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I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear.


The office of President of the United States.


Donald Trump takes his oath of office and is now the 45th


Hundreds of thousands of people gathered to watch the ceremony


in which Mr Trump vowed to create a new America.


From this day forward, it's going to be only America first.


Among Mr Trump's supporters gathered to watch,


it was a day that signalled a real change.


We are here to support our president. We are so happy he has


been elected and we are looking forward to what the future brings,


that he brings to the economy and bringing jobs back to America.


But, a few blocks away, anti-Trump protestors smashed windows.


Others made their point more peacefully.


We are just letting Trump and his supporters know


another world is possible and we will defend our rights


as women and we don't support his agenda.


The end of an era - Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle,


fly out of Washington for the last time.


The celebrations in Washington for the new President


Found alive - ten survivors of the Italian avalanche,


Dan Evans' winning run at the Australian Open continues.


The British player is into the fourth round at a Grand Slam


Good evening and welcome to the BBC News at Six.


Donald Trump is now the President of the United States.


In a day of carefully choreographed ceremony,


he was sworn in on Capitol Hill an hour ago in front of hundreds


of thousands of people gathered to witness a moment many Americans


In his inauguration speech, he pledged to put America first,


to protect American families, jobs and borders.


There were some protests and, just a few blocks


away from the ceremony, shops and car windows were smashed.


In the last half hour, the Obamas left Washington


for the last time on board an official helicopter.


Our North America correspondent Nick Bryant is in Washington


and takes us through the day's events so far.


The day dawns, the Page turns and so begins a new and unexpected chapter


in the epic story of America. This famed house has been the home of


Lincoln, Roosevelt, Jefferson and Kennedy, but few predicted Donald


Trump would ever become its tenant. America's capital built up with his


supporters, the forgotten people, he called them, voters who believe


Washington is broken and needs a businessman, a political outsider to


fix it. It means a lot for history and our country. To expect a


president to see a new time. Something to experience. Rarely has


a winning candidate been celebrated. Opponents view him as racist,


sexist, a hot-headed demagogue. 3 million other Americans voted for


artillery, and she won the presidency and she should be our


next president, and I think a lot of voters are upset with the person


coming into office and what he represents. -- they voted for


Hillary. Much of the capital was in lockdown, a modern-day fortress. The


billionaire began his day in a house of prayer, accompanied by his wife,


daughters and sons, America's new family firm. As President-elect


Trump was in church, contemplative moments for Barack Obama, as he


vacated the Oval Office, leaving behind a letter for his successor on


the desk. Then he made his way to the most prized real estate in the


land, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. How are you? Never has there been such a


difference in personality and policy between an outgoing and incoming


president, but America prides itself on the peaceful transfer of power,


and what could be more civil than coffee and a chat at the White


House? Barack Obama claimed throughout the campaign that Barack


Obama was unfit to be president, but this is the people's house and, in


the states that mattered, the voters decided otherwise. These protesters


were determined to make it a violent transfer of power, smashing windows


in downtown Washington. Not far from the parade route. But they couldn't


impede the final stretch of the most improbable journey in modern-day


American history, as a billionaire businessman who has never held


elected office travelled down Pennsylvania Avenue for his


swearing-in on Capitol Hill. Already there was Hillary Clinton, who had


hoped this day would be hers but, even though she got more votes, she


was there as a spectator, watching what must have been the most painful


of pageants. The really big name stars have stayed away, so to more


than 50 Democratic lawmakers who boycotted the ceremony, and the


crowds on the national mall were much smaller than those that greeted


Barack Obama eight years ago. Hail to the chief rang out for Barack


Obama won last time, as he entered the final minutes of his eight-year


presidency, and one sensed a feeling of demob happy miss, even though


this wasn't the way you want it to end his presidency. -- he wanted to


end his presidency. Then came the entrance of the man now taking


centre stage. His inaugural show, ushering in a very different


reality. He read from a script written by


America's founding fathers, the presidential oath of office. I


Donald John Trump do solemnly swear. That I will faithfully execute. That


I will faithfully execute. The office of president of the United


States. The office of president of the United States. And will do the


best of my ability. And will do the best of my ability. Preserve,


protect and defend. Preserved, object and defend. The Constitution


of the United States. The Constitution of the United States.


