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The UK could break up because of Brexit, so warns


the First Minister on a trade visit to the US, but critics say he should


be drumming up business, not putting off investors.


What we don't want is a situation where different nations in the UK


feel unhappy at the final deal, so it is hugely important


that we work together, from my perspective to keep


We ask could the UK really break-up over Brexit?


Also tonight. The Severn rail tunnel shuts


for six weeks from Monday, as electrification work begins.


Expect delays and diversions - we'll have all the details to help


It blights landscapes and damages the environment -


why there's concern that flytipping could be set to rise.


Although the trend is downwards, many fear that it could be about to


increase again as council budget cuts mean that local authorities are


closing official dumps. In tonight's sport, selling


players and in the red. Cardiff City deny claims owner


Vincent Tan is asset The First Minister is under fire


for using a speech during his trade visit to America to say


the United Kingdom could "break-up" because of


tensions created by Brexit. Speaking in Chicago in the last half


hour, Carwyn Jones said big changes his critics are questioning why he's


highlighting possible political instability on a trip designed


to get US businesses More from our political reporter,


Cemlyn Davies. This is what Carwyn Jones fears


could happen unless radical changes are made to help the nations of the


UK overcome the tensions Brexit could cause between them. The First


Minister has spent the past few days in the United States trying to build


and strengthen trade links with American firms. His message, Wales


means business. But in Chicago this evening, his focus is firmly back on


this side of the Atlantic. For me it is a question of making sure that


when we look at where powers lie there is a coherent approach. If we


carry on as we are now then it is just went to Leeds to confusion in


the future and I don't want to see that. I want the UK to stay together


but we need to make sure that the structure is right in the future.


His decision to make these comments on a trade visit has raised


eyebrows. The Welsh Conservatives leader has criticised the First


Minister. If you are promoting a destination for investment and a


place of opportunity, you don't then talk about its imminent as eyes, as


he is talking about today. The United Kingdom is strong, Wales is


strong, let's promote that has a good virtue. This former Labour


adviser has also criticised Mr Jones' political decision-making.


Where he is straying into dangerous territory, he is trying to sort of


interpret the Brexit referendum as somehow a vote for a federal United


Kingdom and a stronger Welsh Government and a stronger assembly.


It might be what he wants, it might be what I want, but I don't believe


it is what people in Wales voted for in the referendum. Away from


constitutional arguments, the First Minister is a game insisting today


that the UK must retain access to the European Union single market


after leaving the European Union. He also wants Wales to play an active


role in the Brexit negotiation process. When it comes to the


negotiations, his hand is not that strong. In Wales, the voters voted


to leave the European Union and that is in contrast to Scotland and


Northern Ireland. When it comes to speaking to the UK Government, I


would imagine that Carwyn Jones is at the back of the queue. In


Bridgend, Carwyn Jones' home turf there was broad support today for


the First Minister 's calls. I voted remain. I would like to stay as


close to that as possible. Staying in the single market. If we are not


in the single market, I think we are the creek. They have to get a good


deal for Britain, in the single market, for instance, and making


sure that immigration is sorted out. And we should not just leave that up


to the UK Government? No, Wales has a voice and it needs to be heard.


