17/05/2017 BBC Newsline

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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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Good evening, the headlines on BBC Newsline.


A schoolgirl has been stabbed on a Lagan College schoolbus -


The murder of Connie Leonard - it's emerged a restraining


order was issued against the man who killed her.


The Kingsmills inquest is told a key suspect of the killings has been


Enda Kenny is to step down as leader of Fine Gael at midnight.


They call him the Beast, he's played in the Premier League


And, after a day of sunshine and showers -


I'll have your forecast later in the programme.


A pupil has been taken to hospital after an incident on a school bus


It happened at Lagan College in Castlereagh, from where I'm


joined by our reporter Ita Dungan - Ita, what do we know?


Yes, I am here at Lagan College, an integrated school on the outskirts


of East Belfast. An oversubscribed school that has a pupil population


of around 1200. First we heard of this incident was around four p.m.,


when a parent called into the newsroom to say there was an


incident, a stabbing incident on a school bus stop shortly afterwards


parents received a text from the school and that text confirmed that


the incident had taken place on a school bus and a student had been


taken to A The text went on to say no one was deeply injured and


senior management and the PSNI were dealing with the incident. I have


tried to speak to the principle here but no one is available. What the


police have since told us is that yes, incident did happen just down


the road here, it happened on the bus and it was indeed a schoolgirl


that was stabbed. She was taken to hospital. It's not clear whether she


has since been released or she remains in hospital but the police


said they are working hard to try to establish what exactly happened on


the school bus. Thank you. It's been confirmed that a judge had


issued a restraining order against the man who murdered


Connie Leonard in her Connie was well known


as a traditional Irish musician. She was stabbed to death by Paddar


Phair, who then took his own life. He also stabbed and injured her son


Conor, who has Downs Syndrome. He was released from hospital


today and says he wants Our south-west reporter,


Julian Fowler reports from the scene A floral tribute outside the home


where Connie Leonard lived with her son. Also outside the home, police


cordoned observing the scene of the murder. Connie Leonard had entered


her volition ship with Paddar Phair and had put in place a number


station order banning him from contacting him to leap across her. A


court hearing was due to take place yesterday to confirm the order.


Instead Paddar Phair came to her home on Monday night and attacked


her and her son before taking his own life. Those who work with


victims of domestic violence say Connie had tried to protect herself.


She has gone, she has got an order, she has contacted PSNI, actively


tried to keep yourself safe but I think where the focus needs to be is


the responsibility for this lies very firmly with the man who has


committed this crime and not with Connie and not with the agencies all


the community around her. Today the limit family released these photos


of Connie, a talented traditional musician who played the piano


accordion. She was involved with the Irish music organisation which put


local children and prepared them for the Fermanagh flyer. The loss of a


talented person, it's a big loss because she was very much involved,


she has been involved at different levels over the years. It is thought


that her son Connor, who has Down's syndrome, tried to raise the alarm.


He was found by the police with stab wounds to his stomach. He is now


recovering from his stab injuries and is expected to attend his mother


's funeral on Friday. An inquest into the IRA killing


of ten protestant workmen in County Armagh has been told that


a key suspect has been linked No one has ever been convicted over


the Kingsmills massacre in 1976. The victims were travelling to their


homes after work. A Catholic was allowed to leave, 11th to stunt were


shot, only one survived. More than four decades after the killings,


relatives of the killings are coming to this inquest day after day. Still


elderly, hurting and looking for answers. There were some answers


today, when the suspect was described as a prime individual.


