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Developers promise world class motorsports and hundreds of jobs.


Why a decision on the future of the Ebbw Vale racetrack


but the minister in charge here says he won't cut corners


before committing millions of pounds to the project.


Filmed on a policeman's body camera, designed to deter criminals


Now all frontline South Wales officers will wear them.


Chelsea Manning, jailed for leaking intelligence,


is released from military prison in the United States.


Her mother in Pembrokeshire says she's delighted.


If I was Prime Minister, I would scrap unemployment tribunal fees.


We've been asking what you'd do if you were Prime Minister.


John Gilheaney tells us why he'd address workers rights.


And many gardens have had a watering recently.


But if you fancy some drier weather and sunshine,


Developers say it would bring world-class motor sport


to Wales and with it, hundreds of jobs for Ebbw Vale.


But the decision to give the Circuit of Wales project the go ahead has


been delayed for the second time in two months.


The Welsh Government says it must take its time before agreeing


to underwrite around half the cost of the ?400 million project,


but opponents say the process is being dragged out


Our political correspondent, Daniel Davies, reports.


The middle of May, although it didn't feel like it


This was the time we expected an announcement here


The circuit would create thousands of jobs in one


of the poorest parts of Wales, according to its developers.


They've got private money to pay for it but need a Welsh Government


It seems every time the finish line is in sight, it disappears


Ministers blamed the latest delay on gaps and inaccuracies


in the information they've had from the circuit.


Sorting that out has added a few more weeks


Here in the Senedd, with a general election three weeks away,


opponents say ministers are quite happy to wait a little while longer.


What you've done is conduct a forensic audit with the express


purpose it seems to me are finding some excuse, any excuse at all,


And isn't it also the case, Cabinet Secretary, that having first


delayed the decision until after the May local elections,


you are now delaying it beyond June 8th.


My interest is with the people of Ebbw Vale.


Yours seems to be political self-interest.


A big difference between ambition and recklessness.


I will not short-circuit the due diligence process.


There have been many twists and turns since late 2011 when plans


The Welsh Government got on board the following year with a ?2 million


grant and two years later, it guaranteed a ?7


Last April ministers declined to underwrite the ?350 million


After months of negotiation, Ken Skates in February he'd look


in detail at a new application to guarantee half


A decision was expected in March, that was delayed until the middle


of this month and now, it's been put off again.


The Conservatives say there are serious questions


about more than ?9 million the Welsh Government has already


given the Circuit of Wales, while Ukip is urging ministers


The Circuit of Wales says it has complied with every request


from the government about this complex application and that it


looks forward to a positive announcement soon but in the Bay,


some says the outlook for this project is starting


Dan, what sense did you get from the Economy Secretary today?


Lucy, people are hanging on every word Ken Skates says about this as


they try to guess whether he is going to give the circuit of Wales


the green light or not. But he is locked into a process here. He says


that he remains excited about the scheme but you heard him in my


report talk about due diligence, that is the analysis by officials


and accountants looking at whether this is something that the taxpayer


should get involved in but of course the taxpayer is involved. The Welsh


Government has given the scheme money, has lent it money and a


recent report was very critical of the way that money was handed over.


