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The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.

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raped twice by the Coronation Street star William Roache at his home when


she was 15. The jury heard he was cold and calculated during the


attacks, in 1967. The woman says she told no one because she blamed


herself. She will have the latest from our correspondent in court. A


major police search is under way in Edinburgh for a three-year-old boy,


who has gone missing from his home. The Chief Constable of Greater


Manchester Police is to be prosecuted for safety breaches after


an unarmed man was shot dead in Cheshire. The pioneering surgery


that it has improved the sight of six patients, who would have


otherwise gone blind. I sat outside and looked at the night sky and saw


the stars for the first time in about ten or 15 years. Which was


quite something for me because I always liked looking at the night


sky. Another scorcher at the Australian Open as temperatures of


more than 43 degrees halt play. She will have to get used to calling you


Rodney. Are you going to get this meeting started? Me and Dave haven't


got all night. And Farewell to Trigger, Roger Lloyd-Pack, star of


Only Fools And Horses, has died of cancer at the age of 69.


Later on BBC London, David Cameron defence delaying a decision about


Heathrow expansion until after the general election. And the East


London primary, which has banned fruit juice. We find out why.


Good afternoon and welcome to the BBC News At One. A jury has been


hearing from a woman who says she was raped twice by the Coronation


Street star William Roache when she was 15. In video taped evidence


played to the court the woman, who is now 62, said there had been no


warning of what was about to happen and he had been cold and


calculating. Mr Roache, 81, denies five counts of indecent assault and


two counts of rape against five girls aged 16 and under. Our


correspondent Judith Moritz is outside the court for as now.


Yes, that is right and this morning the jury here in court room number


one has been listening to evidence about two rapes, which are said to


have happened nearly 50 years ago. The woman who says that William


Roache raped her back then didn't tell anyone at the time she says


because she blamed herself. She came forward to the police last year in


the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.


William Roache arrived at court for the third day of his trial knowing


that the jury would be hearing from the woman who says he raped her


twice. He walked into court with his daughter and two of his sons, who


sat in the public gallery watching the evidence. The actor began


playing Coronation Street's Ken Barlow in the soap's first episode


in 1960. Seven years later he is accused of raping the woman, who was


then a teenage girl. At the time William Roache owned properties in


the Lancashire town of Haslingden. The first rape is alleged to have


happened at his bungalow, the second is said to have been a few months


later at a cottage he owned nearby. Now aged 62, the woman whose


identity is protected appeared by video link. The court was shown tape


of an interview she did with police last year. Of the first rape, she


said, I can just remember thinking, God, I just want to get out of here.


I didn't know what to make of it. I was just so scared. The woman says


she didn't tell anyone, adding, I thought it must be my fault. I


didn't know why it had happened, I had gone round there in all


innocence. William Roache is also accused of indecently assaulting


four other women under the age of 16. He denies all the charges


against him. The woman also told the court that


her memory has been affected by a series of strokes and she described


William Roache as making her skin crawl, telling the court that she


had been particularly upset by an interview the actor did with Piers


Morgan in recent years about his love life. Her evidence is expected


to continue this afternoon before the defence go on to cross-examine


her. Judice, thank you very much. Police


have launched a major search for a three-year-old boy, who has gone


missing from his home in Edinburgh. Mikaeel Kular hasn't been seen since


he went to bed last night, when his family woke this morning they


couldn't find him. That speaks our correspondent Lorna Gordon in


Edinburgh. What are the police saying?


Mikaeel lives in this estate in the north of Edinburgh with his mother


and four siblings. All morning police have been conducting


door-to-door enquiries in this area. They want to find the little boy and


get him back to his family. Mikaeel Kular, three years old,


missing and now the focus of a big police search. The toddler was last


seen by his mother when she put him to bed around 9pm yesterday evening.