This family is headed by the PSNI review, conducted after a report in


2011. The review linked the suspect whose name can't be made public to


46 murders over the two-year period from 1974 to 1976. The inquest heard


that these murders involved 22 civilians, including a


seven-year-old boy, 21 soldiers, two police officers and a paramilitary


activist. The issue of on the run letters was also raised. It's been


claimed that a number of suspects in the Kingsmilss massacre received on


the run letters from the British government. It was asked if frantic


evidence that isn't new guys at death. The coroner said other


witnesses might be required. The Taoiseach Enda Kenny has


announced that he's stepping down He'll remain as Taoiseach


until a successor is chosen by his party, and confirmed


by the Dail. I'm joined by our Dublin


correspondent, Shane Harrison. Why is he going? He is the most


successful leader of his party, the only leader to be returned as


Taoiseach after a general election and its longest serving Irish Prime


Minister. He said he would return to smack wrote resign at midnight. The


nominee will then have to be ratified by the Dail at a later


date. His resignation was expected, he had a poor general election last


year and told colleagues he wouldn't lead them into the next one, but in


February his position became precarious after he had to admit


that a radio interview he had given in which it claims to have had a


conversation with an independent whistle-blower never happened. His


supporters will put his achievements, as they regard them,


and making sure that Ireland, the peace process are at the centre of


the Brexit negotiations but opponents will say that more could


have been done on policing and for the homeless and for those who are


vulnerable and poor. Who is tipped to be successor? There are two main


candidates, but his favourites are the Minister for social protection,


the son of an Indian doctor who revealed himself to be gay before


the Republic can the only country to introduce same-sex marriage in the


popular vote. The other is the housing minister, whose father was


also a Fine Gael minister. There is also the possibility that the


justice minister and education Minister may nominate themselves but


at the moment it is regarded as a two horse race between the over


Risca and Simon covertly. It's believed that a prisoner


who died in Maghaberry Jail this The 38-year-old man


was on remand awaiting trial. The prison service say his next


of kin have been informed. Still to come for stop catch up with


the Syrian family living in the North-West and hear about their


special arrival. The head of the Republic's customs


authorities has said that after Brexit up to 8% of freight


traffic crossing the border will be subject to checks at so-called


trade facilitation posts. At the weekend the prime


minister Theresa May spoke of the need for as seamless


a border as possible. Here's our Economics


and Business Editor, John Campbell: The political refrain has been no


return to the borders of the past. Now we're getting some idea about


the board of the future. The Republic's top customs official has


laid down his opinions. He said customs declarations will happen


electronically and most will be immediately improved. He said they


will be no checks at the border but there will be so-called trade


facilitation stations about ten calamitous past the border. Some


freight will be diverted there for checks. Perhaps 8% of container


traffic. Most of the document to recheck on present experience... 8%


doesn't sound very much, but it could mean hundreds of the race


having to stop the checks every day. Today's news is concerning to those


involved in the cross-border because we are looking at minimum 6000 HGV


movements across border on a daily basis so if we are looking at 8% of


those vehicles having to be checked, that could be 600 vehicles actually


having to stop and have good to that, these costs will be passed on


and they will be consequences with delays, Julie Tom reliability. Sinn


Fein say it is helpful to have got some clarity but added that


restrictions on trade relatives dating impact on the economy is both


north and south. We now have some idea what the Irish government is


planning for its side of the border. Wood is less clear is what might


happen on this side, but I understand the UK Government


officials are due to make local call it firms in the coming weeks to


update them on their ideas -- local haulage firms.


He has been strongly criticised over decisions to prosecute former


soldiers for troubled related killings.


The appointment of McGrory was hailed by some as a break with past


but decisions about the past provoked a storm criticism from


conservative Unionist politicians. Former soldiers who served in


Northern Ireland took to the streets in protest at the decision for


prosecuting a small number. The director of public predictions was


accused of bias against former soldiers. In an Irish language


programme last week he was asked if he felt some people were trying to


pressurise him into standing down. Earlier this year, he hit back at


those who said he was treating soldiers unfairly. They are


certainly being personally insulting and they are questioning my


integrity. What concerns me more about that is it isn't it is


insulting to this office. The DUP and Sinn Fein failed to reach


agreement on how to deal with the past. Today disagreed when asked if


the DPP had been put under undue political pressure. We have had


difficulties with the office of the director recently in terms of the


way in which 90% of what has happened in the past has been caused


by terrorism and paramilitaries, yet that doesn't seem to be that balance


when it comes to prosecuting people, and we had difficulties with the


office in the nation to that doesn't mean I don't wish him well, I do as


he goes on to the next stage of his career. What are the criticisms? I


think it was entirely his own decision. I think they overstepped


the mark, across-the-board, the attacks on him were nothing short of


disgraceful. They couldn't back-ups of the allegations, I think he did


exceptional job. This professor of law at Queens University says


McGrory was unfairly maligned. The real is loser to make


determinations, if politicians fail to grasp that, if there is an odd


and we should have an amnesty than politicians need to grasp that. None


of the politicians crossed the metal. So he had to go and do his


job and make decisions on a legal basis. McGrory said he will step


down. The successor is expected to be appointed in September. He


wouldn't elaborate on why he has announced his resignation now but


sources insist the criticism he has faced is not the reason and say this


has been planned for some time. In fact they say he had planned to make


the announcement late last year but was stopped from doing so because he


didn't want to appear that he had been pressurised into stepping down.


It is understood that he now plans to return to private legal practice.


It's 50 days to the Irish golf open begins in Port Stewart. It starts in


July, the same as the start of the holiday season.


This quiet corner of the north Coast will soon be packed with people. As


well as the usual summer visitors, more than 20,000 golf fans a day are


excited to come to Port Stewart to watch the Irish open. And the 16th


free, they will get in, there is stuff going on, plenty of music, the


towns are all geared up, I've spoken to a lot of people in the bars and


restaurants, I think it's good to be a great experience. But even without


a big golf tournament, it's not always an easy time to get in and


out. But behind-the-scenes, they have a plan. We have worked


tirelessly to make sure we have effective transportation, it should


be seamless getting people in and out. It is windy today but warm and


sunny. If the last couple of exciting to go by, we can only hope!


