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Welcome to Wales Today - our headlines tonight.


Thousands of steelworkers at Tata vote to accept less generous


pensions in a bid to secure the future of the industry.


We are tired, frustrated, and we need to rebuild confidence in


ourselves, in the company, and put us back where we need to be.


So after a year of being threatened with closure -


They say we'll all be driving electric cars soon -


The last chapter for shops like this high street bookseller.


The rise in business rates driving firms like this.


Crowds turn out to debate the future for the valleys.


But how will the latest regeneration initiative succeed -


What I want to know is what buses are running at ten o'clock, because


they all finish at six o'clock. Getting the community is fed back,


it's not about money. -- spirit back.


And you've probably never heard of him -


but schoolboy Jackson Page from Ebbw Vale is taking


They've voted for less money in future to save their jobs.


Thousands of Tata steelworkers have overwhelmingly backed a deal that


will end the company's final salary pension scheme.


The three unions at the company's UK plants had recommended


that their members, including 6,000 in Wales, accept the deal.


Tata's offer included a ?1 billion investment


commitment at Port Talbot - and no compulsory job losses.


More from our Business Correspondent Brian Meechan.


28-year-old Scot has been working at Port Talbot the ten years, people at


his dad into the Tata plant. He and his workmates about a tough decision


to make. What does it mean you in particular and the younger workers?


The steep engine is not so at the front of our minds as the older


workforce, but it gives us hope -- obviously pensions are not at the


front of our minds. If Tata keep to their commitments, and the


government steps up and commit to the steel industry, hopefully that


will give us a future we deserve. Workers are being offered a pension


which will give them a lot less in retirement than their current one.


The company will pay 10% into the pension part, all of workers paying


6%. Tarter says it is essential to secure the long-term future of Port


Talbot and the other plants. The pension deal is also tied to a


ten-year ?1 billion investment plan to support steel-making at the site.


A minimum five-year commitment to keeping to blast furnaces at the


plant, and a commitment to seek to avoid compulsory redundancies in


that time. Although the employees at Port Talbot have voted on it, it was


inevitable, they didn't have a choice on the matter. The company


pension scheme is dead in the private sector, companies are


closing it left, right and centre, we had Tesco a year ago, Royal Mail


are closing it, it is the way of the world. When the deal was announced


in December, the workforce seems split and there was a significant


chance it would be rejected. In the end, members of the community union


that 72% in favour in a turnout of 70%. Unite reported a 75% vote in


favour, while GMB said its members voted yes by 74% in a 51% turnout.


Local union leaders who also work at Port Talbot initially said they


would let members decide themselves, but last month they urged them to


back the deals, arguing the alternative was unthinkable. I don't


think anybody had any great pleasure in putting the X in the box, and


people have reflected and thought of the future. It is deals at


sacrifice, it is a men's to do it. It is the lesser of two evils. Do


you think Tata can rebuild trust? Everybody has got to the stage where


we are tired, frustrated, tired, and doing need to rebuild confidence in


ourselves, in the company, and put us back where we need to be. There's


still a lot more to happen, including what happened overall.


Just because the boat has come back with a yes, doesn't mean to say we


stop. We will carry on, we would hold a company to account, the


government to step up to the plate. And we will make sure what is best


for us. The future of Port Talbot and the rest of the UK operations


may be a little clearer tonight, but there are many more decisions to be


made about what that future looks like.


Let's talk to Brian in Port Talbot now.


There's been a year of uncertainty for Tata workers -


does today's vote draw a line under it all?


