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As the Prime Minister sets out her vision for Brexit,


Theresa May commits to acting in the interests of all parts


As powers of patronage had from Brussels back to Britain the right


browse our return to Westminster, and the red powers are passed to the


devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern


Ireland. -- right powers. Tonight we'll hear from our


exporters, from this steel processor How easy will it be to sell our


stuff outside the single market? Tonight assembly members back


the latest devolution of powers to Wales,but there's a warning that


whatever Brexit looks like more Once we used to build


council houses. Tonight why we might be


buying some of them back. All change at the top of Welsh


rugby, captain Sam Warburton passes And why has there been a dramatic


decline in the number of Europe's A Brexit that works for the whole


of the United Kingdom. In a major speech on how the UK


plans to leave the European Union, the Prime Minister said she'll be


working with the Welsh Government to ensure that, as powers


are repatriated from Brussels, the right powers are passed


to Westminster and to Cardiff. First Minister Carwyn Jones has


welcomed Mrs May's speech, but says he'll continue to make


the case for full access Here's our Political


Editor Nick Servini. The wheels are slowly turning on


what many consider to be a hard Brexit. And a hard Brexit is,


appropriately, what the Bath and most of the staff are after at this


plant in Newport. The European single market AMs to make trade


easier by allowing the free movement of goods, services and people. A


departure in order to control immigration could open the door to


trade tariffs. Despite that there is confidence here that new deals can


be done outside of the single market.


They still want to trade with us. We still want to trade with them. We


buy a lot of material from the EU and we export a lot to the EU. We've


got to work out a deal that's good for both sides, you know. Hopefully,


the EU will have a pragmatic view of it, and negotiate something that


works for both. It different industry different


view. It's not a hard, but a softer approach to Brexit which this


yoghurt maker in Anglesey once. The firm exports between 30 and 50% of


its goods to the EU. The owner feels businesses like his are better off


inside. The simplicity of being able to sell


products into Europe without being stopped at the borders. Checked over


and redoing all the paperwork. Theresa May says staying in the


single market would not mean leaving the EU at all. And she had this


message for the devolved administrations.


Part of that will mean working very carefully to ensure that as powers


are repatriated from Brussels back to Britain, the right powers are


returned to Westminster, and be right powers are passed to the


devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern


Ireland. Carwyn Jones says he'll continue to


push for a full and unfettered access to the single market, despite


the announcement. He called for the Assembly to have a say.


If we are going to get a deal that's going to last it has to be agreed as


widely as possible. Why would Whitewater decisions on agriculture


in Wales and Scotland but are the responsibility of Welsh and Scottish


governments? May be a solution can be found where consent is given by


the Assembly and the Scottish Parliament.


So how is the departure from the single market gone down in another


market, Pontypool? And nearly that, like the rest of Wales, voted to


leave? I'm hoping she'll do a good job. As


far as I'm concerned this country used to be Great Britain at one


time, now it's just a place for immigrants and all the rest of it


was coming over. We should be out of it, definitely.


Why not? We managed before we went in the common market. We should look


after our own. Our soldiers, they don't look after them.


On the streets, can't get the house. Disgusting. I suppose if she wanted


to come out of Europe altogether when she wants a clean break,


doesn't she? I think ordinary people, it's not the right thing.


Why is that? I think it will be going forward, for younger people,


it's going to be detrimental. They will lose out. Theresa May's


outlined is that people voted to leave, including places like this,


with their eyes wide open. They did so knowing full well that leaving


the single market would fall to of the deal. Now what she has to do,


and not just for those who will did leave, is to do that without trade


being affected. Businesses in particular wanted clarity, and after


seven months of speculation, and long periods of silence from


ministers, an early glimpse of what Brexit will look like.


More from Nick Servini in a moment, but first to Westminster


and our parliamentary correspondent, David Cornock.


Theresa May says that she wants to give the Welsh government fully


engaged in the process of Brexit. Let's find out what she means by


talking to Alun Cairns, the Secretary of State for Wales. We


heard her there and say that as far as powers were concerned she wanted


to ensure the right powers are transferred to Cardiff, which powers


would they be? I think we can see that the Prime


Minister has shown strong leadership today. She said that 12 objectives


of negotiations, of which Wales is a fundamental part. Wales can take


confidence from what she said about insuring powers that the right


place. She also said that the decision-making powers that the


Assembly has at the moment will not be removed in any way as a result of


axing the European Union. This is a good deal for the whole of the


United Kingdom, of which Wales is a fundamental part.


