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No more easy money for mortgages, as strict new tests are introduced.


Applicants will face tougher questions on lifestyle and spending


habits as the regulatory body says it's trying to 'hardwire common


We'll consider what this means for the housing market.


Also this lunchtime, RBS scraps plans to offer bonuses


twice the size of a banker's salary after being told


As pro-Russian militias maintain their presence in Eastern Ukraine,


Kiev accuses Russia of wanting to start a Third World War.


The teenage dying from cancer who's fundraising efforts have now gone


And the Cambridges are on their way back from Australia after


Accused of breaking their deal, London Underground confirms all


And Nigel Farage describes comments by a UKIP council candidate


Good afternoon and welcome to the BBC News at One.


Should someone's lifestyle have any influence on


New, tougher rules are being introduced which include questions


The idea behind the changes is to stop a return to the kind of lending


that contributed to the banking crisis and economic slowdown.


However, brokers say the changes could lead to delays,


Here's our personal finance correspondent, Simon Gompertz.


By a home and it used to be that most people could get four times


their annual pay as a mortgage. Now that is all changing. Claire is one


of the first casualties of tougher questioning on what buyers can


afford to borrow. Malone has been cut by thousands after an


application process that has taken months. I had to take out a loan


from the bank while my mortgage application was going through. And


they discovered that and it threw a spanner in the works. It resulted in


less money, and delaying the process further, which was really


frustrating. The clamp-down from the financial regulator means that


lenders are asking how much you spend on childcare, transport and


holidays, but also on gambling, gems, toiletries and milk deliveries


and haircuts. He admits that that might be too intrusive. If they


lender decides to ask these questions, that is their judgement.


Our question is simple, can you afford a mortgage? And do not need


to know if you have not delivered. That sounds like a step too far. If


you are a buyer and the borrower, they will test whether you can stand


an increase in interest rates to 7%. More than double what most people


are paying. That will mean that fewer will get what they want and


some might get nothing at all. Mortgage interviews will be longer


and more gruelling, and it could have an impact on the housing


market. and more gruelling, and it could


have an This time of year, the housing market Willie gets going


after Easter. And we think that the new rules could very well dampen or


chill off the recovery, certainly in the next few months. But there is


already concerned about a price bubble and the aim is to make sure


that there is no repeat of the borrowing spree that ended with the


credit crunch. You said longer and more gruelling. Borrowers will want


to know what difference it will make to what they can borrow. I have


heard stories from borrowers who have been through one process and


then come back to the new, more gruelling process, and found that


they are being offered ?20,000 less. A significant sum. Mortgage


brokers are saying that often it is ten or 15% less than you would have


hoped. It is going to have an impact. We know that the prices of


homes are rising at any case. The consensus is that it will take some


of the froth out of the market. We have to make opposing forces, the


government trying to help the revival with a help to buy scheme,


and lenders under pressure. It could be that some people will need more


help to buy. Thank you. And if you want to know more about those


changes and see what they might mean for you, go to our website. You will


find all the details. Royal Bank


of Scotland has backed down over plans to pay bonuses double


the size of salaries, after being The bank, which is mostly owned


by the taxpayer, says it had wanted But it's been told the Treasury


would block the idea. Here's our chief economics


correspondent, Hugh Pym. Royal Bank of Scotland, the


taxpayer's controlling state, politics and bank bonuses. It is a


toxic mix, stirred up yet again. This time, the bank wanted to pay


bonuses up to a limit of twice the annual salary but the Chancellor has


blocked that, insisting on capping bonuses at the same level as wages.


The new team has done a huge amount to repair what went badly wrong but


there is more to go. We made it clear that under the circumstances


it was not right to increase the bonus cap. I'm glad that RBS have


agreed and I'm glad the total pay at RBS is coming down. RBS has noted


that its banking competitors will be seeking the option of paying staff


bonuses of up to twice annual salary. There is clearly


disappointment at the highest levels of the bank for what is seen as


last-minute intervention by the Treasury to block the preference of


the board to adopt that sort of bonus policy. In some quarters in


the city there is the fear that the performance of RBS could be affected


with the possibility of senior staff leaving to join rival banks. We need


to get the bank back on track. And with that, you need clever people.