This certainly isn't the end. Tata has said it is please workers have


signed up to this plan for the long-term future, but there will be


questions about Tata delivering on the promises and pledges it has


made, and also another big decision that is coming along, Tata wants to


take this pension scheme and is 130,000 members and separated


completely from the company, and it will have to get the support of


regulators and the UK Government in order to achieve that. There's also


questions for the UK Government about how steel fits into its


industrial strategy, that it has been talking about, and also how


important Steelers in its spirited negotiations, because did say it was


fairly low down in comparison to some other sectors -- Brexit


negotiations. There will be a lot of pressure on the UK Government to


make sure steel continues to have a place at the table it has had in the


last year. Wales urgently needs


a network of rapid charging That's the call from campaigners


who claim a lack of infrastructure in rural Wales is holding back


the growth of low carbon vehicles. Currently the only rapid charging


points available to the public Here's our Environment


Correspondent, Steffan Messenger. Making the switch from a diesel van


to an electric model was all about cutting fuel costs and


helping the environment Based in Newtown in Powys,


he delivers plumbing and heating He's installed his own charger,


which tops up the van in around four But far from helping his business,


he's found that a lack of points to plug into whilst he's out


and about means his new vehicle is On a fully charged battery, you're


basically, you get about 70 miles. I mean, people talk about this thing


of range anxiety, that's really You are very conscious of how far


you can actually go. Currently to operate


an electric vehicle in mid Currently so-called rapid


charging points that can top up an electric car in around


20 to 30 minutes are locations along the A55,


and eight stops along the M4. Without some serious


forward planning, the rest of Wales is, in Richard's


words, a no go zone. We are trying to do the right thing,


we are trying to be green, we are trying to have a carbon


neutral standpoint. So when you're trying to do


the right thing and everything seems against you, it's


quite a difficult... Use of electric cars


is growing in Wales. Latest figures show


there are 1,725 licensed vehicles here, compared


to just 70 back in 2012. The Welsh government says it wants


to see that continued. More of us choosing


electric vehicles will help tackle carbon


emissions and air pollution. But campaigners say a lack


of charging infrastructure means the switch isn't happening


as quickly as it could. At the moment, you can't


travel from north The trouble is, it's


a chicken and egg situation. People want to travel and use


electric vehicles, but they can't because infrastructure isn't


there, and infrastructure isn't going to be built until


the demand is there. What I would like to see


is government recognising it does need some grants


and funding support. Back in 2015, a report by transport


exports commissioned by Back in 2015, a report by transport


experts commissioned by the Welsh government made a string


of recommendations to improve the They included installing charge


points in all government property and encouraging local


authorities to do the same. All the places people


want to go need to And so until we get


that level, I think we are still going to struggle a bit


to really make a difference in terms of our carbon emissions


from vehicles. The Welsh government told us


it was considering the recommendations that it received


and was committed to helping the low Back in Newtown, Richard is hoping


it won't be too long before he has other faster points to plug into,


apart from his own. A 23-year-old man from south


Wales will appear before Westminster Magistrates tomorrow


charged with terrorism offences. Nathan Saunders, from Tredegar,


was arrested earlier this month, and is accused of possessing


information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing


an act of terrorism. Severn Trent has


completed its takeover Shareholders were against the deal


because of fears over job But they dropped an appeal


opposing it on Monday. Businesses could close up


and down our high streets because of a rise in business


rates this April. Millions of pounds of rates went


unpaid in Wales last year and property experts have warned


things could get worse. An independent book shop, remember


those? This one in the Vale of Glamorgan has been selling to all


ages for 30 years. But competition online and a rise in attacks it pays


other sharp, business rates set by a government body means it may not be


a fairy tale feature. I don't think any businessman can effectively


programme etude in 70% rise in turnover. So once we get two years


to win free -- 270%. Business rates are taxed, go towards paying for


public services. More than ?900 million was collected in Wales last


year. But 50 million went unpaid. A ?20 million rise in ten years. But


if there is already millions in business rates going uncollected,


what affect will shops like this, if they struggle to pay it, have that


overall pot? Some property consultants believe it could cause


it to rise. Absolutely there is a potential for that to grow. And at a


steep away than we've seen in the last decade? I the liability is


increasing, people were struggling before, there's nothing to suggest


anything will become easier for them. And you could end of seeing a


lot more vacant properties on the High Street as a result. The finance


secretary said small businesses should know by the end of the week


exactly how he plans to help them. Business is on high streets like


this will receive an extra ?20 million, say the Welsh government,


rates are generally going down in well cities. They are working


targeting relief, but they admit timescales have been challenging.


But the rate rise now weeks away, some real businesses say they need


help now. Much more to come


before seven o'clock. Sweeping up syringes -


how Wrexham's trying to get clean by taking drugs paraphernalia


off the streets. And while his friends are in school


- teenager Jackson Page from Ebbw Vale is sharing the stage


with some of the world's best. The minister in charge


of the new body which aims to raise living standards in the south Wales


valleys says it is not just about delivering shiny new roads,


but about creating an industrial renaissance after a century


of economic decline. Alun Davies was speaking


after chairing his first public meeting of the valleys taskforce


in Merthyr Tydfil. Our political editor


Nick Servini went along. A roll call of regeneration schemes


for the valleys has been a future bull feature of government for


decades in Wales. A different time and a different approach. The latest


ideas regeneration are discussed at a public meeting in Merthyr Tydfil


of the Welsh government's valleys Task Force. Alun Davies is keen to


show his credentials as a Tredegar Boy . A boat today in the primary


Boye. A boat today in the primary school, in the classroom, where I


started school. Labour politicians don't have to do this usually, but


the party's tribal support is not what it once was here. What do


people want? As you can expect, there's no shortage of concerns.


