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This is BBC Newsline and these are tonight's headlines.


The police investigate allegations relating to this nursing home


A judge allows heat scheme boiler owners to challenge plans


Arlene Foster says the March election could be the most


The Lord Chief Justice defends his handling of legacy inquests.


A dancer and holocaust survivor is remembered by the city


It is very fitting that a plaque in her memory is here at an arts centre


in Belfast where she worked. All the way from from


Tigers Bay to topping the bill in Las Vegas -


Carl Frampton is just one day away from the biggest


fight of his career. And some long awaited sunshine


is on the way for tomorrow. I'll be back with the full


weekend forecast. The police have confirmed


they are carrying out an investigation into allegations


relating to a nursing home in County Armagh


which closed yesterday. Glenview care home in Portadown


agreed to close after the latest in a series


of critical inspection reports. Here's our south east


reporter Gordon Adair. The problems here at Glenview date


back some two and a half years to September 2014 when an initial


inspection was carried out that raised serious concerns. The home


undertook to correct those issues but it led to a series of follow-up


inspections and in 2016 to failure to comply notices were issued.


Yesterday another alleged inspector -- inspection was carried out as the


owner applied for cancellation of its registration. The home currently


has around 20 residents who will now come under the care of the local


health trust. Today the police told the BBC that allegations were being


directed by the public protection Branch and specially trained social


workers from the public health and social care trust. They did not give


any details of the allegations but said the safeguarding of vulnerable


victims was a priority for the PSNI. Companies with RHI boilers have been


told they can go ahead with a court action against plans


to publish their names. But it's not clear how many


will continue to benefit from a temporary injunction


preventing publication Our agriculture and


environment correspondent Between 500 and 600 border owners


are not party to a group action seeking to stop the publication of


their names. Today they were told it could go to a full hearing. Mr


Justice Dini said I case had been made that a plan to publish could be


in breach of human rights, that protection contract law and should


be protected but there was a twist. Nothing has been straightforward


about this story from the start and The 600 members of the renewable


heat Association who are part of this group action can


challenge the plans to publicly name them at a hearing but we do not


know how many of them will anonymity that was afforded to them


by this court this week. That's because there are three


categories of people in the action - those listed under their own names,


those whose company name would easily identify them and those


trading purely under It was argued that those


with a corporate identity That'll be decided next week ahead


of a full hearing The judge has said he will


hold what is called to ensure that the decision


on whether these boiler owners can be named will be heard


before polling day. The DUP Leader, Arlene Foster,


says the forthcoming Assembly election might be the most important


poll since the 1998 In an interview for the BBC Radio


Ulster Inside Politics programme, Arlene Foster said the election


was not a referendum She also said her former adviser


Dr Andrew Crawford will be cleared by the judicial inquiry due to get


under way in the coming days. Here's our political


correspondent Stephen Walker. The election campaign is now under


way. In an interview for BBC Radio Ulster, Arlene Foster made it clear


how she viewed the forthcoming poll. This is a hugely important election,


maybe the most important since the 1998 agreement because it will


decide the future direction of Northern Ireland. You may find that


strange given we have election eight months ago but a lot of issues have


arisen in relation to the religion ship between Sinn Fein and the DUP.


She claimed her former adviser Doctor Andrew Crawford will be


cleared by the judicial inquiry. He resigned after civil servant Andrew


McCormick said he thought Doctor Crawford was the special adviser who


used his influence to delay the introduction of excessively high


tariffs. When Doctor Crawford resigned, he insisted he had acted


with integrity. Today Sinn Fein accused Arlene Foster of prejudging


the investigation. Arlene Foster is interfering by telling the public


who will be cleared so she is an apparel universe if she does not


realise her standing is not that high. Question about the RHI scheme


remain unanswered. Who knew what and when and what decisions were taken?


