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The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.

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North Korea fires a missile over northern Japan.


The Japanese Prime Minister calls it an unprecedented threat.


The missile flew over Hokkaido Island before crashing into the sea.


The UN Security Council is to hold an emergency meeting.


450,000 people are in need of help in Texas


Forecasters say there will be more rain in the next few days.


An attempt to curb excessive salaries.


The government says listed companies will have to reveal the pay ratio


Police are investigating the death of a four-year-old boy


A multi-coloured show for the handover of


the Queensferry Crossing, the UK's tallest bridge.


Stunned in New York - Britain's Johanna Konta, one of the favourites


for US Open, is knocked out in the first round by the unseeded Serb,


Good afternoon and welcome to the BBC News at One.


North Korea has fired a missile over northern Japan,


in a move Japan's Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, described as


The Communist state has conducted a flurry of missile tests recently,


but this is the first time it has fired what is thought to be


a ballistic weapon over Japan - the missile landed in the Pacific.


The UN Security Council is due to hold an emergency meeting


President Trump said in the last hour all options or on the table.


The UN Security Council is due to hold an emergency meeting


Our correspondent, Yogita Limaye is in the South Korean capital, Seoul.


Thanks, over the past ten days, it seemed the rhetoric had abate the


after that tense war of words we say between Washington and Pyongyang.


What it's done today in North Korea shows it is clear there is no I


think tension of backing off the the missile launch is seen as serious


intentions herement A warning that a North


Korean missile has just This is what many in Japan woke up


to on Tuesday morning. A rocket launch from near Pyongyang


flew over the northern island of Hokkaido, before breaking


into parts and landing in the sea about a thousand


kilometres from the coast. The range is shorter than this


intercontinental missile North Korea tested in July,


but the latest launch more dangerous in many ways because it passed over


Japan and had the potential The country's Prime Minister


described it as an "outrageous act" It left the people


of his nation worried. TRANSLATION: I can't imagine


what would actually happen if anything from the missile falls


onto us and I'm scared. TRANSLATION: Despite sanctions


being imposed, North Korea keeps developing missiles and firing them


over and over again. Hours after the missile launch,


Japanese troops conducted drills Such joint exercises


with American forces are also They are preparations for an attack


from the North and Pyongyang often Here in South Korea,


President Moon Jae-in has ordered his military to display


overwhelming force It's a strong statement


from a leader who, for weeks, has advocated dialogue as a way out


of this crisis, but this time Pyongyang seems to have gone too far


and South Korea also wants Four South Korean fighter jets


staged live bombing drills, practising how they could attack


the North Korean leadership. An attempt to display military


might, but despite the strong tactics from both sides,


many believe that the Korean Peninsula is not


on the brink of war. Despite all of the rhetoric,


the bloodcurdling rhetoric that we hear, we have not seen


things such as the North Korea and South Korea


calling up reservists. Preparing logistics chains and


bringing resources into the region. But North Korea's missile tests


continue to provoke, despite sanctions and international


condemnation. The world seems to have run out


of ideas on how to stop them. We've had some word from North


Korea. Although he didn'tify the latest missile test, the country's


Ambassador to the UN Blaked the US saying it has pushed the Korean


peninsula and justified his country saying they are right in taking


tough counter terror measures. We've heard from China, a key player in


this region, that country too has partly blamed the US for what's


happened today. Thank you. Our correspondent Rupert


Wingfield-Hayes is in Tokyo. With heard Shinzo Abe describe this


as outrageous. What more reaction is there there? Rupert? Well, there's


been widespread consternation from the public, particularly people in


Northern Japan who woke up to this though morning. This is, as far as I


can tell, the first time in living memory an air raid sirens went off


in Japan for real and people have been told to find shelter. It is a


big shock for people in that area. People here, political analysts,


said this is political. It is still about politics. This is North Korean


brinkmanship. When you live underneath the missile threat as we


do here now, that's not much consolation. People in Japan people


very vulnerable. Because of that, the Japanese Government will have to


make a tough response. It will want to see the United States make a


tough response. The danger is whatever the north Koreans are


trying to signal, everybody now is going to feel compelled to act


tougher. Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, thank you in Tokyo.


Tropical Storm Harvey has turned roads into rivers


in America's fourth largest city, Houston in Texas.


and forecasters warn more is on the way.