What I want to know is, what buses are running at 10pm, because


throughout the valleys they finish at 6pm. It is a fantastic idea in


theory. When you put it into practice, it breaks down


straightaway. Getting this community spirit back, it's not about money.


We've got ?1 million available, not one person turned up from the


community. The overall then sends is the dizzying array of subjects


discussed -- overwhelming sense. From productivity to the state of


late-night bus services, and it will be a real job of the machinery of


government to knock this into some kind of coherent response. It's


about the feet of the fire on the politicians to implement what has


been discussed. In these days of austerity, we want value for money


and action and results were that what we need. With Merthyr Tydfil


we've already received a generous allowance of European money, and


they think now it is beholden upon the people who perceive that money,


including the college, that they begin to generate funds themselves.


There will be no new government department with the Task Force, it


will instead look to influence different ministers from the inside.


But will it succeed where others have failed? You are telling me


other people have tried before and they fail, therefore you will fail.


That is the counsel of despair. I won't accept it. You from the


valleys, I am from the bodies, you want this to succeed, I wanted to


succeed. All others who are from the valleys want to see the succession.


That means we need to work together to do it. What I'm saying, people in


the valleys have seen the schemes come and go. What is different? It


is bringing a razor-sharp focus on all the activities of government. No


part of the government work is outside our scope. Billions have


been spent regenerating the valleys over many years. The landscape is


different now, particularly after Brexit, and the likelihood is it


will have to be done in the future with far less money in the coffers.


Able and talented pupils are not getting enough


That's according to the education watchdog Estyn, which says schools


instead focus on helping pupils on the borderline


The Welsh government agrees, it says it needs to push more able pupils


What can be done to tackle the growing number of needles


and syringes discarded by drug users around Wrexham?


That's the question being considered - after a report into so-called


"drug litter" recommended more co-operation between the council,


A dedicated helpline for people to report the problem


These images of discarded needles, prescription medication and other


drug paraphernalia were taken by a Wrexham councillor close to the town


centre last year. Others have called a greater action to tackle the


problems is an award which they say pose a risk to residents and give


the town a bad name. They tried to look at them, but the emphasis in my


area has switched around where my residents of feeling vulnerable in


the area. And too much emphasis in my regard is getting to these


particular clients. Not just clients, there's a large group who


aren't engaging with the agencies. Zoe is a volunteer with the drug and


alcohol charity, she struggled with addiction herself and is working


with others to try and make a positive contribution to society as


part of a project to create true glitter. I injected, I smoked crack


cocaine. If I to go into a empty shed take drugs, I would, I was


desperate. So nowadays I go into these places and they tidy them up,


I am making amends for the way I lived. Wrexham councillors are


discussing research which says there should be better cooperation between


people. And the charity has been given extra money to fund litter


picks like this. Staff say it is often a minority of drug users


leaving the letter. The majority use responsibly, there is a small


minority that don't, quite often from the homeless, but not always.


It is difficult to control that with those people. A pilot scheme to


Wrexham councillors to report drug letter could be extended to the


public, but towns and cities across Wales are affected with no quick fix


insight. Football, and Cardiff City


have moved into the top half of the Championship


after a remarkable comeback Trailing 2-0 after the first 20


minutes, Kadeem Harris started the comeback with two goals,


before Craig Noone's long range strike -


and a 90th minute penalty from Joe Ralls saw


the Bluebirds winning 4-3. Success in the snooker for several


Welsh players today. Lee Walker and Dominic Dale


through to the last 32 But the star of the show


was Jackson Page from Ebbw Vale. He's also through to the next


round - out-performing some of the best players in the world -


at 15 years old. They say practice makes perfect.


Even at just 15 years old, Jackson Page is well-prepared. I started


when I was three, I was on the table. My dad used to tell me to


practice. From the players lounge, he watched as Mark Williams crashed


out in the first round. But Williams, he says, played an


important part in his own success. Mark took the club over when I was


about ten. And then 12, 13, 14, and 15, I practice with more quite a


lot. It is a great help. At a school in Ebbw Vale, he is living up to the


mantra. They have specially arranged time off from class for him, people


inspired to chase his dream job. We have the board of local celebrities.


