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So it looks like a weekend for the winter woolies.


The Public Prosecution Service has decided NOT to bring a case


against a man whose palm print was found in a stolen van -


which was suspected of being linked to the Kingsmills killings over


The only survivor of the attack says he understands why


41 years ago ten Protestant workmen were shot dead by the IRA and what


became known as the Kingsmill 's massacre. Last year during the


inquest into their deaths, new evidence was identified and a fresh


police investigation began. That evidence involved a palm print,


discovered on a stolen van recovered near the dock at the time which was


suspected of being links to the killings. The PBS says that after


consideration it will not prosecute the individual reported by the PSNI


in relation to the murder of ten people. The ascent stunt director of


casework concluded that there is no reasonable prospect of the


conviction based on evidence. How the van was handled at the time


was a factor. Precisely when the palm print was placed on the


windscreen also. The PPs is mindful of the reaction of the families. The


iMac rather sceptical to start with but then as the months went on I


thought they must be onto something. But then the policemen came to my


door this morning to give me the file setting out all the reasons why


the PPS didn't go ahead with it and really they didn't have a case. So I


have to accept that this was going nowhere. We don't deserve that. We


deserve to get the truth, we are never going to get justice, but we


deserve the truth, and all their families... The coroner's office has


confirmed that in light of the PBS decision, it is now giving


consideration to the scheduling updates for the Kingsmill inquest to


recommence. This news from the prosecution service is a knock-back


for the families of the Kingsmill 's victims. The focus now falls back on


to the coroner 's enquiry. The inquest into the death of a man


who died after leaving a ward at the Ulster Hospital has heard


of more concerns by experts in psychiatry about


the way he was cared for. They were giving evidence


about 22-year-old James Fenton, who left the mental health unit


in July 2010. Despite police searches,


Mr Fenton's body lay undiscovered in the hospital grounds


for ten weeks. This this is Ward 27, the mental


health unit at the Ulster Hospital with a smoking area outside.


22-year-old James Fenton was admitted there one night in July


2010 back then as I troubled young man. He had been ill and his family


were relieved certain that the hospital would look after him.


Today, to consultant psychiatrist expressed their concern about the


way they did. Both men based in England had written reports, one for


the coroner, one for the Fenton family, both questioning the


hospital diagnosis, both believing James was clinically depressed, both


questioning the level of supervision James received whilst on the ward.


One professor says they had number of concerns.


Doctor Trevor Turner concluded that the hospital didn't take appropriate


steps to safeguard his health given the real and immediate risk he


showed. He added the level of observation did not seem consistent


with the pattern of events leading to the condition or his mental


state. In court yesterday to other senior consultant psychiatrists said


they disagreed with those conclusions. One of them is the


director of mental health services at the south-eastern trust defending


the hospital was like diagnosis and actions pivotal phase all -- but the


professor said that in one matter evidence was being cherry picked


supporting their view. James Fenton was lost if few dozen metres away,


and his family has now spent four days listening to the evidence of 20


witnesses, and tomorrow the coroner will issue his final findings.


The number of agency workers doing jobs in the Northern Ireland


A trade union has described the situation as "disgraceful",


believing too many people were paid-off under a Stormont


Here's our business correspondent Julian O'Neill.


The Stormont estate still home to much of the civil service but today


smaller than before after the Executive borrowed money to make


thousands of staff redundant. But in have come more and more agency


workers, hired through recruitment firms on a temporary basis. In June


2015 as job cuts started, the civil service had 380 agency workers. The


latest figure, post-voluntary exit scheme, for January 2017 is 889. At


the date annual costs which will not be clear for a few months are likely


to be more than ?10 million. For the non-eyeing the Executive to be spent


this money on agency staff a year is disgraceful, that equates to 300


permanent full-time jobs. The Department of Finance told me that


the use of agency workers is normal practice in any large organisation,


and that these workers are only used sparingly. They also point out that


the costs are dwarfed by the savings. The department says the


redundancy programme has brought savings of ?152 million over the


past three years, and when the civil service has produced by one fifth,


or around 5000 full-time posts. The public service union however agrees


that the staff are paid off using a Treasury loan and are now back as


agency workers. You are borrowing money to put people out of work and


then go to a private sector the next day saying oh, we let too many


people go, can we hire from your company? Some of these people have


come back again so you are also paying the agency is all-round


Northern Ireland loses, loses, loses. Peterborough diviners does


how many former employees have come back but it is allowed under the


rules. It also says that a particular contract for the GB civil


service account by a big part in the rise of agency workers.


Still to come before the end of the programme.


