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Tonight's top stories: A family's devastation as a young Donegal


Loneliness attached to grief and loss.


A Sinn Fein MEP's Brexit comments in the European Parliament


The search continues in the waters off County Mayo for three


Also on the programme tonight: Can Belfast City Council teach


Stormont about power sharing after it lost its unionist


There is no majority. We are all minorities.


New teams, big names, extra TV coverage.


Join me at the launch of motorcycling's NW200.


And cloudy and mild tonight with light rain


Brighter but cooler tomorrow after some early rain.


The mother of a young Donegal woman who was murdered in a tourist area


in India has paid tribute to her daughter and said


Danielle McLaughlin from Buncrana, who was described as beautiful


and kind-hearted, was found in Goa at breakfast time yesterday.


She'd received injuries to her head and face.


In a moment, we'll have the latest from India, but first


here's our North-West reporter, Keiron Tourish.


Described as bright, bubbly and full of life, but Danielle McLaughlin's


life ended tragically in India. She was discovered at 8am local time


yesterday in an isolated spot close the tourist spots in Goa. Her parish


priest said the family had been devastated by the death. They are


understandably grieving. They are overwhelmed by the sense of loss.


They are supported by staff and the community and the people around them


but nevertheless, as with all grief and loss, there is a terrible


loneliness attached to it. Danielle McLaughlin had been a pupil in


Buncrana before going to university in Liverpool. She loved travelling


and was hugely popular. She was outgoing, lively, she took part in


school musicals, she was a great Irish dancer, she had done soccer


and athletics. She was a great part of the school. In Buncrana itself,


people were left numb by the news. She was backpacking. Very sad time


for people in Buncrana. It is terrible, awful, devastating news


for the family especially. An absolute tragedy for the family.


Full of beans, happy-go-lucky. Buncrana is a town reeling from this


tragedy. Everyone here says the thoughts and prayers are with the


grieving family. Our correspondent, Yogita Limaye,


joins us live from Goa now. What more do we know


about the investigation It is in this field by minute that


Daniel's body was found yesterday morning. Police say she had injuries


to her face and head. They were initially able to identify with the


help of other foreign nationals living in the area as well as


information from social media platforms. A couple of hundred


meters to my right as the main highway that connects north and


south Goa with lots of beaches and restaurant around it that this is


quite an isolated spot. I have speaking with the officer


investigating the case and he says the for by people in connection with


the case and arrested one man yesterday. They believe they have


found the main culprit because they found compelling evidence including


CCTV camera footage showing the accused with the victim as well as a


two wheeled vehicle with blood stains on it and produce with blood


smears on them. They say have they had been in touch with British and


Irish embassies but are still awaiting the result of the


postmortem examination. Any reaction locally in Goa? Locally, a lot of


people were organising a vigil. One thing is certain, it is brought back


memories of the Scarlett Keeling case, a 15-year-old British national


was murdered and raped in 2008. Her court case went on for years and it


is only late last year that it came to the conclusion and even then, the


two men accused of killing her were acquitted by a local court here.


Police say that they believe that in this case, they actually had strong


evidence, they feel confident, they had been questioning this man to see


if he was acting on his own or if there were other people involved,


and they have him in custody until the 21st of March to continue that


investigation. Bonfire material dumped


on a new multi-million pound greenway in east Belfast has been


cleared after a month-long Workers from the Environment Agency


removed the wood and tyres which had been stockpiled


at Connswater Community Greenway. There will more than 100 wood


pallets on the Greenway but now there are none. There were dozens of


tyres but one by one they have been gathered up and taken away. Work


started at ATM. The Environment Agency ordered the clear up and no


one stood in the way. The bonfire material had been here for weeks. In


spite of complaints about the mess on the new ?40 million Greenway, the


authorities were reluctant to intervene. Then last night, a local


agreement was reached. Community worker Robert Osborne said the


decision had widespread support. There was a lot of money spent here


and we do not want to see that going to waste. If we make our community


better, it is better for us. So how are you able to persuade people to


allow this material to be removed? They understand that the community


comes first, there is a lot more to it. If we can progress as people. So


has there been a deal done? No deal, we have just come to an agreement.


It is just between us and the community. Would there be a payback


for the community? Definitely, from us, we will help the community out


anyway we can, if you approach me or any member of the community. We do


not want to see ?40 million go to waste. Can you guarantee there will


not be more bonfire material here tomorrow? We have come to an


agreement that there will not be a bonfire here at all. Although some


of the material was set alight, the damage has been minimal. Belfast


City Council say they are confident this new multi-million pound


Greenway will soon look as good as new.