So thank me God. Words that made him president Donald Trump. The guns


saluted America's new commander-in-chief, the man now in


charge of the world's most feared military and also the US nuclear


Arsenal. Donald Trump was written off as a joke when he first


announced his candidacy for the White House, but now he has become


America's 45th president, and they will be talking about this moment


the centuries to come. Then came his inaugural address, a speech which


sets the tone for a presidency, a speech in which he intended to


define the Trump Iraq. Today we are not merely transferring power from


one administration to another or from one party to another, but we


are transferring power from Washington, DC and giving it back to


you, the people. Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our


inner cities, rusted out factories, scattered like tombstones across the


landscape of our nation, an education system flush with cash but


which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge,


and the crime, and the gangs, and the drugs that have stolen too many


lives and robbed our country so much unrealised potential. This American


carnage stops right here and stops right now. He had written a fiercely


nationalistic speech, echoing his campaign rhetoric about putting


America first. We assembled here today are issuing a new decree to be


heard in every city, in every foreign capital and in every hole of


power. From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From


this day forward, it's going to be only America first, America first.


And then is the Mali, the slogan that helped him to win the


presidency. -- is finale. We will make America stronger again, we will


make America a wealthy again, we will make America proud again, will


make America safe again and, yes, together, we will make America great


again. Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America. Thank you. And


then it was time for the former president to leave time, mindful no


doubt that Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress will


try to demolish some of his signature achievements, but powerful


now to stop them. -- powerless. The ground has shifted dramatically in


Washington and reverberations will be felt across America and around


the world. The country is now run by the most unconventional and


unpredictable of modern American presidents. The day that many hoped


for, the day that many feared has now come.


Thousands of Trump supporters have travelled from across America


But there have also been some demonstrations and violence


in the streets, with protestors voicing their anger


Our correspondent James Cook has been with the crowds


on the mall throughout the day and sent this report.


In the darkness of a winter morning, the people are on the march. They


have come to their nation's capital in the heart of winter, determined


to renew their country, to restore their republic to its glory days,


and the man for that job, they insist, is Donald J Trump. I think


it's going to bring a new era of hope and prosperity. Why did you


come out so early? Wanted to make sure we got towards the front of the


line and got in, because there are tonnes of bebop era. We opted to


support our president. We are so happy he has been elected we are


looking forward to the future brings, that he brings to our


economy. Donald Trump's supporters have been here for hours, to cheer


on a man they regard as a political revolutionary, but his opponents are


here, too, with a very different message. Donald Trump has got to go!


Before President Trump even started his new job, his approval ratings


were stunningly low. Opinion polls suggest lots of Americans don't just


oppose them, they despise him. What do we do? Stand up and fight back!


In particular, these protesters fear that Mr Trump will deport immigrants


en masse and will single out Mexicans and Muslims for treatment.


He also accused the new commander-in-chief of sexism, even


of sexual assault, which he has denied. I believe that Donald Trump


is not normal, that he is a threat to democracy, that he is an eminent


threat to our republic and at least to our civil discourse and the civil


norms we have grown accustomed to. I am here today because I think it's


important that the American people come out and show that we don't


support Trump's inauguration as president and we don't support


America's descent into fascism. I'm here to show my descent and I will


continue to engage in that for the next four years. It is a bunch of


bull. But why? He is a racist and against free speech. From debate to


division two disturbances on the streets. As President Trump was


sworn in, the seething anger at his election boiled over. A country both


hopeful and despairing, joyous and bitter. In short, two countries.


Joining me is Jon Sopel, our North America Editor.


Jon, President Trump's inaugural speech aimed


But is it America first or America alone?


I think the thing I have learnt about covering Donald Trump in the


last 18 months as he is difficult to pigeonhole. On the one hand it


sounded like a completely isolationist America speech that he


delivered. I think it is better in terms of economic nationalism. He


wants people to buy American and higher American and American jobs.


