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degrees. Fiona. Thank you, Sarah. That's all from the BBC News at


Our headlines tonight: You can smell the smoke from miles away.


The fourth fire in four years at this recycling plant.


This can't be allowed to happen a fifth time. It's beyond belief.


It's Friday Night rugby in the Six Nations.


We are going to do it! We are going to do with!


Thousands have descended on Cardiff, Ireland are going for the title.


Wales, hoping to avoid a 3rd successive defeat.


We play for a proud nation and people say is the pressure on? The


pressure is always on for Wales. New figures show a rise


in crimes involving dogs, but the numbers of dangerous animals


seized is falling. We are concerned about people


bringing dogs into the home without assessing the history of the dog,


temperament of the dog or suitability.


And there are only a handful of girls like Mair Thomas


studying for engineering , why we need to drastically


Over a week after it started firefighters are still tackling


a 2,000 tonne rubbish fire at a recycling plant


Crews have been at the Siteserv Recycling plant


in Llandow continually - since the blaze began


Some residents have had to leave home and businesses say it's


Billowing across the Vale of Glamorgan countryside, this fire is


still well alight when we gone. Nearby Llandow circuit is surrounded


by smoke. Sharon Evans organises motoring events here as well as


running a caravan park next door. She says they've lost around ?12,000


after having to turn customers away. And it's not the first time this has


happened. This is the fourth blaze at the site in four years.


The girls in the cafe are not having any income. The boy who services the


supercars, he's not getting have 300 people coming every day, with family


and spending money in the locality. All this is lost. This cannot be


allowed to happen for a fifth time. Firefighters have been tackling the


blaze since it started over a week ago. So far they've had 500 crew


fighting it using 125 appliances. Crews were faced with a difficult


fire both in terms of intensity and the access for ourselves. There was


a significant amount of structured steelwork which had collapsed. An


intense amount of heat which required a significant plan by an


incident commander. Despite concerns in the local community regarding the


fire and the length of time we present here we are doing everything


we possibly can working with partners to bring this to an


effective conclusion. Because of the blaze is unknown. But all the


previous were cast in eat-macro classed as accidental. This latest


fire has led to natural resources Wales suspending the license of


operators preventing more waste being brought here. Site serves say


they are devastated and are working around the clock to help


firefighters bring it under control. The advice to nearby residents and


businesses is to stay inside as much as possible, keeping windows and


doors closed to reduce exposure to the smoke.


Although the risk to health is thought to be low. Dawn and her


family had to temporarily move because of the smoke.


Her pets have been affected too. We moved out for two nights because the


smoke has been so bad inside the house and gardens. We had to bring


the animals indoors because the cages were covered with smoke. Just


follow of smoke. We lost a baby bunny. They were only a few days


old. We have two lock the animals indoors.


It's been horrendous. At least 2000 tonnes of rubbish is booming here


sending fumes as far as Bridgend, Barry and Penarth. Local residents


and business owners are affected most by this, and with the fire


continued to burn they are likely to have to deal with its effects for


have to deal with its effects for the next few days.


Tens of thousands of rugby fans are descending on Cardiff tonight


Tomos Dafydd is at the Principality Stadium.


It's the usual frenetic Friday night in the capital city,


tonight there's the added spice of a Six Nations match,


The gates have just opened, fans trickling in.


Wales are trying to avoid a 3rd successive 6 Nations


defeats in a season, they haven't suffered that


Unlike Wales, Ireland can win the title, and are favourites


tonight having won five of the last eight championship games in Cardiff.


We are going to do it! We are going to do it!


They've come in their thousands, regardless of whether they


Irish and Welsh fans soaking up the pre-match atmosphere,


happily mixing on the streets of Cardiff before their


But I think Ireland will probably get away with it.


For the teams themselves they are playing for very different things.


Wales want to right the wrongs of that second half in Murrayfield


and avoid a third successive six Nations loss.


Ireland have one eye on a potential championship decider


You want to actually play the Island games


a week after Scotland, but it's two weeks.


It's given us a lot of time to rest our bodies, and hopefully


we'll be in good shape on Friday night.


It's a game which, I think we are playing against probably one


of the most savvy sides in world rugby.


They are very clever, they are smart, intelligent rugby


players and it's going to be a huge challenge.


We won the championship in 14, And 15, we previously


It's a challenge for both sides and an opportunity for both sides


to have those unchanged starting 15 is, and the full 23 for Wales.


The atmosphere will be electric tonight.