Are we talking about agriculture? Farmers want to know. These are the


sort of things I'm talking to the First Minister about at the joint


ministerial committee. These are things we are going to consider. The


leadership she has shown demonstrate the positive way in which the Prime


Minister wants to engage with Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the


regions of England. These are the power she wants to be


seen, the decisions taken in Cardiff Bay.


We want to focus on outcomes. We talk to be principal of the internal


market, it is vitally important that functions properly. On that basis


the details surrounding how that is going to work is part of the active


discussions I'm engaged in with the First Minister.


MPs will have a vote. The first was a want AM is to have a vote, will


this government respect the vote of Assembly members on Brexit?


It's not up to me to turn the Assembly or the Welsh government


what motions it'd have or how it should vote. I'm accountable, as is


adjusted for Wales, to Parliament. People can scrutinise me on what


size they are and that is rightly the way. This is a UK Government


decision. A UK Government decision as the Secretary of State.


So, there's concern tonight from some in the Assembly


that Brexit could lead to the National Assembly


It comes as Assembly Members are in the chamber debating the UK


government's Wales Bill which moves responsibility for several areas


from London to Cardiff for the first time.


It'll give welsh ministers power over energy, transport,


teacher's pay and some control of income tax.


But the leader of the Welsh Conservatives is already saying


devolution will eventually need another rethink as powers come back


Here's our political correspondent Daniel Davies.


20 years ago Tony Blair swept to power promising devolution. Since


then the extent of the Assembly's power has been argued over and


tinkered with repeatedly. Tonight the latest set of changes is


likely to be approved by AM 's, but before it's even become law talk has


changed to what's next. Some powers over energy, more power


over tax. For some the Wales Bill has a pick and mix real that left


them undernourished. It was a long, detailed and finally


balanced debate. We decided to look at the bill as a package. Yes, there


are some areas that are unsatisfactory and areas yet to be


addressed but need to be addressed in the future. But, on balance, we


took the decision to support the LCM this afternoon on that decision


although it hasn't been easy. The First Minister is eyeing further


powers including attacks on plane tickets, a passenger duty, devolving


it would allow the Welsh government to make flights from Cardiff cheaper


than those in England. The Welsh Tory leader would like that duty


devolved, but, for now, he thinks this bill strikes the right balance.


I am particularly pleased to say that income tax will be coming to


this institution. To make sure that we do have greater accountability in


the way the money has been spent in this institution and by the


Government. Mr Davis also said that Brexit means


devolution we live, eventually, need another rethink. And there was a nod


to that in the Prime Minister's big Brexit speech in London earlier.


Some Labour ATMs are backing this bill to protect powers they already


have like over agriculture, with EU negotiations due to start soon.


They've tried to go with the grain of public opinion on the Wales Bill,


but in doing that the UK Government has managed to annoy the devolution


sceptics and the enthusiasts. Plaid Cymru decided to oppose, saying this


bill takes power away from Cardiff Bay and holds it in Westminster.


We welcome those aspects of the bill which enable the future devolution


of income tax, control of our own elections and the provisions of


energy and fracking. But let there be no doubt. We, in Plaid Cymru,


wants to go much, much further than what is on offer here.


The only reason we are going to oppose this is because of provision


to remove the requirement of a referendum to trigger in come


tax-raising powers, which we think is in breach of faith with the Welsh


people. It's not the end of the road for the


Wales Bill, Parliament needs to sign off on it. And after that, few


expect this to be the end of the road for devolution.


Lets talk to our political editor Nick Servini.


Nick, there's been disagreement between Cardiff and Westminster


Are we likely to see a repeat now over Brexit.?


Judging by the track record I'd say almost inevitably. I think, power


and Jones have a problem, doesn't he, in terms of the big picture. He


campaigned to remain and since Brexit he has called for complete,


and headed access to the European single market. We will have to see


exactly how things pan out. It would appear, in his own words, that


things are heading in the wrong direction. Judging by the


announcement from Theresa May today. I suspect in future it will be a


case of him, and the Welsh government picking their battles. I


think, tonight, I sense of what those battles will be.


Farming, and regional aid. The primary functions of both of those,


currently rest of brussels, the big question is what will happen to


those powers after Brexit? Theresa May said today she is not looking to


strip benny powers away from the Assembly, Carwyn Jones read into


that that he would come and be Welsh government, would have made


responsibly for them. There is wriggle room there. Those


are the kinds of discussions that are going on at the moment. I


suspect that if they will be disagreement it will be surrounding


those two areas and the impact in Wales. Thank you.


Ali's in remission from her cervical cancer.


Tonight, why a change in screening could prevent cancer


And all change at the top, captain Sam Warburton passes


the captaincy to Alun Wyn Jones, was he pushed or did he quit?


Flintshire Council is thought to be the first in Wales


to consider buying back some of its former council houses.