But for many decades America has enriched foreign industries,


defended foreign borders and not our own, you can see the focus is on


foreign countries having to stump up more and America will not subsidise


them and he will try to rewrite the rules on trade. I should imagine in


governments around the world they know what the drift of policy is


going to be, they will try to work out what that will mean in practice,


but make no mistake, Donald Trump wants action and action now and he


wants the focus to be just about the American people and if the rest of


the world, if they are disappointed by that, that is the way it is going


to be. You have been watching events on this day on this most unusual


handover of power, what have your impressions being? The thing that


has struck me is, yes, it is ceremonial and there is pageantry,


but it is also personal. I wonder what Hillary Clinton was thinking as


she had to smile benignly on the podium a few metres away thinking,


it could have been me. Barack Obama seemed to be walking more likely,


smiling, as if the burden of office had been lifted. You look to Donald


Trump and you think, goodness me, he has the future of the world on his


shoulders and that weight seems to be bearing heavily.


The eyes of the world are on Washington today


as thoughts turn to the kind of President Donald Trump will be.


His controversial statements on Russia, Nato, China


and the Middle East have already made waves.


And there have been hints that the UK may benefit


from a swift trade deal with the new administration.


Our Diplomatic Correspondent James Robbins assesses the likely global


The world really is watching. Billions of people sharing the


ceremonial transfer of power, perhaps the most astonishing in


history, across every continent people trying to figure out what it


could mean for them. Everywhere Donald Trump polarises opinion. In


Britain protesters have been out in several cities. The Brexit vote


first divided the country, then increased Donald Trump's belief he


could win. Republicans abroad are holding a party in London. They


acknowledge he drew strength from Britain's radical decision to


overturn the status quo. The Prime Minister is selling her vision of


Brexit this week expects to meet President Trump soon. An anti-EU


president seems willing to do an early trade deal with Britain, but


that is isolationism also threaten Britain's wider global interest. In


public today the Chancellor sounded upbeat. We have a deep and enduring


relationship between the UK and the US and because it is so deep and


complex it will prosper and I am quite confident of that in the


future. But Britain certainly does not share the Trump view of Russia,


particularly if the new president does actively favour a bloody mere


Putin over Nato and the EU. Ukraine is a real test. Does Mr Putin feel


his intervention there will now cost him less in future, that Donald


Trump could soft-pedal on sanctions, favouring partnership rather than


punishment? And what about Syria? Barack Obama allowed Russia to take


control there. The new president could step back still further from


the Middle East. TRANSLATION: Russia and President Putin has repeatedly


said he is ready to move the dialogue to Washington into


constructive dialogue. Donald Trump's deal-making will really be


put to the test over international trade, especially with China. Trump


the candidate demonised China as the destroyer of American jobs. Will he


now risk a trade war of escalating tariffs with China, or will Trump as


president be more conciliatory across our range of issues?


International affairs are messy and complex. I suspect if Trump clings


to that I win and you lose kind of mentality, that will cause problems.


So, on this inauguration day, if global anxiety could be measured,


would it be off the scale right now? The new president has it in his


power to soothe his opponents' worst fears, but can he do that without


betraying his supporters' best hopes?


After almost two days buried under snow and rubble,


ten people have been found alive, including two young girls,


inside a hotel hit by an avalanche in central Italy.


At least twenty-five staff and guests are still missing.


From central Italy, James Reynolds reports.


This is what it feels like to come back to life.


Firefighters pulled Gianfilipo Parete from the depths


Rescuers keep on working and they bring out his mother, Adriana.


She is strong enough to walk on her own.


Her daughter, Ludovica, is still inside, she is


The children's father escaped the avalanche and raised the alarm.


His family and others sheltered under a collapsed ceiling for 40


In a nearby village, news of the rescue breaks.


She works at the hotel, but wasn't there when the avalanche hit.


It is overwhelming to hear finally that there are survivors.


On the same street these people embrace.


This region has suffered four earthquakes in five months.


The rescue has given new momentum to the relief effort.