The discovery of a white substance in an envelope


at Lagan Integrated College in the Castlereagh hills led


to a security operation there this afternoon.


The principal says classes continued as normal but pupils were supervised


by police and staff leaving the school at home time.


The police cordoned off from around midday. Fire and Rescue Service were


also according to deal with what amounted to a security alert. The


security alert began this morning after an envelope was received at


the offices of the school, containing white powder. The


emergency services were called in and that envelope and powder are the


subject of a close examination. Pupils continued the class is what


the operation to deal with the suspect went on although they were


kept away from that part of the building where the powder was


discovered. The principle of the school kept in touch with parents by


e-mail and text, telling them their children would leave the school as


usual at 3:30pm under the supervision of the police and


teachers. They were anxious parents waiting at the school gates. It was


a bit of a shock, coming to the school. There was no panic at all, I


don't think, no real danger we felt anyway. The police investigation


into who was behind today's is continuing.


A Sinn Fein MEP who said the Prime Minister could stick


a hard or soft border where the sun doesn't shine was dismissed


as belligerent in the House of Commons today.


Sinn Fein said Martina Anderson was reflecting anger


over Brexit but, so far, there's been no comment


from the party's Stormont leader, Michelle O'Neill.


Here's our political correspondent, Gareth Gordon.


This is the moment that Sinn Fein member of the European Parliament


became an Internet sensation. Armoured cars, tanks and guns could


not do in Ireland 27 member states will not be able to do, so your


notion of the border, hard or soft, stick it where the sun does not


shine! The Secretary of State will have heard the belligerent utterance


of the former Sinn Fein director of the Unionist engagement to the Prime


Minister can stick a hard or soft border where the sun does not shine.


Can I buy the Secretary of State to remind Martina Anderson that it sets


the terms for the future of Northern Ireland based on the majority of the


will of the people is not changed? James Brogan Scheidt dodged the


question, repeating only that the government did not want to see a


return to the borders of the past. Sinn Fein's Stormont leader recently


criticised her colleague for saying that Sinn Fein had put manners on


the DUP leader, Arlene Foster. I have spoken to Michelle but it is


not language I would use. I have seen in the last number of weeks and


months the DUP treat the public with contempt, arrogance and disrespect.


That is not the way we should conduct ourselves. Today she led a


protest alongside family is calling the inquests into the deaths of


their loved ones. So far she has not commented on Martina Anderson's


remarks but in a statement, Champagne told the BBC that the


comments were reflective of that anger that Northern Ireland could be


dragged out of Europe by someone who has no mandate in Ireland. Today


Martina Anderson issued a statement claiming that Brexit could


jeopardise further infrastructure projects that using much more


measured language. The government is not intending


to erect posts on the border with the Republic after the UK


leaves the European Union. That was the message from


the Brexit Secretary, David Davis, Mr Davis confirms the plan is to use


new technology to monitor Our political editor,


Mark Devenport, was watching How close is this high-tech border


to becoming a reality? David Davis told MPs that officials from the


Customs service and the Northern Ireland Office are already working


with their Irish counterparts in trying to design a new system but


admitted there was a lot of design work still to do. He expressed


confidence they would resolve the problems facing them because he said


both governments were determined to do it because he has also said the


technology available was much better than it was 20 years ago. The fact


is, there is a board of the and there are duty differences across


the border which are dealt with but dealt with in a subtle and not


highly visible way. And the trusted scheme I was talking about before is


the sort of thing that operates, and that is what we would have in mind.


It is not going to be easy, it will cost us money, a lot of work on


technology and so one, but without having heard a personal and so on,


and that is what we intend to do. Does David Davis think the European


Union will object? He does not think they will. He thinks they will


cooperate with this and the maintenance of the Common travel


area which allows for the freedom of movement of people between the UK


and Ireland because he says the European Commission has a strong


emotional investment in the Northern Ireland peace process and does not


want to do anything to jeopardise that. Speaking of the peace process,


we also heard from the Secretary of State today on the talks.


Absolutely. He was asking questions in the Commons on the state of


talks. He says progress is being made but more has to be achieved. He


would not get into speculating about contingency planning for failure or


any extension of the deadline instead he wants to concentrate on


trying to achieve a deal within that three-week period.


The global bank Citigroup has said it does not expect Brexit


to have a negative impact on its operation here.


The bank is one of Belfast's biggest employers.


But the hospitality sector has warned that tougher


immigration rules after Brexit could hit its plans to expand.


Here's our economics and business editor, John Campbell.