When she woke he had disappeared from his room and from the family


home. A police helicopter, sniffer dogs and a significant number of


officers are now looking for the young child. Temperatures were low


overnight and they are appealing for help in trying to find him. He's a


three-year-old boy who if he is wondering will be cold and hungry


and looking for shelter, no doubt. You might have crawled in somewhere


and fall asleep if he has been out wandering early this morning, so


have a look in your own areas, have a look in your garage is, your


outhouses, your common stair, any cupboards in the common stair,


anywhere a three-year-old could climb into to seek some shelter to


try and get warm. Mikaeel is said to be a friendly and playful young boy


and neighbours are shocked at his disappearance. The first thing my


wife said this morning, she said where do you start looking? It is


quite a scary thing, actually, you know. The three-year-old is of Asian


appearance. He could be wearing a beige jacket, blue jogging trousers


and brown shoes. Police are keeping an open mind as to what has happened


to him. They just want to get him home safe to his mother, who is said


to be distraught. Of course, police are also going to


be trying to work out how exactly he left his home. These are modern


flats with apparently good security. In the last few moments we've seen


police forensic officers enter this street and go round to the back of a


block of flats here. They'll be assisting with this investigation.


Lorna, thank you very much. The Chief Constable of Greater


Manchester Police has been prosecuted over the shooting dead of


an unarmed man. Sir Peter Fahy is being charged under the health and


saved the laws because of what prosecutors called serious


deficiencies in preparations for the operation in which Anthony Grainger


died in 2012. Our home affairs correspondent Matt Prodger is with


me now. Explain the background to this and just how serious this is


also Peter. Anthony Grainger was travelling in a car which was


stopped by officers from Greater Manchester Police who were


investigating a suspected armed robbery. He was shot in the chest


and as a result of that he died. Now the decision today by the


pro-prosecution service to prosecute Greater Manchester Police and in


particular Sir Peter Fahy is not on charges of murder or manslaughter


but in fact for alleged breaches of health and save the they say in


their statement it is alleged that an unnecessary exposure to risk was


caused by serious deficiency in the preparation of the police operation.


And in accordance with the health and safety law its senior officers


and in this case no more senior than the Chief Constable and self, who


face criminal liability. Now no charges will however be brought


against the firearms officers who shot dead Mr Granger. The CPS


decided that if that was to be a successful prosecution the jury


would have to believe his actions were unreasonable and unnecessary


and that that officer believed them to be so they didn't believe a jury


would find that to be the case. Now this is not without precedent. There


have been cases before where forces have been prosecuted, notably back


in 2007 the Metropolitan Police had to pay fines and costs in relation


to the shooting of John Charles to ministers at Jock -- at Stockwell


Tube station. The former US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has told the


BBC that cuts to Britain's armed forces could prevent it from being a


full partner with the US in future military operations. He said that


reductions in spending threatened to limit the UK's position in the world


but is this morning David Cameron insisted that Britain is still a


first-class player in defence. I don't agree with him. I think he's


got it wrong. We have the fourth largest defence budget anywhere in


the world. We are actually investing in future capabilities, so we're


building two new aircraft carriers, replacement for our Trident


submarines, type 45 destroyers, the new type of frigate will stop we've


got a massive investment programme of ?160 billion in our defence


industries, in our equipment. We are first-class player in terms of


defence and as long as I'm prime minister that is the way it will


stay. David Cameron speaking this morning. Let's speak to our defence


correspondent who is outside the Ministry of Defence. Explain what


the US Defence Secretary William Gates says we are lacking? He used


the example of no aircraft carrier. No aircraft carrier of the 10-year


is even though the Prime Minister pointed out two are being built and


one will be operational by the end of the decade but we don't have


maritime patrol aircraft after they scrapped the Nimrod. I think here at


the MoD there will be a mixture of first of all hurt, wounded pride,


because professional soldiers, sailors and airmen like to look


their American colleagues in the eye and say we are as good as you. I


think also though there will be a sense this is helpful to them


because remember they are arguing both the defence secretary and the


chief of the defence staff against further cuts. They will be able to


go to the Treasury to George Osborne and say look, this is what our


closest ally as saying. Whether it will work is another matter of


course. Jonathan Beale, thank you very


much. An 84-year-old man from Canada who was being held at an immigration


centre in the UK died in handcuffs after he was taken to hospital. He


was suffering from dementia. Prison inspectors say his was one of a


series of shocking cases at the privately run Harmondsworth


immigration removal Centre near Heathrow. Their report said that


management has created an environment in which a sense of


humanity had been lost. Here is our home affairs correspondent, Tom


Symonds. Harmondsworth immigration centre is


the place where people do UK Border Agency intends to remove from


Britain are detained. And that makes it a difficult place to manage. As


its troubled history demonstrates. In 2006 the centre was badly damaged


in disturbances. It had been improving but today's report says


it's in a state of drift. There are particular concerns about the times


when staff have to move vulnerable detailing these, using handcuffs in


what the report describes as, an excessive and an acceptable manner.