It's estimated that 450,000 people will need help,


and 30,000 people are likely to require emergency shelter.


President Trump has promised swift action


Trying to paddle to safety in Texas. The floodwaters are expected to rise


further with reports elderly people, some in their nineties, are caught


up in it all. There's a lot of older people who have strayingled getting


out of their houses. A lot of people have come in with their boats and


saved them. I'm feeling a little tired. I'm glad to be here. I want


to go in and sit down, put my feet up and getting so to eat. We're


going to get something to eat. Thousands of people have been


rescued. At least nine are reported to have died in the Houston area.


The authorities have been explaining why they decided not to evacuate the


city. If 6.5 million people had gotten on our roads without a plan,


what happened the last time when people were evacuated from the city


of Houston? About 100 people lost their lives. Here's the gator moving


along. One woman recorded two alligators swimming in her back


garden. Not too far from just climbing on into the backyard and


getting right here to the patio. This school was turned into an


emergency shelter after Harvey became the more powerful hurricane


to hit Texas in over 50 years. President Trump will travel to Texas


to view things first-hand. It has now been described as a tropical


storm. It is an historic amount of water. There's never been anything


like it. The people are handling it amazingly well. The people much


Texas, as you know, have really persevered. In Houston, forecasts


suggest some areas in and around the city could see up to inches of rain


today, about 30 cms. In Dallas, a mega shelter's been prepared for


evacuees. Volunteers have been setting up camp beds and cots. You


have to go through something where you have lost everything in your


life and moved away from your home and go through that trauma, you just


need to be loved. It is heartbreaking to see the women and


children in such need. I wouldn't feel right to be sitting at home


when I can help. Estimates suggest the flooding could destroy up to $20


billion in insured properties making it one of the costliest storms in US


history. Our North America


Correspondent Laura Trevelyan What's happening there? Jane, I'm


speaking to you from the banks of Colorado River. We are not on the


coast of Texas, we are way inland. Look at the river behind me. It is


flooded to historic levels. In this small town of Smith ville homes have


been evacuated. There's a centre for evacuees. This is a micro cos much


of what's happening across the region. In Houston last night over


9,000 people had to sleep in the Convention Centre there because that


has been so hard hit. The storm now has gone out into the Gulf of


Mexico, but there is every possibility tomorrow it may take


another swing in the direction of Houston which has already endured so


much. All of this is over in Louisiana, the neighbouring state.


There are already evacuations underway. They're expecting 7-11


inches of rain. President Trump is coming to Texas to see the relief


operations. He's very aware of the importance to appear presidentsial


and unifying in this trauma here in Texas


Listed companies will, from next year,


have to reveal the pay ratio between bosses and workers.


It is part of a sear yes, sir of reforms to the way firms are run. It


has run into criticism from people who say there should be much


stronger measures to curb boardroom pay.


The Prime Minister has attacked excessive ex-tech tiff pay. The


reputation of business as a whole in recent years has been bruised. When


a minority of businesses and business figures appear to gain the


system and work to a different set of rules. I'm putting you on


warning, this can't go on anymore. A change has to come and this party is


going to make it. Last year, the chief executives of the 100 biggest


companies list in the London were paid an average of ?4.5 million, 12


9 times of the salary of an average British worker. A Chief Executive


can make a year's salary in less than three days. When boards are


setting pay and when they're disclosing pay, they shouldn't do it


just with an eye on pay in the board but they should look at pay across


the company and be prepared to set out publicly how they can justify


boardroom pay in the context of the pay the rest of the workforce get.


The proposals have been welcomed by the accountants who report company


figures to shareholders. Anything which will boost transparency around


this area and make people understand better how companies run and the say


different stakeholders can have and the potential for making a


difference is Vitaly important. But the reforms can be confusing.


Charlie Mayfield was recently paid just over ?1 million. 73 times the


ampling pay of non-management staff. The former US head of investment


bang Michael Sherwood was paid 45 times as much as the highly paid


employees who average over 45,000 each. The The problems with pay seem


to be with big companies and if you look at the historical performance


who perform the least. They have lobbying power to resist this stuff.


