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The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.

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injured in the deadliest attack on British military in more than a year


in Afghanistan. The soldiers died after their heavily armoured vehicle


was struck by a roadside on in Helmand province. We have paid a


high price for the work we are doing in Afghanistan. It is important work


because it is vital that the country does not become a haven for


terrorists. We are outside the barracks. Scotland's first Minister


called it tragic news. Also this lunchtime: Bill Roache is arrested


on suspicion of an historic allegation of rape. The jury at the


trial of the man accused of murdering April Jones are told that


DNA that might have belonged to her was found on his clothing.


Amanda Knox gives her first television interview after being


cleared of murder. Did you kill her? No. Were you there that night?


On BBC London News the man who has died during eight Greenland ice clan


Good afternoon. Diminishing of defence has confirmed that three


British soldiers have been killed and six others injured in a bomb


blast in Afghanistan. They were all members of the Royal Highlan


Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland. They died when


the armoured vehicle they were in was hit by a roadside bomb. Their


families have been told. 440 four British personnel have been killed


in Afghanistan since 2001. Herewith more, our defence correspondent.


The flags are flying at half-mast today. The soldiers' families were


told yesterday. The news is only just beginning to sink in. The prime


minister insisted the force and their work remains vital. We have


paid a high price. It is important work because it is vital that the


country does not become a haven for terrorists again. Today, our


thoughts should be with the families of those that have suffered. The


soldiers were travelling in a heavily armoured vehicle, a Mastiff,


which has protected many over the past few years. But it he is a


roadside bomb, killing three. The vehicle should deflect the blast


but it is thought it hit a very big device, causing the explosion that


left six others injured. This one incident has doubled the number of


British deaths in Helmand province six this year. In 2012, there was a


total of 44 British fatalities in Afghanistan compared with 108 at the


peak of fighting, in 2009. Though the perception is that for


British troops the fight is coming to an end in Helmand province, there


are still some 8000 British personnel there. Many are advising


and mentoring their Afghan counterparts.


The Taliban spring offensive means all are aware of the threat that


remains. Everybody has to be on their guard. The perception that it


had gone quiet was probably due to the fact that the Afghan security


forces are doing a great deal more of this work on their own. Their


casualties are still appreciable. However, perhaps because the number


of British casualties has come down, it has made less news over here. The


total of 444 British troops have lost their lives since 2001.


The Ministry of defence says that security has improved but the risks


remain. Combat operations are due to We will be speaking to our


correspondent. But first, to Cabo. -- Kabul. It is the so-called spring


offensive. Explain what it means and the indications for British troops.


If you speak to Afghan officials, whether they are in the army or


police, they add mid that this is the so-called fighting season. This


is when the snow will have melted. The passes will be easy to go


through if you are an insurgent. Simply, the dense forestation and


feels mean you have to many places to hide. So they are prepared


mentally for that. What we have also seen in the last few months is that


Taliban insurgents have been attacking the security forces in


some of the most remote quarters, including how man. -- including


Helmand province. There is little or no air support from NATO or British


troops, as will have been the case two years ago.


Let's go now to Scotland. Laura, one can only imagine the reaction there


today. As the Prime Minister said, their families are paying a high


price for the work done in Afghanistan.


Just over a month ago, 350 soldiers left these barracks. They had a job


to do. Their role is to work alongside the Afghan police to train


them and work alongside them to help give control of Afghanistan to them.


The news today that three of their soldiers are dead will have come as


such a devastating blow. They work alongside the soldiers. They will


live alongside them. Alex Salmond described it as devastating. He said


that the people of Scotland joined with him in offering condolences to


the families involved. As for the troops, I am told that this news may


make them more determined to do their job, do it well, and get home


safely. The Coronation Street actor Bill


Roache who plays Ken Barlow, has been arrested on suspicion of raping


an underage girl. Lancashire police have confirmed that an 81-year-old


was taken in for questioning this morning. What more can you tell us,


Judith? News of this emerged with


lectureship police confirmed they had arrested and 81-year-old man


suspicion of rape. He is due to be questioned at some point today at a


police station in the county. We know that it is in connection with


two alleged offences of rape which are said to have happened in 1967,


between April and July of that year, and to have involved one girl, who


was 15 at the time. Bill Roache himself has not made any comment.


Neither has ITV. He has played Ken Barlow in the soap since its first


episode, in 1960. He has not been on screen recently because he has been


away touring with a stage version of the soap in New Zealand. What we do


understand, though, is that he will not appear in Coronation Street


while this current investigations continue.


