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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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The deadline to form a new power-sharing Executive


has been pushed back until after the General Election.


It is thought it will now be the end of June.


The Secretary of State had set early May as the deadline


And the SDLP leader has been giving more detail on his comments


yesterday about his plan to form an anti-Brexit alliance.


Our political correspondent Enda McClafferty reports.


Politicians are getting an extension. They had been working


towards a deadline early next month to rebuild the power-sharing


Executive. Though they will have another month to complete the


mission. He has simply stretched the same we hope to form a new


executive. The time over under the current law has expired. But Sinn


Fein say they are big questions about the commitment of the


government to restoring the institutions. It is fair to say that


is a growing belief from the nationalist community that the


British government did not want this to work because they did not want


the people here taking a firm stand on Brexit, because the people here


voted for us to stay within the European Union. I am disappointed


that deadlines for the beginning of next month are unlikely not to be


bit. But there is an obligation on everybody to make sure that the


executive and assembly are re-established here at the earliest


opportunity. Much of the talk today was about alliances. Sinn Fein Said


they were willing to discuss them. But the SDLP said they wanted an


alliance of parties opposed to Brexit. We will not form a sectarian


pact with one party which would exclude another part of the


community. Other parties may want to do that. We want to form an alliance


against Brexit. We want the Prime Minister to be a weird that the


people here do not want that. No decision has been taken is to bring


the current process will start, but the parties still feel a call will


be made long before polling day on June the 8th.


A five-year-old child was so traumatised by a gun attack


on her west Belfast home that she stopped breathing


for a time, according to her cousin who was with her during the attack.


The shots were fired at the house in Atch-namona


Crescent late last night. Martin Cassidy reports.


About 10pm last night, shots were fired at a terraced house


here in the Crescent and there were two people


in the house at the time - one a young woman and also


I just thought someone had put the fist and banged


But then there was another one, then another one.


I just stood in the room and my cousin


They escaped injury, but the little girl was traumatised by


They were beating on the heart of the five-year-old.


Eventually, she did start breathing again. But the five-year-old did


stop believing. The attack has been


condemned by Sinn Fein. It is clear the attackers who fired


through the windows of the house did not care who the target was,


there was a young woman with a five-year-old and we're


grateful none of them were harmed. People in this area and the family


are asking why this attack happened, because no-one has


explained to them why it occurred The people who carried out


this attack must come Hiddink police enquiries


A public meeting has taken place in Roslea in protest at the closure


The former GP retired last year and patients have


now been transferred to a surgery in Lisnaskea.


The meeting heard from people who now face a round trip of


30 miles in an area poorly served by public transport.


But they were told no doctors applied to take


Young doctors they want to work in group practices. They are aware of


governments and providing best practice and they think that can be


best provided with an a system of peer support. And it is very


difficult to find the law comes. We are establishing a good practice in


this new arrangement. A former international cricketer has


been found guilty of possessing a hammer and assaulting


a doorman outside a pub 61-year-old Rodney Ontong,


who is originally from South Africa but now lives at Elm Court


in the city, was fined ?350. The court heard that the doorman has


left his job and his doctor believes he now has


post-traumatic stress disorder. People living near a picturesque bay


in County Antrim are opposing plans to land power cables


from an proposed tidal The company says Murlough Bay


is just one option and there will be planning conditions attached


to any approval. Here is our Agriculture


and Environment Correspondent, It is one of the most picturesque


places along the coastline. A designated place of


scientific interest. It also has strong sea curerent,


hence its attaction The final design for the tidal


energy scheme has not been put forward, but is believed to include


certain elements which would stick Given that this is such


a breathtaking part of the countryside, there


are reservations about how the power cables get on to the land and get


hooked up into the grid. And that is where


the problems start. Patrick is worried about the cables


coming ashore here and a new power station having to be


built on the cliffs. It would create a massive


scar on the landscape. It would also take


many years to achieve. If that is really the thinking


about this proposal, there are certain to be


a lot of objections. The other would be a much longer


and more expensive undersea cable If this gets the go-ahead,


there will be a range of conditions We hope to work with the various


residents, interest groups and licensing authorities,


with regard to that. The energy company


has only applied for permission for what it


wants to build at sea. A plan for the onshore substation


is expected to be submitted But most 15-year-olds


in Northern Ireland are said to That is the key finding


of a large-scale international study of students' well-being


by the Organisation for Economic Our education correspondent


Robbie Meredith has more. There are 700 teenagers


preparing for their GCSEs at the Easter School run


by the West Belfast They're obviously hard-working,


but are they happy? The OECD asked half a million


pupils in 70 countries to score how satisfied


with their lives they were. From a zero, which meant


they were very unhappy, to a ten, which meant


they were very happy indeed. The average life satisfaction


score in Northern Ireland was 7.24 out of ten,


around the European average but higher than England,


Scotland and Wales. But what about young


people in West Belfast? I am working hard


and I have support. Have good relationships


with my friends. When you test yourself


and get the results you want, that also gives


you motivation. The study also found


pupils performed best when they talked regularly


with their parents about school. He says you should go and get


help with your GCSEs. School can only help the children


for so long in a day and then they The strategy at school is one


we hope will be carried through That is what we are


attempting to do. It wasn't all plain sailing,


there are still worries about exams and bullying remains a problem


but what this study suggests is that contrary to some of the stereotypes,


the majority of our teenagers are happy, ambitious


and highly motivated. The next fight for the Belfast boxer


Michael Conlan will be in Chicago and he has confirmed that his second


professional bout will on May 26. The name of his opponent


has yet to be released, although he is likely to be a step


up in class from Tim Ibarra, who Conlan comfortably defeated


in his pro debut in New York Now, what does the weather have


in store for the next few days? Good evening. Temperatures in the 15


Mark today, but temperatures going to be a bit lower over the next few


days. Overnight and eight, more persistent drizzle developing across


the north and west. A damp start on Friday. Some patchy rain on and off


during the course of the day. The yearly rain and drizzle should ease


off, particularly in the East. This area of rain in Scotland will push


down south during the day to waters. The Republic of Ireland enjoying


some lovely spring sunshine. Also sunshine across eastern coastal


areas of England. Across much of the UK, a lot of cloud cover.


Temperatures down slightly on today. Not bad for this time of year,


however, 12-15dC. It should dry up over the weekend. Temperatures


dropping. Much called arriving next week. That will be accompanied by


heavy showers. A low pressure becoming the dominant feature from


Sunday night into next week. Coming down from the Arctic Circle. A


significant drop in temperature. Our next BBC Newsline


is at 6.25 in the morning You can also keep updated




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