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Suspended as a counsellor, and now Plaid Cymru in the Assembly,


the party investigates Neil McEvoy, amid a row over bullying.


The timing couldn't be worse, Mr McEvoy's suspension is a blow


I'm not a bully. It's the last thing I am. People I know know that.


The timing couldn't be worse, Mr McEvoy's suspension is a blow


The most polluted street outside London, a warning poor air quality


is a public health crisis, worse than obesity and alcohol.


Home to some exotic creatures, the ?10 million investment


If I go out the fumes are hard to breathe. Sometimes we feel like


prisoners here. Home to some exotic creatures,


the ?10 million investment to expand Folly Farm,


one of Wales most popular Arise Sir Bryn, the opera star


knighted at Buckingham Palace. Plaid Cymru has suspended one


of its Assembly members. Neil McEvoy is already serving


a one-month suspension from his other role as a councillor


in Cardiff, after a panel ruled a comment he made to a council


officer was "bullying behaviour". Mr McEvoy says he hopes to be back


in the party's Assembly group soon. As our political correspondent


Daniel Davies reports. Plaid Cymru Assembly members


on their way to their weekly The main topic of conversation,


what to do about Neil McEvoy? Mr McEvoy is in there addressing


fellow Plaid Cymru AMs. We are not allowed in to


hear what's being said. These group meetings


are always held in private. But we do know that he won't


get unanimous support. Last week a tribunal heard


in the summer of 2015 he referred That comment came after the eviction


of a tenant he'd been supporting, and was deemed to be


bullying an official. First this morning party leader


Leanne Wood removed him from her front bench team,


then, after more than an hour and With Neil McEvoy's agreement


the Plaid Cymru group has decided that he should be temporarily


suspended from the group whilst agreement is sought on a way forward


following recent events. Prior to the group meeting


Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood, had met with Neil McEvoy and took


the decision to remove him from the Shadow Cabinet and withdraw


his portfolio responsibilities. Mr McEvoy's supporters came out


for him at Plaid Cymru's He is a prominent figure


in Cardiff politics, and is poised to lead the campaign


there at me's Council elections. But today he was asked


whether there was pressure I don't think there was pressure,


it was more of a discussion, really. Some sticking points either way,


but I understand their position, So we've agreed, we both agreed,


actually, to temporarily suspend me and, ideally,


readmit me in the future. This afternoon he was back


in the Assembly Chamber asking questions, but whether he'll


continue doing that is a Plaid AM or as an independent AM


remains and resolved. So an eventful day, but this is not


the end of the process for Mr McEvoy? No, this afternoon he was


talking about being suspended for a couple of hours, more likely to be a


couple of weeks. You heard him referring to sticking points with


the party. He doesn't think he has anything to apologise for, he says


the tribunal that suspended him was a farce and he's going to appeal. He


is talking to his lawyers. But since he was suspended there have been


accusations about Mr McEvoy on social media, some of those


accusations have been put in a letter and sent to Leanne Wood by


survivors of domestic abuse and women's groups. There is an


investigation going on, led by the chairman of Plaid Cymru, we are told


that investigation will look at all complaints and evidence about Mr


McEvoy, how long that will take, what conclusion it will come to we


just don't know. This will go on for some time yet. Let's talk about the


timing of this, not good for Plaid Cymru. Not good at all. Mr McEvoy


leads the Plaid Cymru group in Cardiff Council and would have been


a big figure in the election campaign in May. It must be said


that a lot of his opponents find him an abrasive personality, but he has


supporters in Plaid Cymru. He has opponents to who have told the BBC


privately at the conference over the weekend that Leanne Wood should take


action against him. The party has disciplined him in the past, in


2011, four comments he made about a women's group about time. There is


this other investigation going on about him at the moment. The party


will hope that can be wrapped up quite quickly before the election


campaign gets underway proper. Thank you, Daniel Davies.


Air pollution is a "public health crisis" and tackling it is more


of a priority than obesity and alcohol consumption.


That's according to Public Health Wales,


who say air pollution causes the equivalent of 2000


deaths here every year, that's 6% of all deaths recorded.


Wales is also home to the UK's most polluted street outside London,


It's an average morning for the Hardwick family,


but the street they live on in Crumlin is far from average.


The high volume of traffic on Hafodyrynys Road makes this


the most polluted street in the UK outside London.


This machine monitors the level of nitrogen dioxide.


They are installed in areas of high pollution.


Each year roads can breach a fixed limit of 18 times,


so far this year this road has breached that limit 60 times.