The inquiry begins its work next week but there will be no public


hearings until after the Assembly election. And to some, that


timetable places voters in a quandary. Now people are being asked


to cast their judgment on the government that brought us does the


Baikal under secrecy culture around it but at the moment we just have


spin, not facts in the public domain because of the delay of those two


parties in agreeing to a public inquiry. Arlene Foster says that


election is not a referendum on the handling of the RHI scheme but her


opponents disagree. The voters will have to decide without the full


facts but they will look at the facts that this is seven weeks on


and the drip of something possibly corrupt will be a factor and should


be a factor. And others say the poll in March will be about the


performance of Sinn Fein and the DUP. This election is a referendum


of conference in government, which include the inability of the


Executive to produce a budget and deal with issues like RHI and many


others. It is a referendum on the competence of Sinn Fein and the DUP.


This election may not be a referendum on the RHI scheme but the


subject featured today at this DUP photocall.


The Lord Chief Justice has defended his handling of legacy inquests,


and denied suggestions he has given priority to cases involving


Sir Declan Morgan's remarks came in a speech to a victims group.


How do you deal with the past without being accused of bias? That


is one of the questions which has hampered the process, many people


involved had to defend their neutrality. The latest is Northern


Ireland's most senior judge. Lord Declan Morgan issued a statement


hitting back at his handling of the legacy inquest. He said...


It is the second time in two months that he has defended his actions and


insisted he is acting evenhandedly. My commitment has been to try to see


the broader picture and ensure that word the judiciary can contribute to


all those areas of the past which have to be addressed in relation to


all the victims and survivors, that we do what we can to help them. In


today's statement Sir Declan expressed frustration at the lack of


political progress in dealing with the past. He recognised that


everything is now on hold until after the election, and choosing his


words carefully he said we are now in a period of inaction that will


carry through until the end of March at the very least.


The Northern Ireland Environment Agency's investigating a diesel


spill after a boat sank in Portaferry harbour.


The Exploris Aquarium at Portaferry and a marine laboratory attached


to Queen's University nearby have both closed their sea


The Regina Caelis has been moored at Portaferry


Despite plans to refurbish it and take it to further shores,


And by this morning, its fate was sealed.


I look out of the bedroom window and saw the mast lying over and I knew


what had happened because it was on the card, it was going to happen.


What kind of shape of this boat been in since it has been in the water


here? It hasn't been in great shape at all. People were trying to work


out to get it to go, but they weren't making much of a shift that


had to get it to go. Up to 1000 litres of fuel on board


is now seeping its way across the water, aided


by the wind and current. Strangford Lough is an important


marine environment with international protection -


not good news for wildlife. The spillage is also


a problem for fishermen, meaning any lobsters in pots are now


inedible - but specialist teams are have been brought


in for the clean-up. If you are going to have a pollutant


diesel is one of the least offensive. We find it breaks down


and evaporates with the action of the sea and waves, it floats on the


surface so it doesn't get into the water far so we're not overly


concerned, this isn't a major disaster. The Regina Caelis one save


again but it could be months before it is gone from this water. Its


final journey to the scrap yard will be a massive undertaking -- the


Regina Caelis will never sail again. Still to come... I can't quite


believe this has all come together and it is a functional boat. We look


at the traditional Irish boat set to make a splash on the Lagan.


A series of events are being staged this week to remember the 354 people


who lost their lives in a major maritime tragedy a century ago.


They were passengers on a liner called the Laurentic which was built


A new exhibition tells the tragic story, as Keiron Tourish reports.


A lament in honour of those who died on the Laurentic,


and in the audience, relatives of those who perished


Survivors and relatives were hosted by the Mayor in the Guildhall


a century ago and a photpgraph was taken for future generations.


Today the current first citizen, Hilary McClintock, welcomed families


from throughout Ireland and Canada - all who'd lost loved ones.


I lost my great uncle and he was on his way home on leave when the ship


went down and his body was never recovered. My grandfather was on the


boat and was lost and never found, so we presume he is on the sea bed


somewhere and it is hugely important to us to date because we have one


photograph only of him in his entire life, from his wedding day.


The Laurentic sank off the coast of Donegal on January 25th 1917.


The liner was carrying 479 passengers who were mostly naval


It hit two explosive mines laid by German U-boats.


Many made it onto lifeboats but due to the extreme cold -


it was -13 degrees - they tragically lost their lives.


The official death toll was 354 with 121 survivors.


