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Ireland's new Prime Minister shows frustration at the pace


of Brexit talks, saying "the clock is ticking".


On his first official visit to Northern Ireland,


Leo Varadkar warns against economic barriers between the UK and Ireland,


At a time when Brexit threatens to drive a wedge between North and


We need to build more bridges and fewer borders.


The future of the Irish border is a key part


of talks with Brussels, but the Taioseoch says so far,


We'll have the latest from Belfast and Westminster.


President Trump dismisses allegations of Russian links


with his election campaign as "total fabrication".


BA warns holidaymakers of delays at European airports,


ahead of one of the busiest travel weekends of the summer.


Football star Neymar, is unveiled at his new club,


but can any player be worth close to ?200 million?


And the drama school producing some of Britain's best black actors.


We talk to Star Wars' John Boyega, about fame and success.


There's a purpose and a value, making others see


You've got to break glass ceilings to do that.


And coming up later in the hour in BBC News,


in World Athletics Sportsday, we will look forward to the


first day of competition at the London Stadium,


Good evening, and welcome to the BBC News at Six.


Ireland's Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, says Britain must soon


address, the key issue of the status of the Irish border after Brexit,


He says he doesn't want economic barriers, between Britain


and Ireland, and is calling for 'unique solutions,' to preserve


After Brexit, Ireland will have the EU's only


Our Ireland Correspondent Chris Buckler reports.


Leo Varadker crossed the Irish border for the first time


as Ireland's Prime Minister to set out his concerns about what could


He arrived in Belfast having upset unionists with recent


But inside Queens University today, the new Taoiseach was keen to talk


At a time when Brexit threatens to drive a wedge


between North and South, between Britain and Ireland,


we need to build more bridges and fewer borders.


He is a Taioseoch of a new generation.


The referendum over the Good Friday Agreement


marked the first time he was eligible to vote.


He said the challenge of this generation is Brexit and again


he challenged those he called the Brexiteers to come up


with proposals to ease the problems posed by new borders.


They have already had 14 months to do so, which should have been


ample time to come up with detailed proposals.


But if they cannot, and I believe they cannot,


then we can start to talk meaningfully about solutions that


For example, if the United Kingdom doesn't want to stay


in the customs union, perhaps there can be an EU UK


And if it was to end up being a so-called hard Brexit,


no one is sure how trade and movement could be monitored,


along a border which has scores of open roads.


When people talk about the Irish border of the past, they tend


to refer to the years of The Troubles, when huge security


This is actually the dividing line between the countries,


There's going to be some form of border because the UK won't want


people going into the South of Ireland and using it


I've never seen before, you know, I was too young.


I didn't see the border but I can imagine that it won't be good.


But there are some unionists in Northern Ireland who feel that the


Taioseoch is interfering and even scaremongering. There is no binary


solution, and language like hard Brexiteers does not work for


anybody. Leo Varadkar knows there


are many interests. A Brexit deal that's good for the UK


is likely to be important on both Chris Buckler, BBC News,


Northern Ireland. Let's speak to our political


correspondent Alex Forsyth who's Alex, what have the British


government been saying? Is there any response from them?


There is recognition that Brexit could have a significant impact on


Ireland because of the unique circumstances. It will have the own


the land border between the UK and the EU and there was a sense of


frustration from the Irish Prime Minister at what he sees as a lack


of progress on this issue, but the British government says they have


been working on this poor year and I have had discussions with the


European Union -- working on this for a year and they have had


discussions. They say they want frictionless trade and no hard


border but what is not clear is how exactly to get there. We had


suggestions from the Irish Prime Minister, a bespoke custom stale,


but that would cause concern about Brexiteers worried about how that


will affect UK's ability to do trade deals with other countries. What


matters is how the UK Government is having to balance competing views


and demands in Westminster, in Ireland and with 26 other EU


countries, and the government says this issue is a priority, but


putting something at the tub at the list doesn't make it any easier to


resolve. -- the top of the list. Alex, thanks for joining us.


Donald Trump is coming under increasing pressure,


over allegations that members of his campaign team,


colluded with Russia in last year's US Presidential election.


The special prosecutor investigating the claims,


has convened a Grand Jury, which is a first step to bringing


The President has always denied the allegations,


telling supporters last night they're 'a total fabrication'.


Our North America Editor Jon Sopel reports.