It says the move will help the ease the housing shortage.


The 21st-century council house may surprise you.


This development of a dozen homes in Connah's Quay was completed last


year and Helen Williams' daughter and grandchildren


It was the emotional conclusion to 16 months on a waiting list,


which saw three generations of her family living


The day she got it we both cried. It's fantastic. She loves it. And


the children as well have their own little abode here. They roam bedroom


and things like that. Not having to share. It's wonderful for all three


of them. This is just one small part of the local authority's intention.


It could apply to around 50 former council houses if they come


All were bought under the right to buy scheme since 2005.


They have an average price of ?80,000.


We have nearly 2000 people are now housing list waiting, applications


for council housing. We know the pressures are particularly with


those people struggling to keep up with mortgages or, just simply can't


get on the housing ladder. The scale of the problem is huge. We are doing


our bit to help the crisis. We are doing our bit


to help the crisis. The charity Shelter Cymru has


welcomed the move but says much more needs to be done to provide homes


for some of the most With rents and the security of


tenure is any private rental sector we see a disproportionate amount of


our casework, that means that isn't always the best option for families


with young children. In terms of lack of security. We welcome any


moves to increase the amount of affordable housing available across


Wales. These are the first


new council houses to be built Rolling back the clock to a time


before people had the Right to Buy their council houses is one


small step towards helping more Cardiff Council's ruling Labour


group has agreed to support the City Region Deal,


which aims to boost economic growth The deal will see 10


councils come together, with ?1.2 billion of local,


Welsh and UK government Three men from Newport have appeared


in court charged with the murder Jan Jedrzejewski was found


unconscious last week. Around 150 women are diagnosed


with cervical cancer But planned changes to the screening


process here could save lives by detecting a woman's risk


of developing the In future, instead of studying


cervical cells for any changes, those cells will be screened


for the main cause of cervical Today Ali from Colwyn is all smiles.


Two years ago aged 37 she was told she had is a vital cancer.


There were two options, a full hysterectomy or, you know, leave it


and have the risk that the cancer could develop further.


-- cervical cancer. I had to have the full hysterectomy. Ali's cancer


was picked up during a routine test with cells studied through


microscope wrap the maladies. In future those cells will first be


screened for high-risk human papilloma virus.


Around 80% of all women and men will be affected with the HPV virus at


some point in their lives. For the majority of the infection will


simply get better on its own. There are hundreds of different types of


the virus, but around 13 risk HPV causes almost 100% of cervical


cancers. So the idea with the new screening is to identify the virus


before cell abnormalities develop. The new screening has already been


piloted in England, and in April a pilot reaching around 20% of women


will start in Wales. With a full roll-out expected by 2018 to 2019.


Cervical cancer, once is developed, is not easy to treat. To be able to


prevent it as screening does is a massive opportunity to make a


difference to people's lives. 12 and 13-year-old girls are now


offered the HPV vaccine, does that protect them from every type of HBV?


It protect them from most types, but not all. And that's why it's


important that even if someone has been vaccinated against HPV that


they still come and have a screening.


I got the all clear! I got the all clear!


She's got the all clear! Ali posted this video on social media five


minutes after being told she was in remission. A quarter of a million


women in Wales are invited for a smear test every year, but only


eight in ten book an appointment. So Ali has taken to blogging to spread


the word. You really must go for your smear test. That's what it's


there for. It will save your life. That report from Jennifer Jones. Big


clue that would did he jump or was he pushed?


It's been confirmed Wales has a new captain, Alun Wyn Jones taking


Interim Head Coach Rob Howley says he wants Warburton


to concentrate on his own game, and rediscover his mojo.


There are a few fresh faces in the 36 man squad


for the 6 Nations, with seven uncapped players included.


He's led his country for the last time, after six years in the job Rob


Howley has said Sam Robertson's place on the side is possibly under


more pressure than ever before, and once the flanker to focus on his own


form and fitness, and concentrate on securing a starting place. So was


Warburton pushed, or did he will English the captaincy. I spoke to


Sam and he agreed that it was the best decision, OK, that ultimately,


he needs to concentrate on his own game. His replacement is an


experienced player with more than 100 caps, Alun Wyn Jones has led his


country five times before, it emerged today that Warren Gatland,


on duty with the Lions, was involved in a decision. Jones's team-mate,


Keelan Giles, was not picked. He would be risked having injured his


hamstring at the weekend. So an opportunity for Ashton who would


from the Dragons, and Stefan Evans from the Scala to an included for


the first time. So too,, Thomas Young, coached by Dai Young at


wasps. His performances for the premiership side impossible to


ignore. He's playing in a side full of


confidence and self belief, scoring tries for fun.


