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Our top stories: Former Wales international footballer Ched Evans


tells his rape trial his alleged victim was not too


Also tonight: Tax is as old as the hills,


The House of Lords is debating this right now.


Clowning around to scare others, the new craze from America.


Tonight a warning from the police after 70 incidents in Wales.


I am extremely worried, because, basically, they could quite


literally skier and elderly person to death. -- skier and elderly


person to death. Poppies from the Tower of London


transfer to Caernarfon Castle to mark the centenary


of the first world war. And in tonight's sport,


a reality check for Wales,vital points dropped but Chris Coleman


says his players will bounce back The former Wales footballer,


Ched Evans, has told a jury that the woman he's accused


of raping did not appear too drunk He told Cardiff Crown Court


he was "just being childish" when he let himself into a hotel


room, where his friend was having Mr Evans said the woman,


who was 19 at the time, did consent to the encounter


at a Denbighshire hotel in 2011. Media from across the UK, five days


of evidence so far. Ched Evans has been standing silently in court


throughout as the prosecution accused him of rain. Today it was


his turn to give account of what happened in May 20 11. He was 22 at


the time, a high-profile international footballer. The


alleged victim, a 19-year-old woman. The prosecution argued she was to


drunk to be able to consent, but Mr Evans told the jury today did not


appear that way to him. When asked how he knew he responded, how she


was acting. What she said to me. The court heard that after a night out


in real the woman had gone back to this hotel with a friend of Mr


Evans, yellow footballer Clayton McDonald's. Mr McDonald was


acquitted of rape at a previous trial. There is no suggestion he did


anything wrong here. Mr Evans went into that same hotel room later on


the jury were told he also had sex with the woman. Asked why he went


into the room he said I was being juvenile, I was being childish. I


didn't know what would be happening in the room. He referred to his


friend as clay, Clay said, can my mate joining, Mr Evans told the jury


she looked at me said yes. Mr Evans went on to explain that his friend


left the hotel room, telling the Julie the situation I was then


became real. I was cheating on my girlfriend. When he started told the


court the woman grabbed the corner of the quote, have to and turned


away. Ched Evans denies rape, and the trial continues. Pollini, BBC


Wales today, Cardiff Crown Court. Who should decide whether fracking


should be allowed where you live? Or what the speed limits should be


on the roads near you? Or at what age the teenagers


in your family should be able At the moment all these decisions


are currently made in Westminster, but the Wales Bill would transfer


powers like this to Cardiff. So significant is what's proposed


that no fewer than five former Welsh Secretaries are debating


this Bill in the House And one of them, Lord Hain,


has expressed his concern that if Wales gets handed income tax


powers the entire country Making changes to the tax system is


often controversial. King Edgar didn't want to keep the


wolf from the door. A specific Welsh tax on the heads of


wolves introduced 1000 years ago. That wouldn't bring in much cost


these days. From 2018 the Government will introduce specifically Welsh


taxes for the first time in around 800 years. There are more powers on


the way including the power to vary how much income tax people in Wales


should pay. That proposal is included in the


draft Wales Bill being debated today in House of Lords. One leading


Russian Lord says by his calculation is devolving powers over income tax


would lead to the Welsh government struggling to keep the wolves from


the door. -- one leading Welsh Lord. There is


no settlement of the Barnett formula floor we've been promised to


guarantee that Wales, if we go down the devolution road we are protected


against losing out compared with richer parts of Britain in London


East. That's where nearly half the country's wealth is centred.


Lord Hain is also angry that the transfer of income tax powers is


likely to happen without the need for a referendum. He accuses the UK


Government of being undemocratic. According to one of the men


responsible for the Wales Bill Lord Hain is a lone wolf, not speaking


for the Labour Party. I think he is preaching from a very


old hymn sheet and he's not been listening to the debate. He is very


much a lone voice in the Labour Party, contradicting what was


claimed on Friday that this bill doesn't go far enough.


The draft Wales Bill is about more than just income tax. It gives the


Assembly new power over elections, energy and transport and the ability


to change its name. Assembly members are being told what they can and


can't make laws on, rather than what they can. As this old news item


shows, it's clear that even centuries on the issue of tax vexes


the politicians as much as the rest of us.


As Carl mentioned, the debate on the Wales Bill


in the House of Lords has been continuing this evening.


Here's some of what has been said so far.


The bill, in its current form is complex, inaccessible, and clear and


will not settle a devolution issue for Wales as was the intention. I


will conclude by saying that this bill sets the course for a stable


devolution settlement for Wales. It builds a new Welsh devolution


settlement on a solid foundation of reserved powers model. It is


improved on the draft of a year ago, I commend this bill to the house.