Mark Williams is one of those famous faces. We use it as an inspiration


for others. He's not surprised to hear Jackson is doing well. He's


very confident, he's very and articulate. And talented. And I


think maybe that gives them the confidence he has because he so laid


back. Every challenge he faces seems to be undaunted by it. It's


something he can just do in his stride, and I have no doubt he will


go on to massive things. Good to see someone from our school doing so


well. Can you believe what happened? Another win this afternoon means


world number four could meet him in the next round. I looked at the draw


and saw he was at the top. That was my thoughts. When I first started


watching, I watched him against Ronnie O'Sullivan. My dad said it


would be me one day. On appearances at least, this was just another day


in office were Jackson Page. Good luck to him. And you can find out


who he will play next at this programme from 7pm, live over on BBC


Two Wales and the BBC red and online.


For the first time - a production by the Welsh language


national theatre company has been broadcast live into cinemas.


Last night's staging of Macbeth by Theatr Genedlaethol was performed


in front of a small audience at Caerphilly Castle,


but watched by crowds in cinemas across Wales.


It's part of an effort to reach new audiences,


and will be repeated with English subtitles.


Our arts and media correspondent, Huw Thomas, reports.


Macbeth's witches meet in Caerphilly Castle


for a production that breaks new ground with its language and its


Last night's performance was beamed live into cinemas, where it


will be repeated over the coming weeks.


This is the first time one of their productions has been


broadcast, and it's going to be repeated


in the cinemas over the


The whole point is that more people enjoy the show,


where ever they live in Wales, without having to travel to catch


They don't have to travel all the way to


Obviously there are limited numbers who can see it


here live, so it gives them the ability to see it,


weather it is its in Bangor or Aberystwyth or Newport.


And centuries after its first performance, Macbeth remains a


Thematically, it is about power, and it's about the desire


And that's as relevant today as it was three, four, five


The technical challenge of staging a play in an


ancient castle is matched only by the complexities of broadcasting it


to audiences scattered across the country.


While it is now accessible to people who can't make it to


Caerphilly, it's also about reaching those who would normally give Welsh


Because we've got the subtitles, then we are


opening up our work to as wide an audience as we can.


And that's very important to us, to bring people to


Welsh language theatre even though they may


not be able to speak the


All the performances at the castle are sold out, but it will be


repeated at cinemas with subtitles over the next two months.


Tonight's production of the weather forecast now


There's snow storm and tempers on the way, but much milder, 12 degrees


with sunshine and showers this afternoon. Bright and breezy with a


breast south-westerly wind. I think we've seen the last of the cold


weather for a while -- brisk south westerly wind. This evening we start


was showery rain but it will clear eastwards. The rest of the night is


looking dry, some clear spells, some low cloud and a miss forming. Not a


cold night but chilly in man. Down to four Celsius, maybe a touch of


ground frost. This is a picture for ATM, dry and places, some low cloud.


Also one to showers dotted about in mid and Wales, otherwise try.


South-westerly breeze on Anglesey. A fairly decent day tomorrow, largely


dry, some sunshine at times, just the odd isolated shower in the


afternoon. It will turn temperatures above average, ten to 12 Celsius.


Light winds in the south, a tad breezy in the north. Most of the day


is dry, some sunshine and the mild, 11. In Port Talbot, most places dry,


sunny intervals, a high of ten and Briton Ferry. A little rain


spreading into part of the North. Elsewhere, dry. In the south, the


risk of a few bob patches. Friday, that shows a ridge of high pressure.


This cold front west of Ireland will pass through Wales over the weekend,


but it will weaken, not bringing much rain. On Friday, any mist and


fog will lift, some bright spells, sunshine and a mild again. Mostly


dry but in the south and west, increasing cloud may bring the odd


spot of rain later in the afternoon. Over the weekend, plenty of cloud on


Saturday, little bit of rain, mostly in the north and west. On Sunday,


most places are dry and mild again. Police in Malaysia have arrested


a 28-year-old woman in connection with the suspected poisoning


of the half-brother Kim Jong-Nam died yesterday


after he was attacked Thousands of Tata Steel workers have


backed the deal which will end the company's final salary pension


scheme, which includes a ?1 billion investment at Port Talbot and no


compulsory job losses. I'll have an update for you here


at eight o'clock and again That's Wales Today,


thank you for watching. From all of us on the


programme, good evening. when farmers leave


their daily routines behind... Right, here we come, Dorset!


..for a show day.


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