A new scheme at a hospital accident and emergency department deals with


a growing number of mental patients. A jury's begun considering its


verdict in the trial of a west Belfast man accused


of killing his baby daughter. Christopher O'Neill -


from the Whiterock Road - has pleaded not guilty to murdering


three-month-old Caragh Walsh She died two days after


being taken to hospital Mr O'Neill denies


the prosecution case considerable violence


against the infant. A 22-year-old Londonderry man


accused over a "one-punch attack" on a footballer has had the charge


against him withdrawn, Matthew McDermott,


from Cornshell Fields, had been charged with committing


grievous bodily harm with intent against Institute Football Club's


Niall Grace outside a city centre Mr Grace sustained serious head


injuries from which he Well, we now know who all


the candidates will be in the Assembly election -


voters go to the polls However only ninety will be returned


to Stormont unlike 108 Here's our political


correspondent Stephen Walker: As we have seen over the last couple


of weeks this is going to be a tightly fought contest and not


delete because it will be a small assembly and in this election there


will be fewer candidates. The DUP have the most in this brace with 38,


followed by Sinn Fein on 34. The Ulster Unionist Party around 24, and


the SDLP and the Alliance, 21 each. The Green party are running a team,


the TUV, 14, conservatives, 13, and People Before Profit, seven. The


workers party have five candidates, the cross community labelled


relative, four, the BGP and citizens independent social fault Alliance,


three, and Ukip are only running one candidate. There are also 22


independents in the field. So what will Stormont look like after the


election? What we are electing I think is a set of MLAs who at some


point will take up their seats in the assembly but most immediately


are going to go into probably three weeks of initial negotiations,


whether they will prove sufficient to resolve all the SU 's, the wish


list of Sinn Fein, that's another matter. I don't think we will have a


second election, which James Brokenshire has kind of half


signalled, I think it is more likely that we will go into a period of


suspension if those three weeks don't as it were resolve the


outstanding issues. Last time, 27% of the candidates were women but on


this occasion it has increased to 30%. There are some familiar faces


stepping down including Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness, Katrina Ruan, and


Catherine Seely, all missing from the ballot paper. The DUP Alistair


Ross is standing down along with Sammy Douglas. And Ross Hussey from


the UUP is not a candidate this time. As we move from six seater to


five seat as there are going to be political casualties and in this


election every constituency will produce a story.


MPs have rejected an SDLP attempt to ensure that the Government takes


on board the Good Friday Agreement during Brexit negotiations.


At Westminster last night an SDLP amendment was defeated


The DUP and Ulster Unionist MPs backed the Brexit bill -


while the SDLP and the Independent MP Lady Hermon voted against.


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Ireland coach Joe Schmidt insists it won't be


a Roman Holiday for his side in the Six Nations this weekend.


The founder of a school for children with cerebral palsy has accused


the Education Authority of failing its pupils.


The authority doesn't provide funding to the Buddy Bear


school in Dungannon, but says it sends children


to schools which best meets their needs according


Our education correspondent Robbie Meredith reports:


Meet five-year-old Jack and his mum Joanne. He's happy, a little child,


he loves music, he is of a strong personality. Jack's cerebral palsy


affects his speech and movement. Elsewhere in the school,


three-year-old Maeve is learning to walk. She wants to walk, she wants


to do things her younger sister can do and I feel in my heart and I know


that Buddy Bear will help her to achieve that. Children with cerebral


palsy can go to a variety of schools depending on the severity of their


condition, and the parents of the 18 pupils he, though, said there this


is where they want their children to be taught, but nine-year-old Katie


is the only one whose place is paid for by the education authority and


that only after her father fought a long legal battle. The tribunal


lasted about four, four and a half years from the time we started the


statement to the resolution. Very time-consuming, very hard on the


soul, trying to keep motivated and fighting on and it is frankly we got


there that we got there in the end. The education board in my opinion


has failed children. The a few have a parent waiting three years for a


statement, and another parent going through and appear process for three


debt for years, the education authority cannot be proud of that.


The authorities say they take significant account of medical


advice in making the decisions but Joanne has now spent two years


trying to get them to pay for Jackpot like a place in the School.