Some of them did make it to shore but many froze to death and the ship


went down quite quickly to the bottom of the sea where it lies


today. The SS Laurentic was laiden


with gold bullion to buy The estimated value today


would be ?250 million. Most of that was recovered


by the government. But it's thought around 22 gold bars


still remain on the sea bed. Over the years divers


have tried to find it. It's proved elusive for 85-year-old


Ray Cossum whose family bought However the former Royal Navy member


remains proud the city I'm thrilled to bits, that's enough


treasure to me to see these men who lost their lives remembered. The


exhibition here in the park Museum runs until the 25th of June. --


Tower Museum. Helen Lewis came to Belfast


having survived the Nazi and went on to make a lasting impact


here as a choreographer Today, on Holocaust Memorial Day,


a blue plaque in her honour was unveiled


at the Crescent Arts Centre. Our education and arts correspondent


Robbie Meredith was there. She grew in Czechoslovakia, and,


as a Jew, faced the worst Those who were not fit and well


and healthy enough any longer to work were loaded onto a lorry


and it departed with them into the main camp, straight


into the gas chambers. Helen was a professional


dancer before she survived the concentration camps


where the Nazis killed After the war, she


arrived in Belfast. At a very difficult point in the


concentration camp where she was very ill, she was told she would


never dance again, it was unlikely she would ever survive.


She was too ill and too damaged to ever contemplate


returning to dance or teaching, but over time she did and dance became


It is true also that than saved her life and her enemies in the end did


not defeat. Today a permanent memorial


to her was unveiled. Although her experiences were


injured and had a particular period of time, so Northern Ireland has


gone through it spurious of time and we need to look to the future and


there are definite parallels here, lessons that can be learnt from the


past to build a future. Helen Lewis - survivor, dancer,


teacher, inspiration - Traditional boats are set to return


to the Lagan this weekend, after a group of volunteers built


one from scratch. The currach has been around for two


millennia and it's enjoying Louise Cullen went along


to see the Belfast one A labour of love, for two days a


week for almost a year these volunteers have been bringing the


currach back to life. So much work has gone into it. We expected it to


take less time but it has taken nine months. You start off with a pile of


wood and it goes from there, just slowly the boat started taking


shape. That includes steaming the oak ribs to curve them, they're


airing canvas and tar to waterproof it and then saturating it with oil.


It is a process unchanged in 2000 years and it has taken all hands and


all ages on deck. I brought my kids down and we decided to help. It


skills that children are not being taught anymore and at that stage the


boat was at an early stage and was the other way around so all these


nails, they had the experience of putting the nails in. As well as


building the boat, many of the volunteers will help man it, sharing


their skills with community groups and anyone interested in rowing. I


cannot quite believe this has all come together and it is a functional


boat that has such great possibilities for brilliant


expeditions. Those expeditions include forages to Scotland and


around the coast, but for now the Lagan will be far enough.


Carl Frampton is just a day away from the biggest


Gavin is here with this evening's sport.


The biggest fight of his career and biggest payday.


A journey which started in the Midland Club on Belfast's


Shore Road over two decades ago has taken Carl Frampton to top


In the early hours of Sunday morning the undefeated world champion


puts his title on the line in a rematch with


Thomas Kane is there for BBC Newsline.


Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world


and while the stakes are high, Carl Frampton believes it is not too


big a risk to face three-weight world champion Leo Santa Cruz


The Belfast boxer wants to go all in for the rest of his career


with potentially a huge contest on the cards.


It is the biggest payday and the biggest challenge so far


for Carl as he aims to become the king of Vegas.


This is the top of the boxing world, top of the bill on the MGM.


Not too many people from the UK and Ireland get to do that.


I'm not too many featherweights get to do it, so me and Leo are both in


a very lucky position. Do you feel you are within touching distance of


becoming a superstar? It's a big deal, I don't like words like


superstar, I think in terms of being a boxer I am very good and we are


doing our thing. I think the fan base I have at the moment, there is


not another fighter in the world that has a fan base like this.


Have you had any chance to interact with fans?


I've done a little bit, I've been walking around shaking


hands and people seem to be enjoying themselves.