But the political impetus does seem to be growing for change. In today's


reforms, there's no sign of a previous promise of annual binding


votes by shareholders op director's pay. The pay gap between directors


and employees will become more obvious than ever. It is less


obvious how that gap might shrink. The President of the European


Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has said none of the Brexit position


papers published by the UK government are satisfactory,


and there is still an enormous amount to be settled before talks


about a trade deal can begin. His comments come during the latest


round of Brexit talks in Brussels. Our correspondent


Adam Fleming is there. What does this tell us about how


negotiations are going? Jane, yet more evidence, if more was needed,


there is frustration on both sides around this process. Presidents


Juncker, the boss of the European Commission, the organisation running


these talks on the EU's side has criticised the Government's homework


saying its position papers were not satisfactory which will rangle with


the civil servants who spent a year writing them. He said things will


stick to the EU timetable of settling Brexit-related issues first


before talking about trade and the future relationship which will annoy


David Davis who wants to do both at the same time. There are


disagreements about things on the table. On the rights of EU citizens


in the UK after Brexit, the EU wants them overseen by the British Court


of Justice. On the issue how much money the EU is owed by the UK, the


EU wants to talk about numbers and commitments, the UK will call into


question whether they are even allowed to be asked to pay any money


at all. That is where we are. Adam Fleming, thank you in Brussels.


A four-year-old boy has died after being found in a swimming pool


at an activity centre in Bideford, in north Devon.


What can you tell us? Police were called here yesterday afternoon,


bank holiday Monday about 3.00pm. This four-year-old boy had gone


missing. There was an extensive search of the site, including the


use of the force helicopter. At the end of that search, the little boy


was found in a swimming pool. He was taken to hospital but pronounced


dead at North Devon hospital. The police say they are treating his


death as unexplained. We've had a statement from the charity Devon


Narcotics Anonymous saying the little boy who drowned was with a


family who had come here with that group. Have come here every year for


the last few years. They say in a statement, something has gone


horrifically wrong this time. They say everybody on the camp joined


hands here in a circle last night to remember the little boy and to pray


for him and his family. In that statement, the group says one of the


activities they do is have supervised use of a swimming pool


with trained lifeguards. In the last few minutes, the owners of Knapp


House issued a statement expressing great sadness and sympathy. They say


the group had use of the pool on for recreational use and it was not


planned. Thank you. Jon Kay in North Devon.


President Trump says all options are on the table after North Korea


And still to come: Could there be a thrilling finish to the 2nd test


England's cricketers need to bowl the West Indies out today to win


Find out how Joe Root's side are getting on at Headingly


as the tourists chase 322 for victory.


The Queensferry Crossing was lit up last night in a special show,


to mark the formal handover of the new bridge to


It will open to traffic tomorrow, joining the Forth road


and rail bridges connecting Edinburgh and Fife.


Our Scotland Correspondent Lorna Gordon is there.


This is one of the busiest transport arteries in Scotland, people who use


the other bridges here or who live in the communities on this stretch


have watched with interest as the Queensferry Crossing has risen up


out of the waters of the fourth and up into the sky and now the UK's


tallest bridge is on the verge, finally, of opening.


Lighting up Scotland's latest bridge.


The Queensferry Crossing in the spotlight before opening


In its own right, it is a feat of design,


In its own right, it is absolutely amazing.


It is in every sense, in every way, an amazing achievement.


The scale of this construction is impressive.


It's the longest bridge of its kind in the world and this is a chance


for some of the many thousands who worked on it to


It's the end of a long journey but it's been a wonderful journey.


Stressful journey but the most rewarding job I've ever been


These guys have put a lot of work into this place.


In years to come, there will be grandchildren of mine saying,


There are now three bridges across this stretch of the Forth,


the legacy of the generations of workers who built them.


For some, the story of these crossings, stretching back


three centuries, is part of their family's history.


My great grandad worked on the Forth Rail Bridge, my grandad


worked on the Forth Road Bridge and I worked on the


Three bridges, three centuries, all special in their own way.


Definitely the Queensferry Crossing because it feels


After seeing it all come together, I'm fair away with it.


I am proud to have been working on the bridge.


Those who travel this busy route have had to contend with plenty


of roadworks as the new bridge has taken shape.


There have been miles of cones out there for a long time now,


while the bridge was under construction.


I'm sure people want to see what the bridge looks like.