Citigroup has been a Belfast success story. It is set up here in 2014 and


after a series of reinvestment employs more than 2000 people. There


has been uncertainty after financial services jobs right across the UK.


Some will be relocated as was at the Brexit. HSBC is planning to move


1000 staff to Paris. But now the UK boss of Citigroup has reassured


there will be no exodus from Belfast. He said there is no


fundamental reason why Belfast's attractions to us should change as a


result of Brexit. I do not see its standing in the way of either what


we have gotten Belfast all our plans to continue developing. Also


announced today wasn't planned the big new office block in Titanic


Quarter. There is speculation that Citigroup is lined up as a tenant.


Meanwhile the hospitality industry has been giving evidence about


Brexit effects. Migration is a big issue in this sector. Look at the


numbers. Migrant workers are 8% of the Northern Ireland workforce. But


they make up 20% of the manufacturing workforce and almost a


quarter of all hospitality jobs. One representative said it is already a


struggle to fill jobs. There is a huge challenge for us to make a


demand. It affects the migrant workers we get from Europe. We still


do not know what limits will be placed on migrant workers after


Brexit. We could have a system of regional work permits controlled by


the Executive. That is assuming we have an executive.


Search teams looking for the three missing crew members


of the Coast Guard rescue helicopter which crashed off County Mayo


have detected a signal from the aircraft's black


It's close to Black Rock lighthouse, about ten miles from Blacksod.


The family of the helicopter pilot Dara Fitzpatrick,


who died after being found in the water, have been


Irish naval vessel stayed at sea overnight in the area where


debridement the helicopter has been found. In the distance, Black Rock,


close to where the helicopter disappeared without warning. At


first flight, Coast Guard helicopters returned to resume the


search for the missing colleagues. As well as the operation in the air


and on the sea, the search is now taking place under the water with


sonar equipment deployed and naval and Garda divers on stand-by to see


whether they should focus their efforts. Wreckage from the


helicopter was brought ashore throughout yesterday. Last night


relatives arrived at the Lighthouse to be briefed on the search


operation. Earlier in the day, Captain Dara Fitzpatrick was


recovered from the sea. Also on board was the chief pilot and the


winchman. Dara Fitzpatrick's sister, mother and father say they are


devastated by her loss. We feel like the lucky ones now because we have


the. We can kiss her, hold her, hold her hand. At the end of the day, I


hope the torment will be over, to a certain extent. Because this is


torment. Rescue 116 was often involved in missions in Northern


Ireland. The tragedy has been felt at the Coast Guard operations centre


in Bangor. They were like a family. It has hit steep. We had a visit


from the Queen when Dara was here. It still has not sunk in the rescue


116 and a Q1 not come home from the mission. Last weekend, the Dublin


-based helicopter was providing support. It has been a privilege to


work with them. They are consummate professionals, highly passionate


about what they do and highly experienced and a fantastic bunch of


people. As the search continues, so too does the agonising wait for


news. Still to come on the programme:


Join me live in Coleraine, where hundreds of fans are getting


the chance to meet some Introducing an Irish


language act would cost ?8.5 million over five years,


according to a leading Conradh na Gaeilge also estimate


the act would cost ?2 million a year to implement,


as our education correspondent, It's led to loud protests and widely


bearing estimates of the cost. The reason I am against an Irish


language act is because of the cost of it, tens of millions of pounds.


One of the main groups who want an Irish language act have produced


this, document which lays out what it would mean and what the bill


would be, ?8.5 million over five years, ?2.5 million a year to


implement. Among those costs are ?150,000 to establish and half ?1


million a year to run a translation department in Stormont. Of the ?1


million initially spent translating documents and forms and bilingual


road signs. But given Conradh na Gaeilge want an act, the figures


authoritative? There is no doubt our figures will hold up to scrutiny. We


think these are practical proposals that can be implemented at the best


possible time. This economist has also had a look at the plans. He


thinks they are an under estimate. Let me say this in front of the BBC,


they are leaving the costs to fall on the Department for Education and


have not cost of those. This is if anything is an understatement of


what anybody would expect to be the cost, if they develop an Irish


language process, became more established. Conradh na Gaeilge said


they have set up a reasonable bill for Irish language legislation but


those opposed it may not be convinced.


Unionists no longer have a majority in Stormont but it's 20 years


since the same thing happened at Belfast City Hall.


In 1997, the first nationalist mayor was elected, ending centuries


So can lessons be learned from Belfast when it


I've been speaking to three former lord mayors.


