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This footage shows fireworks being used in an attack in Newport.


Senior Ambulance staff tell us they've forced them to abandon


depots because of people throwing them.


Around 100 firefighters have been tackling a huge blaze which has


I've never heard of anything like it before. One of the guys who has been


in the forces said it was like being in the forces.


Around 100 firefighters have been tackling a huge blaze which has


destroyed most of the main building of a college in Swansea.


Could Wales become the top recycling nation in Europe?


We're better at it than other parts of the UK.


But some of our councils still need to clean up their act.


Restaurant, takeaway or chippy - they all have to display


But could proposals to change the way they're inspected


Buildings across Wales are being lit up red tonight


to remember the sacrifices of our servicemen and women.


We hear from Britain's oldest poppy seller ? 99-year-old Ron Jones,


Senior Welsh ambulance workers have told BBC Wales they've had


to abandon ambulance depots this year because of people


Paramedics say the attacks are the worst they've seen.


It comes as Gwent Police say more large, commercial-grade fireworks


And tonight: an Assembly member calls for the Welsh


government to have more power over firework sales.


Eyewitness footage of bins set alight outside


Riot police are needed to control the situation.


It's claimed fireworks were thrown at people in the street.


All we were told, were shouted at, get back in your houses now.


Julie lives just metres from where the trouble flared.


She says it's particularly bad this year.


Riot police and they were across the road here.


Are you actually going to move away?


I'm going down my daughter's. I'm going down this Sunday.


Because of Halloween and...? Yeah.


Police all over the country see a rise in anti-social behaviour


Cardiff bus services have been diverted in the city in the past.


I was in the car. They were running down the road. It is really


worrying. They see and they throw it and run.


Police all over the country see a rise in anti-social behaviour


Cardiff bus services have been diverted in the city in the past.


But senior Gwent officers say they've been surprised


this year at the size of some of the fireworks and believe they're


Being bought on the internet. These are a commercial display quality and


it is a worrying tend -- trend. And emergency workers


haven't been immune. Senior Welsh ambulance managers


like Tony here say crews have had to abandon ambulance


stations this year because I don't think I can


emphasise how surprised and shocked I am because I've got


considerable years of service and I've never heard of anything like it


before from the Ambulance Service. One of the guys who has previously


had military experience likened it to coming under fire


when he was in the forces. Now the Assembly member


for Newport West, Jane Bryant, is calling for the Welsh


government to have the power I'm looking to raise this in the


chamber next week and I am keen to see if any amendments can be made to


the Wales Bill and see if those powers will be coming to Wales in


the future to see if we can do more to regulate fireworks sales.


Eight people have been charged after this disturbance


in Newport and police are concerned about the growing


amount of large fireworks that may now be falling into the wrong hands.


A murder investigation has been launched in Rhyl after a man died


Emergency services were called to the Home Bargains car park


48-year-old Mark Mason was treated but died later in hospital.


Police are appealing for witnesses to what they've described


A message on a wreath placed by Prince Charles on the 50th


anniversary of the Aberfan disaster has been returned.


The Prince of Wales visited the village last Friday where some


of the 144 victims of the tragedy are buried.


But today, it was anonymously returned to South Wales Police.


An investigation is underway into the cause of a large fire


which has destroyed a part of a college in Swansea.


85 firefighters and 18 fire engines tackled the blaze at Gower College


in the Sketty area of the city which has 2,000 students.


Around half past four this morning and this was the scene at Gower


College in Swansea, captured on mobile phone. 85 firefighters and 85


appliances tackled the blaze. People who lived opposite were awoken by


the noise. We thought it was fireworks going off but it was the


windows exploding. It was frightening. You could see the


outline of the fireman against the flames, it was like watching a film.


In the light of day, the full extent of the damage is clear. Most of the


main building is now destroyed. It is believed the fire started on the


library in the third floor and spread to the fourth floor. The


lower floors are damaged by water that was used to tackle the blaze. A


very large fire. It takes a lot to bring it under control. People have


to supply the water and all the supporting tasks that are involved.


