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The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.

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Hundreds of homes are evacuated, schools are closed and part of the


East Coast main line is a shot as torrential rain brings flooding.


The north-east of England has been particularly hard hit, as rivers


burst their banks. And the problems are particularly bad here in the


Northumberland town of Morpeth, which has been flooded for the


second time in four years. It has emerged that the Queen raised


concerns about the radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza with the previous


government. The teenager missing with her maths teacher. Their


school confirms concerns about a relationship have been raised


before. And the waiting is almost over. Europe's golfers arrive in


the US for one of sport's most fiercely fought contests, the Ryder


Cup. On BBC London. Smiling once again. We meet seven-year-old


Thusha, who was left paralysed after being shot in Stockwell. And


the young people priced out of rural areas as property prices soar


Good afternoon. There's been widespread flooding across many


parts of the UK after yet more heavy rain. The north-east of


England has been particularly hard hit and nearly 300 homes had been


evacuated. The floodwaters have also cut of train services on the


East Coast main line between York and Darlington. In total, 65 a


flood warnings had been issued in England, Wales and Scotland. Let's


This is Grange Road, not Grange river. It started raining here at


11pm last night and it just didn't stop. Problems in East Lothian in


Scotland, too, homes and schools flooded. In North Wales, rail


services disrupted. In the north- east, hundreds of homes evacuated.


It may not be raining here now. The problem is that more rain is


expected. The village of Hambleton, once landlocked but now parts have


become Islands. It has meant roads closed, homes flooded and people


left worried. You are fighting for your possessions here, aren't you?


Yes. We are trying to keep water away from the house, which we are


winning at the moment. But if any more rain comes down we will have a


severe problem. At the moment, everybody is trying to help but


nothing is happening. For some it feels like it hasn't stopped


raining since April. This has happened six times like this, not


quite as bad but more or less as bad as this, since June. A fed up.


Fed up. Six times. We pay council tax, United Utilities a fortune and


this happens. And in the north-east, this was Morpeth after a month's


rain in just 24 hours. Hundreds of homes had to be evacuated. We've


been through the World War, we've done a lot. We have fought our way


into by inch. Do you think that a drop of water is going to put us


off? You are sadly mistaken! On the trains, the East Coast main line is


advising passengers not to travel because parts of the track are


flooded. In St Helens, people were rescued in life rafts after the


Sankey Canal flooded. It left people counting the cost. It is


devastating. It has destroyed everything that was in its path.


Luckily, I wasn't here while it was being flooded. That would have...


That is the hard part, if you are actually physically here.


Hamilton, many are now waiting and hoping more rain doesn't come. How


has it left you feeling? A bit vulnerable. There's only me and my


son here. We've had the wettest of summers. The start of autumn is


looking no different. Yes, and that start of autumn starts with a clean


up or at least three houses along this road. The sandbags on the


other side are protecting their homes. But the problem is more rain


is expected. We've got over 60 flood warnings right now across


England and Wales. Gales expected in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


It doesn't look like this will end any time soon. Let's go to Morpeth


now. The river once Beck has breached the local flood defences.


For a short time, late morning and early lunchtime here today, the


rain to ease off but it's now lashing down again. People here are


growing increasingly concerned. The Environment Agency say the river in


Morpeth has peaked, that happens this morning. It should hopefully


drop off but there are still concerns. Quite a few houses have


been evacuated. Let's talk to one of the senior fire officers here.


What are conditions like this morning? We had about 100


properties in the flood risk area. We've had to carry out 37 rescues


using our water rescue teams. We've had to close the bridge because of


the impact of the debris on the bridge. It has been quite a


torturous time for the residents. This place was flooded four years


ago. Perhaps not as bad today, would you say? The wasn't as bad.


Added is still quite severe for the residents who have suffered.


it's pretty dangerous if you get too close. A yes, very dangerous.


There's been a good community spirit, all of the neighbours are


very community orientated. other thing to note, Cleveland


police have just declared a major incident in their area. That is


around Middlesbrough and Stockton, because of rising water levels. It


really is the north-east of England this lunchtime where the worst of


the weather is. That really is reflected by his high water level


in Morpeth. And in every other river across the North-East this


lunchtime. The flooding means that many main roads and some rail lines


have been badly disrupted. The East Coast main line, that has literally


been cut off in two places. It's been dropped twice today. Trains


are literally under water. There's a limit to what we can do.


Effectively, if you have got to Gibbs on that line the advice is


don't travel. It is bad in Yorkshire and the north-east but


there will be problems all across the line. You can use those to


Gibbs tomorrow and you can use them on Virgin Trains, which go up the


west coast main line, so you can still get to Scotland. But the


advice is don't bother travelling. Similarly with the roads, we had


the A 1 shot in Catterick, but problems all over Yorkshire and the


north-east. There's a limit to what they can do. There are hundreds of


engineers out there trying to sort out the problems. But that the


railways, the easiest thing to do is wait for the water to go down.