These men were so ill that one died shortly after his handcuffs were


removed. In one case last February, where a man who had arrived here


from Canada who was known to the institution to have Alzheimer's, who


was taken to hospital and died while still in handcuffs, in our view that


was inhumane and completely lacking in any proportionality. Doctors had


declared this so unwell he shouldn't have been detained at all. The


report, resulting from a surprise inspection, and blames a lack of


intelligent assessments of the risks hosed by detainees. There is no need


to dehumanise them in this way and even if you are taken into detention


remember, these are not criminals. You are entitled to a good quality


degree of health care and you are entitled to be treated like a human


being and that is not is what is happening. The private GEO group


which runs Harmondsworth says it only uses handcuffs when there's a


risk that a detainee might abscond but says managers have to use their


discretion to take difficult decisions and we've eschewed them


with additional guidance. The government says that this incident


is completely unjustified and must not be repeated. Labour wants the


government to review the contract it has for Harmondsworth. Ministers say


they are monitoring the performance of this place closely.


Britain's National Crime Agency says it has broken up and organised crime


group that was abusing children to order over the Internet. The NCA


says five people have gone to prison in the UK after using webcams to


direct the abuse of children in the Philippines. The agency says it has


identified more than 120 other British men suspected of being


involved by paying for the live streaming of sexual abuse. Angus


Crawford reports. A small house in a quiet road in


Northamptonshire. The heart of an international online paedophile


network. From here Timothy Ford directed the sexual abuse of


children thousands of miles away. What the National Crime Agency found


on his computer led police to this house in the Philippines were 12


children were rescued. One was just six years old. The NCA discovered


Ford offered other paedophiles the chance to watch the abuse to. Men


like Thomas Owen from Merseyside. Their conversations online show Ford


offering a win what he calls live shows. And that some of the children


in his words are really cute. We traced the house that was rated as


part of what the National Crime Agency called Operation Endeavour.


This was the first successful joint operation by police from the


Philippines, from Australia and from Britain. Policing the UK say there


will be more raids like this in the future. There are over 700 suspects


around the world, over 100 of which of that figure are here in the UK.


That shocking, isn't it? Very shocking and people need to


realise, let's call this what it is. This is not an Internet crime,


this is a crime which is facilitated by the Internet. This is child


sexual you is. Philippine police raid another house where girls were


forced to perform in front of computers. Despite these operations


there is criticism authorities are round -- around the world still not


doing enough. do we like all men? No, we don't. Last year researchers


from a Dutch charity posed online is a ten-year-old Filipino goal. They


used an avatar and called her sweetie. 20,000 men offered her


money to perform sex acts in front of a webcam. The man behind the


operation believes police should follow the charity's tactics. These


children are, will be scarred for life once the crime takes place so


obviously we are in favour of a more proactive approach which allows the


law enforcement intervene before the crime takes place. The children


abused by Ford are now safe but charities say tens of thousands of


others remain at risk. The top stories: The William Roache


trial has heard from the woman who alleges she was raped twice by the


Coronation Street star - at his home when she 15. Still to come: For


decades we've been causing ourselves problems by draining the uplands and


making it flood downstream. Now there's a new idea, working with


nature instead of against it. Later on BBC London. The NBA has landed -


players call for the capital to launch its own team as they prepare


for tonight's game at the O2. And an independent film about life in


Tooting has won international acclaim - we talk to its director.


For more than a decade Wayne Thompson had looked up into the


night sky but his sight was so bad he was unable to see the stars above


him. Now though, after pioneering work by surgeons in Oxford, he's one


of six patients whose sight has been improved by using gene therapy.