And clever people need remunerated because we are in an international


environment. To draw a line through it like that is very short-sighted


and it is pandering to the public. Another bank with the taxpayers


stake, Lloyds, will be allowed to go up to the bonus limit. This was


because Lloyds made more progress with a recovery plan, say the


government. Labour argued that it shows that George Osborne is in a


muddle over bankers bonuses. All banks are still under scrutiny.


Demonstrators outside the Barclays AGM yesterday tried to highlight a


gulf between the pay of bankers and health workers. Some shareholders


voted against the Barclays bonus pay-outs. It is a long-running issue


that does not seem to be going away. Let's speak to our Business Editor,


Kamal Ahmed, who's in Cambridge, where he's been speaking to the


Chancellor, George Osborne. We heard a city voice saying it was


short-sighted. Why has the government force this on RBS? I


think this goes to the heart of who really runs RBS. Is it the board, is


it the executives, or is that the government? I think today we have


seen the answer. It is the government. I think today we have


seen the answer. It is the government. I've been here


interviewing the Chancellor about RBS. And he says that with the bank


still struggling, still not performing at the top of its game,


it would be inappropriate for the bank to pay bonuses. What is


interesting is that there is obviously a slight contradiction for


the government. They do not actually agree with the bonus cap. The


government is challenging it. But nevertheless, there are politics in


this. I think that the government feels that if they allowed the rises


of bonuses at RBS, they would have been called into account by Labour.


But forget, Ed Miliband raise this in Prime Minister's Questions and


said to David Cameron, are you going to allow the bonus cap to? I think


the government has decided, whatever the issue is about competition and


weakening RBS, that in political terms, allowing a rise would simply


have been impossible. The war of words over the crisis


in Ukraine deepened today. The Ukrainian prime minister accused


Russia of wanting to start world war three,


while President Putin gave more warnings of the consequences for


Ukraine, if the crisis continued. Earlier today,


there were reports that Russian troops moved to within a kilometre


of the border with eastern Ukraine. Here's our world affairs


correspondent, Nick Childs. Smoke billows over an eastern


Ukrainian airbase. This is unverified footage. There have been


reports of a military helicopter being hit by a rocket propelled


grenade. Whatever this is, it is likely to add to the new escalation


intention. An armed pro-Russian activist,


seemingly very much back in charge outside the eastern Ukrainian town


of sloppy and sky. One day after short lived Ukrainian army raids


raised the temperatures in the stand-off. The Americans are laying


the blame for images like these more squarely than ever at Russia's


daughter. This is a full throated effort to actively sabotage the


democratic process through gross external intimidation. Russia has


put its faith in distraction, deception and the stabilisation. For


seven days, Russia has refused to take a single concrete step in the


right direction. At the double matted war of words intensifies,


Russia's Foreign Minister has hit back with accusations of his own.


TRANSLATION: The West, and this is how it began, once to seize control


of the Ukraine because of its political ambitions, not the


interests of the Ukrainian people. Just what the Ukrainian military's


raids have achieved is unclear. It is certainly angered Moscow.


According to one report, they have ordered military manoeuvres within a


kilometre of the border. The move brunt of this from Arseniy


Yatsenyuk, the interim Prime Minister of Ukraine. TRANSLATION:


