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Theresa May at the White House for talks with Donald Trump.


It's a great honour to have Winston Churchill back. Thank you, Mr


President. It began with a handshake


in the Oval Office by a bust Top of the agenda is trade,


and strengthening the partnership We'll be following that press


conference and bring you the latest. Jailed - the owner and mechanic


of a haulage firm whose tipper truck crashed,


killing four people in Bath. Plans to cut hip and knee operations


for people who are obese I've accepted at the moment


my life is very much So it really would make


a huge, huge difference. You'd effectively be able


to walk properly again. An influential Church


of England report rejects And the boxer from Belfast hoping


to deliver a knock-out blow The rivalry is back on -


Rafael Nadal will play Roger Federer in the Australian Open final,


after an epic semi in Melbourne. Good evening and welcome


to the BBC News at Six. Within the last hour, Theresa May


has arrived at the White House, the first foreign leader to meet


President Trump since Top of the agenda, securing a trade


deal for Britain and renewing the "special relationship"


between the UK and the US. Mr Trump has previously said


he's open to a "fair" and speedy deal with the UK,


but has also warned he'll "terminate" agreements with 30 days'


notice if he doesn't like them. The two leaders are about to


give a news conference. But first, here's Laura


Kuenssberg on today's visit. The Prime Minister knows that


everyone is paying attention. The first foreign leader


to make their way gingerly The first foreign leader to take


that risk and that opportunity. Respect, that's what


good friendships need. The Prime Minister showing Britain's


for the Allied war dead To tighten the bonds


between Britain and the US, both, so changed by politics in just


a few short months. But will America respect her


as she urges the new President not As you renew your nation,


just as we renew ours, we have the opportunity,


indeed the responsibility, to renew the special


relationship for this new age. We have the opportunity


to lead together again. She warned against repeating


the mistakes of British and American Ministers insist it doesn't mean


she'd never send in the troops. She's said now that in future


we will only intervene where the threat is real,


a threat of terrorism to our own streets, for example,


where there is a British interest at stake, or where our Allies


call on us to help. So there aren't going to be any


more foreign adventures. But do her suggestions


weaken the force of It is all about America first,


which of course is the 1930s movement to separate America


from the rest of the world. The last thing we want to do


is to encourage him What we should be doing


is encouraging him to support Nato, to say he will defend


all the countries of I think if she could


do that in her visit, The Prime Minister's


offering friendship, too, in the hope, in part, of doing


a trade deal and doing one fast. How seriously, though,


does the wheeling, dealing President We want to deal with the ones that


treat us well and if they don't treat us well, we terminate


or we give them a 30-day notice of termination and then they come


back and they want to renegotiate during that 30 days


and we get a better deal. This visit to the Trump White House


is more about trade It is about how the President


and the Prime Minister can work together as individuals,


as politicians and how Theresa May can handle the most unorthodox


President in decades. These first conversations,


these first historic moments. It is a great honour to have


Winston Churchill back. A relationship that matters not just


to her success, but to us all. Laura Kuenssberg,


BBC News, Washington. As we've heard, one of the main


reasons for the Prime Minister's visit to the White House is trade,


sounding out President Trump on the possibility of a deal to help


soften the impact of leaving It is Britain's largest export


market outside the EU. We send America everything from whiskey to


airport engines, pharmaceuticals to banking services. And unlike our


trading relationships with other countries, we sell more to the US


than they do to us, creating an economically positive trade surplus.


So, let's look at some of the numbers. In 2015, Britain exported


goods and services worth ?100 billion to the US. That is 20% of


Britain's total exports. That is substantial, but still under half


the goods and services we sold to the European Union. They are valued


at ?222 billion. And that is over 40% of our total exports. America


might be smaller, but it is still vital, and many companies are


relishing the prospect of doing more business across the Atlantic. Lance


Foreman's family have run this smoked salmon business in east


London form or than a century, and trading with America for 50-year is.


Demand from the US is increasing, and a new trade deal could boost


sales. If we don't have too pay the 5% tariff on importing smoked salmon


to the USA, that makes us more competitive. Secondly, there are


regulations. We can't produce smoked salmon in the same way when we


export to the USA as we do when we sell it in the UK. If we can


harmonise that, it will make it more efficient and a better product for


American consumers. Despite the political will, there are hurdles.


The EU says Britain cannot the gauche eight new trade deals until


it has officially completed Brexit, which could take at least two years.


There are likely to be clashes with America over issues like safety


regulations for cars and food. America is a much bigger economy.


Could UK industries like farming be overwhelmed by new, cheap imports?


