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Hello and welcome to BBC Newsline. Washington.


A former Provisional IRA commander who ended up shaking


hands with the Queen, Martin McGuinness today said


he will not be standing again for election.


He's been one of the dominant figures of the last five decades.


In recent weeks, despite a serious health condition, the 65-year-old


is said to have had a key role in Sinn Fein's decision


to prompt a snap election, triggered by his resignation.


Tonight, friends and neighbours of Martin McGuinness threw


a surprise reception for him at his home in the Bogside.


Hundreds of people gathered outside his house where an emotional


Mr McGuinness and his wife were surrounded by family.


The only fair thing to do, which I have done today, was to make it


clear that I will not unfortunately, even though it breaks my heart, my


heart lies in the Bogside. Our political editor


Mark Devenport has been speaking to Martin McGuinness and he first


asked him why he'd decided not In the aftermath of the Assembly


elections last year I was honoured to be asked to stay


on as Deputy First Minister. I said I would do it


for a further year, bringing me to the 8th of May this year,


which would've been the tenth anniversary of going


into government with Ian Paisley, I thought I was an appropriate time


for me to stand aside as Deputy First Minister and make


way for the new Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister, but, of course,


the best laid plans of mice and men We have had two situations to deal


with, I have had two One is the crisis at Stormont,


and my own health problems, Really, I have been dealing


with this health situation But I am very determined


to overcome it. The question I ask myself is,


are you capable, physically capable -- of fighting this election


with the intensity that The honest answer is I am not


physically capable or able to fight this election,


so I will not be a candidate Aren't you disappointed


that your decision to retire from politics has come at the time


when the Stormont institutions have effectively collapsed and how hard


do you think it will be If there is a will to face up to not


go back to the status quo. I think that poses particular


challenges to everybody, but more so to the DUP in terms


of recognising that serious questions have been asked


about the handling of different situations in the course


of recent times, so I think I don't actually remember the last


time I heard a member of the DUP use A particular disappointment to me


in this, a small point in relation to the big acts of reconciliation


I have been involved in, prior to the European Championships,


the soccer championships in France this year, we suggested to the DUP


that Arlene and I should travel to France and go together


to a Northern Ireland game, I wasn't asking her to go


to 1916 commemoration, It was an opportunity


to reach out and Arlene went to the Northern Ireland match


and I went to both. Your journey has been


remarkable from the early days when you are open about your role


within the IRA, to the later days when you have been


seen as a peacemaker. Looking back on that,


do you regret anything about your endorsement of the use


of violence to further your errands? --


of violence to further your aims? People need to look


at the circumstances in the city It was a city where people


were being murdered at the RUC, murdered wholesale as they were


on Bloody Sunday, by The Parachute Regiment,


and the fact that many young people like myself, supported by many


thousands of people in the city, not saying there was a majority,


decided to fight back. Mervyn Jess looks back


on a life that went He started out as an IRA leader


from the Bogside in Derry and became the Deputy First Minister


of the power-sharing It was in the early 1970s that


Martin McGuinness first came As the officer commanding the Derry


part of the IRA operation, can't you say if the bombing


is likely to stop the near future We will always take


into consideration the feelings Raised in the Bogside in the early


1950s as one of a large Catholic nationalist family,


his father, William, was a foundry worker


and his mother Peggy a housewife As conflict grew in the city,


young Martin McGuinness join the IRA He was part of an Irish delegation


involved with secret talks Reports that I am chief of staff


in the IRA are untrue The bombings and killings continued


and by the early 1980s Martin McGuinness was standing


for election in Jim prior's assembly, but did not


renounce the IRA campaign. At the end of the day it will be


the cutting edge of IRA As part of the Sinn Fein peace


strategy had been involved in protracted and secret talks


with the British government. In January 2007, Sinn Fein


through its support behind the new Police Service


of Northern Ireland, paving the way for its appointment


as Deputy First Minister, along with Ian Paisley


as First Minister. This most unlikely combination


got done by the media His relationships


with First Minister is Peter Robinson and Arlene Foster


for a businesslike and Sinn Fein boycotted the Queen's


first visit to the Republic but when she came to Belfast


the following year Martin McGuinness was one of those who


welcomed her to the city. It was an encounter that was to be


repeated several times His view that these gestures


were not sufficiently recognised or reciprocated by Unionists


became a source of tension Martin McGuinness's departure


is a pivotal moment in politics Until the day I retire


from politics or die, is to build a better future


for all of our people. It is a political project,


not a military one. The DUP Advisor accused of exerting


influence in the renewable heat Yesterday a senior civil servant


said he understood the adviser, Dr Andrew Crawford, was the person


who influenced the decision to keep Dr Crawford says he has


acted with complete The DUP leader Arlene Foster


announced his resignation. Andrew has felt that given


what occurred yesterday and indeed today that he was becoming


a distraction to the important work not only of his Minister but indeed


he was becoming the story and anybody who knows


Andrew Crawford knows that he is a very private person


and he certainly didn't Also today, the finance minister,


Mairtin O Muilleoir, announced that he's setting up


a public inquiry into the renewable heat scheme,


something which his party, There are shortcomings


in the Enquiries Act, so for example I am making a pledge today


I will not interfere in any way. It is also delivered


to the minister, so I am making a pledge now that we would ensure


that any report will go There'll be much more on the day's


political developments in an extended edition of The View


after this bulletin. The weather forecast


now with Angie Philips. It looks as though a hue of us will


hold a quite a bit of cloud through the night. Parts of the West could


add some lingering clear spells. Temperatures dipping close to


freezing giving frost and mist and fog patches. The cloud will move


West for a time. In the afternoon, brighter skies come from the south


with sunshine breaking through, cloudy towards the east with pockets


of drizzle will stop the weekend, fairly chilly but mainly dry.


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