Donald Trump! Donald Trump is never happier than when he is out of


Washington, this is where he belongs. An adoring crowd in West


Virginia, the problems of Russia, collusion, special councils and


grandeur is a long way from these country roads. The Russia story is a


total fabrication. It is just an excuse for the greatest loss in the


history of American politics. That's all it is. He didn't mention the


special counsel by name, but had him in your sights when he said this. I


just hope that the final determination is a truly honest one.


A grand jury is made up of members of the public meeting behind closed


doors to consider the evidence that has been gathered. They can force


people to testify and to hand over evidence, and they will decide


whether the material is Tom enough to proceed to a criminal trial but


crucially they don't decide if a potential defendant is innocent or


guilty, that is done by a conventional jury. Of course it


might be that the grandeur really meeting at this courthouse will come


to the conclusion that the evidence doesn't add up to much and there is


no need for further action, but the fact that a grand jury has been


called is a sign that this investigation is intensifying and


will last a good deal longer yet. And the other worry for the Trump


entourage is the scope of the inquiry, that it will spread, and


that is a source of you're in, and another is the endless damaging and


revealing links from within the administration and today the


Attorney General announced a new crackdown. This nation must end this


cultural leaks and we will investigate and seek to bring


criminals to justice and we will not allow rogue anonymous sources with


security clearances to sell out our country. The president today visited


the Federal emergency centre to look at plans for dealing with


hurricanes, it is hurricane season, and with these grand jury one could


soon be barrelling towards Donald Trump. -- with this grand jury.


Health chiefs in the north west of England say they've found


suitable accommodation for a severely disturbed teenager


whose plight prompted a senior judge to speak out about the state


of mental health provision in the UK.


The teenager, known only as Girl X, is due too be


released from a secure unit, later this month.


But until today, no care had been made available for her.


Our Home Affairs Correspondent Danny Shaw is here.


The latest is that the bed has been found for the girl and she is likely


to be released in ten days, but the concern was that if she was freed


into the community she would attempt to kill herself within 24-48 hours,


such as the severity of the mental health problems that she has. The


advice from experts was that she needs to be sent to a therapeutic


environment, where she can be cared for, for between a year and 18


months, but no bed could be found. And the head of the family courts in


England and Wales Sir James Munby was scathing yesterday in his


assessment of provision and said that he felt ashamed and embarrassed


at the fact that nothing could be done for this girl. That appears to


have spurred the authorities into taking action because tonight we


have had a statement from NHS England sank after extensive


assessments bed has been found in a safe and appropriate care setting


which will meet the needs of the girl and the bed will be available


before her release date. It has to be approved by the court and I


understand the hearing will take place on Monday but it raises


questions for the why has it prompted the intervention from a


senior judge for this to happen, and how many other cases that we don't


know about are there? Danny, thanks for joining us.


A British computer expert, who helped stop a worldwide cyber


attack which hit the NHS, is to appear in court America,


Marcus Hutchins, who's 23 and from Devon, will face


a judge in Las Vegas, accused of six counts of creating


and distributing malware, to steal bank details.


Four members of a police helicopter crew, accused of filming naked


sunbathers and a couple having sex, have been cleared of


They argued that it was another member of their team


who filmed people and they were not present


PC Pogmore has admitted misconduct in a public office.


He's become the most expensive player in the history of football.


Brazilian star player Neymar has completed a record ?200 million


transfer deal with Paris Saint-Germain.


But speaking to our Sports News Correspondent Richard Conway,


he insisted it's not all about the money.


Neymar, finally in Paris with the ball and the world at his feet.


At ?200 million, his transfer from Barcelona


And when his wages are included the total bill


The Brazilian star told me today he has followed his heart


Lots of people saying that perhaps you are doing this for the money.


TRANSLATION: I did not come over here for the money.


I came here for the motivation, the challenge, and the challenges.


In Paris this morning, fans were happy to part with their cash.


Hundreds of them queued for hours to buy the new Neymar shirt.


The club is backed by the country of Qatar's vast wealth.


But its president thinks he's bagged a bargain.


I would love to see in one year if it is too much or not.


Today, until now, just in five hours, we sold already merchandise


Neymar has been a star for both club and country from a young age.


But critics of this megadeal point to the vast sums involved


and there are questions over whether he is merely


a pawn in Qatar's efforts to spread its influence


The man at the centre of it all, though, insists


What will be success to you at this club,


How would you say that you have made it here,


The titles, I came over here to make history.


PSG want Neymar to spark a new sporting revolution for them.