A jury at the trial of the man accused of murdering a project has


been told that DNA which may have belonged to the five-year-old was


found on his clothing. -- murdering April Jones 's disappearance was


reported around the world. But today, for the first time, it was


revealed how she came to meet the man accused of her murder. The jury


was also told about Mark Bridger 's movements around Machynlleth before


and after the time she went missing. Some viewers may find the following


reports distressing. October the 1st of last year started


like any other day for April Jones. After school, she went swimming will


stop then, as a tree, she played on her bike with her friend outside her


home. Today, her parents were in court to hear how their daughter's


path was to cross fatefully with a man accused of her murder. In the


dock, Mark Bridger listened as the prosecution described how he had


just picked up with his girlfriend. That morning, he sent her a text,


viewed pornographic images on his laptop and a series of 32 closed


images of a local 14-year-old girl. Later on, he drove to a parents


evening at the local school. He then moved on to this estate, where April


lived. Witnesses say he approached two girls there, offering to arrange


a sleepover with his daughter. Shortly afterwards, the prosecution


say he abducted April. What followed was a search that became the largest


in UK policing history. The jury was told that Mark Bridger initially


claimed to know nothing about her disappearance. The next day,


volunteers looking for April saw him carrying a black bin bag. Traces of


April 's DNA were found in Mark Bridger 's home and on his clothes.


When he was arrested, he told police, I know what it is about. I


crushed her with a car. I don't know where she is. In the last few


minutes, the jury has been shown images from inside Mark Bridger's


home. He denies the three charges of


abduction, murder, and averting the course of justice.


A British adventurer has died during a track in Greenland. Philip


Goodeve-Docker Was taking part in an expedition with two other British


men went it is believed they were caught up in a severe snowstorm. The


Foreign Office says the other men are recovering in hospital.


There has been a big rise in the number of cross border legal battles


over children, particularly those involving child adoption. A new


report by the International Family Justice for England and Wales shows


the number of cases referred to by British judges rose by 40%, to more


than 250. Naomi's daughter was updated by her


father on a family holiday to J eejit -- to eejit. I count the


number of days it has been. I think it is one day closer to finding her.


Everyday I get through is a success, it is one they further forward. I


try each day to do something I can to move things forward. Today 's


report, reveals a sharp rise in cases like Naomi's.


The number of cases the office deals with has more than doubled in the


past two years. There were three new cases in 2005. That rose to 92 in


2010. 253 in 2012. Lawyers in the UK are noticing the increase in


numbers. On average, we get one call a week.


The increase in relationships across continents make it more public to do


if there is a breakdown in the family relationship. Sometimes,


parents take matters into their own hands. Almost half the countries in


the world are signed up to an international agreement to return


children who are abducted by one parent.


It is generally regarded as pretty effective. But if a child is taken


from the UK to a country that is not signed up, it can be impossible to


get them back. The child is lost maybe four years. What we have to do


is to persuade as many of the states that are outside the international


agreement to join, to sign up to the international agreement. That, in my


view, should be our first priority. Sadly for Naomi, Egypt's is not a


party to the international agreement. Her weight to be reunited


Our main story: Three soldiers die and six more are injured in a deadly


attack on a British military in Afghanistan. Still to come, how the


humble paperback is still holding its own against a generation of


tablet readers. As the cruise ship season starts, we look at the


traffic on the River Thames. And London's appeal as a destination.


And the street dance film looking at the very real prospect of youth club


television interview since being freed. She says she may return to


Italy to face a retrial. Speaking to ABC television, she described her


need for justice and spoke about the long-running legal battle to prove


her innocence. What happened to me hit me like a


train... And there was nothing I first thing you thought when you saw


Meredith? I was putting away things in my room when she came to my door


and introduced herself and was immediately very nice, just this


immediate exchange of, wow, this is someone who I can get along with.


Were you ever jealous of her? Were you ever angry at her? No. It


bothers me when people suggest she was not my friend. I was stunned by


her death. She was my friend. My friend had been murdered, and it


could just as easily have been me. Somehow, she had died in the house


where we were living. And it could have been me. Did you kill Meredith


Kercher? No.Were you there that night? No.Do you know anything you


have not told police? No. I don't. I was not there. But you can first.


Well, I didn't confess. I was interrogated, they acted like my


answers were wrong. They told me I was wrong, that I did not remember


correctly, that I has to remember correctly, and if I didn't, I would


never see my family again. I cannot be afraid right now. I have to be


ready to fight and defend myself. Her parents say they hope someday to


see the Kerchers when they understand that Amanda is not


involved. Amanda Knox said she does not want to add to their grief,


hoping that someday... Eventually, I can have their permission to pay my


respects at her grave. It is all I can give them, this memory that I


have of her. To add to all of theirs that they can carry with them when


she is gone. Amanda Knox speaking to Diane Sawyer


from ABC News. The deputy leader of the Labour Party has denied that the


party has been sending mixed messages about its economic policy.