We still don't know what is going to be the result of the additional


authority 's decision, but I want him placed in a trust. This is a


story of belief, Joanne believing that Jack has the best chance of


progress here, but experts on the education authority said there isn't


the evidence to back that belief up Antrim Area Hospital has introduced


a new system to deal with the increasing number


of patients with mental health problems arriving


at its Emergency department. Physical and mental health


specialists work as a team to ensure vulnerable patients are detected


and are offered treatment quickly. In the past four months over 1800


people have been referred. Our Health correspondent


Marie-Louise Connolly reports. having had mental health problems in


the past? So this is a new thing for you? Tucked away from the busy


emergency department a member of the mental health team talks to an


extremely vulnerable patient who was found in a distressed state by the


police. How long have you been feeling that you would do yourself


some harm? This scheme, called raid, based as Antrim Area Hospital


specifically targets patients showing signs of depression and


anxiety or at suicide risk. This consultant psychiatrist is part of


the 24th emergency team. -- 24 hour. We made to have priority on mental


health, because it is often overlooked, and in acute hospitals


particularly, so if you'd have depression that has not been picked


up by the nursing staff on the acute wards, the Raid team can come and


see you, and start to give you you treatment, liaise with your GP and


give you the chance of recovery. In 2015, more than 6000 people turned


up at emergency departments across Northern Ireland as Abe result of


alcohol, drugs and perhaps by cutting themselves. The majority of


those people were aged between 16-24, and according to clinicians


here is the beauty of the scheme is that they are preventing a large


number of those men and women from slipping through the net. Thank you


for coming down to see us today, the doctors are still continuing to look


after him. It is all about teamwork, doctors and nurses and social


workers. That puts the right care package in place both in hospital


and after discharge. Praise from the woman whose mum had been admitted


for delirious. There were links between the different teams in


hospital in order to get her a very quick package of care, and she was


able to return home the next day. The model of care has required


additional resources guy but according to both staff and


patients, it is working, and that is good news for the health service.


The Ireland rugby team to play Italy was named today - Stephen's here..


Disappointing defeat in the opening game to Scotland but Ireland hoping


to get a first win on the board. Joe Schmidt has made two changes


to the starting line-up from the side that lost


in Edinburgh last weekend. Prop Cian Healy comes into the front


row, replacing Jack McGrath - while Ulster's Iain Henderson has


a tight hamstring and so is Meanwhile, Craig Gilroy


is named on the bench. Ireland returned from Scotland


with a bonus point and will be hoping to get another,


along with a win, from their trip to Rome,


but the coach was quick today to stress they're taking nothing


for granted going into this game. It's only four years ago that


Ireland went to Italy and lost and so you can't get ahead of yourself


when we know how combative they will be. It is also if you starts chasing


you can get yourself into trouble, I think it is just important first and


foremost to get the win and if we get the win, still a lots of our


future is in our own hands. Both Tommy Bowe and Stuart McCloskey


have been released by Ireland and will now be on the bench


for Ulster's Pro12 clash South African Marcell Coetsea will


make his highly-anticipated debut, starting at number eight


after recovering from a knee injury Peter Nelson and Stuart Olding


will also make returns from injury and go straight


into the starting side. We'll have match build-up


on tomorrow night's Newsline - The seven-game winning streak


of the Belfast Giants came They were beaten five-one at home to


the Cardiff Devils in the second-leg The Giants had started


the evening with a five-four lead But that was quickly


wiped out by the Devils, Cardiff advance to the final


after a 9-6 win in aggregate - while Belfast will now have to focus


on beating them to the We just didn't seem to get out of


second gear and they were one step ahead of us all night and they were


winning the battles, it was far best one, 5- for, we can't dwell on this


because we are back in action on Friday and we just had to give


congratulations to the Cardiff Devils and how well they played.


Not their night - BUT the Giants can go top of the Elite League table


if they can win tomorrow night against Dundee Stars.


Games are coming thick and fast, Tara. Really cold is denied, and


lots of people remarked upon bouts. Temperature is not much higher than


five or 6 degrees and of course we did not have the sunshine today so


it looked and felt really cold as well. If you are thinking ahead to


the weekend, those brightest eyes comeback, particularly on Saturday


so if you had up to the hills or mountains perhaps up went to the


moors this weekend at least the clouds will clear over the mountain


tops but it will stay very cold, the air overheads today really bitter


and any breeze at all will make it feel extremely cold. At the night,


despite the cloud, it feels cold in the breeze. Most places to stay dry


but the cloud thickens up to give the odd wintry flurry so one or two


patches of snow around as temperatures could fall to freezing


so any random breaks in the cloud at all. Not a widespread frost


tomorrow, but it will be cold and some spots of frost and ice around,


and it will be another cold day as well. You need to lay up, so gloves,


scarves, hats already. Temperatures at one or 2 degrees, may be low in


some spots, and the odd wintry flurry here and there as well. Don't


be surprised if you see some flakes of snow or a little bit of drizzle


at times but lots of cloud to begin with, expecting it to brighten up


from the north-east as the day goes on. It should cheer up a bit.


Temperatures still struggle in the cold breeze but some sunshine


everywhere, just about, by the end of the day. Clear skies hang on


tomorrow night, leading to a widespread frost, so looking at -4,


minus five degrees come in the countryside. Heading to the Ulster


match tomorrow evening? Be prepared for it to be cold, temperatures


above freezing at that point may be. On Saturday a frosty start but


thankfully a nice bright start to the weekend, dry, with some


sunshine, still cold, but it will look and feel a bit better compared


to be cloudy skies. Anyone lucky enough to go to the Italy match in


Rome, 14 degrees there, much nicer, feeling quite spring like I'm sure.


Sunday, one of the wintry flurries, but most of the weekend will be dry.


Our late summary is at half past ten.


The bps says it won't prosecute a man arrested over Kingsmill


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