Let's go live to Westminster now, Al Parliamentary correspondent is


there. What are the main talking points? It is worth remembering that


the Wales Bill, the background to it was the idea that they would be a


cross-party consensus on the future of devolution. The House of Lords as


a consensual place, but there wasn't a great deal of cross-party unity


state. Speaker after speaker lined up to highlight the floors in the


bill. As Karl reported there are a long list of reserved issues,


reserved to Westminster. Several want to know it was what 190 long,


why is the UK Government still taking responsibility for things


like betting in Wales? And the arguments put forward by people I


Peter Hain who were very focused on the financial negotiations that will


accompany this to make sure Wales doesn't lose out.


Can you give us an idea of what happens next? Today was a broadbrush


debate, a wide debate about general principles of the bill. What happens


next is that it will go into what's known as the committee stage, that's


when members of the House of Lords will go through it line by line.


That's when you'll get the key arguments and that's when you get


the votes to. With the Government here not having a majority in House


of Lords, it could be a bumpy ride for this piece of legislation. It


could be an interesting time. Thank you.


Welsh police forces say they received more than 70


reports of people dressing up as clowns to deliberately scare


It's a craze that started in America and has made its way to the UK.


Gwent Police said they'd had reports of clowns peering


through windows and jumping out of trees, and warned people


He's supposed to make you laugh, but away from the circus an encounter


with a clown can be far from funny. It seems a creepy craze is in full


swing with many in full costume jumping out on passers-by. It's


clown costumes and marks like this that are causing concern. The latest


craze to sweep the US has come to Wales. South Wales Police the anyone


who intentionally frighten someone with a costume like this would be


committing an offence. One man dressed as a clown has been arrested


in Rhyl for causing distress. It is claimed people were frightened by


this clown in Conwy. A local council issued this stark


warning. I'm extremely worried, because basically they could quite


literally skier and elderly person to death. It may seem to be a little


bit of fun to you, but it could have dire consequences. If you scared


somebody to death he would have that on your conscience for the rest of


your life. It's not worth it. Many videos doing


the rounds on social media should be taken with a hint of scepticism, but


the shopping to Philly set is a worrying trend. As a result they've


decided not to sell masks to children.


Lots of people have phobias about clowns. We can't stop selling them


to people. We just hope that they are sensible and not scaring people.


All four police forces in Wales say they have reports of incidents


involving clown costumes, 70 across Wales. North Wales Police have taken


to Twitter to warn people not to engage in idiotic behaviour.


In reality, if you jumping out at an infirm or vulnerable person, or, as


some cases, 18 across Gwent other today, appearing through windows,


that can have, if you are not expecting it a nasty surprise


factor. It's very important that people stop doing this or they could


find themselves arrested. Whether you believe this is harmless


fun or sinister scare tactics, it's clear the police will take it


seriously and that could end with the tears of a clown.


An undertaker has apologised after the wrong body was taken


The error wasn't spotted until the end of the service


at St Cadfan Church in Llangadfan on Friday.


R G Peate Funeral Directors of Welshpool say it


The caskets were swapped, and the correct body buried.


Former Wales International Mark Aizlewood has denied playing a part


in an alleged multi-million pounds fraud involving football


The 57 year old,who won 39 caps, pleaded not guilty to fraud by false


representation alongside five others including former Cardiff City player


Paul Sugroo who also denied the allegation.


The men were all bailed, ahead of a trial in September next year.


A new strategy for improving mental health and well-being has been


announced by the Welsh Government to coincide with World


Among its priorities is improving support for young people,


developing a new plan for dementia, and improving action to address


We've made a assessment of adult services, and children's services.


We need to make sure the investment delivers the results we want.


The plan marks up how we expect to get working with different partners


in the voluntary sector public sector, but also with business so we


can bring those things together and continue to make significant


investment in mental health services.


A former senior police officer has been accused of trying to wriggle


out of inconsistent statements he made in court


At Mold Crown Court, retired superintendent


Gordon Anglesea from Old Colwyn, denies sexually assaulting two


teenage boys, more than 25 years ago.


This was the second day Gordon Anglesea arrived at court to go into


the witness box. Today it was the prosecution putting the questions.


The QC focused on statements Gordon Anglesea made at the High Court


under oath during a libel trial 22 years ago. There, she put to him, he


said he supervised she was on every occasion he was running an


attendance centre for young offenders in Wrexham. On Thursday,


when you gave evidence, you said you only went to the showers about


twice. Gordon Anglesea replied that his statements had been


misconstrued. My answer was not as clear as it should have been


commonly said. I was in the changing room as the need arose.