Deanna worries about the effects of pollution on her family's health,


He has been given an inhaler for when he's really bad,


It's not something I want for him, I want him to be healthy,


I want him to be able to go out and play without struggling


It makes you feel a bit incompetent as a parent, sometimes.


Deanna tried to sell her house, but she didn't have a single


She is among half of the homeowners on her side of the street


that wanted the council to buy their houses


Caerphilly council says it recognises the air quality


problems on the street, and is developing an action


That a pollution isn't just a problem here.


The health effects of a pollution are varied.


In the short term we are talking about eye, nose and throat


irritation primarily, but long-term, more serious


consequences particularly on the heart, lungs and a pollution


has been associated with increased risk of cancer and other


68-year-old Dawn Howells also lives on Hafodyrynys Road.


She suffers from chest problems and the traffic on the street means


When I go out the front all the fumes and everything it's


Sometimes we feel like prisoners here.


Smoking is probably the number one public health priority,


air pollution comes second to that, if you talk about obesity,


inactivity, and alcohol, they come, actually behind air pollution.


This is a public health crisis, and we need to act now.


That call was echoed in the Senedd today.


Will you agree to hosting a summit to make sure that progress can be


made on this agenda item so that we can see genuine


improvements across Wales, but, importantly, improvements to make


sure we do not continue to see the number of people dying from poor


The Welsh government says they are committed to reducing


emissions and a pollution across Wales, they say they'll


publish their response to a recent consultation


I'm sure people say why did you live there and have children,


We shouldn't have to choose between having a family or where we live.


You know, we should be able to have a healthy


Deanna Hardwick ending that report by India Pollock.


And you can see more on this story on Week in Week Out,


tonight at 10:40 here on BBC One Wales.


The trial of a 58-year-old man charged with the murder and rape


of a Flintshire schoolgirl more than 40 years ago


15-year-old Janet Commins' body was found in a school


Stephen Anthony Hough denies the charges against him.


It's emerged that a former nurse at Glangwili hospital


in Carmarthenshire who was fined for breaching the Data Protection


Act had illegally accessed more than 3,000 confidential medical


records, including those of colleagues.


63-year-old Elaine Lewis, from Llansteffan, was sacked


by Hywel Dda Health Board who sent letters to all those involved last


The MP for Wrexham, Ian Lucas, says he's been told experts


at the new prison there can help in the battle against


Last night on Wales Today, we showed these pictures taken


at Wrexham bus station and posted on social media by a driver.


They appear to show people high on drugs.


Mr Lucas says there needs to be better co-operation


between the police, local council and other agencies.


The pictures are shocking, but it's no surprise. This is an issue that's


been going on for a considerable period. I've discussed this


personally with the Lord Chancellor and asked her to ask the new prison


just outside Wrexham to work with agencies in the town and the local


police to help inform aspect about this horrible problem that is


destroying people's lives and our local community.


Anglesey Council have been told their care and support services


for vulnerable children "must be improved".


Inspectors found workers were not always suitably qualified


or experienced to protect children and families.


The authority says it'll make significant improvements.


Wales could lead the charge against cyber crime.


That's the message tonight from the man in charge of keeping


Britain safe against cyber attacks for GCHQ, one of the government's


Helping companies avoid hacks and data breaches


Here's our business correspondent Brian Meechan.


More and more data is being created all the time. Companies and


organisations hold financial details, health information,


shopping habits and more. When used properly adapt to our convenience,


but it's always under threat from attack. Work is already going on to


that. Cardiff born Paul Pritchard just is at the forefront of


protecting this information as a senior figure at one of the


Government's intelligence agencies, GCHQ.


-- Paul Chichester. The Digital economy will be absolutely at the


heart of the UK's future. So investing in young talent and skills


and investing in the future, that's what we are short of in the UK.


Wales, by leading that charge, could create a huge opportunity for


itself. Companies are responsible for making


sure the information they hold on as is kept safely. There are plenty of


opportunities for businesses in this growing sector with the UK market


for cyber security in 2017 estimated to be ?3.4 billion. 24% of companies


experience one or more breaches over a 12 month period. That is likely to


be underreported. Large businesses are a particular target with 65%


having breaches over the same period. This data storage centre in


Newport is the biggest in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Each floor


is large enough for three jumbo jets to fully rotate.


This is a small data all. This is the kind of place where businesses,


large firms or multinationals can store information in a high security


environment. It's grown to 60 employees.


Many data centres that are in and around London are more expensive,


but also exposed to the Metro risk profile of the City of London. Here


in Wales we have a large 50 acre campus where we can take


extraordinary security measures to make the building defensible. We've


got good elbow room around the site and it creates a cost-effective


location for people to put their equipment.


