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North Korea accuses Donald Trump of being bereft of reason after his


The regime says only absolute force can work on the US President as it


says it may fire four rockets towards the American


We'll be live from Guam in the western Pacific as we assess


Also this lunchtime: The latest NHS figures are released.


Waiting lists hit a ten-year high in England.


Other key targets, including urgent referral for cancer care,


After 18 people are convicted of abusing girls in Newcastle,


the former Director of Public Prosecutions says treat


Modern slavery and human trafficking is said to be far more prevalent


than previously thought, as the National Crime Agency reveals


there are tens of thousands of potential victims.


A second chance for gold - Botswanan athlete Isaac Makwala


will run in tonight's final of the World Athletics 200m


after running his heat alone, against the clock.


And coming up in the sport on BBC News: One major away


from a career grand slam, but Jordan Spieth insists he's not


feeling the pressure ahead of the USPGA Championship in North


Good afternoon and welcome to the BBC News at One.


North Korea has accused Donald Trump of being bereft of reason saying


only absolute force can work on him as it gave more details


about its threat to an American military base in the Western


The regime, which is reported to have developed the ability


to attach nuclear warheads to its missiles, says it's


considering firing four rockets towards the American


Our correspondent Yogita Limaye reports.


One more fierce message on North Korea's state TV.


This time, it's details of how it plans to attack Guam.


This US island in the Pacific Ocean is in Pyongyang's crosshairs.


North Korea says it plans to fire four missiles


It's home to tens of thousands of people.


Obviously for me, because I'm a father, it's really concerning.


I wish it didn't have to come to that.


I'm pretty confident that the US will protect us.


But in the war of words with North Korea, America's president


He boasted of his country's nuclear arsenal, matching the aggression


people have come to expect from Pyongyang.


What's different this time is that we're hearing very similar


rhetoric from the US president, so that's certainly ratcheted up


tension and perhaps gives Pyongyang a bit more justification to keep


So it will actually feed their anti-American propaganda.


But while Donald Trump's remarks might be provocative,


there are hopes that others in his government could help


tone down the message coming from America.


I would say this, that his Secretary of Defense


and National Security Adviser are universally respected.


There are some cool hands around him during this crisis


One country that's hoping to defuse this crisis soon is South Korea.


It's seen this kind of situation many times before, and while it's


working closely with the US to ramp up its defence programme,


Its National Security Council held a meeting to discuss the issue,


and it said it was keeping a channel for dialogue with North Korea open.


But the mood on the streets of Pyongyang was not conciliatory.


On Wednesday, a mass of people marched


No evidence here to suggest that things are going to cool down.


We can go live now to the Western Pacific


Our correspondent Rupert Wingfield Hayes is there.


Rupert, South Korea appealing for calm and yet no sign of it.


What's the view from those living in Guam?


Well, there are very mixed feelings here. We have been talking to locals


and tourists here today out on the beach is enjoying themselves. This


is peak season in Guam and there are tens of thousands of tourists from


Asia. The locals are fairly calm. They told us they have experienced


these threats before and they are upset and angry and do not like


being threatened like this, but they are confident in the US military.


They have anti-missile systems based on the island, so if North Korea did


fire at the islands, it has defences. But we had a different


message from Japanese tourists, many of whom are here with families. They


said they are nervous and friends and family in Japan have been


sending their messages asking them if they are OK. So there is


nervousness and tourists are starting to think about whether this


starting to think about whether this place is safe.


The number of people waiting for routine surgery in England


in June was the highest since December 2007.


NHS England said 3.83 million patients were


Other key targets were also missed, including urgent


I'm joined by our Health Editor, Hugh Pym.


This figure is an important gauge of how the NHS is performing. Waiting


lists for routine operations and surgery. The NHS is doing more than


it was, but that waiting list has been climbing and it was 3.83


million patients waiting for routine surgery and operations in the month


of June. NHS England says it could be even 4 million because not all


hospitals reported their figures. What about the key target of waiting


18 weeks and no more for a routine operation? In June the percentage


that was seeing was 90.3%. For cancer treatment, another very


important target for the NHS, 80.5% of people were waiting after an


urgent referral to be seen within 62 days. That is the target there.