Attempts of Russian aggression on the border will... Russia already


wants to start the third world war, he said. With no apparent resolution


to the stand-off on the ground, does this bring a direct confrontation


between Ukraine and Russia closer? And if so, what will the


international followed? The 42 year old mother,


accused of murdering three of her children, has broken down in tears,


at her first court appearance. Tania Clarence was remanded


in custody, over the deaths of three year old twins, Ben


and Max, and four year old Olivia, who were found dead at the family


home in south London on Tuesday. Tributes left outside the family


home. This has been where attention has been focused since Tuesday


evening. This morning, the focus shifted a few miles away to


Wimbledon Magistrates' Court where their mother made her first


appearance, having been charged with the murder. Just before Tania


Clarence was lead into the dark, the public gallery was filled with


friends and family members, including a clearly emotional Gary


Clarence. He listened as his 42-year-old wife, dressed in black


and sobbing throughout, stated her name, address and date of birth. And


then it was put to her that she had murdered her children, Bolivia, Ben


and Max. Gary Clarence, seen here leaving court on the left, had been


in South Africa with the couple's 8-year-old daughter, when he was


told of the death of his children. He flew back yesterday along with


members of his family, also in court. They released a statement


saying that they have suffered an extreme tragedy and were under


tremendous pressure. The postmortem on the children is ongoing. All


three children suffered from spinal muscular atrophy, a condition which


can be life limiting. Tania Clarence has been remanded in custody and


will appear at the Old Bailey on the 29th of April.


An investigation is to be launched into whether government computers


were used to make offensive changes to the Wikipedia entry


Reports in the Liverpool Echo claim the updates


included changing the Liverpool anthem, 'You'll Never Walk Alone',


Our correspondent Dan Johnson is at the Hillsborough inquest


One can only guess what the reaction is there. A mixture of shock,


sadness and anger from the families arriving here to continue giving


statements to the inquest. One said it was like salt being thrown on the


wound. Was discussed when his comments were originally posted onto


Wikipedia. That was a certain amount of dismay that someone could have


done that on the day of the anniversary of the Hillsborough


disaster but there is disbelief this morning that the claims could have


been -- comments could have been posted from Westminster. It is not


clear how many people may have been involved but the Cabinet office has


said that it is investigating involved but the Cabinet office has


said that it this as a matter of urgency, treating it with the utmost


seriousness and making enquiries across departments. The families


want those responsible to be identified and dealt with. Thank


you. Our top story this lunchtime, new rules on mortgage lending are


about to come into force. Customers may be asked about their spending


habits before they get a loan. And still to come, a new role for an old


hack. Ryan Giggs speaks for the first time about taking over the


helm at Manchester United. It Rum BBC London, acting business three


years after being burned to the ground, this carpet store reopens.


And the crucial day for Chelsea if they want to stay in the running for


the Premier League title. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


have ended their visit to Australia by joining veterans


and serving military personnel to mark Anzac Day, Australia's national


day of remembrance. The family are now


on their way home to the UK. From Canberra,


our royal correspondent, In the darkness reading the hymn


sheets with torches, William and Catherine joined thousands of people


at the National War memorial to mark the 99th anniversary of the Anzac


landings. On Dawn at this day in 19 15,000 of troops landed in


Gallipoli. -- in 19 15,000 of troops. It was a disaster. In


Australia and New Zealand, it is the National Day of remembrance. They


talk for final duty for William and Catherine. Later in the day, they


returned to the war memorial and inspected the walls work families


placed poppies and laid a wreath in memories league memory of all


Australians who fought and died. The event is the moving conclusion to a


visit which otherwise has been full of fun and want. It was time to


depart and time for another parents by George. He has been the star of


the tour. He has only been seen briefly but has managed to outshine


his mother and father. In a statement, William and Catherine


said the visit had been an incredible experience and they had


been bowled over by the warmth they had been shown. Unsaid was anything


about the satisfaction that must be felt in Buckingham Palace about the


arrival on the world stage such a warm trio.


The Shadow Cabinet is meeting in Glasgow today,


with the debate over Scotland's independence high on the agenda.


Ed Milliband is arguing that workers on both sides of the border will be


People who voted for Labour in the past a very important part of this


referendum and I want to convince them and people across Scotland that


we can do it, that social justice can be delivered in a year's time by


a Labour Government and it is a better way forward for Scotland than


leaving the UK with all that entails in terms of a race to the bottom in


wages and things that matter to the people of Scotland.


Let's get more from our Scotland correspondent, Lorna Gordon.


Do you think it is a sign that the pro-unionist parties are losing


ground to the SNP? We have seen a narrowing in the polls, those who


say they would vote in favour of the union are still a majority, but


those in favour of independence have been gaining ground. I think it will


have focused the minds of politicians on all sides and


campaigners so in the last few weeks we saw the Prime Minister David


Cameron and Nick Clegg up in Aberdeen holding a cabinet meeting.