Local traders are hoping that golf fans will be allowed to move freely


between the town and the tournament and that's what's going to happen.


All the local traders, they get no benefits, a lot of them were


complaining that they lost business from what they thought was going to


happen. So it's going to be run differently this time, all traders,


will take them to the golf club and explain how it'll work. So local


businesses are now having for a slice of the action. That'll be


great. Different people coming into the town, word-of-mouth spread, we


are all happy. Looking around the golf course and the town, there


still is a lot of work to do to cope with the number of people due to


come here, but the organisers still have 50 days to do it.


You may remember that last week we reported on some of the five


hundred Syrian refugees who have re-settled in Northern Ireland.


This week we go to the North-West to see how one family are finding


As Keiron Tourish reports, they had one special reason


It's just over a year since this family decided to start a new life


in Northern Ireland. They had fled their Syrian homeland and had been


living in Turkey before arriving here for a new life with their baby


who was born here last July. When we came to dairy, all the people here


were very friendly, very kind -- dairy. All the people helped Syrian


people, and the weather is good because in the Middle East, it's


very sunny, very hot. They are gradually getting used to life in


the city. He says everyone has been kind and extended of welcome while


they settle in a foreign country with the challenges that brings.


TRANSLATION: There is a nice city, and the people who live here on ice.


The conflict in Syria has forced many to flee their home land in


search of a new beginning. The family has settled here, they have


been getting practical help from volunteers as they escape the


conflict in the Middle East. Sometimes they are from with


letters, Jobcentre, other organisations, lots of translation


work needed, sometimes they panic, what's in this letter? But overall,


they are doing very well and they are a great bunch of people, very


friendly. In the last year in 11 families have moved to the city,


that's 48 people. Since then, they have been three births stop Syrian


families have paid tribute to the people here in the city who say they


have been given the time and space to settle in and start the new


lives. Earlier on the programme


Mark Simpson brought us up to speed with how


the North Coast was As for the on course management


of the four day event at Portstewart in July,


Stephen Watson has been speaking to championship


director Simon Alliss. The aim was to make it a strong list


and the best Irish open, to develop a world-class field and put Irish


golf on the map. Ever since then we have been innovating and developing


the tournament, we think this will be the biggest one yet. A


star-studded field, can we expect more big names? I hope so, can't


give too much away, but we are hosted by Rory McIlroy, we will


never forget that, he's a true champion of the game and an exciting


personality, we have heard an announcement for John Rand, very


exciting, it'll be the first start for him, Justin Rose, Olympic


medallist, mustn't forget him, he hasn't played in the Irish open for


seven years. It's would be the first time he has played professional golf


in Northern Ireland, watch this space. We've talked about Irish


opens at other places, it is time the night to shine here and I think


it'll be a wonderful display of golf, it'll be different,


innovative, it'll be new, and unmissable. The Irish open start in


around seven weeks' time. Irish Premiership runners-up


Crusaders have confirmed the signing of former Burnley and Denmark


underage international The 41-year-old, who played


38 times for Burnley in the Premier League, stands 6 foot


five inches tall and goes He joins the Shore Road outfit


on a one year contract. It's a good opportunity for me not


to hang my boots up, just keep it going, just to show people, there is


the wife in the old dog yet. Was it a difficult position, you are 41


now? No, the Europa League is one of the things I have always been


dreaming of, like I said, opportunities.


It has been sunny but we have also had thundery downpours and they have


continued through into this evening. Many of them will die out tonight


but it will turn largely trove of clear skies developing on the


Bridges is depth. Not especially cold, but it may be chilly in


countryside areas. We can look forward to a fine start to the day


tomorrow, plenty of dry weather, some sunshine, but it won't start


that way. To begin with, a great start for the outdoors. Slow-moving,


light winds, a few of them have the potential to be heavy and possibly


thundery. Between, some sunshine with temperatures reaching maybe 17


degrees. Cooler in the West, if you're travelling tomorrow across


the island, a similar pictures. The second part of the afternoon, you


will coming and going. Scattered showers will stay with us into


tomorrow evening, one or two lasting through tomorrow night, but largely


dying away and the bridges will tumble to about 7 degrees for a few


spots. Turning chilly for some of us. But after a pretty promising


start on Friday, it will once again go downhill, a bright, sunny start


followed by scattering of showers as they pop up from the Atlantic but


the winds to stay nice and light. Just below average the time of year


for some of us, always milder and warmer the east coast. The week and


will stay on settled, low pressure remained in control, some scattered


showers around but some sunshine to, Sunday will be the most grey.


Finally, a reminder of our top story. A schoolgirl from Lagan


College has been stamped Dabo crosstabs in the arm on a school


bus. The girl wasn't seriously injured. We are looking at the


election campaign here later, Heimlich summary