17/05/2017 BBC Newsline

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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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A teenage girl has been taken to hospital after she was cut


in an incident on her school bus on the outskirts of Belfast.


It happened on a Lagan College bus - our reporter Ita Dungan sent this


The College allows integrated secondary school on the skirt of


East Belfast. It was on a school bus this afternoon that the incident


took place. The first we heard of it was when the parent telephoned into


the newsroom to save there had been a stabbing incident on a bus and the


police were there. Shortly afterwards the school said parents a


text message, confirming their had indeed been an incident on a bus and


the child had been taken to A, they went on to say the child was


not critically injured and senior management and the PSNI when dealing


with issue. I tried to speak to the principle here, she was unavailable


for comment. But the police have told us is that it was a young


schoolgirl who was injured, she sustained arm injuries and was the


taken task till, we are unsure whether she remained in hospital or


whether she has been discharged but the police have said they are


working hard to establish exactly what happened on that schoolbus.


It's been confirmed that a judge had issued a restraining order


against the man who murdered Connie Leonard in her


Connie was well known as a traditional Irish musician.


She was stabbed to death by Paddar Phair, who then took his own life.


He also stabbed and injured her son Conor who has Downs Syndrome.


Our south-west reporter, Julian Fowler reports from the scene


A floral tribute outside the home where Connie Leonard


Also outside the home, a police cordon observing


Connie Leonard had ended her relationship with Paddar Phair


and had put in place a non-molestation


A court hearing was due to take place yesterday


Instead Paddar Phair came to her home on Monday night


and attacked her and her son before taking his own life.


Those who work with victims of domestic violence say Connie had


She has gone, she has got a non-molestation order,


actively tried to keep herself safe but I think where the focus needs


to be is the responsibility for this lies very firmly with the man


who has committed this crime and not with Connie


and not with the agencies or the community around her.


Today the family released these photos of Connie,


a talented traditional musician who played the piano accordion.


She was involved with the Irish music organisation which put local


children and prepared them for the Fermanagh Fleadh.


The loss of a talented person like that, it's a big loss


because she was very much involved, and she has been involved


It is thought that her son Connor, who has Down's syndrome,


He was found by the police with stab wounds to his stomach.


Conor is now recovering from his stab injuries and is expected


to attend his mother's funeral on Friday.


Two men arrested by police in Omar 6Music have been released without


charge. One of the men had been arrested in the town, the other was


taken from prison to a police station in Belfast.


An inquest into the IRA killing of ten Protestant workmen in county


Armagh has been told that a key suspect has been linked


No one has ever been convicted over the Kingsmills massacre in 1976.


Kevin Sharkey reports from Belfast Coroners Court.


The victims were travelling to their homes after work.


A Catholic was allowed to leave, 11 Protestants were shot,


More than four decades after the killings, relatives


of the victims are coming to this inquest day after day.


Some elderly, hurting and looking for answers.


There were some answers today, when a suspect was described


This family is headed by the PSNI review, conducted


The review linked the suspect, whose name can't be made public to 46


murders over a two-year period from 1974 to 1976.


The inquest heard that these murders involved 22 civilians,


including a seven-year-old boy, 21 soldiers, two police officers


The issue of on the run letters was also raised.


It's been claimed that a number of suspects in the Kingsmills


massacre received on the run letters from the British government.


A barrister asked if forensic evidence that


The coroner said other witnesses might be required to answer that.


The Taoiseach Enda Kenny has announced that he's stepping down


He'll remain as Taoiseach until a successor is chosen


by his party, and confirmed by the Dail.


Our Dublin correspondent Shane Harrison reports.


And Kenny succeeded his father in the Mayo by-election. I intend to


carry on the work of my father, to serve the greatest number of the


greatest good. Fine Gael leader and Taoiseach, he took over country in


crisis as a result of the property crash and banking collapse. On his


watch the Republic reading economic sovereignty from the EU and IMF. His


early years. It is from the Queen and president Obama as well as


unprecedented attacks on the Catholic Church. The rape and


torture of children were downplayed and managed to uphold the primacy of


the institution, its power and standing and reputation. But


austerity and water charges took their toll. In last year 's election


Fine Gael fared badly and only remained in office because of a deal


with its rival. His resignation was brought forward after he admitted a


conversation he had with a colleague never happened. There were no


lights, he has had huge trouble, friend in the media, and significant


trouble with the power crisis. He leaves office as Fine Gael 's most


accessible political leader. McCrory told colleagues that he will


stay in the role is to retire public prosecutions until a successor is


elected. Time for the weather. We do have few


scattered showers at the moment but they will give way to drier


conditions overnight, temperatures will dip, and thanks to the clearing


skies we can expect a fine start day tomorrow with good amount of


sunshine but through the day it's not going to stay completely dry. To


begin with, plenty of dry weather, it won't be until mid-morning that


we begin to seek medical missions coming in from the West, bringing in


scattered showers. Tomorrow, a similar picture, could start but the


showers begin to come in from the Atlantic, a fine start to the day,


when the sunshine, but the odd scattered showers likely to pop up


and also the day of scattered showers and some sunshine across


Scotland. By the middle of the afternoon, those showers could


affect almost anywhere so keep an eye out, one or two could be heavy.


In between, good amounts of sunshine, temperatures have been


down on today, just about normal for the time of year if not just a


little bit below. Tomorrow evening, some sunshine and showers for


nightfall and tomorrow night, plenty of clear skies. Friday gets off to a


promising start but like tomorrow, scattered showers will return. The


weekend, staying and settled with further scattered showers.


Newsnight is broadcasting from Northern Ireland tonight -


Kirsty Wark, is presenting the programme from the studio right


They are discussing the general election and what it means