With the roads, we've now got the Highways Agency's digging ditches


alongside the road to try to get rid of some of this water. But the


real limit to what we can do. The websites are brilliant, the BBC,


but were to feed and travel alerts, BBC local radio as well, or just


don't bother travelling. The Queen raised concerns with the previous


government about the case of the radical Muslim preacher Abu Hamza


or, it has emerged after the European Court of Human Rights


yesterday rejected his right to make a final appeal against being


extradited to the US on charges of plotting to set up a terrorist


training camp and assisting hostage taking. But in the last few minutes


the BBC has said it deeply regrets that the private conversation with


the Queen has been made public. Just do it! If it is killing, do


it! Abu Hamza. For years, for the government, unfinished business. He


is not yet on a plane to the United States but ministers sincerely hope


he will be soon, along with four other terror suspects. Now that the


rights of appeal under the extradition Act have been exhausted,


we think it is right and proper that these individuals are


transferred to the US authorities to stand trial in respect of the


very serious allegations that have been made against them. A decade


ago, Abu Hamza banished from his mosque, preached from the streets.


It infuriated the British authorities. So much so that the


Queen once privately told the BBC she had raised their concerns with


a Labour Home Secretary. But a final decision - extradite or not -


rested with the European Court of Human Rights. It has despite --


decided that despite his disability, he would be humanely treated in an


American prison. The wife of Laurence Whitehouse was killed


during an attempt to rescue her from kidnappers allegedly connected


to Abu Hamza or in Yemen. He believes in America, evidence will


breed produced about the preacher's true role. That he wasn't just a


very able orator, but that he actually was an organiser of


kidnapping British citizens, his own countrymen, and bringing that


out in the public. But some of the extraditions could yet be delayed.


Babar Ahmad and his co-defendant are accused of running a pro-jihad


website from Britain. Anti extradition campaigner plans to


attempt a rare private prosecution here to prevent them being sent to


the States. Because any crimes he is supposed to have committed,


allegations against him are in this country, the UK, so Babar Ahmad


should be tried in a British court here, he should get a chance to


prove his innocence in front of our courts. But after years of


arguments in the courts, this and other legal moves have a slim hope


of succeeding in even delaying extradition, let alone stopping it.


The BBC has issued a statement about the conversation with the


Queen. Yes, this information that the Queen had an interest in the


Abu Hamza case was revealed on the Today programme this morning by


Frank Gardner. He revealed details of a private conversation which


took place some years ago with the Queen. The conversation should have


remained private, according to a statement at the BBC has put out.


The BBC Anne Frank have said they are deeply sorry for what amounts


to a breach of confidence. They say it was wholly inappropriate, Frank


is sorry for the embarrassment caused and Batty has apologised to


the palace. It has emerged that East Sussex County Council was


already invested concerns about the relationship between the missing


15-year-old schoolgirl, Megan Stammers, and her 30-year-old maths


teacher, before they ran away together. The couple having been


seen since last Friday and it's thought they may have travelled to


France. Detectives say her friends may know where she had planned to


go. The last time Megan Stammers was seen. A CCTV image of the car


owned by her maths teacher, Jeremy Forrest, taken last Thursday


evening as the pair travelled to Dover ferry terminal. The last time


it Megan made contact was buy text, which she sent to a friend saying


she'd arrived in France. The police say it wasn't from the teenager's


foam but are confident it was from her. And this is the man she is


with, Jeremy Forrest, an amateur musician who performs under the


stage name Jeremy Ayre us. Detectives believe Megan's friends


might know where she is. They may be children and pupils and friends


who are aware of any aspect with regard to Whitby in plant, may be


aware of where they were likely to go to. I would also ask them to


come forward. Don't be scared and feel that you were are in trouble


if you've not disclosed any of that information so far. At Megan's


school there was already unease about the teenager and Jeremy


Forrest's clusters. The local authority has told us that the


school and the county council had been addressing and investigating


concerns that had been raised in line with procedure when this


happened. That investigation will continue and we will decide what


action to take. Her parents are hoping more than ever that their


actions and appeals on the vicar day since Megan disappeared will


make their affectionate, loving and intelligent daughter return home.


