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others, as he changed his view of Mr Putin? Join me


Our top stories: Concerns about a Pembrokeshire boy who died


of scurvy were raised more than a year before his death.


A BBC Wales investigation discovers.And a revolution


in your rubbish but we're still paying ?47 million


Dylan Seabridge was eight years old when he died of scurvy in 2011


and yet, his inquest heard, he saw no doctors, dentists


or teachers from when he was just 13 months old until his death.


Now a BBC Wales investigation has found that concerns were raised


to the authorities more than a year before he died.


More than four years on and nothing has been published about


whether more could have been done to prevent it.


India Pollock has this special report.


Dylan was invisible to local councils, according to a draft


serious case review. The author of the report knew so little about


Dylan that it was impossible to draw a picture of him, she said. The


inquest into his death heard that Dylan did not see a doctor or


dentist from the age of 13 months until he died of scurvy at the age


of eight. Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamins C. Dylan's inquest heard


that it isn't easily preventable and treatable disease. Some of the


critical features -- clinical features would be very typical of


scurvy, the abnormal garments, the rash on the lead, the swelling of


the lower limbs, the discolouration or bruising on the lower legs.


Dylan's parents don't believe he died of scurvy. Or that he was


invisible to the outside world. They were charged with neglect but those


charges were dropped in 2014. Dylan lived here in rural Pembrokeshire


but his mother worked as a teacher in neighbouring carrot again. It was


during an employment tribunal the true professionals became aware she


was suffering mental ill health. They contacted social services and


told them that he was home educated. He died a year and a half later.


After his death, a serious case review was commissioned to look at


the involvement of any agencies. It should've been completed quickly so


that any lessons can be learnt and shared. The draft review we have


seen has never been published and poor years after Dylan died, nothing


else has been published either. Mark Dyson is a former solicitor and was


one of the people who contacted social services. He also told senior


officials that he was anxious about the investigation they were carrying


out after Dylan's death. He said he was not interviewed properly about


his involvement and a key documents were not shared with the author of


the review. He also says the delay in publication is worrying. The


whole purpose of serious case reviews is to learn lessons. They


need to be approached with urgency because if lessons are not learnt,


these things will happen again. It has been inadequate. There doesn't


seem to have been any fully co-ordinated response or sense of


urgency, no focus on the child and the fact a child is dead. The


council did and why Mr Dyson's claims. Pembrokeshire Council says


the delay has been caused by external factors. They had to wait


into the criminal investigation was completed and for the inquest which


took place last year in January. They also said the process was very


complex because of the change in government guidance and changing the


structure of Pembrokeshire safeguarding board. They say the new


review will be published soon Dylan was home educated. 1500 children in


Wales are. There is no legal obligation to registered your


teaching children at home. The children's commissioner of says that


needs to change. I don't think Dylan is the only child who is under the


radar in Britain so we should be learning what we can very clearly


from this case and as quickly as possible. The Welsh government did


not want to be interviewed but we asked them a number of questions.


They told us they couldn't comment on an individual case but said the


new non-statutory guidance on home education would be published soon.