Obviously a lot more were not in terms of the number above that. They


have missed the target of 85%. Can you put that into context in terms


of the background of these figures? It demonstrates the pressures on the


NHS. Key targets have been missed all year, and target in A as well.


It shows the stresses and strains on the NHS, dealing with more patients


every year and resources and finances in England not keeping up


with the patient demand growth. Many would say more money is needed,


others say the NHS needs to be more efficient. But certainly patients


are having to wait longer for these important treatment.


The former Director of Public Prosecutions,


Lord MacDonald, has said that the grooming of vulnerable


white girls by south Asian gangs needs to be recognised


Yesterday, 18 people, mainly of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin,


were convicted of abusing girls in Newcastle.


The force involved in the case, Northumbria Police, has been


defending its decision to pay a convicted paedophile ?10,000


for information during the course of that investigation.


Our home affairs correspondent Nick Beake reports.


The raids across Newcastle smashed a grooming gang that was


drugging and abusing young girls, one just 14 years old.


The victims were mostly white, the attackers mainly


British men from Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi heritage.


It's a story we've heard time and again,


Oxford, Rochdale, Cardiff to name a few.


Today, one former leading prosecutor condemned what he said had been


a reluctance to investigate Asian gangs who target vulnerable


white girls, and that a big change was needed.


I think some recognition that this is a problem in all communities


and across communities, and recognising it for what it is,


not pretending it's something else, recognising it for what it is,


It's thought more than 1,400 children in Rotherham were groomed


and abused by networks of predominantly Asian men.


The town's MP says a fear within the public sector


of being branded racist has allowed this to happen.


Sadly, I think there is political correctness going on.


People historically have been more concerned about not being seen to be


racist than they have been concerned about protecting children.


In the light of these latest Newcastle cases,


there are now calls for an inquiry into why groups of men


Some warn against stigmatising whole Asian communities.


Others insist that the problem needs to be tackled head-on.


there is a mindset that white girls are worthless,


that white girls can be used and abused and discarded


unlike their own daughters and sisters.


We in the British Pakistani community have to confront that.


Police forces say they have learned from their own failures


in tackling grooming gangs, but the Northumbria force has been


criticised for paying a child rapist for information to help secure


Yes, you might have got that evidence through other means,


but it could have taken a whole lot longer and that in itself would have


exposed vulnerable women and girls to an unacceptable level of risk.


Personally, that doesn't sit comfortably with me morally either.


Controversy over the race of sexual abuse gangs has


But these offenders in Newcastle, at least, are now facing


Modern slavery and human trafficking are far more widespread in the UK


than previously thought according to the National Crime Agency.


It says there are currently more than 300 policing operations ongoing


with cases affecting every large town and city in the country,


many involving the sale of very young girls.


Our home affairs correspondent Dominic Casciani is here.


The figures make for disturbing reading, Dominic.


It is one of the stories of crime in the modern world if you think about


it. There have been six months of intensive operations from the


National Crime Agency coordinating red across the country with global


police forces and international partners. The more it has looked,


the more it has found. Before today we had an estimate of about 10,000 -


13,000 hidden victims across the UK. But it says it is the tip of the


iceberg, it cannot count how many are out there. One third of known


victims are British, but people from all sorts of nationalities in the UK


are being forced to work across Great Britain against their will.


Each of them is most likely today to come across somebody. The director


of vulnerabilities says he is directed by what he has found. We


have seen people being moved across and into the country for the


purposes of being exploited and there was a case of a 12-year-old


girl for labour exploitation. We are seeing people as young as 13 and 14


being sexually exploited and being engaged in prostitution. This is a


growing problem to which we think there is a shared responsibility


across society in the United Kingdom to be addressed. The NCA said it has


stepped up efforts and is coordinating more operations, but


there have been questions as to whether this is too little too late.


The official anti-slavery commissioner raised questions last


night about the amount of effort that has been put into the problem


recently, saying too much intelligence has been lying dormant


on databases and not acted upon. The NCA in its defence has said there


has been a sea change in operational activity, but it says it needs to


hear from the public and once the warning signs at their people who


may be victims of this appalling crime.


The United States has expelled two Cuban diplomats amid suggestions


that mysterious technology was used to damage the hearing of US


US State Department officials believe covert sonic devices may


Cuba says it's investigating the claims.