And there could be easier matches to earn your 50th cap,


Justin Tipuric will win his, and he is relishing


They've beaten New Zealand, they've done great things.


You know, they've had to be one loss against Scotland,


they are trying to bounce back every game.


You can see the doing great stuff, you know, it's going to be a big


Set piecewise, and their forwards taking things forward.


Under the closed roof victory for Wales would also guarantee


a top eight seeding ahead of the Rugby World Cup draw in May.


Rob Howley has stressed it was important to give the same


group of players the opportunity to go out and perform.


And with Warren Gatland keeping a close eye on proceedings the stage


is set for a memorable night in Cardiff.


The coaches carrying both squads will arrive


Stay with us, we'll get the thoughts some familiar faces later,


former players you know what the current crop


are going through right now, with less than 90 minutes to go


Crimes involving dogs, including attacks on members of the public,


have risen by almost a quarter in Wales.


Figures from the four police forces here show the number went up,


Despite the increase the number of dogs seized under


This was Erfan Ali, the day after he was attacked


The Rhodesian Ridgeback jumped through a broken fence,


That was six years ago, since then he's had two operations


and will need more surgery in the future.


He suffered physically as well as mentally.


Please, please, take care of your pets.


So far the number around the UK have been increasing.


We need to take care of our own pets and save those attacks.


New figures obtained by BBC Wales show the number


of crimes involving dogs, which include attacks


on members of the public, has gone up from 510 in 2015


North Wales Police saw the largest increase from 158 incidents to 246.


Meanwhile, the number of dogs seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act


during the same period has gone down.


What we are concerned about is people bringing dogs


into the home without assessing the history of the dog,


assessing the history of the dog, temperament of the dog or


Jane from Swansea is part of a campaign group,


to the group Born Innocent, who lobby against the


She says the focus needs to move away from dangerous breeds,


and focus on dangerous dogs in general.


A dog is a product of its environment.


You know, a dog, if it is properly trained, and socialised,


and introduced to plenty of other dogs, and plenty of other people,


99% of the time it will turn out to be a good dog.


The problem arises when people have dogs they don't take them out


for enough exercise, the dogs are bored.


And they are not socialising with other dogs, so when they do


meet other dogs, then they become fearful, reactive, if they are not


socialised enough around people again, strange people are an unknown


quantity to the dog and it becomes reactive to them.


In a statement the Welsh government said tackling the issue of dangerous


dogs can't be achieved through legislation alone.


They add that in Wales compulsory micro-chipping of dogs has been


introduced and dog breeding regulations require an animal to be


socialised as far as it can before leaving the breeding premises.


Bridgend Council has made a "goodwill payment" of more


than three thousand pounds to a foster care-leaver,


The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales had asked the authority


to pay Rob Johnson - after an investigation


found their monitoring of his savings was "inadequate".


a lot of people have gone through social services, foster care and


haven't received their payment. Hopefully seeing what's happened


with me makes them feel more encouraged to go through and try and


earn back their savings. At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to


The pilot of a micro-light escaped without serious


injury after crashing into the River Cleddau


The aircraft entered the water at Burton


The pilot managed to swim to shore and was taken to hospital.


Cells at Dolgellau police station are being closed,


after it emerged that keeping people in custody there costs ?623 a night,


more than twice that of the other cells in north Wales.


North Wales police say they were under used,


averaging one detainee a day, with half of those being held


The closure will save the force ?300,000 a year.


Wales will not be represented on the BBC's new governing board


It follows a disagreement between the governments


in Westminster and Cardiff about who should get the job.


Let's have a word with our Arts and Media Correspondent Huw Thomas.


What is going on? Basically its deadlock between Westminster and


Cardiff Bay over who should represent Wales on this BBC board.


The top seed that the BBC. The job itself will represent audiences in


Wales, it gives them the seat, but its work will begin next month


without a Welsh representative. The empty seat has come about because of


a falling out between UK and Welsh government over who should get the


job. The decision is down to the UK culture sector, Karen Bradley, but


she needs the consent of the Welsh government to appoint and the Welsh


government said no. The identity of the person has not been revealed but


I'm told it's somebody with considerable broadcasting and


boardroom experience. The Welsh government told me it blocked the UK


Government's choice because they didn't agree with it and thought


they were other candidates who were better. The Welsh government's


decision has raised eyebrows in Whitehall because it is unusual for


a devolved government to block an appointment to a position where


powers, in this case, broadcasting, haven't been devolved.