Today we have Ed Miliband and the Shadow Cabinet holding a meeting at


one of the Commonwealth Games arenas in Glasgow. It is no surprise he has


chosen this venue to launch this initiative on zero hours contracts,


saying if they win the next general election, Labour would tackle zero


hours contracts. I think Labour realise there is a group of


undecided voters who traditionally would vote Labour but have not made


their minds up about the referendum. The SNP government has spotted the


group and they are appealing. They say if you vote for independence,


you are not necessarily voting for the SNP, they would argue you voting


to get your Labour Party back. Alex Salmond has been responding in the


last few minutes to Ed Miliband's policy initiative today, saying


Scotland needs independence to introduce a living wage more widely


and deal with the abuse of zero hours contracts. When it comes to


workers' writes, both sides are trying to grab the common ground. It


is up to the voters and they will decide on the 18th of September.


President Obama has been speaking about the incredible heartache


of the relatives who lost family members aboard the South Korean


ferry that capsized and sank last week.


He said he was visiting the country at a time of great sorrow.


On the latest leg of his Asia Pacific tour, he's also been


speaking about imposing new sanctions on North Korea because of


From Seoul, Lucy Williamson sent this report.


President Obama's arrival called for all of the usual pomp and ceremony


and nuclear threats. New signals from North Korea it is preparing for


a fourth nuclear test underpinned by satellite photos showing fresh


activity. Threats will get North Korea nothing other than greater


isolation. We are united on the steps Pyongyang needs to take


including abandoning nuclear weapons and listed weapons programmes and


living up to their international obligations. -- and ballistic


weapons. The alliance is more popular than ever. 90% of South


Koreans support it. This is more than a military relationship where I


-- President Obama said it was about friends. These yellow ribbons are


sign of remembrance for more than 300 lives lost. The victims of last


week's ferry disaster still have not all been found. It would be fitting


for us to begin today by honouring the lost and missing. The leaders


began their meeting with a moment's silence. And a gift, a magnolia tree


from the White House garden for the high school at the centre of the


disaster. It was a symbol of beauty and renewal, President Obama said, a


reminder of the lives lost and the friendship America would always


provide. The teenager whose online campaign


to raise funds for a cancer charity went viral has


now raised more than ?2.25 million. Stephen Sutton has terminal cancer,


but his fight against the disease has touched


the hearts of thousands of people and led to the biggest-ever donation


to the Teenage Cancer Trust. It says it's been overwhelmed


by the response. Stephen Sutton's friends have seen


him fight his own is with courage and humour. The money raised in his


name is, they say, a fitting tribute to the man they know. It is


testament to his strength and determination over the last 15


months to make sure that his life has not been for nothing, whatever


he has done is to support people going through the same kind of


journey as him. On the face of it, he is playing it cool and he has not


done a lot, but inside, he will be really proud, considering that it


was only a year and a half ago that he was considering raising ?10,000.


Phenomenal is how he is said to have described it. On Tuesday, he said


goodbye to his supporters. He thought he was gone in his words, a


goner. But he was back online yesterday saying he was now in high


spirits. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, he wrote a wish list of 46


things he wanted to do. He crowd served in a dinghy, when skydiving,


played the drums front of 90,000 people at Wembley, hugged and


elephant and even got a tad too. And he decided to raise money for the


Teenage Cancer Trust. His million pound target was reached on


Wednesday. Now it stands at more than double that. His story has had


an incredible impact on us. We are a relatively small charity raising


about ?12 million a year. What he has done is changing the face of the


organisation in many ways and supporting the seven young people


everyday diagnosed with cancer now and in the future. The charity runs


more than 20 specialist units across the UK. A vital service for young


people with cancer. So many people will benefit from what he is doing.