Our correspondent Tom Burridge reports.


It was a moment when Cuba and America's relationship changed.


For decades, they were enemies, but the opening of America's embassy


in Havana two years ago set this island and its neighbouring


superpower on a new path, with some trade and travel


Now, news about bizarre events in that very building.


It's emerged that several US diplomats had to leave Cuba last


They had apparently suffered severe hearing loss.


One theory is that the diplomats were subjected to a device


which gave off low or high frequency sound which is inaudible


to the human ear - and that caused the damage.


The US State Department has given few concrete details.


They've reported some incidents, which have caused a variety


I'm not going to be able to give you a tonne of information


about this today, but I'll tell you what we do have


We don't have any definitive answers about the source or the cause


Since 2016 you don't know what this incident is?


What this requires is providing medical


Initially when they started reporting what I will just call


symptoms, it took time to figure out what it was, and this


But despite the uncertainty America expelled two Cuban diplomats


Via state television, the government categorically


denied any foul play against the US embassy.


Cuba said it was carrying out its own thorough investigation


and called on America to share information.


America is not overtly blaming Cuba, probably because so much


is still unclear, and the relatively constructive reaction from officials


in Havana at least shows how much the dynamic between these two


North Korea accuses Donald Trump of being bereft of reason


after his "fire and fury" nuclear threat - and says it


may fire four rockets towards the American


Coming up, I'm at the World Athletics Championships, where the


amazing story of one Botswana sprinter has captivated the world.


Coming up in sport: The English FA are planning to enter a British


women's team into the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, even if they


don't have the support of the other home nations -


who the FA say won't stand in their way.


More than 9000 people currently sleep on the streets -


and the number of people sleeping rough across England,


Scotland and Wales could jump by three-quarters


That's the warning from the homeless charity Crisis, which says


homelessness has increased significantly in the past five years


and will continue to do so unless long-term action is taken


Our correspondent Sima Kotecha reports.


Not having a place to call home - a reality for thousands,


a problem expected to get a lot worse.


Meet Alan, a former courier, now homeless.


That's why people drink a lot and are on drugs.


I don't blame them, because they can't live.


It's not difficult to find people like this here


in Leicester city centre, who tell us they have no choice


This man says he's been homeless for more than ten weeks and believes


that the main driver for homelessness is drugs


According to today's report, almost 160,000 households


were experiencing the worst form of homelessness in 2016.


That number includes more than 9000 people sleeping on the streets.


It's estimated that number will increase by 76%,


to 16,000, in the next decade, if there are no policy changes.


The report includes more than 68,000 households who are staying


with others on a short-term basis - so-called sofa surfing.


Charities are calling for urgent action.


We know that if we stopped the welfare changes,


the welfare cuts, that are going through the system


at the moment, if we stopped them now, that projected figure


of growing homelessness would be reduced by up to 7%.


If we substantially increased the number of new houses


Ministers say they are investing more than ?500 million


into solving the problem, and that building more affordable


Today's report is largely based on estimates.


There are questions around how the figures were calculated,


but few are disputing that homelessness is a real issue


Surveyors say falls in house prices in London are beginning


to spread across the country, with the South East of England,


East Anglia and parts of the North now affected.


Our personal finance correspondent Simon Gompertz is here.


What exactly are surveyors saying? It's often been the case there's


been this ripple effect, when prices have either gone down or up in


London, then that spreads across the United Kingdom. They seem to be


pointing to something like this happening at the moment. London


prices, they say, have stalled. That's not yet reflected in the


official registers, but surveyors have a more up-to-date view of


what's going on, and so London is stalling the last three months they


are saying other areas too, the south-east. The north, not the


north-west, but the North, and East Anglia. Against that, there are some


areas as well that are still going up quite strongly and amongst those


are Northern Ireland, West Midlands, south-west of England and Scotland


as well. So there are some reservations about this. One is that


prices have gone so high in London they are simply out of reach for


many people. That's not the same as the rest of the country. Also, if


there is an effect from Brexit uncertainty, I think people


generally think that's more marked in London and elsewhere. Any


predictions in terms of what could happen in the longer term? That's


the interesting thing about this surveyors' report because it's not


the exact data about house prices after the event, they are


forward-looking, what's happening to the house market. They are expecting


a similar effect over the next couple of months of stalling and


rippling out, but they've moderated their view over the next five years.


