15/03/2017 BBC Newsline

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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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And we will ask why so many more people over the age of 65 are


getting married these days. CCTV footage has emerged


of the final movements of a young The body of Danielle Mclaughlin,


who was from Buncrana, A 24-year-old man has


appeared in court in India, Her body was discovered soon after


daylight local time yesterday. The accused man is in police custody.


They believe they've found the main culprit, to put in the words,


because they found compelling evidence including CCTV camera


footage showing the accused with the victim as well as the two wheeled


vehicle with blood stains on clothes with blood smears. They say they


have been in touch with British and Irish embassies but are still


awaiting the results of the postmortem examination. The victim


who was in her 20s is from County Donegal. She was reported to have


been found with injuries to her face and head. The postmortem will also


determine if she had been sexually assaulted. Her parish priest says


her family have been left devastated by the death. They are


understandably grieving. The are overwhelmed by the sense of loss.


They are supported by consular staff and by the community and people


around them but nevertheless, as with all grief and loss, there is a


terrible loneliness is attached to it. Daniel had been a pupil before


going to university in Liverpool. Bonfire material dumped


on a new multi-million pound greenway in east Belfast has been


cleared after a month-long Workers from the Environment Agency


removed the wood and tyres, which had been stockpiled


at Connswater Community Greenway. There were more than 100 wood


pallets on the Greenway There were dozens of tyres but one


by one they have been The Environment Agency


ordered the clear-up and no The bonfire material had


been here for weeks. In spite of complaints


about the mess on the new ?40 million Greenway, the authorities


were reluctant to intervene. Then last night, a local


agreement was reached. Community worker Robert Osborne said


the decision had widespread support. There is a lot of money being spent


here and they did not want to see that going to waste.


If we make our community better, it is better for us.


So how are you able to persuade people to allow this


They understand that their community comes first,


No deal, we have just come to an agreement.


There is no money or anything involved.


It is just between us and the community.


Would there be a payback for the community?


Definitely, from us, we will help the community out anyway we can,


Although some of the bonfire material was set alight, the damage


has been minimal. Belfast City Council say they are confident this


new Greenway will soon look as good as new.


The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, has welcomed comments


by the Brexit Secretary, David Davis, that the government


is not intending to erect border posts after the UK leaves


Speaking in Washington a short time ago, Mr Kenny said he was glad


I am glad to have heard the comments by Secretary Davies. We have


political agreement between the government is lead and the British


government that there will be no return to a hard border, the board


with Customs and posts. I am glad that that has been clarified. On


behalf of the British government and Secretary of State. That is a


commencement point for us, no return to a hard border.


Air accident investigators from the UK are to join


the search for the black box from the Irish Coast


Guard helicopter that crashed off County Mayo.


It's understood they will bring specialised equipment


Three crew members are still missing.


Irish naval vessels stayed at sea overnight in the area


where debris from the helicopter has been found.


In the distance, Black Rock, close to where the helicopter


At first flight, Coast Guard helicopters returned


to resume the search for the missing colleagues.


Wreckage from the helicopter was brought ashore throughout yesterday.


Last night, militants arrived to be briefed on the search operation.


Earlier in the day, Captain Dara Fitzpatrick was recovered from the


sea. Also on board was the chief pilot and winchman.


Dara Fitzpatrick's sister, mother and father say


We feel like the lucky ones now because we have her.


We can kiss her, hold her, hold her hand.


Rescue 116 was often involved in missions in Northern Ireland.


The tragedy has been felt at the Coast Guard


We were one massive search and rescue family.


We had a visit from the Queen when Dara was here.


As the search continues, so too does the agonising wait for news.


Tonight, hundreds of bike fans got the opportunity to meet some


of their motorcycling heroes in Coleraine as the official


countdown to this year's international Northern West 200


A star-studded line-up of teams and riders has been revealed for this


year's International North West 201 of the real stars of the show will


be here for the 24th time. That's right. It seems like yesterday the


first time I came all those years ago in the 90s soap three decades I


have been racing here, great night to night, great to have or the fans


out and new comers and old guys a new guise. It is poised for an


incredibly good Northwest 200. I imagine that is one of the big


attractions for you, racing at over 200 mph. Very special, unique, fans


can get closer. It is amazing. The first time last year, it went over


200, I did 204, which was a thrill. It is only a few away. Before we


know it, we are packing the campus and the trucks up and hurling down


that road at 200 mph. And we will have comprehensive coverage online,


on TV and on radio and for the first time ever, the Northwest 200 will be


broadcast on BBC network television. It has all been a bit dull in the


weather today, grey and cloudy not a lot happening. This picture from our


Weather Watcher sums up the story for today. As we go into the


overnight period though, we will see more in the way of rain. Light and


drizzly to begin with and mostly confined for the higher ground but


it sets the tone for what is to come tomorrow morning. We will see rain


through the first part of Thursday. The skies were clear and bright


later on but that comes with a sting in the tail. We will see our warmest


temperatures joined the morning while this rain is with us. Once


that clears away though, we move into cooler air and those daytime


highs will drop away through the afternoon on Thursday. You can see a


better on this wider view. The warmest temperatures in front of


that weather front, clearer, cold behind, even the chance of a few


wintry showers. A pretty cool with showers across the whole of Ireland.


Overnight, we are in that cold air mass and is the showers coming, much


cooler night and we have seen of light. Friday, said Patrick's date,


not a pretty picture at all. The rain coming into the day, heaviest


in the West, the best chance of any drier conditions for the East but


virtually all of Ireland will see rain as we go through the day and


unfortunately, St Patrick's day is the least good of the next few days


without rain at its heaviest. Our next BBC Newsline is at 6:25am


during Breakfast here on BBC One.