At Cardiff University they been undertaking research for


organisations including BLE PD and the Metropolitan Police. Academics


say stopping hackers is getting harder.


-- LAPD. It's becoming more targeted. You've got the online


social networks where you have literally billions of people


connected together which provides an ideal environment for cybercriminals


who want to reach out to potential targets. It is very difficult to


manage that because of the scale. Recent high-profile attacks such as


against Talk Talk hit reputations and finances and can cause huge


damage to customers. Wales seems in a good position to further develop


technology and skills to combat current debts and future ones.


You're watching Wales Today, stay with us.


I'm here at Folly Farm in Narberth where plans to build a holiday


village have been approved with ?10 million set to be invested here.


Certain one good Jones, for services to music.


Sir Bryn at Buckingham palace, knighted by the Queen.


in the House of Commons delivering his budget.


It's expected he'll say Britain needs to be Brexit-ready,


with an emphasis on improving productivity and skills.


Let's speak to our Parliamentary correspondent , David Cornock.


David, what should we be looking out for?


I know you can't contain your excitement.


Well, when Philip Hammond emerges from number 11 Downing St tomorrow


lunchtime he is expected to confirm that they will not be a spending


freeze, so if the Welsh government is hoping for an end to austerity


and fat cheques coming down the M4 they are likely to be disappointed.


But Mr Hammond has been under pressure to do more to help some


public services that are under strain. We know they will be more


money for some schools in England, and that means they will be extra


cash for the Welsh government to spend as it sees fit. Ministers in


Cardiff Bay will also be looking to see what Mr Hammond manages to find


to help with social care problems in England, that would generate cash


but the Welsh government can spend as it sees fit. Mr Hammond is known


as a flamboyant Chancellor, he is known as spreadsheet failed. But he


set pulses racing in Swansea last week when he appeared to suggest


that a city deal could bring investment and jobs and it could be


concluded by budget day. The council leader in Swansea, Ian Stuart, as


said that he thinks it's ready to go. So tonight the Conservative MP


for Gower has said that it is a muddle, and it needs sorting out. So


you may not expect, you may get warm words tomorrow about the Swansea


city regional deal, but as far as a decisive definitive announcement is


concerned, well, that may have to wait for another day. We will chat


It's one of Wales' biggest tourism attractions,


Final planning approval has been granted to build a ?10 million


holiday village at Folly Farm near Narberth in Pembrokeshire


with visitors able to stay alongside the park's exotic attractions.


Folly Farm started from very humble beginnings.


It was originally a farm diversification project,


after the introduction of milk quotas in 1984.


Visitors could get a tasty of country life.


But it's now a multi million pound business with some exotic


attractions and it's one of Wales's most popular paid for attractions,-


And it's set to become a whole lot bigger.


We got a bird's eye view of what's planned.


This field with the sheep on will be our tooling park which will be a


5-star Tooling Park with all the hook necessary.


Pembrokeshire Council has given final approval for a ?10 million


pound investment that will create a new themed holiday


There'll be lodges, caravans and tents, as well as new visitor


facilities for short and medium stays.


The development had to be approved by the Full Council


because it was a departure from the local development plan.


The Council says it will bring wider economic benefits that will enhance


the appeal of the attraction around the year.


We've grown over the years from a day visitor attraction, which now


you can spend two, maybe even three days here. They will be unique


developments that we will build into the concept as well. I think it's an


exciting oppose oil which will be uniquely placed in our county and I


don't think anyone else will be positioned to do anything like this


anywhere in the UK. -- unique proposal. Around 180 people are


employed here and it hoped it could bring in new jobs. They will also be


work for local construction firms. Bluestone near Narberth also has


plans to expand by 2018, by creating a new sky dome


at its luxury resort. It's also hoping to transform


the disused Black Pool Mill as a new tourism attraction,


with the promise of 300 extra jobs Despite the economic


uncertainties of Brexit, tourism experts say there


are opportunities for further growth in Pembrokeshire The new holiday


village will be built over the next With Brexit and the and low meaning


that overseas visitors will visit written and Wales, it's a great


opportunity for us to grasp that. Staycations were reported as being


at the last year and I think providing the weather improves we


have a good chance of getting even more people to stay at home again


this year and visit Pembrokeshire. The new holiday village will be


built in the next few years, cementing Folly Farm's position as a


big player in the tourism industry. A group of climbers had to be


rescued this morning from a perilously steep


ridge in Snowdonia. Members of Llanberis Mountain Rescue


team were winched down by helicopter to help the three climbers,


who'd got into difficulty on Crib Goch, after one man fell


and injured his shoulder. The majority of Powys councillors


have voted in favour of maintaining a Welsh language stream at Brecon


high school. It had been recommended to turn it to an English medium


school only. Parents oppose the plan. Today's wrote is not a final


decision, that rests with the Cabinet which meets next week. If


this goes ahead you have situation where you have more who are will go


across the road from the Welsh medium primary school to Brecon high


school, and they will go along and access the English team there rather


than taking up and continuing their Welsh medium education.