And there are more people coming and arriving, so at this point I'm


trying my best to hide but I been doing a little bit and will do some


more with the fans after the fight. He's like a little brother to me,


I'm so proud to see his name in lights in Vegas. We always said over


the years we would love to see crop front and boxy and it's a dream come


true for myself. We got in the taxi from the airport and he was on the


buses and the billboards, and we think, it's just Carl, you can't


believe what he has achieved. The support he's got has done him a


massive favour and they are doing him proud and the noise they make in


the arena will make a big impact for him, he's confident, he's saying all


the right things, for me I think it will be another barnstormer, a tough


fight but he's in no real danger of losing this. He's got eyes in his


blood. He's the most die under pressure, the more pressure the more


cooler and composed he gets. I believe it will be another


blockbuster fight, so exciting. So far in his professional


career Carl Frampton has 23 fights and 23 wins,


but victory number 24 on the biggest stage of all would propel him


to another level within the sport. Another rematch closer to home sees


Bank of Ireland McKenna Cup holders Tyrone take on Derry tomorrow under


lights in Newry. Last year it took extra-time


for Mickey Harte's men to edge out their neighbours and the Tyrone


manager is expecting The sound bites coming out of their


camp are that there are a lot of people there who have decided to


stay and give their lot with Gerry and maybe there are some people gone


that they would have used that they want the people there to be


committed and they seem to be committed to the Jersey and that is


the most difficult thing to beat, not a name for someone with a record


that people who work wearing the jersey and want to fight for it and


we hope we have people of the same opinion and that should make for an


interesting contest. We'll have extended highlights


of that final on the BBC iPlayer and Sport NI website


from Sunday evening. Tomorrow in Dublin history beckons


for Northern Ireland's only Womens' The Ulster Rockets, boosted by a few


imports from the USA, are through to the final


of the All-Ireland Senior Cup. The Ulster rockets and training for


the biggest match in the team's history, the senior women's cup


final in an All-Ireland competition. It's huge, especially this year


because we have two American players and that is a new rule brought in by


basketball Ireland and it has impacted women's basketball, they


are not only great players but they do a lot of coaching so we are


getting great crowds, for the first time we are filling the hole with


young people these girls are coaching. And the visitors are


enjoying the experience. It's different from the states, it's not


like a first sport here so you get a different feel but it's also fun


because you have to teach the girls and can make some of them loved and


that makes it worth that. We coach here with the girls under 14 is and


at Lisburn, we coach a lot of girls, anything to keep them out of


trouble. A win this weekend would be a massive boost to the team and the


sport in Northern Ireland. It would be amazing, it would spread more


awareness of girls basketball, especially in Northern Ireland. We


have greeted more awareness, even with my family everyone has been


more engaged now. There are rockets take on the Marble city hawks of


Kilkenny in the final this Sunday. Our weekend BBC Newsline


bulletins will bring Carl Frampton's fight is live


on BBC Radio Ulster and 5live And good luck to him. Cecilia is


here with the weekend weather forecast.


We've got to the last weekend of January, some mixed weather to come,


we will see some blue sky like here in Portstewart but it will be chilly


in places tonight, a touch of frost and eyes, most of the patchy rain


clearing away soon, a few showers moving in from the West but clearing


skies and temperatures will drop close to freezing in the countryside


said there is a risk of frost and ice and one or two mist and fog


patches. For the weekend, a bright day on Saturday, cloudier on Sunday,


still some doubt as to how much rain we will see on Sunday so stay tuned


to the forecast if you have plans and both nights will see bad bit of


frost and ice. Tomorrow looks like the drier and brighter day, a lot of


sunshine in most places, it will start misty and murky in places with


fog patches lifting and a bit chilly but lots of dry weather in the


morning, any showers largely confined to Donegal and the far


north-west. Temperatures are banked on where they should be for January,


any showers mainly over parts of the North West into parts of Tyrone and


Fermanagh and much of the day will be dry and bright, so pretty good


for any sporting activities, but later the showers will come south


and east, so there will be some sharp around tomorrow evening,


temperatures could fall close to freezing which will give us a risk


of frost and eyes. On Sunday the system comes in across the Republic


of Ireland, bringing rain, then slides East, and it looks like the


further north you are the drier and brighter it will be. Temperatures


around average on Monday but there is milder weather on the way back


next week. Thanks for watching, and have a


great weekend. Goodbye.


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