At the beginning of the week, Ed Miliband refused to say whether


borrowing would go up if he was in power, but Harriet Harman said in an


interview today that a short-term rise would be necessary to fund a


temporary cut in VAT. Let's try to understand what is going on and hear


from political correspondent Norman Smith, a little confusion over the


economy here, Norman. Well, what is going on is that Labour's deputy


leader was forced to come out today and say that the party was not at


sixes and sevens over the economy, and is follow some awkward tangles


it has got into over how it presents economic messages, starting with Ed


Miliband refusing to say whether borrowing would go up under a Labour


government, only for Ed Balls and today Harriet Harman to say, yes,


indeed there would be a temporary increase in borrowing. And therefore


Harriet Harman to say, not be able to say whether any companies had


been signed up to the Labour Party jobs guarantee. Why this matters is


very obviously we are in a week of crucial local council elections, but


more than that, on the economy, credibility is absolutely critical,


and if you do not speak with clarity and certainty and conviction, it is


that much harder to convince voters. It does not amount to a full-blown


jelly travel moment, a wobble on the economy, but I suspect there will be


people in Labour circles who think that the party has got to stick with


a good deal greater certainty in the economy if it wants to win voters.


Business Secretary Vince Cable has written to the Scottish legal


authorities calling for a rapid decision on whether to prosecute the


former directors of RBS. He said a resolution needed to be reached to


maintain public confidence in the bank, which had a �45 billion


bailout funded by the taxpayer in 2008. Chief economic correspondent


Hugh Pym has more. The collapse of Royal Bank of


Scotland was one of the most magic of the global banking crisis.


British taxpayers had to pick up the pieces. No formal action has been


taken against those who ran the bank before the crisis, although the


former chief executive, Fred Goodwin, has been stripped of his


knighthood. The financial regulator, the FSA, said in a report


at the end of 2011 that the RBS failure resulted from work


management decisions and the acquisition of a Dutch bank, ABN


Amro, before the crisis had been an extremely risky deal. The Business


Secretary said that in light of that report he had been advised that


prosecutions could be considered. The issue was referred to the


Scottish authorities early last year. Now he has written to them,


asking what is happening. It is now five years since the banking crisis.


I think the public are impatient in terms of holding people to account,


maybe there is no basis for doing so, but I think it is quite


legitimate to want to know what stage of the process we actually are


at. Vince Cable says he understands that any decision on further action


will be taken by the independent prosecuting body. He says he is not


trying to influence the outcome of that process. Even so, his letter


received a terse response from the Scottish legal authorities. The Lord


Advocate, Frank Mulholland, the chief prosecutor in Scotland, has


replied to the letter, which was sent to the advocate general, the


British government 's law officer for Scottish issues. I am


disappointed, he says, to hear that the Secretary of State has written


to the Advocate general in such terms, the investigation is complex


and ongoing, and the volume of material being considered is vast.


One member of the Scottish Parliament questioned why Vince


Cable had intervened at this stage and told us he was playing politics


with an issue best left to lawyers. A 24-hour general strike is under


way in Greece affecting public transport, ferries and hospital.


Thousands of people have taken part in demonstrations in Athens over


record unemployment figures and tough new austerity measures which


have been passed by the government. Thousands of workers have also


marched through the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, to demand improved


safety after the collapse of a building housing clothing factories


last week. More than 400 people are now known to have died. An estimated


150 more workers are still missing. Deanna Durbin, one of Hollywood's


biggest stars in the 1930s and 1940s, has died. She was 91. The


Canadian born soprano and actress started her career as a teenager. By


the time she retired in her late 20s, she was one of the worlds


highest paid women. The advent of digital books


initially caused concern for the future of the paperback and hard


bike industry, but it seems those fears have been unfounded. New


figures suggest that while digital sales have risen at a bar straight,


sales of traditional books have also more than held their own with


revenues for British publishers hire in 2012 than any other previous


year, as technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones reports. Read a


good book lately? Whether it is on one of the new e-readers, hardback


or paperback, we seem to be reading more than ever, and Britain's


publishers are confident they are coping well with the digital


revolution. They say 2012 was a record year. Digital sales rose 66%,


while sales of physical books were down just 1%. Overall revenue was up


4%, up to �3.3 billion. E-books sales are going to grow over the


next few years, but we are not heading to a world where physical


books disappear, we are heading towards a world where it is 50-50.


