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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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There's been another shooting in west Belfast, the second 24-hour so.


A young man had been shot in the legs in Forest Street. The Belfast


health trust says the victim is in a stable condition.


A Londonderry man accused of terrorist offences in Syria has


been found not guilty of three charges of having explosives.


However, a jury could not reach a verdict on charges that


Eamon Bradley attended a terrorist training camp and received training


Eamon Bradley said he got on a bus in Derry three years ago, travelled


to Dublin and then got a flight to Istanbul.


And then he said he crossed the border into Syria to


His interviews with the police were read


This trial is still down to a number of


issues, among them was Eamon Bradley recording facts when he told


detectives he went to Syria to help rebels


or was he a fantasist who


might never have been in Syria at all?


The prosecution say Eamon Bradley told the truth about the


events in question and that there was no evidence he was a fantasist


But questions were raised about details


On the one hand, he said he went to Syria


to join the Army of Islam and said he fought in three battles, two


against Government forces and one against IS.


But he said he never fired a shot, never used a grenade


and hid under a tree during the battles.


The jury deliberated for five hours and when


it returned, they found Eamon Bradley not guilty on three charges


Then they resumed their deliberations and a


short time later returned to tell the judge they could not reach a ten


to one majority verdict on the three charges.


As a result of the hung jury on the three charges of


attending terrorist training in Syria, this


case will now go back to the Public Prosecution Service.


They will then decide if there should be


A judge has said it would be premature to hold the trial


of man who's on the run without him being present.


Damien McLaughlin from Ardboe in County Tyrone faces charges


in connection with the murder of the prison officer


He was due to go on trial next week but hasn't been seen


Sinn Fein's leader at Stormont, Michelle O'Neill, has told an IRA


commemoration that there's no hierarchy of victims.


She was speaking at an event to mark the four men who were shot dead


by the SAS in her home village of Clonoe in 1992.


Helen Jones reports from County Tyrone.


The four men attacked the police station and this was their weapon of


choice, bolted to the rear of a Lorde. It was capable of bringing


down a helicopter. They were ambushed by the SAS in the grounds


of a church and it is believed that is where the IRA team were


abandoning the lorry. The four men were shot dead hearing the grounds


of the church 25 years ago. Tonight their families came for


commemoration. Michelle O'Neill was a guest speaker. She was a teenager


at the time of the attack. She personally knew all four men who


were killed. I remember that night so clearly. I can certainly remember


the pain and the hearts and sorrow and the shock. Most of all felt by


their families and also the wider community. There has been criticism


from some quarters about her participation in this event. We have


every right to be here. Everyone has the right to remember their own dead


in a dignified manner. There can be no hierarchy of victims. Rick --


Republicans recognise that. The refusal of many to do so... Whilst


tonight was all about the past, she also spoke about concerns for the


days ahead, especially in relation to Brexit.


It's emerged that a number of companies registered


as being dormant have been claiming tens of thousands of pounds


A BBC programme has obtained a list of all recipients which is currently


Companies which are dormant do not usually have significant accounting


transactions. The DUP's Arlene Foster has come


under more pressure over the botched renewable heating scheme


in the first televised leaders' debate of the Assembly


election campaign. All five main party leaders took


part in the UTV debate during which Mrs Foster also


revealed her party's Brexit campaign was part funded


by an organisation from England. Our Political Correspondent Enda


McClafferty was watching. Arlene Foster has been centrestage


in the RHI storm for months and tonight she was once again fielding


fire from all sides. Whilst the investigation is ongoing and we will


not go into government with Arlene Foster. Would it not have been


better to have inquiry set up in December rather than wait till


January? The inquiry is critically important and it is now in place. I


was very open about saying... Briefly. I have nothing to hide. As


expected the RHI crisis dominated the debate and it was not just the


DUP feeling the heat. Sinn Fein oppose the public inquiry day after


day until they realised they had to support it. Who brought forward the


public inquiry? Under immense pressure. The opposition can stand


on the sidelines, you couldn't do anything, Martin McGuinness dealt


with that. Then the focus switched to Mike Nesbitt's plan to give the


SDLP is number two. The Ulster Unionist Party has become the


Lothario, hopping in and out of bed with every other political party. It


is good that make is arguing people should vote on the substance of how


we do government and not along tribal lines we previously had. I


have talked about transferring my personal vote to the SDLP. I have


said to my supporters to vote Ulster Unionist and then for any candidate


you trust will do the right thing by your community, constituency and


country and I think that is the right thing to do because RHI is not


an orange or green issue. The debate moved on to Brexit as Arlene Foster


came under pressure regarding party donations. Brexit is one of the


issues which pushed Gerry Adams's Sinn Fein out of the Executive


because they cannot deal with these issues. How much was donated to the


league campaign? Can you tell us who the donations from? Yes, I can, an


organisation in England at once is either union kept and make sure we


can have a United Kingdom. This was always going to be a bruising battle


but that is much on offer voters and the party leaders to chew over


before they do it all again at the end of the month on the BBC.


With news of what's coming up on The View, immediately


after this programme, here's Mark Carruthers.


Arlene Foster took the DUP to record levels of support last May now she's


facing another election to a reduced Stormont amid accusations


Tonight on the View I'll be asking the DUP leader


about the future of devolution, working with Michelle O'Neill


and this snap election which she has described as the most


That's the View immediately after this news.


The weather latest now, with Cecilia Daly.


Hello there. The rain should ease as the night goes on. That will still


be damp and translator with Mr MacLeod over the hills, quite foggy


in some areas. It will be mild. It will be drizzly but it should


improve as a morning goes on. First thing is disappointing, but it


should become drier and brighter as the morning goes on. Showers later


in the day coming up from the south. They will move into Wales,


south-west England and into western Scotland. Elsewhere, it will be dry


and feeling mild. Temperatures in Northern Ireland will be higher than


today, 1112 degrees but by the end of the day there will be a few


showers and it will be wet on Friday night. Saturday will be an improving


day. Sunday remains dry now looks like a mild weekend.


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