You are trying to shift away from the fact that you lied to the High


Court or you have lied to this Julie the QC said. The attendance centre


was run from Saint Joseph's School in Wrexham.


The buildings have changed over time. It is claimed that Gordon


Anglesea sexually assaulted a teenager there. Alan and laws QC


Venter and you visit he made as a police officer to children's homes


in Wrexham. He denied knowing a convicted paedophile who was


Jeopardy head of the home. Eleanor lorsque C Venter produced a letter


from the home's head which mentioned discussions Anglesea had had with


Peter Howarth. He said he had no recollection of that. I didn't know


his name. Gordon Anglesea denies all charges against him. The case


continues. Much more to come before 7pm,


Georgia on their minds, missed chances and missed


points for Wales. What now for their World Cup


qualification hopes? And high pressure sitting


comfortably across Scandinavia bringing more settled weather this


week full details in a few minutes. Every year 700 people


in Wales are diagnosed with lymphoma, a form


of blood cancer. Now a new scheme is helping patients


find clinical trials which might It's being supported


by many of Wales' blood cancer experts, who're involved


in world leading research. Jill Mercer from Cardiff


finished treatment for non-Hodgkin


follicular lymphoma in 2012. A consultant then referred her


for a clinical trial. A drug that they would recommend


was not one that was particularly easy to get,


necessarily, on the NHS. But you could get it


if you are on a trial. And also that I fitted


the categories needed 700 patients in six different


countries have been They've now been split,


with half taking a maintenance drug, Over time, they will realise that,


actually, this group is doing Since her diagnosis,


Jill has been supported by the Lymphoma Association,


who have now launched a new online trials link,


designed to help patients eventually find a suitable clinical trial


for their particular subtype. The new service was


the focus of a joint blood and lymphatic


cancer conference Patients and carers were unable


to find out information And, also, that information


was extremely complicated. And it was not presented


in a very patient-friendly So, the aim of


Trials Link is to bring Wales' leading cancer researcher


says sources like this are invaluable in helping patients


make informed decisions As health professionals,


we should be offering trials But we also want the patients


to understand that a trial is important in their treatment


and they can be asking us. And asking perhaps to be referred


to another centre, if there isn't a trial open


in their particular centre. The blood cancer research team


at the University Hospital of Wales have already pioneered


several new treatments. They currently have 76


ongoing clinical trials. 20 of which are actively


recruiting new patients. We are already doing a study


with non-chemotherapy treatment versus the old standard


chemotherapy. We have done 12 patients


in the last 12 months. And there's no obvious difference


in the response. There's a difference


in the side-effect profile. But the response rate


looks the same. But she says that,


by taking part in this trial, I feel it is doing something


that is going to help It will be a little bit


of help to the future of BT is planning to remove almost half


of Wales' phone boxes The company says many of the 1,500


pay phones it s closing haven't been But some say they're needed


in areas where mobile phone A derelict iron works site


in Torfaen could be bought by the council in a plan


worth ?3.7 million. The 1300 acre site in Abersychan,


known as The British, remains abandoned after decades


of fruitless schemes. Councillors will be asked to approve


a package which includes ?1.7million from the Welsh Government


to bring the site back A year ago today Wales


secured that historic place in Euro 2016, but cause


for celebration last night. Wales boss, Chris Coleman


says his side were just not good enough last night, as they hung


on for a draw against Georgia. At times Wales looked fatigued


and disjointed, but the manager says it's a blip and they'll bounce back


next month against Serbia. This is what it felt like to be a


Wales fan over the last few months, it seems like after the success of


the European Championship the honeymoon period is over. Last


night, a reality check, handing on a draw against Georgia wasn't in the


script. The first half was business as usual, with Bale putting Wales


ahead. But by the second half the wheels came off. The visitors ranked


137th in the world hit the post twice, with Wales just hanging on


for the point. Disappointed, are obviously. We


wanted to win at home. We like to think we could win that game. It


wasn't to be. We'll take the point and move on.


It's not ideal, but we've got to go on from here now. It's early days in


the group and up to us to pick up results. So what did we learn from


last night, strength and death are essential. Without midfield maestro


Aaron Ramsey and Joe Allen Wales seem a different side. The reality


is with Bale, Ramsey and Alan in the line-up Wales can beat anyone.


Opponents are raising their game. Wales are considered a scalp, and


everyone wants to be the side that made it to the semifinal. They are


being scrutinised, and school to cultures are working out how to


thwart them. After success in France expectation is higher than ever.


Wales were expected to win last night, but didn't, and there was


genuine disappointment. What a load of rubbish! They look


tired. They look completely and utterly tired on that pitch.


I thought after Bale's goal they should have attacked more.