Carwyn Jones will return to Wales facing more questions about his


comments. He says Brexit is all he has been asked about in United


States and so he has had to offer his thoughts. They have become


clearer today. Our Welsh Affairs Editor,


Vaughan Roderick is here. Vaughan, why's the First Minister


chosen to make this speech Any international visitors not just


about one thing. It includes a number of other things but it does


seem strange when he is trying to drum up business to say, maybe this


uncertainty is going to go on for years. Maybe the United Kingdom


itself could fall apart. I think the key to understanding it is this, he


is desperately worried about access to the single market, which he sees


as vital to Wales because of the importance of manufacturing and


agriculture to our economy. I suspect he feels he is not being


listened to, that the signals coming out of Westminster are that the


single market is less important to the government and controlling


immigration. It may be that Carwyn Jones feels that by saying this


abroad in front of a very high-powered meeting in Chicago that


it will receive attention that it would not have received if he had


simply said it in the assembly. This idea that the UK could break up


because Brexit, how realistic is that? Well, there is always the


possibility of a second Scottish independence referendum. There is no


reason why they could not be another. We know that Irish politics


is a law unto itself. It is very fluid. And there are legal and


constitutional means built into the Good Friday Agreement by which there


could be a united Ireland. No sign of that coming any time soon but it


is a possibility. The question is then where does that leave Wales?


Does Wales continue as part of a new if you like state of England and


Wales or is there some sort of new relationship and that is a question


that may well come down the track. One has to say though that there are


other major questions about Brexit that are far more urgent in terms of


being addressed. A 33-year-old man from Milford Haven


has been jailed for life for Luke Jones killed Natasha Bradbury


in what's been described as a 'brutal, sustained' attack


at her flat in Swansea Crown Court heard


the 27-year-old died Jones will serve a minimum of 17


years behind bars. A 47-year-old man has admitted


the murder of his mother Robert Owens pleaded guilty


to killing 75-year-old Iris Owens in Ystrad Mynach -


the judge ordered him to be seen by a psychiatrist becuase


of the 'peculiar nature' He's due to be


sentenced next month. The number of drug related deaths


in Wales rose sharply last year, after a five year period


where it was consistently falling. Figures from the Office


for National Statistics suggest heroin is a particular problem


in England and Wales. Public Health Wales say they hope


wider use of Naloxone, which counteracts the effects


of an overdose, will reduce deaths. The main union at Ford in Bridgend


is demanding answers about how the car maker will keep around 1,800


people in work, while halving the number of new engines


it plans to produce. Our Business Correspondent,


Brian Meechan, broke the story earlier this week and Brian you've


now got hold of a letter setting That's right. The letter is written


by Unite 's Welsh Secretary, Andy Richards. He was a union official at


this Ford plant for two decades. He does know the business and he says


this is part ultimately of Ford 's attempt to get out of the UK market


completely and unite questions answered, including this one.


What level of manning is going to be left in the plant when, you know,


the Jaguar engine finishes, that is probably prior


to 2020 now, the Sigma engine finishes, around 2019,


and we are left with only 125,000 units a year out of a capacity


in the plant of three quarters of a million?


We would like to know how on earth they are going to sustain


It also wants to know whether the company is still committed to the


number of jobs it said it would deliver for the ?15 million Welsh


Government invested as part of getting this deal on engines to


Bridgend and what the plan is for getting further engines. In the last


hour, Ford has responded, reiterating it is up to Bridgend to


be competitive enough to win business with other Ford plants


around the world. And what more does Unite want government ministers to


do? I think Unite is ultimately pretty happy with the way the Welsh


Government is responding. No surprise there, given how close


Labour and the Unite union are. But what they are trying to do is to


bring the UK Government into this much more quickly than we have seen


previous UK governments get involved in industrial disputes.


The Severn rail tunnel will be completely closed from Monday,


for six weeks, delaying journeys across the border.


It's being upgraded as part of the electrification programme.


Passengers will be diverted via Gloucester, or will have to use


The more than a century old Severn Tunnel, connecting


But from Monday, the engineers take over.


It'll be completely closed for six weeks.


To finish installing this, electrified rail, that'll power


We're working to modernise the Severn tunnel in order


to prepare it for faster, greener, more modern electric trains.


We've got six weeks of work to do, we've planned everything


ready for those six weeks and we are confident that trains


The tunnel will be closed between September the 12th


If you're travelling from South Wales to London,


you'll be diverted via Gloucester, adding around 40


If you're travelling from South Wales to Bristol,


you'll have to take two rail replacement buses,


Passengers are being urged to plan in advance.