David Shaw has been held in Greater Manchester to remember two police


officers who were shot dead last week. Colleagues of PCs Nicola


Hughes and Fiona Bone walk from Hyde police station, where they


were based, to the scene of the shooting in Mottram. Around 400


people, including dozens of officers, attend the service before


a Minute silence was held. The former England football captain


John Terry has returned to Wembley for the second day of his FA


disciplinary hearing. He is accused of using racist language in a match


against Queens Park Rangers last October. A criminal court cleared


him of the charge two months ago. What has been happening this


morning? John Terry arriving here shortly before 9am this morning for


that second day of this FA hearing. He joined his QC, George Carter


Stevenson, who represented him during that trial at Westminster


magistrates in July when Terry was cleared, but now he faces this FA


panel, this independent oar macro man panel who will continue this


afternoon to hear this case. Yesterday they heard from the QPR


defender Anton Ferdinand. He is not expected to return today. With


Terry making it clear he no longer wishes to be considered for


international duty, it is clear that his anger against the FA for


proceeding with these charges is evident. Yesterday we heard from


Roy Hodgson, who praised him for his time with the England team. But


that charge is going ahead at the hearing will continue this


afternoon. Do you know how long this will take? There's a high


degree of secrecy around these FA disciplinary procedures. Yesterday


morning we saw the various parties or been to Wembley Stadium, or that


was when we knew this was the exact location. We are expecting around


two to three days for the hearing to complete. If we use the Suarez


case, the Liverpool striker who was accused of racially abusing Patrice


Evra last year as some sort of yardstick, that took several days


upon completion of the hearing before the panel issued their


decision. That level of legal Rego will also be applied here in John


Dozens of warnings across the UK as torrential rain brings widespread


flooding. Coming up - how did the driver in this accident manage to


walk away from it completely unharmed?


Health exploitable Ginty to investigate how a man critically


ill in hospital contracted a potentially fatal virus.


And we will have a full forecast for the rest of this week or's


weather. A collection of tiny island in the


East China Sea have become the centre of a diplomatic row between


China, Taiwan and Japan. In the latest incident, Japanese


coastguard ships fired water cannon at Taiwanese fishing vessels. The


boat had approached the island, which are controlled by Japan, but


claimed by China and Taiwan. Tension over the area has increased


recently because of a dispute over oil and gas fields in the region.


Sailing off to disputed waters more than 50 Taiwanese fishing boat to


leave their ports. The deal with Japanese patrol ships using water


cannons. It is just the latest confrontation in the East China Sea.


The US has warned that it is scenes like this which could lead to


conflict. The completed -- competing territory of claims over


these islands is making the region nervous. In China's main news


bulletin, yet another symbol of its rising power. Its first aircraft


power -- career doesn't have operational planes. But it is a


sign of the country's growing military ambitions. As Steiner


become -- China becomes more powerful, it nationalism is


alarming it neighbours. When Tokyo bought the disputed islands earlier


this month, a triggered a wave of violent anti-Japanese protests.


Japanese shops and businesses were attacked. Now China and Japan


appear to want to cool the tensions. They do pity foreign ministers held


talks in Beijing for the first time since this dispute flared up. But


neither side wants to back down. TRANSLATION: China would never


tolerate any unilateral actions by Japan which harm Chinese


territorial sovereignty. But China gearing up for a once in a decade


leadership change, its leaders cannot afford to look weak. Taking


a tough line with Japan it is popular with the Chinese public.


But that means there is little room for compromise.


David Cameron is travelling at the United Nations in New York to


appeal to the world's richest countries to honour their pledges


of aid to the developing world. World leaders are gathering there


for the Annual General Assembly debate, which this year will be


overshadowed by events in the Middle East.


New York prepares for the annual influx of world leaders. They are


focused this year on crisis in the Middle East but Britain no new


ideas on how to solve them. First, the anti-American protests caused


by the video denigrating the Prophet Muhammad. Then there is the


war the UN cannot stop. I believe Syria will be top of every leader's


mind. Syria is a failure for the UN. The Security Council could not


reach a common position let alone take action. So the United Nations


has become an audience, watching a tragedy. With the reported deaths


in the civil war now averaging at least a 100 a day. For America's


president, Syria may not be an election issue, but Iran is,


because it involves a Israel. Israel's Prime Minister has taken


to American air waves to press for a tougher line on Iraq. He will


take the same message to the General Assembly. Iran will


continue to insist its intentions are peaceful, but few others think


so. Israel is pushing for at least the threat of armed action. The


Middle East remains an uncomfortable reminder of the UN's


shortcomings. Syria is a monument to diplomatic failure, and Iran's


nuclear programme may trigger the region's next war.


The Liberal Democrats say that further spending cuts will have to


be introduced in this Parliament, but according to the chief


secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, they wouldn't be


entirely at the expense of the poor. He has been speaking at their party


conference in Brighton. What is he proposing? He is proposing quite a


tough message. He is saying that new cut have to be taken to get the


coalition parties through to the next election. Up to �16 billion


worth of cuts, and welfare cuts cannot be exempt from that process.