Thomas is playing a huge part of that. The players will blather on


training pitches next Monday to start their preparation for the six


Nations. The campaign starts in Rome against Italy on February five. The


last time Howley was in charge during the six Nations championship


Wales won it. But recent performances have left some fans to


call for a more exciting, expansive style of rugby. That, Howley said,


is worth discussing, especially this year when teams will be rewarded


with bonus points for scoring tries. Welsh Cyclist Owain Doull


was forced to pull-out of the Tour Down Under for Team Sky


with a ruptured appendix. He's in hospital and said it's not


exactly how he pictured Geraint Thomas and Luke Rowe


finished in the bunch on Stage One, which was shortened


because of temperatures above 40 Wales will get just 3,300 tickets


for the World Cup qualifier against the Republic of Ireland


in Dublin in March. It had been expected Wales


would be allocated 10% of Two deals done at


Swansea City today. Midfielder Tom Carroll


from Tottenham has signed a 3 Swedish left back Martin Olsson,


joined from Norwich, Researchers are trying to work out


why there's been a dramatic decline in numbers of one of Europe's rarest


birds wintering in Wales. The RSPB estimates the population


of Greenland white-fronted geese at its Ynyshir reserve in Ceredigion


has fallen by 83% since 1990. Now a research project,


funded by Welsh Government, has seen the remaining birds


caught and tagged. Our environment correspondent


Steffan Messenger has the story. A rare glimpse of a Greenland


white-fronted goose. This species draws birdwatchers


in their droves to the RSPB's Ynyshir reserve near


Machynlleth each winter. It's the only spot in Wales


they return to year on year. This is one of the most great peace


in Europe, there are less than 20,000 left in Europe. We've lost


83%. We are down to about 20 geese now. I remember, if you go back 15


or 20 years they were over 150 here. To try and solve the mystery


of the disappearing geese, the charitym working with other


partners, has been catching them They allow researchers to monitor


their movements in real time. This is incredible data. We are


finding they cover a far bigger area than the estuary than we ever


thought. One of the birds suddenly shot off northwards to Dublin, right


the way across the Irish Sea. This came as a real surprise to us.


The project's funded by the Welsh Government.


It comes after they were heavily criticised by the RSPB back


in August for refusing to issue an outright ban against


the shooting of Greenland white-fronted geese in Wales.


At the time ministers said there was no evidence


the geese were being targeted here and they preferred to focus


If we can monitor them and help them survive our winter here, make sure


that they are not disturbed, they feed properly. And we can send them


back from Wales, back to Greenland, to breed. In a healthy state, that


gives us, or gives them, a better chance to survive the breeding


season and, hopefully, numbers over the years will increase in Wales.


So little is known about these elusive birds the hope is that this


project could help the species as a whole, while reversing too


the decline in numbers making their way to winter in Wales.


Derek was caught and tagged near the Ynyshir estate


The weather will raffle a fewer feathers. At the moment it's fairly


quiet and settled. High pressure doesn't always bring sunshine. It's


been very grey and misty. Mind you it hasn't


been glum everywhere. The cloud broken with a little


sunshine in Llandrinio. Tonight a few spots


of light rain and drizzle. Misty in places with


fog on higher ground. Otherwise dry and the cloud


will keep the frost away. Here's the picture


for 8 in the morning. A few spots of drizzle


otherwise dry. Feeling chilly with


a light or gentle breeze But a few places may brighten-up


with odd glimpse of sushine. Temperatures on the mild side


in the north and west. Tomorrow night it's


more of the same. Misty in places and chilly


with a low of 5C. On Thursday high pressure will be


over the UK with a weak front through the middle and that front


is the dividing line between mild air in the north


and colder air in the south. So on Thursday most


places dry and cloudy. Parts of the south and west


brighter with a little sun. High pressure over the UK on Friday


and into the weekend as well although it will slowly


drift away eastwards. So for Friday and the weekend,


the weather quiet and settled Misty in places but I wouldn't


rule out some sunshine. Turning a little colder as well


with a risk of frost and fog Turning more unsettled


and milder too with some The headlines again. Theresa May is


to pull Britain out of the single market when the UK leaves the


European Union. The Prime Minister said she wanted a stronger Britain


in charge of its own laws and in control of immigration, pursuing


free trade. She said the Welsh government would be fully engaged in


the process. Tonight's the headlines, in the last ten minutes


Assembly members have voted to approve the Wales Bill. Meaning some


new powers would be devolved to Cardiff Bay. 38 Assembly members


voted for the bill, 17 against. I'll have an update


for you after the BBC News at Ten. That's Wales Today, thank


you for watching, from all of us


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