The speed at which we are moving towards digital reading depends on


the book involved. A quarter of fiction that we buy is for


downloading and reading on this kind of device, whereas for non-fiction


books, like a cookbook, the figure is just 5%, and when it comes to


children's books just 3% are read on screen. There is a strong novel


bursting to get out... And when he -- while many find e-readers more


convenient, members of this book club seemed reluctant to go digital.


I love the feel and texture and the artefact and also the fact that it


is something that is not going to run out of batteries. I have never


got into those, but what I do love about them is that it gets people


into reading who perhaps would not be reading otherwise. Or me, it does


not matter how you read something, the important thing is that you


read. It is thought more than 10 million people in the UK now own a


e-reader, but even if our habits are changing, it is far too early to


Well, one author who never had a problem selling books was Enid


Blyton. Her novels, including Noddy, the Famous Five and the


Secret Seven, have been in print since 1922. 90 years later, the


first ever major exhibition into a life and work is being held in


Newcastle. Colin Patterson has been to take a look.


This is the mystery of Enid Blyton and the very long wait, author of


the Famous Five and the Secret Seven, the number here is 45, that


is how many years it has taken from her death for there to be an


exhibition dedicated to her work. When she was alive and very active,


she tortured and held events and talk to children about how she


wrote, but from the 1960s through to the 1980s sea was less fashionable,


and with that distance of time, we can appreciate all she brought to


our literary heritage for children. Their mother is Enid Blyton, she


rattles of 6000 words a day... exhibition includes a typewriter,


the only unpublished full-length novel and areas dedicated to her


most famous stories. Climbing up the top branch of the tree, there you


are in some peculiar land! Oh, Noddy, look, do as I do! Despite


selling upwards of 5 million books, Enid Blyton has been heavily


criticised over the years. She has been called everything from a racist


to a sexist to a classist, and some of those things, when you are


looking at them from the perspective of 2013, might seem true, but you


have to remember that she was very much a woman of her time. She was


reflecting the values of the day. It seemed normal to most people.


exhibition does not shy away from these issues, but its main aim is


simply to celebrate the work of Enid Blyton and explain why her appeal


has pleased generations. She was a genius at writing the right story


for the right child at the right time at the right age. And it is


clear she is still attracting young fans. I have read quite a few, about


300. What have you liked so far? think the Secret Seven shared.


you? The Secret Seven shared.That is popular! What is going on in


here? While there is plenty of cake on show, one thing you will not find


is lashings of ginger beer. The truth is, she never wrote that


phrase in any of her books. Quite a few, 300! That is going


some, Alex Deakin has joined us for the weather. The sunshine has been


bringing us some cheer, is it going had a happy ending like Enid Blyton.


It is a bit of a thriller this weekend. It is spectacular at the


moment if you have got the sunshine, we started a touch below


freezing, but the May sunshine is pretty strong, and it is covering


the southern half of the UK. Further north, there is more cloud around,


and still very windy across the far north of Scotland. There will be


showery outbreaks of rain across northern England and North Wales,


and still one or two showers in northern Scotland with a wintry


flavour, some snow over the hills. A bright afternoon through central


Scotland and Northern Ireland, some sunny spells here. Even in northern


England and North Wales there will be some brightness. Across the far


south, we will hang on to the sunshine across East Anglia and the


southern counties of England and Wales with temperatures getting into


the midteens, in one or two places may be as high as 18. Temperatures


will fall again tonight, another chilly one, but more cloud across


southern areas means it will not be quite as cold here. However, a hint


of blue on the chart suggests, in rural areas of northern England and


Scotland, we will get down to freezing. So it will be a cold start


in the morning, but for the majority a sunny start. Maybe some folk


through the north, a cloudy day for Northern Ireland, patchy rain here,


turning right across northern Scotland with snow on the hills.


Another big changes the extreme south-east, more cloud for Kent, one


or two showers. For the heart of the country, with some sunshine,


temperatures easily into the midteens, 18 or 19 is possible. We


could hit 20 Friday where we get sunshine, which is most likely


across eastern areas. Further west, cooler, wetter, rain late in the day


for Northern Ireland, pushing into north-west England. That is from


this weather front, which is the first player for the weekend. It


pushes southwards during Friday night, it could still bring cloud


and patchy rain across south-eastern areas at first, but it should clear


away. More rain in north-west Scotland on Saturday, but most


places like dry and bright, maybe not quite as warm, but 15 Celsius is


possible. The long weekend has been giving us some headaches. This time


yesterday we were confident that places would be dry and bright, but


it looks like northern areas will be cooler with blustery showers. The


best of the dry and bright weather is further south. There's more on


been injured in the deadliest attack on the British military in


Afghanistan in more than a year after their vehicle was hit by a


roadside bomb. Bill Roache, Coronation Street's longest serving


actor, has been arrested on suspicion of rape. Still to come on