And leaving the stadium tonight, he was greeted


Ireland's new Prime Minister warns against economic barriers


between the UK and Ireland, that he says would harm everyone.


I'm at the London stadium for the World Athletics Championships and


tonight Mo Farah will attempt to win the 10,000 metre final for the third


consecutive time. Coming up in Sportsday on BBC News,


England's cricketers in trouble at Old Trafford with wickets falling


on the opening day of the fourth They're young, British,


and taking on Hollywood. A new generation of black actors,


including John Boyega in the blockbuster Star Wars,


have been trained at the Identity Established in 2003,


it now boasts a roster of talent, The British Film Institute has


identified a lack of diversity Colleen Harris has been to meet some


of the school's stars that are trying to break


the industry's glass ceiling. They're some of the British faces


breaking into Hollywood - an industry under scrutiny


over its lack of diversity. Before hitting the big time


with Star Wars, John Boyega began his career at the Identity


School of Acting - then a small I went to see the school


and to meet John. It's a family environment


identity, but at the same time there's


a discipline that kind of mirrors what it's


like in the industry


after being in it now. So they teach you what


it's like to work. How much about what you do


is about breaking glass ceilings? And there's purpose


in everything, I feel there is a value in making others


see themselves in a better way. You have got to break


glass ceilings to Today, it's thriving and open


to all, but the school opened 14 years ago


as Britain's first Its founder Femi Oguns also set up


an agency with it to For me, rather than


join the chorus of complaint, I decided,


you know what, we need to do something about


and this is something we developed in the school.


We developed this whole sense of worth.


You have to celebrate your sense of purpose and


you have to realise that you the architect


Another identity graduate, Letitia Wright, will


soon appear in cinemas in the new Marvel Black


She says the school instills a sense of confidence and self-belief.


We went into audition rooms not looking at the colour of our skin,


but looking at our talent and I remember when I


was the only black girl in the room, but I never


felt inferior, I felt I


had something to offer and the role turned


from a Caucasian girl to a


black girl, because our agents made that fight to say, why not?


That attitude helped launch Malachi Kirby.


His portrayal of Kunta Kinte in the Roots


remake has been highly praised by critics.


My way of fighting is through my art.


By not accepting that there are roles that for one won't


be given to me and there's like stories that I want to tell and


there are stories that I believe I know how to tell and they're not


Capitalising on its talent, 60% of Identity's clients are now working


But here the work continues and John Boyega


It hasn't been easy and we fought for this and now we are here


and we are ready to expand through drama schools, other means,


expand the opportunity to others and that's


A movement that's nurturing the next Hollywood success.


Airlines are urging British holiday-makers at European airports


to allow extra time to get through security and passport


It's one of the busiest times of the year and Ryanair


is suggesting there could be queues of up to three hours.


The EU has been struggling to impliment tighter security controls.


British Airways and Easyjet have also been issuing travel advice.


Dan over to you. Yes, the thing is, Clive, there are not queues every


where and there are not delays all the time. I have spoke to loads of


passengers who arrived back in Britain without a problem. That is


why it is difficult to predict the issues. That is why airlines are


reminding passengers to be at airports in time. Some people have


missed flights. The new security checks were brought in after the


attacks in Europe. The point is to stop terrorists and criminals


getting on flights. But it means checking every passenger against


more security databases and that is taking longer. There are expected to


be delays this weekend, because it is very busy and the pressure's


grown as we have got towards holiday time. In the next two days it is


thought 10 million passengers will travel through European airports.