These portraits of former Lord Mayers tell their own story. Belfast


City Council was once described as a bear pit. Now it is more likely to


be held up as an example of how power-sharing can work. Do not speak


to any councillor like that, please. 20 years ago, relations between


nationalists and unionists were still tense on the council. This


motion perpetuates the myth that Irish language and the speaking of


the Irish language is something of significance in this city! Sammy


Wilson spent almost sent 20 years in the City Hall and was Lord mayor


twice. He concedes the earth did not fall on wind unionists lost the


majority but says there were important shifts. Once we lost the


majority, the symbolism at the City Hall of the flag of the country


flying at the capital city of the country, that was removed, and that


caused huge tensions in the city. The battle between the two camps


raged for decades during troubled times. The mayor does not want to


dwell on the Doctors of the past and says we need to seem beyond orange


and green. It is not about nationalism and unions are many


more. In my view, it is about those who live here in this blossoming


Irish community. The new Belfast people all over the city, the


greens, those on the left, those who have dreamt of a brighter future.


For many years, the Alliance Party has held the balance of power. One


academic says there is no longer any majority community. There are


unionists, nationalists and people classified as being other, so there


are three different groups of people, three different population


groups. The balance has to be struck between them because the reality is


there is no majority, there will not be a majority. We are all minorities


now that is how we have to make future. Alliance held the first


mayor position and was the support that enabled the first National is


mayor. The way we have seen the city developer has largely been as a


result of more collaborative working because despite the fact some of


those things are contentious, many decisions are taken on a cross-party


basis and there is much more discussion before decisions are


taken. It is not comparing like with like many believe the past of


Belfast City Council could help the future Stormont. Tell us what you


think on our Facebook page. Tonight, hundreds of motorcycle fans


are getting the chance to meet This venue is starting to fill up


and it will be a sell-out tonight for our special meet the stars


evening. Lots of new bikes and teams are here as well, lots of big names


including a couple of home-grown stars. Alistair, to you first of


all, you are the record-holder, number of wins with 17, can you


extend this year? I have been trying my best. I have a good team for this


year. We will go and try to add to our tally. With Kawasaki, for me, it


is continuity, I am with teams and bikes for I know, so we will try to


add to the tally break another effort. Ryan, you told as recently


that crash last year when you almost lost your life, you are bringing a


team to the North West 200 this year? I have just announced today


that Lee Johnson or right for me at the North West 200 on a bike in


ambulance colours, a charity very close to my heart. I thought was


good time to do something different. Support a charity that I feel will


save a lot of lives, not just a motorsport but in everyday life. I


also have a South African rider coming in as a newcomer. There are a


lot of road racers who have never heard of him that he is a big-name.


It will be an exciting battle. What is the appeal of the North West 200


to you? Because it is a local event, coming here is a boy and cheering on


the Dunlops, now for me to get that in the last lap, it is unreal, and


for me it is the atmosphere. You have got the seaside resorts, you go


there in the summertime, and we spend a week and it is a good family


outing, I tried to keep as calm as possible but come Saturday... Race


week starts on the 8th of May and all the action you can see and hear


on the BBC. Now let's get the


weather with Geoff. It has been a bit dull. Grey and


cloudy. This picture from our Weather Watcher sums up the problem,


a blanket of cloud sitting over us. Other than that, nothing much to


talk about at all. As we go overnight tonight, we will start to


see a bit of rain in the mix working its way in from the West. Light and


drizzly for the main, mostly confined to the higher ground, but


it marks a card for what is to come tomorrow. Overnight lows of seven or


8 degrees. Tomorrow, rain to the morning. It will brighten up later


on but that comes with a sting in the tale, too. As we go through the


morning, we will start to see these bands of rain working their way in


and as the weather fronts coming, the warmest temperatures through the


morning, nine and 10 degrees. Once this front of cleared out of the


way, cool, bright, clear air. Afternoon temperatures, highs of six


or 7 degrees. But it leaves plenty of brightness. Because we have got


those clearing skies, overnight, temperatures will drop away and we


will have a chilly night with overnight lows down to two or three


degrees. The outlook for Saint Patrick's Day is not good. A wet and


windy day, really rather unpleasant. This is the scene on Friday morning.


That rain sitting over us, spreading into all parts, heaviest in the


West, best chance of any bright nurse East. Very few places that


will get through Friday without seeing at least a little bit of


rain. As we head into the weekend itself, we will keep that rainy


theme. It will feel like the day that is starting to clear up just a


little bit. A hint of positivity there. With lots of sporting events


and parades in pageants planned for riding, I am just sorry the weather


is not playing its part. Our late summary


is at half past ten.