They are expecting increases still put of about 2.7% a year over the


next five years and that's the lowest that they've expected in the


history of doing this survey. So real moderation of their view of


what's happening to the housing market.


A widow has spoken of her "shock and horror", after a private GP -


who treated her late husband - admitted failings in the case.


Dr Peter Wheeler, who was Princess Diana's doctor,


has acknowledged he failed to properly monitor his


patient, by not arranging the recommended blood tests.


Our health correspondent, Jane Dreaper, has the details.


Stefanos Vavalidis died from liver failure after spending


the last eight months of his life in hospital.


His widow is suing the private GP who was the family's trusted doctor


over the prescribing of a drug Mr Vavalidis took for a skin


It was an insidious build-up of health problems, as a result


of the drip drip drip of each one of these prescriptions over


It's heartbreaking enough to lose your partner of 45 years,


but the complete shock and horror when we found out that it had


That last period of his life was horrifying, so we'd


like to prevent it from happening to other people.


Dr Peter Wheeler continues to practise at this private surgery,


which was declared safe when inspectors visited four years


ago, but he's since admitted in legal papers for this case


that there were no systems at the time for flagging up the need


for regular blood tests in cases like this, and that he failed


to properly monitor Mr Vavalidis and that had he done so,


his patient could have lived up to two years longer.


The lawyer working on the family's legal claim says it's one


Private health care does have certain advantages over the NHS.


It's more convenient, generally, and it's more comfortable,


Dr Wheeler states in legal papers that Mr Vavalidis would still have


died from liver failure because of his diabetes and obesity.


The doctor is under investigation by the General Medical Council.


Relatives of the Omagh bomb victims have announced that they are to sue


Next week will mark 19 years since the bombing by the Real IRA


Families of the victims have issued a writ against


It focuses on what happened afterwards and why no-one has been


successfully convicted in a criminal court.


A man who used a "quick sale" firm to sell his home claims he received


less than half of what the property was actually sold for.


Quick sale companies offer to buy your house quickly,


But Phillip Edwards says that when he sold his three bedroom house


in Hawarden in Flintshire, he received just ?68,000


He's one of four alleged victims of what's believed to be a house


sale scheme based in the Midlands - and police are investigating,


It's advertised as an easy, fast and hassle-free way


to sell your property, but some claim that using a quick


home sale company has ruined their lives.


How or why should they be able to get away with it?


Phillip Edwards sold his house through an organisation


called Speedy Property, after seeing a notice


It had belonged to his late parents and was the family


Mr Edwards expected to receive around ?100,000 for the sale


He was selling the house because he owed around ?60,000 to his ex-wife.


He wasn't clear how much the firm would deduct from the sale.


Mr Edwards expected to receive around ?100,000 for the sale


of his property, once payments had been deducted, but once


the sale was complete he received just over ?4000,


while two named companies received ?51,000 and ?45,000 each.


It's as if everything that my parents worked for,


and what I've worked for, you know, and at the end


It appears to be a large scale operation and West Midlands Police


have confirmed that they are investigating a number


Two of my three clients are suffering from cancer.


They've lost their life savings in these transactions.


Nigel Cole is pursuing negligence claims against one of the solicitor


firms which handled the sales on behalf of the victims.


He says they're all elderly, vulnerable, or in ill health.


All of them say exactly the same thing to me.


They don't know the name of these companies these large


It's only when they received the balance of the proceeds


of sale that they realised that they are missing


in one case ?99,000, another case, ?96,000,


Whilst there are genuine companies which offer quick home sale deals,


the warning is that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.


Take a bit more time to read through all the paperwork,


find out exactly what you're getting, get some expert


Go and see a solicitor you trust, not a solicitor that they recommend


to you, because if there's a scam they may well be in on it as well.


Mr Edwards is now hoping that the police and civil


investigation will see justice done, but some of the other clients


There are estimates up to four people a month were attracted


by the company's advertising and promises over a four year


period, and reports that Speedy Property were active


So the number of people affected may be much higher.


The Botswanan athlete, Isaac Makwala, has qualified


for the final of the World Athletics 200 metres - after running his heat


He was unable to take part in the heats on Monday night,


because the athletics authorities said he had the norovirus.