Very disappointing. Last night means Wales are stirred in group B behind


Serbia and the Republic of Ireland. They face both in their next two


games. Serbia on the 12th of November is now a must win match.


The table as a reminder there is a lot of work to do, and they could be


more bumps on the road to Russia. This is pressure Wales haven't been


as funny while. And today the Wales team visited


Aberfan to mark the 50th anniversary of the mining disaster


which killed 144 people. The players visited the memorial


garden to pay their respects before Manager Chris Coleman described


the visit as "humbling" and said "it Ryan Giggs has been speaking


about how he was interviewed for the position of manager


at Swansea City. The former Wales captain says


missing out to the American won't deter his managerial ambitions


and he thinks new manager Bob Bradley will find things difficult


at the Premier League club. They asked me to have a chat with


them. I did, and didn't quite work out. He's got experience. He's been


a manager for 30 years now. Sometimes you get bad confidence,


different ideas, freshness. We'll see what happens. It will be


difficult for him. Now, do you know someone


who goes out of their way If you know a sports volunteer


who deserves some much-needed recognition it's time


to let us know. The Get Inspired Unsung Hero award


celebrates people who do all kinds of things to help others


participate in sport. The winner will be announced at BBC


Wales Sports Personality Just go to our website


bbc.co.uk/unsunghero, nominations close on the 23rd


October. Part of the famous art


installation of almost a million ceramic poppies displayed


at the Tower Of London has The Weeping Window sculpture


is being taken to sites around the UK as part of the centenary


of the First World War. This is the first of


two visits to Wales. original artwork which was at the


tower of London in 2014 was named blood sweat glands and seas of red.


Now it has reached Caernarvon. Each poppy represents a life lost in


World War I. The poppies are touring across Britain including Liverpool


and Orkney, taking on a new life. They are all different, they are all


a bit quirky. It's twice as tall as it was there, only about eight


metres. This is 18. It cascades differently.


Among those invited to see the display was the nephew of the poet


Anglesea was killed in 1918. As you looked out over the battlefield they


were sending you with a rifle. If they were sending you with a pick


and fork it was different altogether -- the poet Hedd wyn. As well as


being an incredibly moving piece of architectural challenges of


transporting it here are mind-boggling. It was dismantled


from its home in Scotland and this is the first of two visits to make


to Wales. It will be in Cardiff in September.


It was quite tricky. We wanted them to climb up the skinniest one. We


were adjusting things within it. They've done brilliantly. It's so


it's really well. People can do amazing things when


they get together. It's great as they can animation. A beautiful


piece of art that highlights the castle, it does a lot of things.


It's worth coming to see. The display will remain here until this


year's remembrance events and the centenary of the Battle of the


Somme. Plenty of sunshine for many of us


today, but for how long, Behnaz? Plenty of dry weather this week but


it's not going to be blue skies at all times. Sunny spells with the


best of the sunshine through the West. A lot of dry weather tomorrow


but more breezy compared with today. Isolated showers clear away tonight


and starry skies for many of us with light winds and clear skies. Some


mist and fog patches form. A chilly night. Those temperatures ranging


between five to about nine Celsius. Tomorrow high pressure still sitting


comfortably across Scandinavia. A fairly settled today. Easterly winds


coming in. Blocking any weather systems from coming in from the


West. First thing tomorrow morning a cold crisp start to Tuesday. A bit


breezy along coastal areas in the south. If US later Charles, best of


the sunshine in the morning. We start to see cloud increasing from


the east. -- if you showers. Temperatures between 13 to 15


Celsius. Breezy in the afternoon. Tomorrow night more cloud around


compared with tonight. The cloud might produce the odd shower. Most


of us get away with a dry nights, not as chilly. Temperatures range


between seven to 11 Celsius. As we head into Wednesday we continue to


drag in easterly winds, still a fairly settled today. More cloud


around as we had towards the middle of the week. First thing Wednesday,


yes a cloudy start, and we see brightness developing through the


day. Best of the brightness from the clean Peninsula down to premature.


12 to 14 Celsius, in the sunshine it feels pleasant. It will feel chilly.


Mostly dry for the rest of the week, Sunny spells. By the time we get to


Friday be potential for rain pushing in from the south-west. The


headlines again. Former Wales footballer Ched Evans


has told a jury that the woman he is accused of raping did not appear to


drunk to consent. He sold because he was just being childish when he let


himself into her hotel room in Denbighshire where his friend was


having sex with the alleged victim. Mr Evans said she did consent to the


encounter in 2011 and denies raping her. The trial continues.


I'll have an update for you here at 8pm and again


after the BBC News at Ten, that's Wales Today.


Thank you for watching, from all of us on the programme, good evening.


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