14/05/2017 BBC Newsline

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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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The Brexit Secretary David Davis has said he doesn't accept that Irish


border issues can be resolved in the first stage of the UK's


The EU's Brexit guidelines state that Irish border


issues should be tackled, along with citizenship


rights and UK payments, before talks on a trade


Here's our Economics and Business John Campbell.


Last week the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier visited Ireland and


gave a speech in which he said he wanted a bold and ambitious trade


deal with the UK. He repeated the policy that full trade -- before


trade talks could start there would be progress on how the border would


be banished after Brexit. But David Davis said that trying to separate


the border issue from the trade deal was illogical. How on earth do you


resolve the border issue with the north of Ireland and the Republic


unless you know what our general borders policy is, what the customs


policy is, what the free-trade agreement is, whether you need to


charge tariffs? David Davis said that the issue would become the


political row of the summer. He is due to meet Michel Barnier after the


UK election. It's possible that Michel Barnier can find some wiggle


room. His guidelines say that trade talks can start after sufficient


progress has been made on the preliminary issues. Much depends on


what sufficient progress means in practice.


The remains of a Spitfire fighter plane which crashed into a field


in County Monaghan in 1942 have been recovered by a group


A number of items were excavated near Emyvale yesterday.


Our reporter Michael Fitzpatrick was there.


Digging up the pieces of the past, the remains of an RAF Spitfire plane


have lain untouched in this field for nearly 75 years. The majority of


the wreckage was cleared at the time but a number of parts were left in


the impact crater. Josie was five when the plane came down near her


family home. I can remember crowds of people wanting to take pieces


with them. Gathering around to see what happened. It was all exciting


for us. The Spitfire pilot safely bailed out of the plane north of the


border after his instruments froze. After each layer of birth is scraped


away, new parts of the aircraft are revealed. Exciting times, we've come


down onto one of the cylinder heads inside the Merlin engine. We don't


know it is connected to the rest of the internal crankshaft, but a very


strong smell of fuel, a lot of oil. After five hours of digging the


Rolls-Royce engine was pulled from the Earth. All of the pieces will be


cleaned and catalogue before being handed over to the County Monaghan


Museum. Jonathan Rea is still leading


the world superbike championship despite being beaten twice in two


days by Welsh rival Chaz Davies. A second place finish meant reigning


world champion Rea managed to extend his lead, coming


away with 40 points. Now a look ahead to later this week


when BBC Newsline's Mark Simpson will have the inside story


of John McAreavey's recent Six years after Michaela McAreavey


was murdered on her honeymoon here in Mauritius, her family is seeking


justice. There are things that will stay with me for the rest of my


life. So, they came here, 6000 miles, for five days. They appealed


to the people of Mauritius for help. They put pressure on politicians and


they return to the scene of the crime.


And that's on BBC One Northern Ireland on Tuesday night at 10.40 -


Now for the weather with Angie Phillips.


Good evening, the weather has been quite changeable through the weekend


and it's going to remain that way through the week ahead. Rain in the


forecast, or showers, locally heavy and quite gusty wind. A bit fresher


today, sunshine and showers, some of them heavy but they will fade


tonight, only giving way to thickening cloud and more persistent


rain overnight with a strengthening south easterly wind but at least it


isn't cold, temperatures around 8-10. Tomorrow, eventually things


will improve and it will feel warm but it's a miserable start, wet and


windy. Not very pleasant for the warning rush-hour, a lot of surface


spray. A miserable morning, wet and heavy bursts of rain, eventually


moving east. Wet and windy in many parts, especially over Scotland and


northern England. The wind not as strong in the South, turning more


patchy through the afternoon. Temperatures not too bad, into the


high teens. Quite a warm and humid day to come for Northern Ireland,


heavy rain moving away leaving patches of light rain and drizzle


and we may see temperatures in the east up to 19, 20 degrees,


especially with some brightness. Through the week, low pressure in


the Atlantic dominating the weather, plenty of white lines packed in,


indicative of brisk wind. Quite breezy, quite a damp start in the


north-west although things will turn a bit more dry and more fresh. In


the meantime, rain bushing south. Warm and humid in the south-east,


temperatures freshening up into Wednesday. Still quite wet here. A


dry gap behind that, further spells of rain moving into the North and


West. These showers could be quite heavy as they will be on Thursday


with a risk of hail and thunder.