Our sports correspondent Natalie Pirks is at


It's been nothing if not eventful. More drama no doubt to come? Well,


the curious tale of Isaac Makwala really has captured the public's


imagination. On Monday was despondent at what he called


sabotage, but tonight he could have a gold medal in the 200 metres


final. It would be an astonishing turnaround in a World Championship


that's already seen its fair share of shocks.


One arm aloft, with the crowd cheering his name.


It's fair to say Isaac Makwala's day had gone from bad to brilliant.


12 hours of madness began with him heartbroken in his hotel room.


He told me he'd lost everything after being diagnosed


with norovirus that he claimed not to have and being forced


This was my time for taking a gold medal here.


But just hours later, he was out of quarantine


and boarding a bus to come to the stadium.


Athletics' governing body had agreed to allow him to race alone


against the clock in a bid to make the 200 metres semifinal.


As the rain poured, it was the strangest of sights,


COMMENTATOR: I think that is a message to the IAAF to say


Even rival Wayde van Niekerk was glad to have him back.


But there was no time to soak up the adulation.


Two hours later, he was back in the semis


What a performance from Isaac Makwala!


I wish to thank the IAAF for giving me another chance.


They gave me belief, the British crowd.


Tonight, he will face the likes of Van Niekerk,


and Britain's Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake, who also qualified


Those 200 metres that he performed last night were just staggering,


in horrendous conditions, it was cold, the rain was relentless.


And he's one of the favourites for the 200 metres as well,


What began with sickness and despair


could end with a World Championship medal.


Well, what else is around today? Britain's team captain Eilidh Doyle


will run in the 400 metres final. Katarina Johnson-Thompson is in the


heat of Hyderabad Laura Muir will hope to put the fourth place in the


1500 metres behind her in the heats of the 5000 metres. The Makwala


final tonight, all eyes will be on the triple jumper Christian Taylor,


especially those of Britain's Jonathan Edwards. Could his 27 year


world record be about to go? Taylor has come very close indeed. Natalie


Pirks, thank you. Better than yesterday, yesterday we


were on the verge of gathering the animals two by two on to no dark. In


the last 24 hours, it's been the most important thing it's been and


gone, because that's the cloud from yesterday. Today, almost gone. We


still have the remnants of yesterday's bad weather. We even had


a thunderstorm earlier on in Kent and still one or two showers around,


but for most of us today it's looking absolutely fine. A lovely


picture here from Leicestershire, scattered Fairweather cumulus


clouds. Here's a nice positive spin on the weather on Thursday, sunshine


for most of us. That's because these are little area of high pressure is


nosing into the UK, it will not last long, but today, is giving some of


that fine weather. The temperatures are probably a bit below. It's a


cool air mass coming in from the North Atlantic, so temperatures


typically in the teens. These are the pesky showers in the south-east.


You might catch a downpour. But for most of the country there is not an


awful lot to say. It's just a fine day. Notice that the clouds are


gathering and a bit of rain just of the North of our neighbourhood, this


is the next area of cloud and rain that will be approaching us and


winds will be freshening from the south-west. That will be reaching


Northern Ireland and West of Scotland tonight, but probably not


until around midnight. The rest of the UK tonight, so England under


way, is in for a dry night, around 12-13d. I mentioned the


high-pressure is only a cameo appearance because by the time we


get to Friday it's out of the way. Here's the next area of cloud and


rain that sweeping into the UK. Windy in the north-west around the


Western Isles, even gale force winds. Tomorrow, this time tomorrow,


it will start to cloud over, dribs and drabs of rain. Notice the East


Anglia and the south-east getting away with it, so tomorrow should be


mostly dry. Then Friday night into Saturday, that weather front pushes


through. It's in France and Germany and behind it we get another cameo


area of high pressure, briefly visiting us. But just in time for


the weekend, so mother nature is going to be kind this weekend. There


might be one or two little pesky showers across northern areas, but


on balance, it's fine. Again, the temperature is not quite where they


should be. We are talking about 17-18s, more of its September


temperature and we are statistically one of the hottest times of year.


Maybe reaching 21 in London, 16 in Glasgow, but the weekend is looking


fine. On BBC One we now join the BBC's


news teams where you are.