He also pledged that the rich would pay a fairer share. Are welfare is


a third of all public spending, and despite our painful reforms, it is


still rising. We will have to look at it. But that cannot, must not,


and will not be the only place we look. We insist that the difficult


choices must be fairly shared. That does you can afford more must


contribute more. -- those who can afford more. There has been a lot


of talk about new taxes on the 12 the, but little detail. There is a


suspicion that Nick Clegg isn't pressing hard enough for the much


cherished mansion tax on expensive properties in return for making


some of these future welfare cuts. So much so that a former Treasury


spokesman got the party to we can be to -- recommit itself to the


mansion tax policy. Nick Clegg has been hinting at looking at other


ways of hitting of the wealthy, questioning whether richer


pensioners should still receive the winter fuel allowance in the future.


The official record of the Aardman between the government chief whip


Andrew Mitchell and police officers in Downing Street has been


published in full for the first time. It appears to confirm that Mr


Mitchell called the officers plebs and said they should know their


place. The crucial thing is that is what he denies saying. Yes, it


doesn't really change much in that sense. He has denied using that


word, and has denied previously swearing at the officers, although


that seems to have been acknowledged. The early reports


suggested he used the word more runs, and that doesn't appear in


this account of what police reported on. One thing that does


come out is how close he came to being arrested by the officers.


They warned him that if he didn't stop swearing at them, they would


use their powers, and that is the thing that stopped him shouting at


them. Downing Street will be reasonably content that this story


is not really going anywhere any more. There are no fresh


revelations here. We still have the stand-off over the fact, what one


man said verses what the account of another officer says. Unless


members of the public come forward, who were apparently present, and


give their account, it seems that Mr Mitchell is likely to survive.


Europe's golfers have been told to expect if by a reception from the


crowds on the Ryder Cup begins this week. Practice rounds start today,


even though the USA has home advantage, Europe's captain Jose


Maria Olazabal, says the odds are still even.


Fresh from Chicago airport, Jose Maria Olazabal plus hand luggage.


The European captain and the Ryder Cup arrived to blue skies and warm


welcome from the American counterpart. It is the resumption


of one of sport's greatest battles. Two years ago at Celtic Manor, it


was Europe, under Colin Montgomerie, that celebrated. His replacement


believes this time it is too close to call. The crowds are going to be


rooting for the home team, so we have to be prepared for that. I


have said it all along, I think both teams are pretty much even. It


is going to be a close match. the deluge at Celtic Manor, this


year, conditions almost perfect. With their home advantage, the USA


team are marginal favourites. They know that the peace and quiet will


soon be replaced by deafening support. Chicago is an incredible


sports down. They are going to be fired up. It is an incredible, big


golf course, and a big stage. years ago that support helped the


USA win in Kentucky, although it is their only victory in the last five


Ryder Cups. They came pretty close last time. The very last match,


before Graham McDowell's heroics. A yet more proof of the Ryder Cup's


capacity for spellbinding drama. Once again, the stage is set.


And so the waiting is almost over. The players now have three days of


practice before the latest chapter of one of sport's most enthralling


sagas. How about this for a remarkably


lucky escape? This lorry took a sharp left, hitting another lorry


coming in the other direction. But look at what happens to the driver.


Amazingly, he somehow went straight through the windscreen, landing on


his feet, and manages to walk away from the accident completely and


injured. Let's have a look at the Unfortunately the warnings of rain


have been realised in much of the country. We have seen well over 100


mm in Antrim it. Not far behind in Wales. Some of the wetter spots


have been across northern England. That is just in the site where we


measure rainfall. Even more is falling on the hills. This is the


radar chart for the last few hours. This bulk of rain isn't moving


anywhere particularly fast. The rain falling on the hills is set to


make its way down through the river system as well. So we still have an


ample warning in place for northern England and Wales. Anticipate some


more flooding as well. Either side of that, to the south we have some


heavy showers. To the north, turning wetter, accompanied by gale


force of winds. Particularly cold in that wind as well. Some good


news in Northern Ireland, the heavy rain will continue to ease away.


But in northern England and parts of North and Wales, the rain may


return, even if it is dry at the moment. By contrast, a lovely


bright day across part of the Midlands, but East Anglia and the


south-east, some heavy and thundery showers. They could cause some


problems for the evening rush-hour. The low-pressure system, centred


around the swirling wind two, will be on the move tonight. In north-


east England, the rain will gradually ease, but it will turn


water across the Midlands and the south-west. If you're early, across


parts of north-west England, around Cheshire, Merseyside, some wet


weather to come, but the rain is pushing its way southwards. The


focus for the rain will be across Wales, the Midlands and southern


England. Though showers could be pretty intent and thundery in


places. -- intends. But many places will turn drier a mortal help the


situation. It improves again for some of your on Thursday, some


showers around to the south and the East, some of these will heavy.


Some brightness as well, and a quick look at Tuesday, going back


Our top story - a torrential rain has brought widespread flooding


across the UK. Police in Cleveland have declared a major incident