All that means that this time they are determined to be seen to do


everything they can to thoroughly analyse the Circuit of Wales before


making any further decisions. Even though that process is taking longer


than anticipated, even though some of the opposition are getting


suspicious but in the words of one Labour Assembly Member talking in


the chamber this afternoon, it is worth taking the time to get this


right, to make sure the valleys are not landed with another white


elephant. Five people in Pembrokeshire have


been arrested on suspicion of "gangmaster" offences


following an investigation They were arrested in Milford Haven,


following a multi-agency operation. Dyfed Powys Police says those


affected are being fully supported. The rate of unemployment in Wales


is still higher than the UK rate, after a year of being


below the average. The latest figures show 4.8% of 16


to 64-year-olds in Wales were out of work in the first three months


of this year, compared South Wales Police say they hope


that becoming the latest force to roll out body-worn video cameras,


will help deter criminals It says all front line staff


will soon be wearing the technology, It means all four Welsh


forces now use bodycams. Imagine being confronted


with this one day at work. This footage, an officer's eye view,


helped convict the man South Wales Police now the latest


force to use body cameras There's an opportunity


for the public to confident that police officers


are deploying their skills, using force in the appropriate


and proportionate way. And for police officers to feel


that they are being supported and if they are assaulted


or there are particularly negative interactions, the court will see


the actuality of it. The force says budget pressures


is the reason why they didn't buy A study by Cambridge University last


year suggested that after officers started using cameras like this,


complaints against them fell by 93%. Everything is being recorded


so there is little point in making a malicious claim against a police


officer and if you are an officer yourself, maybe even more reason


to act professionally at all times. Domestic abuse cases is one


area in which cameras Body cam footage from


Hampshire Police resulted in this perpetrator getting ten


years for assault. People don't realise


how bad these things are but with that you know footage,


they can see how bad it was. They could see I was


totally confused. Which you don't get


from a photograph. Security staff at the University


Hospital of Wales have also used Once they are turned on, aggressive


individuals often calm down. One expert says their


increased use could help People like to be able


to see what happened Previously, you would just


rely on a statement Now the jury can actually see,


this is what happened and this is the story


of what we are being Of course, it all does come down


to hitting record at the right time. Staff are being trained


on how to do that. Footage is stored securely online


and could even be used with face It will also be used for officers


to learn from incidents. A long-term commitment to fund flood


defences along the proposed M4 relief road is needed before


the scheme goes ahead. That's according to


the environmental regulator It says the likely impact of climate


change has to be taken into account. Lawyers acting on behalf


of the Welsh Government say it was "inconceivable" that sea


defences would not be maintained as part of


the billion pound project. Welsh laverbread has been


awarded protected food It means only cooked seaweed made


in Wales can use the name. It joins other Welsh delicacies


already on the list, like Welsh Lamb, Halen Mon Sea Salt


and Pembrokeshire early potatoes. The former American soldier,


Chelsea Manning, who was brought up in Pembrokeshire,


says she's looking forward to putting the past behind her,


after being released early The 29-year-old army private


was responsible for one of the biggest intelligence leaks


in American history. Chelsea Manning, was


born Bradley Manning, and underwent gender transition


during her time in prison. Chelsea Manning spent some difficult


teenage years in Haverfordwest Just a few years after leaving


to join the US Army as an intelligence analyst,


Chelsea Manning became She was accused of one


of the biggest intelligence leaks in US history,


having passed hundreds of thousands of classified documents


to the Wikileaks website, along with this video of Iraqi


citizens being gunned down Chelsea Manning's mother


Susan lives here on this Other members of the


family live locally. The family have consistently


supported Chelsea since But nobody was available to comment


today, despite her release from Fort Leavenworth


prison in Kansas. The news of her release


was welcomed in Haverfordwest. For somebody to be put in prison


for telling the truth, I suppose if anyone did anything


wrong, doing what they did, they would have to get punished


but not as severe as it was. Jailed for 35 years by a military


court in 2013, the transgender soldier sentenced was commuted


by President Obama in one Although some laud her as a hero


for exposing war crimes, President Trump recently


labelled her as a traitor and many Chelsea Manning has been the first


person who quoted the documents on additional platforms and released


those documents not via mainstream media but by a website


which was Wikileaks. Something that then became famous


and only after was already pretty common and well known before


Chelsea Manning, but because of Chelsea Manning relations,


Wikileaks is what it is now. Chelsea's family in Pembrokeshire


have been involved in fundraising and protest events in Wales


and in Ireland, where In footage shot a few years ago,


her aunt expressed support I could not believe that this


has actually happened. And been covered up


and Bradley had seen this. And it wasn't until I saw that


but I thought, I could understand Because I could not live


without on my conscience In a statement, Chelsea Manning's


family he said she had suffered shocking and abusive ill-treatment


during her time in custody. Her mother, Susan Manning,


said she was proud of Chelsea and delighted she will finally


be free again. She hopes Chelsea will now be


able to go to college to complete their studies


and the whatever she wants to be. Although free, Chelsea Manning


remains on active Army duty. Her lawyer plans to continue her


fight against her conviction. After her release in a statement


via her legal team, she said that she's figuring things out


but is about what is ahead and posted this


picture on social media. Her first steps of freedom


after seven years in prison. Still to come in the programme:


We've been asking what you would do Tonight, why one viewer has raised


the issue of workers rights. I'll have the forecast


for the next few days. All this week, our political editor


Nick Servini is interviewing leaders from the main parties in the build


up to the general election. Tonight it's the turn


of Mark Williams, leading the campaign for the Welsh Liberal


Democrats. The party will be looking to make


gains - a poor performance in 2015 saw the party practically wiped out


across the UK. In Wales their numbers dwindled


from three MPs to just one. Mark Williams, welcome to Wales


today. As we head into a general election in which your party is


quite clearly going to use it to push the cause for a second


referendum. Now, on one level, this is smart because there were 48% of


people who voted to remain. I wonder though how many of those have now


just done what you haven't done, which is accepted consequences of


the referendum and they just want to move on. It is not a second


referendum. It is a ratification referendum. I am not going to


dispute the vote on June the 23rd last year. The country was clear.


But it was a blank check. We don't know what the negotiations are going


to deliver. We don't know what the outcome is going to be. And some of


us have genuine fears about the outcome of Wales leaving the single


market. On our manufacturing sector, farming, universities. Which is why


we need to have critical, strong, constructive voices in the House of


Commons and then at the end of that process, whenever those negotiations


are concluded, we need to have an opportunity to look at those terms


and vote accordingly, not just the late winner will like it option from


Theresa May. The public are not stupid. They knew what was at stake.


I think you are right but we have not seen the terms of those


negotiations. The truth visit is you just did not like the result that


you want to change the result. At least be honest with people and say


that. I do respect the result. The country... No, you want another


chance. Were people clear that it would mean leaving the single


market, a market of 500 million people? Were people clear that at


the end of a two-year... It is an even shorter period now because of


this election and various court cases, at the end of a two-year


period, we were going to fit neatly into a new set of trade


negotiations. But is not going to happen. The Welsh farming sector and


manufacturing sector is genuinely concerned. Let's talk about domestic


taxation. A big proposal for the Liberal Democrats is to put a penny


on the pound of all income tax bands. You kind of rationalised this


by saying it would be ?3 a week average wages. The cost of a pint.


The posh rattle cost of a posh coffee in a place like this. The


problem is when you were in government, you took low earners out


of taxation but Magnus, low earners are coming back into taxation. You


are right to highlight that effective Liberal Democrat policy. I


think also we have two be aware of a huge crisis in the national health


service in terms of social care run the failure of this country to


address what I would describe as a mission for social care, an ageing


demographic in this country, the lack of care facilities, care


delivered in the hole or the residential care sector. At


crossover between the owl service and social care. Abetted most people


right across the tax bands as you suggest understand that and no that


we need to fund this. It is a difficult message because you are


asking... Labour are asking those who earn over ?80,000 to pay more to


help things like the NHS but you are doing it for people earning ?25,000.


I think it is a clarity of the policy that will appeal to people.


The understanding there is a problem that needs to be addressed and we


all have to make a contribution to that. Even low earners with


inflation going up. I think people understand how important this is.


Tim Farron merit -- describe the Liberal Democrats like cockroaches


in that you can survive a nuclear holocaust. Can you survive this? I'm


not sure I like being described as a cockroach but we are persistent and


tenacious and we are determined and quite frankly, when our backs are


against the wall, you are more determined to move on and progress


and that is the challenge to the party. I firmly believe we are


seeing the Tory party, the prospect of a Tory landslide in those


circumstances, Wales need strong voices and some of those voices have


to be Liberal Democrat ones. Mark Wiliams, thank you very much.


Nick Servini talking to Mark Williams.


And tomorrow, it's the turn of Neil hamilton, leading


Well, tonight, all the main party leaders here will be going head


to head in the first Welsh television debate of the campaign.


It's being held in Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan and our


James, what can we expect this evening?


Well, Lucy, even though this is the fifth campaign for Welsh party


leaders in just over two years, I expect to see five watts party


leaders fired up for this general election campaign tonight with just


over three weeks to go now until polling day. As you can see from


these pictures, preparations have been ongoing throughout the day to


get the set ready at the venue in Penarth where we are expecting


around 200 audience members right across Wales representing a range of


political views and in fact if you look over my shoulder, you can see


that a number of them have already arrived from the five party leaders.