We ask people to drive carefully, keep their eyes on the road.


For now, it's all about admiring the view.


Tomorrow, a chance for all to enjoy the journey across this latest


There is a lot of symbolism surrounding the Queensferry


Crossing, next Monday the Queen will officially open the new bridge


exactly 53 years after she opened the Forth road bridge, before that


51,000 people who won tickets in the public ballot will get to cross the


Queensferry Crossing in what is described as a once-in-a-lifetime


opportunity. Thank you very much.


Today was meant to see Waterloo station in London get back


to normal, after nearly a month of disruption because


But rush hour services on several lines into Britain's busiest railway


station were cancelled, amid signalling problems.


The head of Network Rail has apologised to passengers.


Our correspondent Dan Johnson reports.


The train now arriving at Waterloo is delayed and crowded.


And that's one of the better services.


Some passengers waited ages for trains that never arrived,


others got on board only to find they were being taken


They are getting used to this, after a miserable


But this morning was supposed to be different.


We've all been saying we were sure it would be overrunning.


So I had to get a train to Canning Street, walk


from Canning Street to Bank, get the tube from Bank to Waterloo


and now I am waiting for a train to Kingston.


Improvement is good but yeah, it's a bit annoying.


Network Rail's orange army took over Waterloo at the start of August,


under a huge project to extend the platform is so longer trains can


deliver more passengers through the country's busiest station.


But important safety checks on new signals took


longer than expected, hitting the post bank


The station is much quieter at this time of year which is why they do


the engineering over the summer, but still a departure board


which reads delayed, delayed, cancelled, delayed does not look


good for Network Rail after weeks of disruption.


So this morning they were here to say sorry.


We reopened the station following the most complex


and significant engineering project that has taken place at this station


There were some delays to the service this morning


and that's due to some overrunning work we were doing


on the signalling, but we hope to get a normal service back


the passengers by this afternoon's peak.


People will say this is a huge project, three and a half


weeks of disruption, how could it be allowed to overrun?


A project like this is extremely complicated and we have had


a thousand people working round-the-clock 24 hours a day seven


days a week for the last three and a half weeks to deliver it.


Problems could carry on here this afternoon and different engineering


projects mean some other London stations are closed this week.


Waterloo faces further upgrade work in the next few months.


Building a better railway isn't cheap and it's far from simple.


Dan Johnson, BBC News, at Waterloo station.


Despite the endless adverts and the annoying phone calls,


the Financial Conduct Authority says fewer than half of people


who were mis-sold payment protection insurance,


The regulator is launching its own advertising campaign


to encourage people to act, before the deadline


Our personal finance reporter Kevin Peachey has more.


Now the actor is the head of a campaign by the financial regulator.


Explaining that compensation claims will be terminated


After the 29th of August 2019 you will no longer be able


PPI was designed to cover loan repayments if policyholders fell


It was mis-sold to people like Eddie.


He fought a three-year battle to get his money back.


First offer that they gave was ?2.86, whereas the actual amount


they ended up paying me was a four figure sum.


I had an account with this bank from when I was a little kid,


I had my home insurance with them, I had my mortgage with them,


I had pretty much everything with them and obviously I don't have


that any more because there is a definite distrust between me


Eddie's were among the 64 million policies sold in the UK,


So far 12 million people have claimed a total


Banks have set aside more than ?37 billion to pay people back.


A lot of our work over the last few years has shown that this


was in fact mis-sold on an industrial scale.


So however those numbers go, we think there are millions


of people out there who are probably still owed thousands of pounds.


The two year deadline will encourage victims to make a claim,


which they can do themselves and for free.


But it also means more of these, text messages and calls from claims


management companies who will offer to do the paperwork but take a cut


Claims companies say without them many would not seek


Consumer groups want it to be easier to claim yourself.


Either way, with billions available in refunds,


it's still well short of what Arnie might call a total recall.


There could be a thrilling finish in store to the 2nd cricket test,


with England and the West Indies both chasing victory at Headingley.


West Indies began the day requiring 322 to win and level the series -


while England's bowlers needed 10 wickets on the final day.


From Headingley, here's Patrick Gearey.


At Headingley, they take their heroes seriously,


preserving forever the heads and headlines of famous


but would this be the day Leeds saw a Lancastrian make history?


