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Two children, believed to be a brother and sister,


have been knocked down and critically injured in County Antrim.


The incident happened late this afternoon, near Randalstown.


Our reporter, Catherine Morrison, has been to the scene.


It's understood the children had just been dropped


off by their school bus when they were knocked down


by a car, at around 4:40pm this afternoon.


It happened at the junction of the Staffordshire Road


and Greenan Road, outside Randalstown.


The car involved, a white Audi A3 remained at the scene and the police


say no arrests have been made. The two children, a boy and a girl, were


taken to the hospital where they are said to be any critical condition.


This is every parent's worst nightmare. You said your children to


school in the morning, and you have thoughts about them during the day


but you assume they will return home safe to you in the afternoon. But


this is an exceptional day and tragic circumstances. The thoughts


and prayers are with the family. Roads in the area near the accident


site remain closed tonight, The police have appealed


to anyone who saw what Catherine Morrison,


BBC Newsline, Randlastown. There's uncertainty if Brexit


will mean the return of customs In her Brexit statement today,


the Prime Minister said the UK would be exiting


the European Customs Union, which allows tariff-free


trade north and south. Although Mrs May also said


she will try to negotiate Here's our economics and business


editor, John Campbell. This is free flowing, S. Thousands


of the Eccles cross our border every day, without any customs checks.


That's because the UK and Ireland are members of the European customs


union. But could we soon be moving to an arrangement like this? Here,


on the border between Sweden and Norway, lorry drivers must cross at


designated places. They have to hand in paperwork. They can also have


their cargoes checked. There are terrorists to be paid on some goods,


effectively a tax on trade. That is because Sweden is in the customs


union but Norway is not. Think of the customs union like a club, set


up to make trade easier. All the members of the club have agreed they


won't charge customs duties on each other's goods. Members also agreed


to take a joint approach to the rest of the world. Imports from outside


the union must attract the same tariffs in a matter which member


state they are going to. In their jargon, that is known as a common


external tariff. But the joint approach means members of the club


can't do their own trade deals. Deals the trap Prime Minister wants


to do. I do not want us to be bound by the common external tariff. These


are the elements of the customs union that prevent us from striking


our own comprehensive trade agreements with other countries. But


I do want us to have a customs agreement with the EU. The Prime


Minister hopes that whatever deal is done with the EU we will retain the


good parts of the customs union and also make lots of new trade deals.


But in the meantime there is uncertainty for businesses,


particularly those in border areas. We have a very complex supply chain


here. We produce, for example, food and drink on both sides of the


border. What does that mean for us if we are looking at customs,


looking at tariffs? Sinn Fein was not a pretty impressed by the


speech. Theresa May 's insistence on leaving the customs union is a hard


Brexit. A hard border. The Government suggest a hard border


will be avoided. I think away can be found to deal with the issue of the


border we exit the customs union. Theresa May has again promised there


will be no return to the borders of the past. But Brexit means change is


coming. It's just not clear how much impact that change will have.


Earlier I asked the Secretary of State how the UK could leave


the Customs Union and not have border customs checks.


In relation to the customs union as well I think the Prime Minister


underlined that she wants to see the maximum ability for UK firms to be


able to trade a cross borders without terrorists, without


restrictions, and indeed underpinning that concept of what


you might describe as a frictionless border. That friction is border that


we see today. So it is that objective that she has in those


negotiations, and I think it was key to see that in her speech earlier


on. People do need real clarity. Can you guarantee that the physical


border will remain the same? We've been very clear on not wanting to


see a return to the borders of the past. Those restrictions that apply


because of that really significant impact in Northern Ireland. So it is


with that intent, that will, and that shared well in terms of the


Irish Government, that we don't see a return to those old borders. And


why we have set out that objective today and how that really underpins


the approach we take a head. That's turned the assembly election, and


you have asked for civility in the campaign. From what we've heard from


the parties, it seems that will be a very tall order. How can you avoid


not having a brutal campaign, as one party put it? I know that in any


election campaign the issues need to be debated. It needs to be a robust


campaign as these things always are. But I do focus on this issue of how


we bring people back together afterwards. That it is not become so


divisive that people do think carefully about what is at stake. In


regard to those talks post election, how long will you give them before


you implement direct rule? The law is very clear that we have the


period of the election campaign and then there is giving the greatest


focus, the greatest ability, to get devolved Government continuing, and


that responsibility we'll have in the weeks ahead.


The Press Association is tonight reporting that the father-in-law


of the former DUP Director of Communications, John Robinson, runs


two green energy boilers under the controversial


Yesterday Mr Robinson, who's now the special adviser to


the Economy Minister Simon Hamilton, denied any family


Tonight, in a statement, Mr Robinson said his father-in-law applied


to the scheme in August 2015, and that was before he got married,


Mr Robinson said, "At no time did we discuss any aspect of the Scheme


nor was I aware of his application to the Scheme.


Neither my wife nor I have ever had any role in the business nor have


we received any benefit, financial or otherwise,


A former defence minister has used parliamentary privilege to allege


that Barra McGrory is what he called a "Sinn Fein supporting Director


The Conservative MP for Aldershot, Sir Gerald Howarth,


Make a make a really firm plea to him that he should protect the


interests of former British soldiers, currently being charged by


the Saint Payne supporting Director of Public Prosecutions in Northern


Ireland with murder, for events that took place over 40 years ago?


In response, a spokesman for the Public Prosecution Service


said it was wholly independent of all political parties


As such it would never seek to influence political debate


It said the PPS only applies the law as it currently stands


in Northern Ireland and does so without fear,


Earlier, I asked the Secretary of State what he thought


of that allegation, made by his Tory colleague.


I think we need to be very careful about what is said, reflecting on


issues of the past. I am very clear on the DPP. On the independence of


that office. Indeed the integrity of that office, the way in which


prosecutions have been brought against a whole range of


individuals. And therefore I think we need to be very careful in the


language that we use and how I see the independence of the


prosecutorial process. Geoff Maskell has


the weather forecast. It is a bit of a quiet week on the


weather desk this week. We have high pressure in charge and high cloud


sitting over is. Tonight is a very mild note with temperatures down to


six or 7 degrees. We keep that cloudy feel to our weather as we go


through tomorrow and next few days. Temperature is still very mild for


the time of year. We'd expect 7 degrees to be the normal daytime


temperature. Tomorrow we'll see highs of nine maybe 10 degrees. A


good bit warmer than what we would normally see at this time of year.


If we take the wider view you can see there is a bit of range in terms


of temperatures. An area of high pressure is sitting over western


Europe and feeding in much cooler air from the continent across the


south-east of England. Generally very dry at the moment matters


because the high is sitting there, protecting us from the Atlantic


weather systems will stop it looks like it will be there right through


this week. Overnight as we go into Thursday, another mild night.


Temperatures dropping off as we go through this week. Thursday is


looking like the brightest day, we trade of some cooler air, getting


cooler again on Friday. Really, for this time of year, with those light


winds, it is actually feeling pretty good and staying dry witty much all


the way through this week.


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