2000 students are in this campus -- enrolled on this campus, they have


not been here this week because of half term but now there will be an


assessment to see which part of the campus can open when they return


next week. Staff will return on Monday but it will remain closed to


students until at least the middle of next week. With scheduled exams


taking place at a nearby campus. The extent of the damage will become


clearer over the next few days as the investigation into the causes of


the fire continues. The man in charge of reviewing how


public bodies in Wales spend their money says he wants


to investigate the way the Welsh government gives


grants to companies. It comes as several businesses


folded after receiving millions Last night, it emerged that Pembroke


Dock's Main Port Engineering - which was given a ?650,000 grant


in March - had gone Let's get more on this


now with our political There have been several cases of


these high profile cases. Some companies have received grants and


it has created and supported jobs but it doesn't quite work out. Over


the summer, we brought you the case of a company that was given ?1


million to create jobs but then it was outsourced and that money was


not used for that. Another company received ?3 million of money and


then went bust. And now we have Main Port Engineering company. But you


have other examples of the Welsh government trying to use money to


boost an area or a company but when it doesn't get used, the money can


be wasted. We don't know the details but the report will look at why this


money is allocated, how was it allocated, what safeguards are in


place. It has been said there are systemic failures in the system,


rather than a series of coincidences. The government has


said it has supported 100,000 jobs and some companies it had supported


have a higher success rate than the UK average so there will be a


discussion about exactly what the investigations will be but at the


moment we don't have a timetable. A record number of people visited


Wales' historic sites this summer, according to figures from Welsh


government body, Cadw. It says the increase is down


to the success of its Dragon campaign which toured


castles across Wales. More than 600,000 people visited


Cadw sites between A man has been arrested


following a raid on a post office CCTV footage shows 52-year-old post


office worker, Paula Hooper, fending off a knife-wielding man,


using a baseball bat. The 32-year-old man, from Ely,


was released on bail. Landmarks and buildings across Wales


are to be lit up red this evening to recognise the sacrifices


of our servicemen and women on the fields of Flanders,


to the deserts of Iraq. It's to mark the start of this


year's Poppy Appeal. Our reporter, Teleri Glyn Jones,


is at Llandaff Cathedral That's right, across Wales,


buildings like Llandaff Cathedral, the Senedd in Cardiff Bay,


castles and churches are being lit up every night for the next two


weeks up to Remembrance Sunday. It's all to launch the start


of the Poppy Appeal. This year, as well as remembering


the 100th anniversary of the Somme, we're being asked to rethink


Remembrance so that it's not just veterans of the two world


wars that come to mind, but those who became injured


or were lost fighting I've been selling poppies for 30 odd


years. At 99, Ron Jones from Newport is the oldest poppy seller. For him,


it is about remembering the countless friends he lost in the


Second World War, a war that ended Paul Heyman as he was imprisoned in


Auschwitz. I didn't tell anyone until I was 18, and then somebody


found out about it and since then, I have been a bit of a celebrity. --


until I was 80. I've got a lump in my throat, the half of the time.


Very unpleasant. You've seen things you can't and see, haven't you? Yes,


it is in your minds eye. I can remember it, as plain as anything. I


was so low, I was shouting at the kids, getting angry at my wife, I


begged her to leave me. This year, as we wear a poppy, the Royal Legion


want us to think again about our perception of veterans. This man was


in the Army for 20 years before his medical discharge. Money raised


means that he has a new ramp at his house. For hard landings while he


was serving in The Parachute Regiment has left him in severe and


constant pain. I went from being able to walk using crutches and in


2012, I ended up in a wheelchair. ?900,000 was raised in Wales from


the Poppy Appeal last year and that money is there to help people like


John. Our work supports beneficiaries like you have seen


today, to independently of advice, to debt management, to lobbying the


government to improve services. The majority of the money, ?43 million,


it goes on Legion's welfare work to support our beneficiaries. This


year, if you wear a poppy, you are remembering not just the distant


past but helping those who have sacrificed a lot recently, too.


Still to come in the programme: Hay on Wye is famous for its bookstores


But now, the town's only library is threatened with closure.


And the Blues take on the Scarlets - the first Welsh derby of the season,


but there's frustration that so many big name players will be missing.


Be it a chippy or a top-end restaurant, it s compulsory


for anywhere serving food in Wales to display its hygiene ratings -


They're said to be driving up standards, as we vote with our feet


and dine mainly in places with higher ratings.


But now, fears that good work could be undone by proposals


to change the way hygiene inspections are done.


From coffees and cake to fine dining and pulled pork,


With the advent of these black and green stickers came the ability


to select only those eateries with higher hygiene ratings.


It's mandatory to display them in Wales - it's not in England -


and it's policies like that, the industry feels is helping to set


Wales apart, and improve hygiene standards here.


A routine inspection of the Lighthouse Kitchen in Tenby.