Trump is looking to improve the lot of American workers, increase


American jobs and wages. So the increase in American exports is the


only thing he is interested in, not increases in British exports. The


Brits will have to work hard to get those improvements, especially if


they want to do the agreement quickly. It's going to be only


America first. America first. The new man in the White House has made


clear he wants to rip up the present trade rule book, create his own


rules, and then play by them. Both sides agree they want a deal, but


Theresa May could well be in for a bumpy free-trade ride. Kamal Ahmed,


BBC News. Let's go to the White House and Jon


Sopel. How important is this meeting for Mrs May and Mr Trump? It's very


important for postal -- both of them. The journalists have gathered,


waiting for the news conference, where we will hear more of the


discussions they had. It is important for Theresa May on two


levels. We heard the importance of a trade deal favourable for Britain.


If Britain is to be a sovereign nation, trading in the world, a deal


with America is vital. To get off to good start and have a good


relationship with Donald Trump, a deal-maker by nature, that is a


hugely important thing, to build a good rap with him. It is also


important on a wider level. One cannot exaggerate the extent to


which, as the first foreign leader to meet the new President of


America, who has very little experience in foreign affairs, this


is a chance may to affect his thinking, the way he sees the world


globally. Yesterday, she set out various issues where there were


differences, on Russia, on the Iran nuclear deal, on free trade, on


Nato. If she can have an influence on some of his thinking and leave


Washington having done that, she will think it is a job well done.


Donald Trump also wants to show that you can do bilateral trade deals. It


is not about the big deals, which he doesn't like. He wants to do one-off


deals and a good relationship with Britain will help him achieve that.


The boss of a haulage firm and a mechanic


have been sent to prison for the manslaughter of four people


who were killed when a tipper truck with faulty brakes ran out


of control and crashed in Bath last year.


Matthew Gordon was jailed for seven years and Peter Wood for five years.


The families of their victims, who included a four-year-old girl,


told the court about the impact the crash had had on their lives,


They lost their lives in a matter of seconds.


Four-year-old Mitzi Steady, chauffeur, Stephen Vaughn


and businessmen Philip Allen and Robert Parker, killed


Its brakes had failed while coming down a steep hill


After seeing these pictures of the rusty brakes,


the judge said today that the vehicle was in


"an appallingly bad state and should not have been on the road."


Matthew Gordon, on the left, who ran Grittenhan Haulage,


Mechanic, Peter Wood, was jailed for five years.


The judge said they had a "cavalier attitude to safety."


Every element of this company was rotten to its core.


Potentially there are other companies out there at the moment


that perhaps ought to be looking looking at the way they maintain


service and run their companies, of a similar vein.


Grieving relatives told the judge about the impact on their lives.


Emmajade Steady said the death of her four-year-old daughter,


Mitzi, had left her bereft and struggling to go on.


The little girl's grandmother, who was also hit by the truck,


needed to have both her legs amputated.


She described the physical and emotional pain she


Sian Vaughn, in the grey coat here, wept in court as she talked


about having to identify her husband's body.


She said as she held his hand, she'd played songs that they'd only


had at their wedding six months earlier.


Having to spend your first wedding anniversary alone was just so far


It's just been absolutely horrendous.


The judge said Matthew Gordon had put lives at risk


He said the failures of the company boss


As the two men were taken to prison, the judge said this had devastated


the families not just of the four victims but had devastated


Jon Kay BBC News, Bristol Crown Court.