As for Mr Dyson, he is now retired. He gave up his career after 20 years


in public services and says the fight for a full and robust


investigation has had a profound impact on him. You start to feel as


though either the thread of reason has broken or that there is


something so profoundly wrong that you can't put it right. It exhausts


you. It goes on and on and on because he was just trying to find


somebody who can listen fairly to what you are saying, not necessarily


agree with you, but listen fairly to what you are saying, and all the


time saying is a child is dead. Where are we in terms of learning


lessons from that? Who is asking the questions and shining a light on the


situation? The answer is nobody. Former solicitor Mark Dyson ending


that report by India Pollock. Two men from Wiltshire have appeared


in court to face charges of death by dangerous driving


after the tipper truck they were in killed four people,


including three men from South Robert Parker from Cwmbran,


Phil Allen from Loughor and Stephen Vaughan from Swansea


died when their car was hit Four-year-old Mitzy Steady


was also killed. Phillip Potter and Matthew Gordon


appeared before Bath magistrates. Staff at the Brantano shoe shop


chain face an uncertain future after it was announced the company's


gone into administration. The firm employ 2000 people


across the UK with 68 staff employed A court in Ireland has dismissed


a copyright claim brought against the Welsh government


over its use of two photographs of Dylan Thomas and his wife,


Caitlin, taken in the 1930s. The company Pablo Star accused


the government of using the images without permission in


a Visit Wales campaign. The amount spent by councils


in Wales on landfill has fallen by nearly a quarter in the last four


years according to figures obtained The annual cost has dropped


from more than ?62 million to more than ?47 million but that's


still a bill of ?130,000 every day. And the ongoing cost of landfill has


driven one local authority, Rhondda Cynon Taff, to become


the latest to commit to stop All the stuff we didn't want, didn't


recycle and Thruway, crushed up. 3500 tonnes of that processed every


week, enough room for another 20 years worth. It has become so


expensive to get rid of what we don't want in big holes in the


ground like this between the UK Government's landfill tax and the


Welsh government's finds. The council have become the latest


authority in Wales to say enough is enough, no more landfill for


household waste, no more of what we don't want in places like this. From


April, black bag waste will be burnt to generate electricity instead.


That Ashley made into something else. It costs a syntax alone to


bury rubbish so it makes sense. Most local authorities have cut their


landfill costs over the past four gears. Two of wine has seen the


biggest fall, slashing their bill by 89%. Other councils have seen their


costs remain flat. Anglesey pretty much zero. Conwy has seen the


biggest increase, 26% more than 4-mac rig years ago. It says it is


down to the increase in landfill tax not that it is put in more waste in


the ground. Recyclable. Tall pine say in proving recycling rates is up


to reduce costs. These are your crisp bags or bread wrappers. They


cannot be recycled. Material like this goes to heat treatment but that


does not come cheap. Budgets are still as tight as ever. We don't


make money on recycling. The money we earn on recycling goes into


running the service. ?130,000 a day is still spent in Wales in landfill


charges. Here in Denbighshire, recycling is higher than anywhere


else in the country but they are keen to improve further. With our


current disposal costs, it could save the council half ?1 million a


year if that last little bit of recycling could be put on the right


containers. But of course changes to our recycling does not always go


down well. Protests in Cardiff over new Wii burns that some that were


unnecessary. Anger over new recycling boxes in Gwent which some


find difficult to use an impractical. The Welsh government


wants a zero waste Wales in 2050. The methods used to get their is


still leaving some deeply sceptical. Plans for a ?19.5 million renovation


of one of Aberystwyth's most iconic buildings have been discussed


at a public meeting this evening. Aberystwyth University hopes


to transform the Old College into a centre for heritage,


learning and enterprise. It's looking to secure


half the money it needs Rugby and a tough night


for the Newport Gwent Dragons, who were denied the top spot in Pool


2 of the Challenge Cup tonight, The Sharks secured a bonus point,


scoring five tries and earning Dragons, who had already qualified


for the knockout stages, will now face an away


tie in the last eight. Scores on the doors weather-wise -


Derek's got tonight's forecast. We have seen the last of the frost


for awhile. The next few days, milder and more changeable compared


to recently. It is back to normal. Low pressure on bringing milder and


wetter conditions and from the Atlantic, meaning more rain tonight,


heavy bursts of rain, too, Hill fog, strong winds as well. Those


temperatures five Celsius and rising. Tomorrow morning, more wet


and windy weather, heavy rain, gusty winds, poor travelling conditions,


but the rain will clear later in the morning with brighter weather


following from the West. For the rest of the UK, a band of heavy rain


will move eastwards during the day. The risk of flooding in parts of


melting snow. Behind the rain, it would try and brighten up. Blustery


showers moving into western Scotland and Northern Ireland. Temperatures


much higher than today. 11 in glass go. A nice afternoon closer to home.


Maybe a few showers running into North Wales later in the afternoon.


Milder than recently. 11-12dC. Tomorrow evening, one or two


showers, otherwise the dry night. Mist forming inland. A misty


starting places on Saturday otherwise dry and bright sunshine


but I doubt it will stay dry all day. More rain coming along to the


evening with strengthening winds. On Sunday, cloudy and breezy, a little


rain and drizzle, dry spells and exceptionally mild. We have seen the


last of the frost for awhile. Milder and changeable over the next few


days and into next week. From all of us on the


programme, goodnight.


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