Rescuers know now that they are searching in the right


place and they will carry on until everyone is found.


James Reynolds, BBC News, central Italy.


Hundreds of victims of abuse in children's homes


in Northern Ireland should receive an apology and compensation, that's


It discovered examples of abuse dating back to the 1920's in homes


run both by churches and the government as


Church, State and charities were given the responsibility


of looking after vulnerable children, But Northern Ireland's


of looking after vulnerable children, but Northern Ireland's


historical institutional abuse enquiry found failing after failing


that allowed abuse in a number of children's homes and other places


We therefore recommend to the Northern Ireland executive


and those who are responsible that each of the institutions


where we found systemic failings should make a public apology.


The inquiry examined 22 institutions where physical


and sexual abuse was ignored, as well as the crimes


of individuals, like Father Brendan Smith,


who raped or indecently assaulted dozens, if not


Some had waited decades for recognition of how


their childhoods had been lost and the inquiry called for them


Money is not going to solve our hurt and our pain, but it will help us


The recommendations in this lengthy report will be passed


onto the Northern Ireland executive at Stormont, but because of


the recent collapse of that power-sharingg government


the recent collapse of that power-sharing government


there is some concern that on issues like compensation


However, what happened inside institutions has now been


recognised and time has not lessened the impact of that abuse.


A group of doctors say they've transformed the diagnosis


of prostate cancer by using MRI scans instead of invasive biopsies.


The scans mean they've been able to treat nearly double the number


93% of cancers were detected by MRI scans, as opposed


Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer


in men in the UK as our Health Correspondent


Ken Huntson wants to talk to as many people as possible.


Ten years ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.


In the pub, on the buses, in the street, I heard many horror


stories of people who refused to go and get themselves


To me it is absolutely important that you do it.


Getting checked out saves lives, but the way tests are carried


Usually a biopsy is performed and the needle is inserted


into the prostate and samples of tissue are removed for analysis.


In some cases this method can miss a cancer, fail to spot


whether it is aggressive and cause side effects.


Advances in MRI technology means scanning is much more accurate.


We can diagnose cancers that are currently being missed


by this very inaccurate, standard transrectal biopsy test,


by this very inaccurate, standard, transrectal biopsy test,


and find important cancers early and treat them early and I think


we could see a significant impact on long-term survival.


MRI scanning could be a solution for thousands of men,


A shortage of machines and radiologists to meet demand.


So whilst there is hope, there are challenges in how widely


Let's take a look at the weather. I promise we did not coordinate our


outfits beforehand! No! It has been a beautiful day in


the UK. This is not far from the Snowdonia hails. But although the


sunshine has been more abundant today, there have been areas stuck


under the clouds still. This is southern Scotland, East Lothian. But


the cloud is creeping northwards. Hopefully they will enjoy more


sunshine here tomorrow. The high pressure is with us and it will be a


very settled we kind of weather. Drive for most of us, but colder


than it has been this week. It is -4 -5 quite widely overnight.


Potentially freezing fog for Scotland, Northern Ireland and


eastern England. There will be subtle changes through the day


tomorrow, but for most of us it is dry with a good deal of sunshine.


Hopefully more for Sellers Gotland and Northern Ireland. Also western


parts of northern England. In the east there is more cloud with a weak


weather front nearby with a few drops of rain and even a little bit


of snow, but nothing to worry about. It will still be bright, but not


warm, only 3-5d. Another really cold start on Sunday morning with a bit


of patchy, freezing fog around. Sunday looks like the cloudy day of


the two and there could still be a few light showers around, but


essentially it will stay dry for much of the weekend and into the


start of next week as well. It will be called with widespread frost.


It will be called with widespread frost.


Well, in a moment on BBC One it will be time for the news


where you are, but before we go, we'll leave you with some of the


sights and sounds from Washington on the day the billionaire


businessman, property developer and reality TV star


Donald Trump became president of the United States.


# Over the ramparts we watch... Please, raise your right hand and


repeat after me. I will faithfully execute the office of president of


the United States. Congratulations, Mr President.


From this day forward it is going to be only America first, America




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