Cardiff City Football Club has reported an annual loss of almost


?10 million having made a profit of almost ?4 million


Gate receipts, broadcasting, sponsorship and advertising


revenues were all down, but players wages and salaries


The Bluebirds travel to Blackburn in the Championship tonight.


The Welsh Rugby Union is cancelling around 200 tickets


for Friday's Six Nations match against Ireland because they've


been sold on for profit by unofficial providers.


The Union says anyone who has bought a ticket


from a source other than itself, a Welsh rugby club, Seatwave,


Events International or Gulliver's Sports Travel should


He's regarded as one of the world's greatest bass baritones,


but today Sir Bryn Terfel was the star of the show


He was at Buckingham Palace to collect his


It was announced in the New Year Honours that he would receive


Our arts and media correspondent Huw Thomas was at the Palace.


Sir Bryn Terfel on stage, an icon of Aldeburgh and a voice that earned


royal recognition. This was its performance at a gala concert last


year. Sir Bryn Terfel Jones, for services to music. Today he was back


in the same glamorous surroundings of the palace ballroom, not to sing


this time, but to meet the Queen and from bended knee to arise Sir Bryn


Terfel. Congratulations, can we see the award you got today? It's still


surreal. Already I see a knighthood brings a certain significance to


what you do in your daily routine as a musician.


It helps, I guess, to promote Wales, even more than I have done in the


past. And that will propel me forwards to the future.


With his partner, the harpist Hannah Stone, he is expecting a baby next


month, but today was a chance to reflect.


A fantastic time of year and Hannah was here today, but we were only


supposed to bring three people and I brought forth. It's wonderful to see


my boys and Hannah here. So Sir Bryn Terfel joins an elite


club, but it wasn't just his singing ability that brought him here today


but his broader impact on nurturing young singers in Wales and beyond.


On stage he is an imposing presence, but behind-the-scenes he's nurtured


young talent, finding tuition fees through his foundation and


supporting singers with the Sir Bryn Terfel scholarship on the Eisteddfod


stage where he learned his craft. From the beginning Sir Bryn Terfel


showed exceptional talent, here winning the song prize at the


Cardiff Singer of the world in 1989. That competition returns this year,


and its patron has praised Sir Bryn Terfel's inspirational journey. He's


been a great ambassador for Wales and for opera. He's a wonderful


character, Claudius, Claudius Rice. He does an amazing job. From


counterblast to the Palace, Sir Bryn Terfel is one of the world's leading


bass baritones and joins a distinguished band of Singh night


did for their excellence. Is the weather


anything to celebrate? Some heavy rain tonight, milder


tomorrow with further rain for some of us. We had this window of dry


fine weather earlier but they cloud from this front and heavy rain


coming in from the south-west at night. Tonight, outbreaks of rain


pushing in from the south-west, will north eastwards through the night.


Heavy at times but not as cold as last night. Between six and eight


Celsius. This system bringing rain overnight has a trailing weather


front tomorrow waving back and forth, bringing more rain before it


eventually clears south-eastwards. The best of any dry weather tomorrow


in the north, but bad band of rain lingering across much of South and


mid Wales, before it eventually starts to clear south-eastwards in


the afternoon leaving a few lingering showers. Brighter spells


later, more likely further north. South-westerly winds bring in warmer


air. Slightly milder tomorrow. Now, tomorrow night that patchy drizzle,


mist and Merck, more likely to linger in the south but dry in the


North with clear spells. Not a cold night at six to nine Celsius. We


keep those milder south-westerly winds into Thursday with a window of


dry weather for a time before another friend brings in rain from


the south-west by Thursday night. Not a bad day for most of Wales on


Thursday, largely dry, breezy, but feeling mild. Pleasantly warm in the


sunshine. Temperatures into the teens along the marches. The


changeable weather continues later in the week, some rain with some


brighter spells too. Remaining mild into the weekend.


I just want to update you on a developing story tonight. Within the


last half an hour the UK Government has suffered another defeat in the


House of Lords over the process of leaving the EU. Peers have voted for


an amendment to the Brexit bill which called for Parliament to be


given a meaningful vote on a final deal. We will have an update at TPM.


That's Wales Today, from all of us here, good evening.


The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, presents the first Budget of 2017.


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