Of those five leaders, not one of them is hoping to move into ten


Downing St after the election on June the 8th. Not one of them is


standing to be the next Prime Minister of the writer kingdom. In


fact, of the five, only two of them has any skin in the game. Only two


of them, Mark Wiliams and Neil Hamilton are actually standing in


this general election campaign. None of the three others are. The Welsh


Labour leader and First Minister Carwyn Jones, Leanne Wood, the Plaid


Cymru leader, and Andrew RT Davies of the Conservatives. It'll be to


see what impact that has on the dynamics of the debate. I will


expected to have an impact on the topics under discussion. Brexit is


sure to dominate. Immigration, taxing and spending and so on but


also there will be some discussion on topics that are the


responsibility of watches and be politicians. The NHS and education.


It is all about to kick off in just over an hour. Be live on ITV Wales


and we will bring you all the highlights on the highlights on


Gardai 's late that on termites late bulletin. -- to send.


They'll be telling us what their parties would do


But what would you do if you were Prime Minister?


We've been around the country asking for your views,


and workers' rights is one topic you've raised in My Manifesto 2017.


I've been speaking to people up and down Wales, asking


One of those is access to justice for people with complaints


John Gilheaney from Llantrisant contacted us.


He used to work for a charity but after a clash with


He wanted to go to an employment tribunal but was surprised


Finding out about the cost was a big wake-up call.


Initially, you have to pay ?250 to make a claim and then in my case,


to actually book a hearing, a tribunal hearing, that was ?950.


You're talking about ?1200 before you actually get a hearing.


You might have solicitor's fees on top of that.


Fees were introduced for employment tribunals four years ago.


Since then, there has been an 80% fall in the number


If I was Prime Minister, I would scrap employment tribunal fees.


John dropped his plans to go to tribunal and although he is happy


in his new job, he has concerns about the impact fees are having.


I think workers up the rights are being eroded and it is one


of the reasons why it seems to me to be a drop of stress


Now, this is the kind of setting where you might expect to


It's a chance to have your grievances heard in front


But the simple fact is the number of people reaching this point has


I've come to a charity in Caernarfon that supports


It is clear employment issues are high on the agenda here too.


If I was Prime Minister, I would end zero hours contracts.


You can't even sort out your rent because you don't know


If I was Prime Minister, I would increase the minimum wage.


For me, myself, I'm lucky, it is worth it for me


but my friends, they've said people that are on the dole,


on benefits earned more than me and I work at half six


What would you do if you were Prime Minister?


Whether it is crime, policing, benefits perhaps, get in touch.


It's been another soggy day for most of the country.


Yes, there is. The weather is improving this evening and the


sunglasses will come in handy tomorrow. Many gardens have had a


watering today, including this one. And the radar shows the extent of


the range today. Most of it in the south and east. Gradually clearing


this afternoon. The north and west of dry and on Anglesey, it


brightened up with some sunshine. A better end to the day, staying dry


overnight with clearer skies. Maybe a couple of showers reaching the


Lleyn Peninsula. And a cooler, fresh and light with temperatures dropping


into single figures. Here is the picture for eight o'clock tomorrow


morning. Certainly much nicer than it was today. Dry and bright. Some


lovely blue sky, sunshine and good visibility. Feeling a little bit


fresh with a light to moderate breeze. 11 Celsius in Dolgellau.


Better weather to come tomorrow but not completely dry. A few showers


will build up. Some could be heavy. Feeling warmer than today with sunny


spells. Top temperatures around 16 Celsius. Maybe the odd shower in the


afternoon in Monmouthshire. In Ceredigion tomorrow, sunny spells


with a few hit and miss showers. Tomorrow evening, scattered showers


will slowly die down. Many places then dry overnight. Turning quite


chilly in the countryside. Friday's charge shows low-pressure knee in


Northern Ireland and that means a mixture of sunshine and showers. On


Friday, most places starting dry but showers could break out. They could


turn heavy and places. As for the weekend, a mixture of sunshine and


showers sums it up and some of those showers on Saturday could be heavy


and thundery. Fewer showers on Sunday. Temperatures not that high.


Cool overnight. Pleasant in the sunshine. We have seen the worst of


the rain for a while. The decision to give the Circuit


of Wales project the go ahead has been delayed for the second time


in two months. The Welsh Government says it must


take its time before agreeing to underwrite around half the cost


of the ?400 million project, but opponents say the process


is being dragged out I'll have an update


for you at 8 o'clock and again That's Wales Today


thank you for watching. From all of us on the


programme, good evening.


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