The only thing dull about this Test match has been this morning 's


weather but poor Jimmy Anderson these conditions are perfect as he


looks to become just the sixth bowler to take 500 Test wickets.


Anderson does some of his best work in the murk.


It allows him to move the ball, to deceive the batsmen,


His bowling partner, Stuart Broad, should have


Few expected the West Indies to bat with the care


Their opening pair got through a hazardous first half-hour,


but as the clock struck 12, Broad struck first.


Getting out is never fun, but it is rarely so frustrating


As bowler Broad tried to catch Brathwaite,


he inadvertently deflected the ball to the stumps, condemning Kyle.


This West Indies team had been proving people wrong all Test long.


A match that has held the attention through nearly four and half


engrossing days continues to offer something for everyone.


Strictly Come Dancing's Class of 2017 lined up at a glitzy red


carpet event last night in which new head judge


Shirley Ballas also made her first appearance.


Bruno Tonioli paid tribute to the show's host for many years,


Sir Bruce Forsyth, who died 10 days ago.


Our entertainment correspondent Lizo Mzimba reports.


Glitterballs and glamour, sequins and sparkles.


This year's new celebrities together for Strictly.


They have been busy rehearsing for their launch show,


the first to be broadcast since the death


There will of course be a special tribute.


He is part our lives, he is part of this country.


As in previous series, the programme will be aiming


to deliver entertainment, and perhaps even the odd surprise.


Richard, we saw you come down that red carpet.


I'm not sure if they will be good for anyone.


But I'm releasing them, they are bubbling like a volcano


Debbie, you've loved Strictly as a viewer.


How do you think you'll enjoy it as a contestant?


I don't think there's any other way to do it.


Has your Saturdays band-mate Frankie, who of course did the show,


Frankie has been so excited about me doing this.


She hasn't actually given me any advice yet but I will definitely be


on the phone being like, Frankie, tell me any tips you can!


You are the first contestant to be in the show with


How do you feel about being a bit of a trailblazer?


It shows the way that the show and life in general is going.


This country, this world, we need more inclusion,


As well as new contestants, there is also a new head judge.


Shirley Ballas taking over from Len Goodman.


I don't feel too much pressure because I feel I have a good


So they've been taking care of me today.


I don't feel any pressure at the moment, but we


Next month's launch show will give the public their first chance to see


It will also be an opportunity for the programme and the viewers


to remember Sir Bruce, a man who helped make Strictly one


I feel nervous just watching that. Let's move on.


Absolutely, wanted to give a perspective of how much rainfall has


fallen in Texas, historic rainfall, about over a metre, they could get


another 0.4 of the meter and if that happens it is two and a half to


three times what London gets in a year. And that has come in just a


few days. The red symbol is the centre of the storm, that is what


drives the weather system so dreadful conditions continuing. A


bit of blue skies and cloud across the UK, hit and miss but a lot more


cloudy compared to what we had yesterday. Yesterday was the warmest


late August bank holiday Monday in decades. Today the temperature has


already dropped in many areas, quite a lot of cloud, we are in the


mid-20s, quite far north yesterday, today down to 17 but retaining some


of the heat in the south-east, could be up to around 26, 27, 28, warm in


the far south-east. Could be a crack of thunder, chance of a bit of rain,


but for most of us it's a relatively clear night, quite fresh and


steadily turning fresher in the south as well. Different day


tomorrow, tomorrow across the southern half of the UK there will


be even more cloud and a greater chance of catching rain, could be


heavy rain for a time but some of it is moving to the East. I think


overall it's the south-east tomorrow which will get the biggest cloud and


the more persistent rain, this is what it looks like around 4pm. East


Anglia, London, central southern England getting rainfall.


Temperatures in the teams for most of us but West are now Northern


areas it's a different stories. 17 in Belfast, 15 in Glasgow, still


quite fresh but at least you have sunshine but occasionally there will


be some showers around. That rain in the south-east will continue into


the evening but you get a sense the weather front is moving out of the


scene as well so the weather will be improving into Thursday and Thursday


and Friday it's a mixture of sun and showers and as we head into the


weekend the good news is the weather is looking a bit better.


That's all from the BBC News at One, so it's goodbye from me -


and on BBC One we now join the BBC's news teams where you are.