We don't anticipate a chaotic scene at all.


Obviously, it will take a little bit of getting used to that we have


The regular travellers know what to expect.


So we are hoping that everybody will settle into the new short


to routine whilst this essential work is going on.


In six weeks, it is hoped the tunnel will be ready


They could cut 20 minutes off a journey to London.


It's hoped these six weeks will lead to improved journeys for everyone.


Residents of a Swansea estate say fly-tipping in their area


They believe the problem's got worse since changes were made


to what could be left at official council recycling centres.


Across Wales, illegal dumping of rubbish is causing environmental


damage, but as councils close household tips to save money,


some believe the problem is set to rise, as Nick Palit reports.


It is a depressingly familiar sight on isolated roads or back


Illegally dumped rubbish, a blot on the landscape,


often an environmental hazard, and always expensive to clear up.


Last year across Wales, there were 32,000 incidents


And although the trend is downwards, it has halved since 2008,


many fear it is about to increase again, as council budget cuts mean


that local authorities are having to close official rubbish dumps.


This council recycling centre in Cardiff is set to close soon.


Campaigners say that will inevitably add


I think it is going to be catastrophic.


We are already seeing an increase in fly-tipping.


We have an influx of a considerable number of new houses.


It is very, very false economy and the cost to the taxpayer will be


huge because the council then need to deal with the clean-up


Cardiff Council don't believe this closure will result


in more illegal dumping, as they say they will increase


capacity at the city's other household recycling centres.


It is the best I have seen it for a long, long time.


The rubbish, the papers, all around the grass, all have gone.


In Swansea, it is all clean now, but the streets around Elaine


and Bill's home on the Penlan estate have been blighted by fly-tipping.


The amount of rubbish, a whole house contents have been


Bill believes part of the problem is that the nearby council tip


will not accept certain waste any more.


When people sort of go into the place, they are turned away


because you can't take a carpet in there, you can't take


beddings in there, you can't take a bed in there.


People are thinking, rather than travelling two or three,


four miles down to the other plant, they will just nip around


Swansea councils say there are rules on the disposal of rubbish changed


in a bid to boost recycling rates and reduce costs.


By 2020, all councils in Wales must recycle 64% of its waste.


It's down to the cash-strapped local authorities to clean


up after fly-tippers but they are warning that


enforcement officers will sift through rubbish,


checking for anything to identify those who dumped it.


If caught, it can lead to prosecutions, fines or even


Cardiff City deny claims owner Vincent Tan is asset


stripping the club. And the weather is taking a turn


Some heavy rain and strong winds, but I do have some good


Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is appealing to the public not


to camp overnight in the sand dunes at Poppit beach near St Dogmaels.


Litter has been left in the dunes, which is a site of special


scientific interest, after parties, and there's concern


about the impact of camp fires on the fragile habitat.


The Welsh Government has been consulting on whether so-called


"wild camping" could be more widely allowed.


This is what the morning after the night before looks


These pictures show how one of Pembrokeshire is most beautiful


beaches has become a magnet for wild campers.


Rangers at Pembrokeshire Coast National Park have had enough


of cleaning up after parties in the sand dunes and they are asking


This is a very popular spot for wild camping.


And just looking around here under my feet, you see


a lot of broken bottles, remnants of the fire in the middle,


and bottle tops, paper, small items, but obviously after a party,


These sand dunes are protected by law.


This is a site of special scientific interest.


Pembrokeshire Coast National Park authority are asking people not


to stay here overnight but to use designated campsites nearby.


Wild camping seems to be increasing in popularity but it does


bring problems to some of the National Park 's most idyllic


I know there are problems with camping at Angle


We are having an increasing number of complaints


about anti-social behaviour and in general, wild camping.


The Welsh Government held a consultation two years ago


on access to the outdoors but there is yet to be a decision


on whether people should have greater access to camp


At the moment, you must have the permission of the landowner.