And senior environmental health officer, Peter Cole isn't just


It could be to do with trade waste arrangements or pest control. We are


the eyes and ears for the whole council and we are here on behalf of


the public as well. But there's concern


about new Food Standards Agency proposals to allow businesses to use


private auditors to carry out more So much worry in fact that there's


a call for Wales to go its own way and take on the


responsibilities of the FSA. We should consider a Wales specific


solution now to build on what we have done and not get messed up what


we have already got. But budgets are tight so it's been


suggested food businesses would have to pay for a licence before


they could even open, At the moment, the food business


registers with us, and before we know it, they are up and running,


serving food which could potentially kill someone.


It's argued businesses would be supportive -


if a licence helped create a level playing field.


It seems unfair that we are working to a high standard and someone can


be working too much less and still be selling food.


The Food Standards Agency says any changes are aimed at making sure


that food businesses are good every day -


But they deny the proposals are solely about savings


for cash-strapped councils in England.


We are aware of the pressures and local authorities but that is not


why we want to change. Our main reason is we believe it is right to


change now. We want to use technology and data and we want all


the people working in food businesses to be doing the right


things and for us to be working with them to ensure that is happening.


That is a better deal for consumers. The proposals are still


at an early stage. But everyone agrees,


when it comes to food hygiene, the need to maintain high


standards is crucial. Wales can become the top recycling


nation in Europe according to the Welsh Environment Secretary


after figures show we recycled more waste than any other part


of the UK last year. But a handful of councils in the


Valleys are still lagging behind. Here's our environment


correspondent, Steffan Messenger. As exhibitions go,


it's pretty rubbish! At Swansea's National Waterfront


Museum this half term, they are showcasing how the things


we throw away can be transformed. It's an eye-opener


on what you can do with discarded bits of fabric


or, you know, a metal can. I really like it because


you can just turn anything It's showing that you should care


about the environment. The exhibition's launch coincides


with the publication of finalised recycling figures for Wales


for the past year out this month. They show that we're


now recycling just over 60% of our waste, double what was


being achieved a decade ago. We're also leading


the rest of the UK. The rate in England,


for example, was 44%. Basically, Welsh government


in legislation, they put a statutory recycling target of 70% by 2025


with increments on the way up there and they are the only devolved


administration to have done that and because of that, local authorities


have seen it as a priority. Wales, it seems,


is certainly punching above its weight when it


comes to recycling. But could a cut to the funding


allocated to the Welsh government's waste strategy in this


month's draft budget Well, my ambition is to


see Wales as the best If we were a single member state,


we'd already be fourth. Obviously, we're all having our


budgets squeezed, but it's really important that we continue


to work with local authorities. I don't think it's just


about funding, I think it is about that will and that


will is certainly there. To local authorities are trialling a


scheme to increase their figures even further. The service helps


Ceredigion, it helps us, and it helps the environment around us.


We're sharing the resorts. While Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion our