What happens next? The board begins its work next month without a Welsh


representative on it. Among this board first task will be to examine


how best the BBC does in the nations. One will the Welsh league


be filled? The appointment process could take months to complete, not


to mention the issue of recruiting a post which has become the source of


such a fierce political falling out. Argue.


The secret search behind closed doors to appoint a new bishop,


And the Blue Flag beach blighted by abandoned rotting boats,


We urgently need more girls to follow careers in engineering,


that's the message tonight from the Welsh Government.


Latest figures show just over 100 women studied for an apprenticeship


in engineering in Wales, that compares with over 3,500 men.


At the Skills Cymru career event at Parc y Scarlets in Llanelli


today, thousands of pupils from Carmarthenshire have been


learning about the range of careers available,


But it seems precious few young women are considering


Mair from Llanfyrnach in Pembrokeshire is just


16-years-old but she's forging a career in welding and fabrication.


After getting her GCSE results in August, she decided


that a vocational path would suit her skills Latest figures


I'd go for the apprenticeship because it's helping me to save up


for a car. It's a good business to be in. You learn new trades. Working


with man is good because they look after you. If you are hands-on it's


a good job. just 50 women studied


for a foundation apprenticeship Compare that with just over 1600 men


at foundation level and over The Skills Minister says the Welsh


government wants more young people to follow apprenticeships,


and role models for young women in engineering


are vitally important. What we are trying to do is get the


young women to go back into schools and enthuse young women coming


behind them. We want to persuade their mothers and grandmothers that


it's a good route for women. So role models and ambassadors are


important? Absolutely. The Airbus factory in Broughton


produces wings for airbus aircraft Just 9% of the engineering


and technology workforce Sema is combining study at


Swansea University and Coleg Cambria She says a career in engineering


wasn't a natural choice. In my culture they push you towards


dentistry, pharmacy and medicine. I thought I want to do that, I did my


work experience in a pharmacy and I was going on to do work experience


in a dentistry. But I couldn't do it to myself. I know those jobs will


make you have a good amount of money, and everything that comes


with it, but it wasn't what I want to do. So I took the leap and did


engineering. This is what I like, this


An extra ?500 million was announced in the budget this week to boost


The Welsh Government says its already heavily promoting


apprenticeships as an alternative to an academic path,


with the aim too of getting more women into sectors where they're


There are concerns tonight the proceedings of the confidential


process to decide the next Bishop of Llandaff may have been leaked.


A group which campaigns for equality in the Church that could harm


the chances of any LGBT candidate being appointed to the role.


It's been reported that a leading gay cleric


the Very Rev Jeffrey John narrowly missed out on the appointment.


Behind closed doors the appointment of a new bishop is, by tradition, a


closely guarded secret until the announcement is made. But when,


after three days meeting in of those behind the doors fails to reach


agreement speculation began to grow that a leading gay cleric, Jeffrey


John, been considered but not appointed. That speculation and the


debate it's about about why has caused concern among campaigners for


inclusion in the church. About the pressure it might put on bishops who


must now make the decision alone and what it could mean for LGBT


candidates. What we are concerned about is that


as a result of breaches of confidentiality any candidate feels


pressure to withdraw their candidacy. Or if any of the bishops


themselves feel pressure to exclude any particular candidate. We feel


that the church will have failed to rise to that challenge at the very


first hurdle. Jeffrey John, who is currently Dean


in St Albans, declined to comment today. The church in Wales said any


breaching confidentiality in the process of the electoral college


following its meeting would not prejudice candidates. Exactly who


the candidates were for this role has not been made public. And will


not be. But as the process moves forward Neil candidates could be


considered. The bishops have been asking people to e-mail in


suggestions, they go on retreats next week for three days and I


understand this is top of their agenda. Caroline Evans, BBC Wales


Caroline Evans, BBC Wales today, slander.


Let me take you back to the rugby, Wales facing Ireland


The choirs are rehearsing for the game tonight. Not long to go before


kick-off. James Hogg and Garin Jenkins are with me. Good evening.


