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An organisation representing 100 renewable heating businesses say


a plan to cut costs associated with the RHI scheme at Stormont


The Renewable Heat Association for Northern Ireland is also


The Economy Minister Simon Hamilton has produced amended legislation


which would reduce tariffs paid to about 1800 people


who got into the RHI scheme before November 2015.


Mr Hamilton's plan requires a vote by MLA's in the Assembly on Monday.


But there is an acceptance that any move to reduce tariffs


And an organisation which represents businesses


who signed up to the scheme is promising just that.


It will tomorrow send out a letter to all 108 MLAs


We want a reasonable solution to this as soon as possible. We want to


see audits and technical audits, business audits. If anybody feels


those audits and is found to be acting fraudulently, throw them out


of the scheme and prosecute them but don't the people who are operating


the scheme properly. But an expert in contract law


says amendments passed There would be no difficulty at all


if they could prove that people were extracting payments from the


Department for trade and investment without actually complying with the


scheme. No difficulty about that. It is where the Assembly tries to take


away people's vested rights that they have a problem. They can do so,


provided they act proportionately. The DUP have been asked for a


statement but have declined to comment.


So far the legislation hasn't yet been approved by the Sinn Fein


Finance Minister Mairtin O Muilleoir.


It's understood officials in his department are assessing


Questions are being asked about a Stormont grant scheme


Communities Minister Paul Givan announced last year that ?500,000


Yesterday Mr Givan revealed that nearly two million


Pictured outside an Orange hall last October, the ministerial seal


of approval for funding improvements to community halls.


?500,000 was to be used to improve halls that were in disrepair or had


been damaged in attacks or anti-social behaviour.


In a news release issued on Friday, the money allocated


One orange whole set to benefit to the tune of ?24,000 is this one just


outside Ballyclare. We have been in touch with deputy district Master


William strange and he says it is not just a bit of a whole but also


the local community. That ?24,000 will be spent on a new kitchen,


heating system, installation and new toilet facilities.


Questions are being asked about who else is set


The Irish News reports that a full list of successful applications


has not been released to them, despite requests.


It started out as ?500,000 and has now turned into ?2 million. I think


that feeds into the narrative that the DUP on one hand seemed to be


only interested in governing for one half of the community and on the


other hand the myth of them being the guardians of the public purse


has just been exploded between this and RHI and many other things.


At Christmas the Communities Minister Paul Givan cut funds


to a scheme offering Irish language scholarships to young people.


Last week he overturned that decision, claiming the original


A man from Liverpool has appeared in court charged in connection


with the discovery of ?300,000 of herbal cannabis in Ballymena.


The drugs were found in a lorry on the Moorfields Road last year.


A detective told Ballymena Court she believed James Kennedy was part


of a gang which was bringing drugs into Northern Ireland


The West Belfast Sinn Fein MLA Pat Sheehan has called for threats


to be lifted against a member of the family of a couple


It's believed the man and woman were shot in the legs


in their Turf Lodge home as they were attempting


Mr Sheehan said it piled insult on top of injury for those


On to the wintry weather outlook for the rest


Good news for those who don't like the snow and ice,


There will be a thought of snow in milder this weekend.


There will be a thought of snow in many levels. A lot of the snowmen


down as well. Milder by morning but it will be quite grey and damp on


Sunday. Some dry weather initially tonight before the cloud thickens to


bring outbreaks of rain and drizzle. The breeze picking up. Temperatures


probably at their lowest this side of midnight because tomorrow will be


much milder. Temperatures in double figures but also rather grey and


dumb. You might need the waterproofs. A few dry gaps tomorrow


morning I'm particularly over Belfast and the south-east. Lots of


around. Some dry weather further south. The cold and icy weather


lingers for a while over central and eastern parts of Britain with the


done snow in places for this mild and damp weather presenter and the


West. With dead bodies of cloud. Some mist and low cloud over the


hills which will make it look. With time we should seek rain easing off.


It will dry up next week is a new area of high pressure builds. It


originates from Eastern Europe which means that eventually we will see


colder air. It will take a while. Prior next week. Probably a lot of


cloud around. Initially quite mild but as the week goes on it will get


a bit chilly again. Have a great weekend. We will be back tomorrow


evening at 6:20pm. You can keep up-to-date with local news on Radio


Ulster or online. From all of us here enjoy the evening.


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