You have always got to look for light the darkness. I think he is


great. I do not say it often because I am of these people who is quite


cringed out by these things, but he is an inspiration. The money will


mean more units, more nurses, more expert care for young people. That


will be his legacy. Ryan Giggs has promised to put


a smile back on the faces He's been speaking for the first


since taking over from David Moyes He told reporters it was a proud


moment to manage the club he's Let's cross to United's Carrington


training ground and our sports Yes, Ryan Giggs admitted it had been


a difficult week for Man United. He said he was shocked at David


Moyes's departure, although the club would not allow him to take


questions about the sacking. Ryan Giggs outlined how he hopes finally


to give the fans something to cheer about. He inspired Man United as a


player, now can he do it as a manager? Ryan Giggs taking training


this morning and hoping to restore smiles to a club in turmoil. He had


been a player coach and a David Moyes who on Tuesday paid the price


for the stodgy start and poor results. Old habits die hard. Ryan


Giggs was accidentally introduced to the media as David. David... After


his predecessor's failure, Ryan Giggs vowed to bring back the


feel-good factor. It is the proudest moment of my career. I will enjoy it


for the two and a half weeks that are mainly of the season. --


remaining of the season. I will bring back smiles to the faces of


the fans. He is the most tech rated player in the club's history but


acknowledged the season has been frustrating -- the most decorated. I


think he is management material, very strong minded. He is dedicated


to the game, that is why he has had such a fantastic career. He will get


the respect from the fans and players. Hopefully, he does get the


great response and the club do go on to win the last four games. After


the cautious style of the David Moyes Iraq, Ryan Giggs is promising


a crowd-pleasing return -- the Iraq of David Moyes. Our form has not


been great. I want to see goals and tackles and players taking players


on. I want to get the crowd up and I want the passion that should come


with being a Manchester United player. There is a sense of back to


the future. Ryan Giggs was helped out at training by Paul Scholes and


others. After such a bruising week, they returned to the glory days may


still be some way off. Interestingly, Ryan Giggs said he


has already been getting managerial tips from Sir Alex Ferguson. He is


only expected to be in charge for the last four matches of this


season. If he does well, he could be back as a Manchester United manager


in the future. For this next item, you need a head


for heights. They jumped from the tip of a tower in to buy from a


height of 828m. The two Frenchmen are based jumpers, fans of jumping


off tall structures. It was part of a world-record attempt at the


highest base jump and a successful one as you can see. If that was not


enough, they went back and did it all again. Rather than than me. --


rather then. Hideous. Now to the weather.


Extensive cloud. Looking at the rainfall, it was torrential earlier.


The red colours showing the torrential downpours. Impact in


places, particularly on the roads. It is moving north, heavy bursts of


rain. Potential for further impact. Disruption as possible. As the rain


continues to work North. BBC local radio should keep you up to date


with the travel situation. The rain is pushing north and there is plenty


more following along behind. It is not all doom and gloom. There is


brighter weather to be found, particularly out towards the West.


Cornwall doing well, as if temperature. Inland, thicker cloud


and showers. Rain more extensive. Heavy showers in the south-east is


often in. Thunder and lightning. Dreyer for a time in East Anglia. --


dry. Quite cold with the rain as well. The north-west of the UK,


Northern Ireland, western Scotland, doing quite well. For the East of


Scotland, grey and cold with the breeze continuing to come in from


the North Sea. The main batch of rain moves up to the north-west. It


will turn wet. Further showers at the eastern side of England this


evening. Then the next batch of rain comes up from the South West with a


brisk breeze. Temperatures should stay up at seven, eight or nine


degrees. Unsettled for the start of the weekend. Low pressure will


dominate. Quite a few hours bars. It will be quite breezy, particularly


in the south-west. -- isobars. A band of rain moving north across


England and Wales and Northern Ireland. Followed by a dry spell. A


few showers still. Main showers in the fast Southwest. Second part of


the weekend, the winds will gradually ease. Still quite breezy.


There will be showers around in England and Wales. Disappointing and


worked on the eastern side of Scotland. Better weather to be found


in Northern Ireland and the western side of Scotland. For many of us


this weekend, it will be quite blustery. Heavy showers around. Not


all doom and gloom. There should be dry and brighter spells as well. The


little bit of something for everyone over the weekend.


Now a reminder of our top story this lunchtime.


New rules on mortgage lending come into force at midnight.


Customers may be asked about their spending habits