wow factor. I like the bit where you were


crossing, that looked quite good. Exactly, that is what we are aiming


for, a bit of smoke! No prizes for guessing


what this one is called. Cyclops belongs to my


husband and he uses it every day to clean the


beach. But then these beauties


are over 60 years old. In the main, they've got more miles


on the clock than their They have worked hard to


woman-handle a British engineering For instance, perfecting


the propeller takes a level of multitasking that arguably men


wouldn't be able to bring to the There's been hard times and there's


been shouting and we've got to get this correct,


but in the There are no radios,


cushioned seats or other modern-day They're a no-frills


vintage that the Fergie One of my favourite bits of the


show, we saw them in the main ring, and they were superb, well done to


the Fergie Fillies. I fancy a go at one of the machines,


the way forward to get to work. Are you warming up?


A little bit. You don't do it. I am freezing. Thank you to our


brolly holders, Stuart and Sarah who went beyond the call of duty.


Unfortunately, they have taken off and are somewhere over there.


We will get them back later on. David is here, I am glad you are in


one piece. Looking behind the camera in the


distance to another massive shower, get some shelter.


Good evening. We have had rain in the morning will stop and for a


large part of the day we have also had some sunshine, not too bad apart


from that wind. In the last few hours we have had big showers coming


along. Let us summarised tomorrow, we will


see a largely dry day, some hazy sunshine, a risk of a few showers


turning up during the morning but most will be gone by the afternoon.


At the showground, the forecast isn't too bad for tomorrow. Saturday


is different. We will have another weather front to give us a


persistent rain. For clearer operations on Sunday, it is brighter


with the risk of showers, still quite blustery.


The satellite picture shows a lot of cloud cover over the UK, low


pressure bringing rain this morning. That strike of cloud is moving


eastwards. Behind it we have showers which will continue this evening and


overnight. It has an area of low pressure and a


weather front moving away from us. By the middle of tomorrow, we have a


weak ridge of high pressure. That doesn't last. By Saturday,


another front close by means a lot of cloud, windy, outbreaks of rain.


Sunday, lots of isobars, quite blustery.


We can pick up those showers in the last couple of hours on our radar


picture. That shows you where the showers


have been, more to come right now and other showers across the South


West of England that could continue through the night.


The forecast overnight is some clear skies but also some showers. Some


showers in the small hours likely to be heavy with a minimum temperature


of 12 degrees. Tomorrow morning, we should have


some sunshine, some sunny spells, the chance of a few showers dotted


around but those will disappear in the afternoon. We are left with


medium and high level cloud. A reasonable day for most events


taking place and the show continues here.


Temperature is probably getting up to 18, a few places up to 19


degrees. Not quite as windy as today.


On to the times of high water, there they are for our ports and harbours.


For the surfers, it is not very clean tomorrow, another large wave


day tomorrow, choppy conditions, the breeze is unsure. Up to five feet


but rather choppy. The sea temperature is up to 14 degrees.


And here is the coastal waters forecast. A south-westerly, becoming


more westerly tomorrow, forced six, showers, otherwise mainly fair with


good visibility. The outlook for all of us at the


weekend, Saturday doesn't look too clever, a breezy day with outbreaks


of rain off and on. Not much respite from that as the weather front


crosses as. By Sunday that will move to the


east. We are left with blustery showers on Sunday, hopefully sunny


spells in between, generally a lot of cloud, windy conditions.


With a sigh of relief, it should improve for the early part of next


week, high pressure coming back for the early part of next week.


Certainly, things are settling down. Something to look forward to. Here


at the showground tomorrow, the weather doesn't look too bad.


Have a good evening. You are saying we picked the wrong day to come,


thank you. Local results for the election on


BBC Radio Devon and Cornwall Police 1am, all latest. We will be back


with more election coverage at 6:30pm tomorrow. We leave you with


some of the highlights from the Royal Cornwall Show.


Where are the umbrellas? Good night. For the first time, the Science


Museum is opening its doors so you can vote for


Britain's greatest invention. MUSIC: Da Funk,


by Daft Punk Seven celebrities champion


seven inventions.


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