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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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Good evening and welcome to the programme.


A 31-year-old woman has admitted killing a pensioner


67-year-old Eddie Girvan was found dead at his house on Station Road.


Our north-east reporter Sara Girvin was at Belfast Crown Court.


Just as her murder trial was about to start,


Margaret Henderson-McCarroll admitted killing Eddie Girvan.


The mother-of-two, described in court as fragile,


is a heroin addict with nearly 100 previous convictions.


Today she accepted that she'd unlawfully killed retired plumber


Henderson-McCarroll's solicitor stood with her in the dock


as she pleaded not guilty to Eddie Girvan's murder,


but she said she was guilty of his manslaughter on the grounds


She also pleaded guilty to eight other charges, including theft


These relate to the theft of cash, jewellery and Mr Girvan's car


Police discovered Mr Girvan's body by chance after his stolen car,


driven by his killer, was involved in


The vehicle was then found outside the Belfast hostel


No details of Mr Girvan's death were given today at court


but at a bail hearing last year it was heard that


he and Henderson-McCarroll had rowed over money for sex.


She said he'd come at her with a sword and she'd been


Mr Girvan was found at his Station Road home,


bound, gagged and with stab wounds to his chest.


Pre-sentence reports were ordered, and Henderson-McCarroll


The EU's chief Brexit negotiator has told a special sitting of the Dail


that he will work to avoid a hard border.


But Michel Barnier also emphasised that there will have to some form


of customs controls when the UK leaves the EU.


Our economics and business editor John Campbell reports from Dublin.


It was VIP treatment for Michel Barnier.


Addressing both houses of the Irish parliament is an honour


usually reserved for prime ministers and presidents.


He repeated his determination that Brexit negotiations should


do nothing to undermine peace in Ireland but warned that


Brexit will mean change, especially when it comes to customs.


The UK's departure from the EU will have consequences.


We have together the duty to speak the truth.


Customs controls are part of the EU border management.


They protect our food safety and other standards.


But as I already said many times, nothing in these negotiations


He gave no indication as to what those customs


The Taoiseach said it is an achievement to get Ireland to the


top of the EU agenda but acknowledged the major challenge to


come. We know how complex


and serious the issues Later Mr Kenny had his own


meeting with Mr Barnier. Tomorrow it will be


the turn of border business They will want to know more


about what might happen The sister of a County Cavan woman


whose husband killed her and their three children has been


speaking about her family's decision Alan Hawe had been buried


with his wife Clodagh and their three sons


after the apparent murder-suicide at their home near Ballyjamesduff


almost a year ago. Jacqueline Connolly spoke


to our reporter Kevin Magee. This is how the Hawe family grave


looked up until yesterday. And this is it today,


after Alan Hawe's body was exhumed. At the time of their deaths,


the five members of the family were buried side by side


in St Mary's churchyard Speaking on BBC Radio Ulster,


Clodagh's sister Jacqueline In my eyes she never


put a foot wrong. She described how she felt watching


Alan Hawe's body being removed I was there when it happened,


and as he left the cemetery, the sun broke through the clouds


and I cried with relief He may as well have killed


us as well, because Why did you decide at


the time that the family The funeral arrangements never


came into our heads. We just couldn't even think


about the fact that they were In a statement, the Hawe family said


that they had agreed to a request from Clodagh's side of the family


to have Alan Hawe's body exhumed. They referred to the devastating


losses that they too have suffered - losing a son, grandchildren


and daughter-in-law. They say the circumstances


surrounding the tragedy will be the subject of an inquest later this


year, and in light of that they Police have appealed for witnesses


to an attempted theft It happened near St Peter's


Cathedral, a popular One of the tourists


is pictured on the left, An eyewitness said a number


of people had intervened to help the tourists,


a man and a woman. Police are appealing for information


about the incident which happened around 1pm this afternoon


in Albert Street. Sinn Fein's leader at Stormont,


Michelle O'Neill, says she would welcome legal


protection for Ulster-Scots In a pre-election interview


for The View, Ms O'Neill said the vote in June


was about rights and respect. Ulster Scots belongs to everybody,


the Irish language belongs to everybody. Let's respect rights and


make sure they are enshrined in legislation so ministers cannot take


bigoted decisions against one sector or another. I am open to doing


something for Ulster Scots if there is demand for it, I have said that


from day one. You can see that interview


in full on The View Racing got under way


at the North West 200 tonight and it was a record-breaking evening


on the North Coast, Lap records tumbled at the famous


triangle circuit. Alastair Seeley was faster than anyone in the


Superstock class and had picked up his 18th win at the North West. The


feeling was as good as ever. I don't know what I'm doing right. I talked


about Lady luck and it still with me, so hopefully I can continue on


Saturday and the crowds are amazing around the circuit. The star turn on


the night was Englishman Martin Jessopp, who came into this year's


event without a win but took the top step of the podium in the Supersport


and Supertwin races. I think you have a call to take. Who was it?


It's my mum. Hello, ma'am, how's the dog? Love you too. So Martin Jessopp


can enjoy the moment before he bids to add to his tally of victories on


Saturday. Here's Barra Best with


the weather forecast. Ten dry days in a row comes to an


end to light as we have showers moving across all parts but we also


have mother air so it will be a mild night. Friday gets off to a more


unsettled start, some wet weather but not a complete wash-out and


eventually there will be some sunshine. Scattered showers are fact


almost everywhere at first but through the morning they will become


confined to Central and western areas as sunshine creates them. The


bulk of showers will set across Ireland and some could be heavily,


possibly thundery. The odd shower and cloud around parts of England


and Wales, the best weather for Northern England and Scotland. For


us by the middle of the afternoon there will be the odd shower, the


rumble of thunder but some sunshine with temperatures about 17 or 18 at


best. There will be a dry spell tomorrow evening and for a while


overnight but eventually we will see what conditions, maybe some misty


and murky conditions for coastal areas but another mild night


tomorrow night. Saturday will be a wet start, not a great start for the


North West 200 at improving with drier weather following, but keep an


eye out for the odd scattered shower, temperatures still reaching


the mid to high teens. We hold onto the mild are for Sunday and Monday


but there will be some scattered showers, back to normal.


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