While we have been on air, President Trump and Mrs May have been holding


a news conference. The elation chip has never been stronger. Both


America and Britain understand that governments must be responsive to


everyday working people, that governments must represent their own


citizens. Madam Prime Minister, we look forward to working closely with


you as Weise trike -- strengthen our mutual ties in commerce, business


and foreign affairs. Great days lie ahead for our two peoples and our


countries. Under half of our nation, I thank you for joining us here


today. It's a really great honour. Thank you very much. Well, thank you


very much, Mr President, and can I start by saying I am so pleased that


I have been able to be here today, and thank you for inviting me so


soon after your inauguration. I am delighted to be able to congratulate


you on what was a stunning election victory. And as you say, the


indication is an indication of the strength and importance of the


special relationship that exists between our countries, a


relationship based on the bonds of history, family, kinship and common


interests. Enough -- in a further sign of the importance of that


relationship, I have been able to convey Her Majesty The Queen's hope


that President Trump and the first Lady would pay a state visit to the


United Kingdom later this year, and I'm delighted that the President has


accepted that invitation. Today, we were discussing a number of topics


and there is much on which we agree. The President mentioned foreign


policy. We are discussing how we can work even more closely together to


take on and defeat Ayyash and the ideology of Islamic extremism


wherever it is found. Our macro -- our two nations are already making


progress, but we need to redouble our efforts. We are discussing how


we can do this by deepening intelligence and security


cooperation, and critically by stepping up our efforts in


cyberspace. Because we know we will not eradicate this threat until we


defeat the idea, the ideology that lies behind it. Our talks will be


continuing later and I'm sure we will discuss other topics, Syria and


Russia. On defence and security cooperation, we are united in our


recognition of Nato as the ball walk of our collective defence and we


have reaffirmed our unshakeable commitment to this alliance. You


confirmed you are 100% behind Nato. But we are also discussing the


importance of Nato continuing to ensure it is as equipped to fight --


to fight terrorism and cyber warfare as conventional forms of war. I have


agreed to continue my efforts to encourage fellow European leaders to


deliver on their commitments to spend 2% of their GDP on defence so


the burden is more fairly shared. It is only by investing properly in our


defence that we ensure we are properly equipped to face our shared


challengers. Finally, the President and I have mentioned future economic


Corporation and trade. Trade between our countries is already worth over


?150 billion per year. The US is the single biggest source of inward


investment to the UK and together we have around $1 trillion invested in


each other's economies. And our defence relationship is the


broadest, deepest and most advanced of any two countries sharing


military hardware and expertise. We are ambitious to build on this


relationship in order to grow our respective economies, provide high


skilled, high-paid jobs of the future for working people across


America and the UK. And so we are discussing how we can establish


trade negotiation agreement, take forward immediate high-level talks,


lay groundwork for a US- UK trade agreement and identify practical


steps to take now to enable companies in both countries to trade


and do business with one another more easily. I am convinced a trade


deal between the US and UK... That is Theresa May at the White House


after her meeting with President Trump. They have been talking trade,


which was top of the agenda. She just said there are no details about


a deal but they have discussed economic Corporation and laying the


groundwork for a future deal. Our top story: As you have heard,


Theresa May is holding a press conference with Donald Trump at the


White House. We will bring you more on that later in the programme.


Can the boy from Belfast do it again?


Carl Frampton defends his title in Las Vegas.


The Manor Formula 1 team fold after administrators


There will now be 10 teams and 20 cars on the grid


After three years of discussions, an influential report


from within the Church of England has concluded it should continue


It has also suggested all potential clergy - straight or gay -


be asked about their sexual conduct and their lifestyle.


It acknowledged the report could cause "serious


Here's our Religious Affairs Correspondent Martin Bashir.


Two men are married in an Anglican Church.


But it's in the United States and won't be happening here.


After three years of so-called shared conversations,


the Church of England has asserted that marriage can only be


The Bishop behind today's report says that while the doctrine


of marriage remains the same, the Church must change its tone.


Our test is to uphold the Gospel and the scriptures


and the tradition as we have received it


but also to make sure that this is a Church


in which all lesbian and gay people, who are made in the image


and likeness of God, like everyone else, are welcome


But lesbian and gay members of the Church have reacted


accusing the bishops of doing nothing to acknowledge the goodness


or sanctity of lesbian, gay, bisexual and


and the gay community did so over a three-year period and we were told


in that process, privately, if we did this, then we would see


change and none of that has been honoured.


I think that's a failure of leadership and a failure of duty.


Conservative evangelicals, however, have expressed relief


that the bishops have uphold the authority of scripture, against


I want the Church to stand with the teaching of Jesus


and my understanding is Jesus taught very clearly that sex


is for marriage and marriage is between a man and a woman.


So, I want the Church to continue to teach what Jesus


taught on that issue, to try and find ways


of commending that lovingly to the world around us.


The publication of today's report, while unequivocal on the subject


In just over two weeks' time, General Synod will convene


and while the bishops have called for a more respectful


and considerate tone, the debate is likely to be


Plans to cut knee and hip replacement operations


in Worcestershire have been described as alarming


Three commissioning groups in the county say very obese


patients, and those who are in only moderate pain, will not


They say the plan will save ?2 million a year, but is it fair?


He's due to have a hip operation which would make his job


as a tour guide much easier, but Gordon has been waiting more


than six months with no sign of an appointment yet.


His experience shows how debilitating a long wait


Occasionally, I will wake up and you try to move and it's


It's one way of getting relief on it.


It's certainly affecting my daily life.


In Gordon's local area in Worcestershire, the NHS will be


tightening the criteria, making it even more difficult


A scoring system based on a questionnaire by patients


will be used to assess who needs surgery.


In effect, they have to be in more pain, or less


mobile than they currently would, to qualify.