Visitors to Poppit Sands had some mixed opinions about whether people


should be allowed to stay in the sand dunes overnight.


But they should tidy up after themselves, yes.


People should not even be walking in the dunes.


It is a site of special scientific interest and the damage caused


walking through continually basically takes away the natural


In everything in life, you will get a tiny handful


of people who will spoil it for everybody else.


It is one of the best places that we have got in


Our beaches are what we advertise most within the national parks.


Yes, that is something that we definitely want to keep


Dyfed-Powys Police will be conducting extra patrols


near the beach to try and deter anti-social behaviour.


And to help protect this fragile habitat.


A busy sporting weekend lies ahead - here's Tomos.


The Cardiff City chairman has denied suggestions the owner is asset


stripping the club and preparing to off-load the club.


Mehmet Dalman says the Championship side is being run


It comes after disquiet among fans after high profile players departed


and many are now questioning the owner's commitment.


Happier times playing Premier League football,


attracting big crowds and big-name signings.


Expectations at Cardiff city were as high as the owner's


Three years on, managers have come and gone and with the club


losing ?13 million a year, players have been sold,


leaving fans to wonder whether the money has dried up.


To have a healthy club, you have to run it like a business.


It is a business that will always be losing money for you, we know that,


it is a degree of how much money you can lose.


And we operated quite prudently, but that does not mean


to say our ambition today is any less than it was two


There have been some notable signings but top talent has also


Goalkeeper David Marshall and fans favourite Fabio gone.


Cardiff's annual losses is at the maximum allowed


Exceed that limit on the club could be placed under


This football finance expert is also chair


And has sympathy with the club's hierarchy.


I want to see them spend lots of money and compete


with the likes of Newcastle and maybe Aston Villa


but wearing my football finance hat, I have dealt with a number


of football clubs who following that policy have got themselves in real


serious financial trouble and some have almost gone to the wall


I want to see that avoided because I want to see


But the owner's commitment is also being questioned.


Vincent Tan is focused on his businesses in Asia,


but he still, we are told, gets about three in the morning


to follow his team on the television.


But his absence from the ground is raising suspicions.


Some fans worry their football team could be in freefall.


We are seeing big clubs like Sheffield Wednesday and Bolton,


Leeds, who have gone down the divisions into League 1.


There is a concern that Cardiff could do that but I think what fans


would really relish and welcome is a dialogue with the club.


The last time that the club spoke to fans about their ambitions,


they clearly stated that top six was the aim.


They can see what other clubs are doing.


They can see that it is going to be tougher and maybe a bit


Vincent Tan announced earlier this year that he is going to lower


the club's debt by turning ?68 million worth into equity


and writing off a further 10 million and the club insist


they are on course to be debt free by 2021.


Swansea City's record signing, Borja Baston, is unlikely


to start against Chelsea in the Premier League on Sunday.


The ?15 million Spanish striker has yet to make his debut for the club


because of a thigh injury and manager Francesco Guidolin


says the 23-year-old is still getting up to speed.


He is not injured but he has to go slow for two or three days.


I hope to have him available for the bench


Rugby and Taulupe Faletau, Jamie Roberts and George North


will have to rely on wildcard selections by Wales interim coach


Rob Howley, if they're to take part in the autumn internationals.


They're among seven players who could miss out on selection


Dominic Day, Nicky Thomas, Rhodri Williams and Rhys Priestland


are the other players affected by the so-called 'Gatland's Law'.


Ice hockey and the Cardiff Devils start their new season this weekend,


with a trip to face Manchester Storm tomorrow, before taking


on Braehead Clan at Ice Arena Wales the following evening.


The Devils have a have a new captain, the Canadian


Last season, the Welsh side led the Elite League table for months,


We just missed out last year and that was disappointing last year


and we will try to put the disappointment behind us


and learn from that and take anything we can and we are excited


We have a great group of guys and everyone is getting along well.