Thank you for that. Residents who survived


the Grenfell Tower disaster had their final chance today


to submit ideas for the scope and remit of the public


inquiry into the tragedy. It's expected there'll be


hundreds of suggestions, but there are still fears


the inquiry won't be Our Home Affairs Correspondent


Tom Symonds reports. Day after day the names of Grenfell


victims are confirmed. This man, the chairman


of Grenfell Tower inquiry, Sir Martin Morre-Bick has to answer


those questions, but when he asked the


community what other topics he could consider,


he got a rough ride. This I why it is so


important to get the terms of reference right


and for you to tell me We did and then you


dismissed them on TV. I think you mis-remembered


what I said. Thomasina has been in a hotel


since the fire, caught between her old life before Grenfell


and an unknown new one. This is what she wants


from the inquiry. Well the community, we need


specific answers so we can We need that closure


to start healing, but the underlining issues, social housing,


fire regulations, building regulations, the idea that


the government are putting profits before people, these


are nationwide issues. The judge has to achieve a balance


between those wider issues, potentially a huge task,


and simply explaining the fire, Next week, he will make his private


recommendations to the Two weeks from now,


she is expected to make public her decisions on the inquiry's remit


and she has the final decision. In September, the inquiry's


due to begin work and within a year,


the Chairman says he will


produce an interim report. It is the judge's job of course


to find the facts of this tragedy, but the police will


have to prosecute anyone responsible and it's likely their job


will take priority, which means if there


are prosecutions the inquiry


could be delayed. But keeping the community on side


could be one of his biggest There is a lot of anger,


a lot of emotion and I entirely understand why it should be,


so we are going to continue The community has a right to be


part of the process. That does not compromise


impartiality at all. This was one of the


world's worst tower block fires in modern times, now


struggle for an explanation begins. It's the first day of England's


final cricket test against South Africa at Old Trafford,


with the England skipper Joe Root's innings taking him


beyond 5,000 test runs. He's the third youngest


player to do so. And in the last few


minutes, Ben Stokes also Moments ago England were 252-6 and


need just a draw to win the series. In the next half hour,


the World Athletics Championships will get under way in London,


and tonight the sell-out crowd will see Usain Bolt run


in the 100 metre heats, in his last competitive


tournament before retiring. Mo Farah's also running


in the 10,000 metre finals. Well Natalie Pirks is


at the London Stadium. Good evening. Good evening. It is


five years to the day since that wall of sound here on so


super-Saturday in the Olympics. Organisers hope the fans will


replicate that atmosphere. Mo Farah says that was the moment he career


took off. And this will be his penultimate appearance. Has it


really been five years? Mo Fara for Britain it is gold. The greatest


night in British athletics, capped off by the run of Mo's life. Back


tonight he will begin his long goodbye. I'm so excited. Gutted it


is his last one. But I'm glad I'm here. He never gives up and he tries


to encourage others. Couldn't sleep last night. The third time we have


seen him. Can't wait. In a post Olympics year results often dip and


the target of at least six medals was set before Greg Rutherford


pulled out. Expectations may need to be managed. Anybody's in the top


five or six of these Championships, we should celebrate. Because it is


going to be difficult to get on that podium. So I'm keeping my fingers


crossed we can sneak a couple of medals. I'm counting about five. If


we do, we have done a good job. The British anthem may not be played as


much as we like, but one anthem we won't hear - Russia is still banned


following evidence of state-sponsored doping. 19 Russians


will be competing as neutral. This competitor is confident fans will


know their heritage. Everybody who is coming to compete in London from


Russia, we know where we are from and everybody knows that we are a


team. It doesn't matter which flag they will see in the stadium. So


inside and I'm sure all spectators know where we are from. So Mo might


be the highlight, but he is not the only one saying goodbye. Usain Bolt


will run-in the heats of 100 metres before his last ever individual


final tomorrow. From the 10,000 metres to just 10 seconds, blink and


we'll miss them. The reason the noise has gone up, Britain's women's


relay team have accepted an upgraded silver and two bronze medals from


past World Championships. Christine Ohurougu is now Britain's most


decorated track and field athlete. The noise will only go up thurt as


the night goes on. Time for a look at the weather,


here's Stav Danaos. A bit of weather for the athletics


coming up. The pressure chart, this low pressure has brought us a lot of


showers and windy weather has been moving away. This feature moving in


will bring some heavy showers to central parts of the UK through


Saturday. Before that point, a lot of showers will fade away tonight.


By the end of the night that cluster of showers is in western areas,


particularly in Wales. Saturday starts off bright in central and


eastern areas. But the showers across Wales will move into the


Midlands and eastern parts and some may be heavy with thunder and gusty


winds. Some sunshine for the athletics tomorrow, but there could


be the odd shower in the afternoon. The showers clear away into the


evening and for many areas high pressure builds in and it will be a


chilly night. There is the high pressure that builds in during


Saturday night. But we have this feature that will move in to bring


wet and windy weather to Northern Ireland and western Scotland. Away


from the north-west corner, Sunday is the better day of the weekend,


dry with light winds and some sunshine and feeling pleasant in the


south-east. That weather front sinks south-east wards during Monday and


doesn't reach the far south-east until later on. It will remain


showery and breezy with sunshine. We are starting next week on that


showery note and midweek on high pressure comes in and drier and


brighter. Thank you. Our top story: Ireland's new Prime Minister has


shown frustration at the pace of Brexit talks.


Now on BBC One let's join our news teams where you are,