head, three of the local authorities are failing the targets around


recycling. Three local authorities failed


to meet their targets this year. Representatives from Newport,


Torfaen and Blaenau Gwent councils will now meet with


the Environment Secretary Let's catch up with the day's sport


now - here's Claire. Let's start with football and no


game for Swansea City this weekend - In the Championship,


Cardiff City boss Neil Warnock says they are the biggest


club in Wales as he aims to extend his unbeaten


start as manager. The side have won twice and drawn


once since he took over. Newport County are away


to Accrington Stanley, while Wrexham are away


to Gateshead. Good news for Wales


boss Chris Coleman - Aaron Ramsey will return


to the Arsenal squad for the first time since


the opening day of the season, He's been out with a hamstring


injury which has forced him to miss Chris Coleman names his squad


to play Serbia on Wednesday. The Wales Rally GB got


underway this morning, with cars speeding on the opening


stage at Myherin near Llanidloes. It's the penultimate round of


the World Rally Championship but Frenchman Sebastien Ogier has


already claimed this year's title. The rally heads to Chester tonight


before heading to Deeside The first Welsh derby


of the weekend gets under way in less than an hour -


the Blues take on the Scarlets. Let's head to the Arms Park -


Tomos Dafydd is there. It's one of the most eagerly


anticipated matches of the season. It's big business too -


Blues can expect revenues up But tonight, many in the game


are questioning why such high-profile derby games


are being played a week before That means many star players


will be missing tonight. It is one of the highlights and when


local rivals go head-to-head, they are usually fiery encounters. The


best players drawing big crowds. But the blues will be without seven


Wales internationals and the head coach is not impressed. It is


extremely frustrating as a coach. Discussions about how it can be


avoided in the future will be had. Derbys are our biggest gains and


they are our biggest crowd. The reason Beadle Common watchdog is is


for the top players in Wales to go head-to-head. Wales released its


autumn fixtures last December, the regional games were an out seven


months later. Those running the Pro12 say delivering a fixtures list


is a massive task and had little choice but to schedule the derbies


this weekend. The Pro12 also said they avoided the derbies earlier in


the season as many international players who took part in summer


tours are not always available. The Scarlets only lost one of their ten


games during last season's international fixtures but they lost


both Pro12 games to the blues. Some guys will get opportunity that


wouldn't normally get that opportunity so I think is fantastic


for them. No matter when we played the blues, that rivalry will be


there. Tomorrow night, The Ospreys will face the Dragons. The region is


definitely want their top international stars available and


are hoping the Pro12 can avoid a similar clash next season.


Dan Lydiate will start of the Ospreys for that match -


he's one of four players who signed new dual contracts -


along with Sam warbuton, samson lee and hallam amos.


Scrum V live is over on BBC 2 Wales from 7:30pm.


Second hand bookstores line its winding streets -


and every summer it hosts a world famous book festival.


But now the town's only library is threatened with closure,


As our arts correspondent Hugh Thomas reports.


It sounds like fiction but this is no tall tale. The town are so famous


for its books could lose its library, unless the locals can find


?18,000 a year to keep it open. We were not allowed inside to film and


the doors could shut for good as part of Powys Council's attempt to


save a quarter of ?1 million from its library budget over the next


three years. That prospect has brought the community together. We


have 1500 people here. We would have to find ?18,000 every year to fund


this. The community are very much against what is happening and there


is a steering group that has been set up. They have until Monday to


present a plan to Powys Council or the doors will close for good next


year, along with ten other libraries that are also at risk. The fight to


keep the library open in Hay is about much more than access to


books, it is really about securing a precious local resource. But is the


battle that many other towns across Wales have already faced. In the


past five years, 20 libraries have closed across Wales. A further 20


have been saved from council cutbacks and run by community groups


stead. We are trying to work with communities, be they town councils,


voluntary organisations, even businesses, to see if we can achieve


the savings. The last thing we want to do is close library. The threat


is real but there is optimism in Hay that it anywhere can keep the


library open, it is the town of books.


What's the story with the weather. It is a tale of cloudy and dry this


weekend. Other major has It is a tale of cloudy and dry this


weekend. Other major has been kind to us at the moment. There is more


quiet, settled weather to come. There will be some mist and risk of


fog. Plenty of cloudy but we are lucky, some sunshine. Largely cloudy


tonight and a few of drizzle. Some mist, maybe a few prog patches.


Temperatures not dropping much, mild for October, ten to 13 Celsius. Here


is the picture for eight o'clock in the morning, a bit grey and gloomy


first thing, watch out for mist and fog in places if you are travelling.


A few spots of drizzle here and there. Otherwise looking mild.


During the morning, the mist and fog will gradually lift. Most places


try. Plenty of cloud, like today. It should then out in places, allowing


both sky to bright in. Temperatures above average. 55 to 65 Fahrenheit


with light winds. Good weather for the snow deodorant -- Snowdonia


Marathon tomorrow. Mild and relatively mild. In Merthyr Tydfil,


cloudy and dry, some mist, maybe a bit of fog. Tomorrow night, little


change. Mostly dry and cloudy. The odd spot of drizzle. Misty in


places. Another mild night, maybe down to nine Celsius in Wrexham and


Gwyneth. On Sunday, more of the same with a few subtle changes, dry, lots


of cloud, but with a bit of luck, it should brighten up in places, that


is sunshine in parts of the North, maybe on the West Coast. Mild again


with a light breeze from the south or south-east. Next week, Monday,


mild and dry for Halloween. Tuesday, maybe a little bit of rain but not a


lot. The rest of the week, clearer and colder with some sunshine and


touches of frost. This month has been much drier and, than usual and


there is more dry weather to come next month but with more seasonal


temperatures. Don't forget, British summertime ends this weekend so that


means you have to put your clocks and watches back by one hour, Lucy.


Senior Welsh ambulance workers have had to abandon ambulance depot is


because of people throwing fireworks. Paramedics say the


attacks are the worst they have seen. Went police say more


commercial grade fireworks are being used in anti-social behaviour.


Our next update is at 8pm. Goodbye.


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