Their findings have now been published in the medical journal,


the Lancet. As our Science Correspondent Palab Ghosh reports,


doctors are hopeful the procedure could be used to treat age-related


blindness which affects 300,000 people in the UK and millions across


the world. Wayne Thompson has a rare genetic condition. He was told he


would lose his sight in ten years. He was among those who had a


pioneering gene therapy operation which BBC News reported two years


ago. It has improved his vision. I sat outside and looked up at the


night sky and saw stars for the first time in ten years. It was


quite something. Because of a faulty gene, it sells at the back of


Wayne's I have been dying. Doctors stopped these from dying by


injecting new working copies of the gene. They also believe that some of


the cells they thought were dead have been revitalised and have


improved his vision. The doctors have been amazed by how much the


vision has improved. They have shown that the gene therapy is safe and


effective, and believe it could be used to treat more common forms of


blindness. More common forms, such as age related blindness, which


affects millions of people worldwide, involves many genes so


will be more complex to cure. Patient groups leave it will be


possible. It is at an early stage but it does offer hope for


conditions with a genetic basis. It offers help for Blau coma. As the


process advances, there is hope it could be transferred across and


provide cures for those common illnesses. When he was first


diagnosed, doctors told Wayne he would not see his daughter grow up.


Following his gene therapy, he now hopes to see his grandchildren.


Three of the high street's big names say they've had an excellent


Christmas. Argos, Currys PC World and Primark all reported strong


sales with one boss saying their business took off "like a rocket"


once the sales had begun. Here's our business correspondent, Emma


Simpson. It has been a challenging few years for Currys PC World.


Christmas has been good with sales 5% higher than last year. The boss


told me that he found it more nerve wracking than usual. We kicked off


with this new American holiday, Thanksgiving, a huge promotional


period, and then we went into two or three weeks which were a bit


quieter, wondering when Christmas would start. It then took off like a


rocket. We had a massive Boxing Day with ?100,000 a minute going through


the tills. It was not that long ago that Dixons was believed to be


ending. Many customers are now browsing in the shops before


browsing online. Argos is also reinventing itself. Strong demand


for gaming consoles and tablets have helped deliver its strongest


Christmas period in a decade. Half of its sales were online with many


collecting in-store. Here is another retailer that has had a good


Christmas. How is Primark able to get the sales without being online?


Primark is an exception that proves the rule. Shoppers flock to Primark


and they like the style of Primark. The other issue is that they sell at


such low prices and it is not economic for them to sell online.


Online has been a central for the rest of the High Street. These last


few weeks have proved that customers want to shock in store and have the


convenience of browsing and buying on the Internet as well. More rain


is forecast across the UK over the next few days and The next few days


look like turning rainy again and there are still 19 flood warnings in


force across the UK. The recent spate of bad weather is estimated to


have cost insurers ?400 million. Now there are calls to invest more money


in schemes which protect properties close to a river by deliberately


flooding hilly areas upstream. Our Environment Analyst Roger Harrabin


has been to see how they work. Fallen trees block a scream in


Northumberland. -- a stream. They were pushed into the water to block


flooding. In heavy rain, the water spills over into surrounding


woodland, creating floods up here. For decades we have been causing


ourselves problems by draining the upper limbs and making it floods


downstream. Now there is a new idea, working with nature instead of


against it. Branches strewn across the wooden floor help to stop the


flow of water. On the open ground is another experiment. This leaky dam


catches water flowing off the fields and allows it to soak into the


ground, instead of swelling the river. We need to change our


thinking on how we deal with rivers. We have dealt with problems where it


has occurred but we should look upstream and how the water runs off


the land. In this pub they are drinking to the apparent success of


the flood prevention scheme. Life was fairly miserable. We had five


floods over two years and every time it's happened, people were knee deep


in water, carpets were soaked, it was dreadful. We needed an answer.


The flooding has stopped altogether and transform everything for


everybody here. Work has begun on another prevention scheme in


Yorkshire. Here they plan to force the river into a concrete pipe and


then capture the overflow with a steel wall covered in soil.


Engineers are frustrated that low-cost projects have struggled to


get funding. We know schemes like this work. Slowing down the flow


really does work. What we need is more of these schemes and we need to


be able to do it more quickly and in order to do that we need the


political commitment to make things happen. The government says it is


providing leadership on flooding but that land management is complicated


and needs to be done right. The extreme heat in Australia has been


taking its toll on players again today. Andy Murray's brother Jamie


had to be treated for heatstroke after winning his doubles match at


the Australian Open in Melbourne. Play had to be halted as


temperatures exceeded 43 degrees. Meanwhile Andy Murray has been on


court in the second round as Jon Donnison reports. Even the violent


thunderstorms over Melbourne failed to clear the air on court today.