But senior doctors say the policy is unfair on patients.


The decision to operate should be done by the surgeon and the GP,


because they are the person who is best for the patient,


not a bureaucratic system, which is designed purely to limit


the expenditure on the health service.


It is not the first time local commissioning groups in England have


The three groups in Worcestershire have followed one in Shropshire


Vale of York and Harrogate have announced restrictions


on all surgery for some, unless they lose weight,


and another trend that's been seen is cuts in IVF treatment, including


in mid and North East Essex and South East Norfolk.


The finances in the NHS are constrained and demand is rising.


And so in that environment we have to make some difficult decisions


We have to prioritise services where patients


will get the most benefit, and we have to make


sure we get the best for the NHS pound in our area.


This comes at a time when there have been calls for a cross-party


and public debate on the future of the NHS in England.


The key question is, should the NHS continue


with the funding already allocated, even if it means possible


cuts to some services, or does it need new funding to bring


it in line with health spending in some other


The Welsh government said there were no financial


Scotland is investing more in specialist centres,


but around the UK, the debate on the best use of resources


Last summer he became the first Northern Irish boxer to win world


championships in two different weight classes.


And this weekend Carl Frampton defends his WBA featherweight


Sport can sometimes increase divisions in Northern Ireland,


but Frampton has made his name by uniting his fans.


And thousands have made the journey to Vegas to see the fight,


The man they call the Jackal made history by becoming


Northern Ireland's first two-weight World Champion.


Thousands have made the journey to see Carl Frampton fight


in Las Vegas this weekend and it's on both sides of the Atlantic that


he's building a reputation of one of boxing's best.


There's not too many guys from the UK can top


I have the crowd that watch me back home but to come half


way across the world, this is special.


This is absolutely special for me and I'm very,


Tomorrow night's bout is a rematch against Leo Santa Cruz.


Frampton won the WBA featherweight title in the first encounter -


a close battle that was seen by many as one of last year's best fights.


The sequel is being heavily-promoted in the US.


But thousands of miles away in Belfast, Carl Frampton's face


has been on the walls for a very long time.


This is where it all began, the Midland Boxing Club


and there are feet here looking to follow in Frampton's steps.


He's been the inspiration since I started boxing.


It's just everything he does, I just love the way he boxes.


Carl Frampton's from here in Tiger's Bay, a working class,


However, he receives a huge amount of cross-community support


and boxing is a sport that has a history of uniting here.


Barry McGuigan made his name ignoring Northern Ireland's politics


He now manages Carl Frampton, a protestant, who's


He is similar to me, a mixed marriage and all of that.


We don't play national anthems, we don't need it.


And it is Frampton's attitude outside of the ring,


as well as his ability inside it, that's helping to inspire people


Let's have a look at the weather with Helen Willets.


It is getting milder. We still have a little bit of frost. That's been


the story for a couple of weeks. Dry, cold, frosty weather. There is


still some pockets of frost around. This is Sheffield. Some icicals in


the Highlands. But some sunshine but late in the day the sunshine is in


short supply. We are picking up milder Atlantic air and with it


comes cloud. We have had rain moving up from the south. Rain moving in


from the west. Now, it will still be of a wintry nature across the


northern half of the country, falling on to frozen surfaces. So


although it is not as frosty for Northern Ireland, perhaps Scotland,


even northern England there is a risk of ice and hill fog tomorrow


morning. Not a great start to our Saturday, it has to be said but an


improving picture brightness-wise from the west and a few showers to


come but in the east it could stay grey for much of the day. Even with


brighter skies, it is not that warm, 7s and 8s but doing better than we


have done. The showers could be heavy initially in western areas,


petering out further east but notice still an element of snow over the


hills even in the brighter regime towards the west, still cold. It is


January, afterall, for some snow. That weather system and showers move


out of the way. There is a question mark over the second half of the


weekend. How far north is this rain going to come? At the moment, and


consistently it looks as if Scotland will get away with a dry and bright


Sunday. Northern Ireland it looks and northern England, the Midlands,


East Anglia, they are sun certain for rain but in the balance they are


getting rain at the moment and south of the M4 it'll be wet and windy.


Our first spell of wet and windy weather for sometime. So there is a


bit of sun certainty, so if you have plans, stay tuned.


A reminder of the main story now. While we have been on air, Theresa


May and Donald Trump have been holding a live news conference. You


can see the pictures now. They have been talking about the special


relationship, trade, security and defence and Mrs May has extended an


invitation from the Queen to Donald Trump to come to the UK on a state


visit later this year, which he has accepted.


There is continuing coverages of the May-Trump press conference on the


BBC News Channel.


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