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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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The Public Prosecution Service is not going to prosecute a man


arrested last year in relation to the Kingsmills massacre.


A palm print found on a stolen van used in the murders


The only survivor of the attack says he understands why


41 years ago ten Protestant workmen were shot dead by the IRA


in what became known as the Kingsmills massacre.


Last year during the inquest into their deaths, new evidence


was identified and a fresh police investigation began.


That evidence involved a palm print, discovered on a stolen van recovered


near Dundock at the time, which was suspected of being


The PBS says that after consideration it will not prosecute


the individual reported by the PSNI in relation to the


The assistant director of casework concluded


that there is no reasonable prospect of the conviction based on evidence.


It is understood a lack of records into how the van was handled


Precisely when the palm print was placed on the windscreen also.


The PPS is mindful of the reaction of the families.


They were informed of the decision this morning. I was sceptical to


start with but then as the months went on I thought there must be on


to something. But then the policemen came


to my door this morning to give me the file setting out all the reasons


why the PPS didn't go ahead with it So I have to accept


that this was going nowhere. We deserve to get the truth,


we are never going to get justice, but we deserve the truth,


and all their families... The coroner's office has confirmed


that in light of the PPS decision, it is now giving consideration


to the scheduling of dates for the Kingsmills inquest


to recommence. This news from the prosecution


service is a knock-back for the families of


the Kingsmills victims. The focus now falls back


on to the coroner's enquiry. The Secretary of State has told


business leaders here that he wants a return to devolved government


after the election. James Brokenshire was addressing


the Institute of Directors in Northern Ireland,


where Brexit also dominated More than 200 delegates from the


Institute of directors gathered in Belfast with an assembly election in


the offering and Brexit knocking on the door. For the newly appointed


Belfast born director general of Northern Ireland is at the heart of


the negotiations over leaving the EU. The border and ASCII puts


Northern Ireland front and centre of the negotiations because it has such


an impact. There are a lot of people moving between the border because of


work and education, there are 32,000 border crossings every day and half


relate to business and education so we mustn't


interrupt that flow in any way. The lack of devolved government is also


causing concern. There was real frustration in the business


community that we're getting very close to the triggering of Article


50 and we don't have our politicians and the institutions representing


the members here in Northern Ireland and uncertainty is one of the most


difficult things for business to deal with. If they know they are


dealing with and they can have a plan and they can react to move


things forward but Northern Ireland business people are used to


uncertainty, it is an occupational hazard there. I for 1am not


contemplating any other outcome but a resumption of devolved partnership


government. That is what people in Northern Ireland want and it is what


we are working to deliver. Certainty of any kind will be welcomed by


Meanwhile, Sinn Fein's Stormont leader Michelle O'Neill says


James Brokenshire should not have a role in negotiations


On tonight's edition of The View Ms O'Neill was asked


if she thought the Secretary of State could be an honest


If you look at his actions to date, for example his comments in relation


to British soldiers and how he is ignoring the views of the people in


the North who want to stay in the European Union, if you look at his


one-sided and partisan views on a lot of things, I don't believe James


Brokenshire is an honest broker, no, I don't.


And you can watch that interview with Michelle O'Neill straight


The inquest into the death of a man who died after leaving a ward


at the Ulster Hospital has heard of more concerns by experts


in psychiatry about the way he was cared for.


22-year-old, James Fenton lay undetected for ten weeks.


This is Ward 27, the mental health unit at the Ulster Hospital, with a


smoking area outside. 22-year-old James Fenton was admitted there one


night in July 2010 and by then he was a troubled young man. He had


been ill and his family were relieved, said to the hospital would


look after him. Today two consultant psychiatrists expressed severe


concern about how they did. Both men were based in England that had


written reports for the Foreign Office for the Fenton family. Both


questioned the hospital diagnosis they believed James was clinically


depressed and they question the level of supervision he received on


the ward. One professor said he had a number of concerns about the


medical care. He said he did not think that placing Mr Fenton on


routine observation was an appropriate decision. Doctor Trevor


Turner concluded the hospital did not take appropriate steps to


safeguard his health given the real and immediate rescue showed. In


court yesterday two other consultant psychiatrists said they disagreed


with these conclusions. One of them is a director of mental health


services at the south-eastern trust. He defended the hospital diagnosis


and actions. It is almost seven years since James Fenton left the


ward and was lost just a few dozen metres away. His family has now


spent four days listening to the evidence of 20 witnesses. Tomorrow


the coroner will issue its findings. Tomorrow the coroner


will issue its findings. The number of agency workers doing


jobs in the Northern Ireland The department of finance says


the use of agency workers is normal But a trade union has described


the situation as disgraceful, believing too many people


were paid-off under a Stormont For the Northern Ireland executive


to be spending ?10 million a year on agency staff is disgraceful. It


would equate to roughly 300 permanent full-time jobs so you are


borrowing money, paying interest, and putting people out of work and


then the next day you go to sector company and say you let too many


people go, can we hire from your company? Some of the same people


back again so you also paying the agency and all around in Ireland


loses, loses, loses. A jury has begun considering its


verdict in the trial of a West Belfast man accused


of killing his baby daughter. Christopher O'Neill,


from the Whiterock Road, has pleaded not guilty to murdering


three-month-old Caragh She died two days after


being taken to hospital Mr O'Neill denies the prosecution


case that he lost control and used considerable violence


against the infant. Sarah Keane has replaced Pat Hickey


as Olympic Council of Ireland president. The swim Ireland chief


executive 129 of the 42 votes available. Pat Hickey revised --


resigned from the post after he was arrested at Brazil at the Olympic


Games. He was charged with ticket touting although he was eventually


released on bail and is now back in Ireland.


It's been quite chilly today, let's see how it looks for tomorrow.


There is not much sign of it warming up in the next few days but at least


it will stay mostly dry. Tonight a lot of cloud around but it only has


to break briefly to allow temperatures to drop to around


freezing or just below. A couple of wintry showers here and there as


well which could dampen surfaces and lead to the risk of a few icy spots


tomorrow. Not a widespread frost but there could be frost here and there


tomorrow and it will be another cold day. In the breeze at all will feel


absolutely bitter. Bacardi started most places with a few which we


should bloggers around. By and large dry data, brightening up as the


brighter skies edged down from Scotland and across much of Northern


Ireland. It will be quite cloudy and cold in the Republic of Ireland and


sleet and snow showers in North Sea coastal areas. It is cold


everywhere. Temperatures really struggling and tomorrow temperatures


will not get higher than four or five. It will eventually brighten up


the sunshine by the end of the day. It needs to clear frosty nights on


Friday and brighter and sunny day on Saturday to start the weekend. Cold


and frosty to begin with. It looks as though cloudy skies will return


on Sunday with a few flurries but on the whole will be dry.


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