Temperatures were in the 40s, leaving many players struggling and


unhappy. How was that? So hard! By early afternoon, for the first time


this week, officials announced matches would be suspended because


of the heat. On the two principal courts, the roots were closed and


the air conditioning was turned on. -- roof. The tournament's manager


defended the decision to allow players to play in the heat. Nobody


is saying it is comfortable to play under these conditions, but from my


perspective, we know that man is well adapted to exercising in the


heat. It is not just the players who are suffering. Fans have been doing


their best to keep cool. Someone just poured a bucket of water over


us. I got out of the plane yesterday and I felt like I was walking into a


sauna. Today it was several hours before the heat relented. Today has


been a day where the weather got the better of the tennis. It has been


frustrating for fans. Play was allowed to resume briefly after some


respite from the heat. It is still around about 100 Fahrenheit. As you


can see, the dark storm clouds have come, and play has been interrupted


again. The delays meant it was almost 10pm before Andy Murray began


his second round match. Andy Murray seemed to enjoy playing at a cooler


time of day, winning in straight sets. His brother Jamie is suffering


from heat stroke after his doubles match. The hot weather is set to


continue until Friday. The Only Fools and Horses star, Roger


Lloyd-Pack, has died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 69. In a career


that began in the 1960s, he'd also appeared in dozens of films and TV


shows including The Vicar Of Dibley. I think we are on a winner here.


Play it is nice and cool. As the hapless Trigger, his character was


one of the most essential characters on the show. Nobody has doubled with


live puppies before! -- juggled. Equally well loved was his portrayal


as a farmer in the long-running show The Vicar of Dibley. Christmas is


all about the baby Jesus, isn't it? I would warn you to be very careful


before you suggest juggling babies! An appearance in the fourth film of


the Harry Potter series brought him to a new generation of viewers. Mr


Potter has no choice. Although best known for his film and TV work, he


was a classically trained actor and during his career, he performed at


venues across the UK including London's Globe. He was politically


active and a prominent campaigner for causes he felt passionately


about. He was an entirely intelligent performer. Basil, are


you going to get this meeting started? Me and Dave have not got


all night. He loved making people laugh. Roger Lloyd-Pack, who has


died at the age of 69. Now I look at the weather. Good afternoon. So far


today it has been a lottery with the weather. A few breaks in the cloud


but the further west it is, the more disappointing. You can see the


shower clouds spiralling around in an anticlockwise direction towards


the West. Some breaks, the further east you are. Very wet and windy in


the north, perhaps severe gales across the northern isles. The


showers will push inland, although sheltered eastern areas should


escape any trouble. Seven degrees the overall high. A strong


south-westerly winds driving the showers across England and Wales,


some of them heavy. Further north, clearer skies and patchy frost and


fog. Maybe icy patches. Overnight lows, a little cooler in the North


West, but generally around five or seven degrees. The rain lingers in


the northern isles. A disappointingly wet day tomorrow.


Some patchy fog for Northern Ireland and Scotland. Some rumbles of


thunder as well. Showers across England and Wales will be heavy. You


can see, quite clearly, a rash of showers across Scotland's, England


and Wales. -- Scotland. The difference with Friday is that the


winds will become lighter in the afternoon and the showers will ease


in the West. The strongest of the winds will be in the Shetland


Isles. The showers may linger for much of the afternoon. If we look


down to the south west, you can see the greens and yellows, an


indication of what is to come. The low pressure is never too far away.


The rain drives up from the south, and it looks like it will be a wet


day in prospect on Saturday. The front eases off into the North Sea.


The latter stages of the weekend, perhaps showers here. On Saturday,


you will be very lucky if you escape the rain. All of us seeing some rain


at some point on Saturday. Sunday will be a slightly quieter day. A


case of sunny spells and scattered showers. Thank you. Now at half past


one a reminder of our top story... The William Roache trial has heard


from the woman who alleges she was raped twice at his home when she was


15. Still to come: Nominations for this