Can I start with you, James? A lot of criticism headed towards the


Wales camp this week. You know the players well, give us an idea what


they are going through since that defeat in Scotland? They've had a


lot of flak. There are a lot of experienced players under pressure


they haven't experienced in the last few years. Rob Howley has gone with


tried and tested, and I'm sure they'll deliver tonight. They have


two, really. They are under pressure. He has stuck with the same


side, if they don't deliver to make do you foresee changes? I think they


will be changes, but I think the boys will get across the line


tonight. The camp has been pretty tight since Murrayfield. I think


this evening we'll see a big game player, they've had their pride


dented for a better word. So I think they'll come out tonight and get


across the line against Ireland. It's about the win tonight. Not


performance. We need that win. The recent records, Ireland have won


five of the last eight matches in the six Nations in Cardiff, do you


think that record will continue? We seem to do better in Ireland when


we play Ireland and vice versa. We are under pressure but Ireland will


come out. They've got more on it in terms of the six Nations but Wales


are paying for pride and bad World Cup top eight which is so important.


Will that be on their minds, do you think? I wouldn't think so. Tonight


is about just winning the game. A subplot tonight, Lions selection is


announced next month, our personal battles going on there, Rhys Webb,,


Maria, will a focus on that? And international matches always about


personal battles. That's the fabric of the game of rugby union. You want


to get the better of your opposite number. Hopefully that will


culminate in a great team performance and a victory. Six


Nations, five Nations, it's about winning. The wind you can do a lot


of things in life on the back of a win. Enjoy the game. Thank you. Much


more from them on BBC radio Wales tonight, coverage starts live here


on BBC One Wales at 7:30pm. A blue flag beach in Ceredigion is


being blighted by abandoned boats. Locals in Aberporth claim rotting


canoes, surf boards and boats have been left to rot and are littering


the popular beach. There are now calls for a permit


system to be put in place. It's one of Ceredigion's best


beaches, but people in Aberporth claim many of these votes,


surfboards and canoes have been left Local councillor Gethin James


believes something has to be done to stop the number of vessels


being abandoned here. Especially the ones that


are obviously not being used, We don't oppose people having


things down on the beach, it's all in a controlled manner


and we know who owns them, they are kept clean and tidy,


there are rules about how But at the moment it's just


a mass of stuff thrown, People have called this part


of the Beach the boat graveyard, It's unclear who they belong


to and how long they have been here. They are now overgrown


with grass and brambles. They obviously haven't seen


the sea for a while. Muriel keeps her kayak here, she


recognises that some of these have been abandoned and would like to see


a storage system put in place. It would be a good idea for all


of us to have a rethink of it. Mine has been here for the season


and it's handy to have it near the beach, rather than having


to lug it quite a distance. Aberporth is a blue flag beach,


and it's feared if these decaying boats and canoes aren't cleared away


it could be harder to retain its status as one of the best


beaches in the county. Benaz has the forecast,


what have you got for us? What have you got? We have plenty of


usable weather through the weekend, dry weather


with a bit of rain. Pretty similar picture today, we have a lot of


cloud with limited amounts of brightness but was dry. Out and


about it will be great tomorrow but at least it is dry. Through tonight,


largely dry with mist and fog. A fairly quiet night with a light


winds. Cloudy throughout the night and temperatures not dropping much.


Around seven Celsius. Tomorrow we have a cold weather front bringing


with it a lot of cloud. A little bit of rain later on in the day across


Anglesey and Gwynedd. The bulk of the country get away with a dry


Saturday. We have mist and fog to deal with, that will lift. Limited


brightness from Wrexham to Cardiff, but the majority of the country


cloudy with rain in Anglesey later on in the day. Top temperatures 11


to 13 Celsius with light winds and variable. Tomorrow a band of more


persistent rain making its way in from the West. Low-level cloud, mist


and fog. Another mild night with temperatures not dropping too much.


At its lowest around eight Celsius. Winds are light and coming from a


westerly direction. Fresh air and into the early hours of Sunday


morning. Sunday we have this cold friend to deal with. That brings


some rain. Behind it, high-pressure. Not looking very nice for the first


thing on Sunday. Wet weather, but bad band will clear by the afternoon


and we look forward to dry and brighter from the West. A little bit


fresher with temperatures getting up to about 11. On Monday, some


sunshine, make the most of it, cloudy again on Tuesday. Thank you.


The headlines again. A 23-year-old drug addict who crashed his car into


a family during a police chase has been sentenced for three-year 12


years in prison. He lost control of a stolen car and killed two people.


He seriously injured two other children. Over a week after it


started firefighters are still tackling a 2010 rubbish fire in a


recycling plant at Llandow in the Vale of Glamorgan. Some residents


have had to leave home and businesses say it has cost them


thousands. I'll have an update


for you after the BBC News at Ten. Thank you for watching,have


a great weekend. From all of us on the


programme, good evening.


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