Everyone is ready to go, so it is exciting.


Welsh paralympic rower Rachel Morris won her heat in the women's singles


sculls in Rio and will compete in the final on Sunday.


The 37-year-old from Pembrokeshire won gold in Beijing and silver


in London in hand-cycling, but has since switched to rowing.


Back home and Paralympics GB is touring the country,


hoping to inspire the next generation of athletes,


inviting people to come and have a go at disability sports.


But there are calls tonight for people to have better access


to those sports all the time and not just in a Paralympics year.


Disability sport on a world stage, challenging preconceptions and


inspiring more people to get involved. The organisers are hoping


to capitalise on the enthusiasm but they admit it is not always easy to


maintain that momentum. It is an ongoing challenge. We have to work


together with other organisations in the wider community, transport,


dividing access, making it truly inclusive. It is great that certain


sports clubs exist and offer opportunities but if they cannot get


there or afford to get there or they don't have support to help them to


attend, all those things need to work together. There are dozens of


sports on offer here from judo to trampolining, wheelchair rugby and


table tennis and for some, the chance to try a new challenge is a


valuable part of the journey. I had my crash in May, I broke my back and


all my ribs. It put me in a coma. That is where I am now really.


Paralysed from the waist down. How important is this to you? I just


want to make something, definitely, yeah. I want to make some thing


myself now. The emphasis today is on having a go at the variety of


opportunities available but that is not say the Paralympics stars of the


are not here today. One of these events was what got me hooked on


Paralympics sports. I did not know where my life was going to be, but


then I started sport again and the environment pushed me and broke down


the barriers and allowed me to be me again. More than 500 disabled people


are expected here to try their hand at sport. The challenge for the


organisers is to keep that momentum going year-on-year.


Time now for the weather forecast with Derek.


Heavy rain and strong winds for the weekend?


Not a complete wash-out. I do have some good news. The worst of the


wind and rain will be this evening and to night but once that moves


through, we can look forward to plenty of dry weather over the


weekend. Some sunshine and light winds as well. The strongest winds


and gales this afternoon had been in the north-west of Wales where we


have seen gusts of over 60 mph. This evening, a dry start in the East but


it will not last. Rain spreading from the West. Some heavy rain,


strong winds and poor travelling conditions. The north and west will


dry up later on tonight. Tomorrow is charged shows a cold front lying


through England and that will move slowly eastwards during the day.


Behind it, some sunshine and cooler air. This is the picture for eight


o'clock in the morning. The range would have gone from the south-east.


Still fairly cloudy. Elsewhere drive. Bright in the north and on


the west Coast. Bright in Cardigan with just a light breeze. It is an


improving story tomorrow. Cloud in the south and east will gradually


clear away. It may take its time. More of the country will brighten up


during the afternoon, some sunshine, most places dry, just the odd cheeky


shower in the north. Temperatures lower than today. In the sunshine,


it will feel quite present. In Pembrokeshire tomorrow, semi in


Saint Davids. And it will be a pretty nice day on Anglesey


tomorrow. 16 Celsius. The BBC Proms in the park is taking place in


Colwyn Bay tomorrow evening. The weather will be ideal. Cool and


fresh but fine and clear. Tomorrow night generally dry. Clear spells.


Quite chilly in the countryside. Maybe the odd mist and fog patches.


A taste of autumn. On Sunday, low-pressure in the Atlantic will


track its way north-eastwards. That will bring the stronger winds and


gales to Ireland. In Wales, a decent enough day on Sunday. A lot of dry


weather with bright spells and hazy sunshine. Next week, it looks like


warming up a bit. Temperatures into the 20s again. Monday May be dry but


we could cease and heavy showers on Tuesday. In the meantime, a lot of


dry weather over the weekend watch -- once we have got rid of tonight


's heavy rain. I'll be back with a quick


update at eight, more after the BBC News at Ten,


for now, from all of us on the programme,


have a good evening.


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