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we are back with the late news at 10:00.


Cardiff prepares for one of the world's biggest sporting events.


Organisers of the Champions League final insist the city can cope.


The Welsh surgeon who saved countless lives in Syria


tells the Hay Festival of the "evil" he witnessed.


And specialist language lessons for the refugee doctors and dentists


Cardiff can cope with the 170,000 people


expected to come into the city for the Champions League final.


That's according to organisers, who say the capital will be


at capacity when Juventus play Real Madrid on Saturday.


It's taken almost a thousand days to plan for 170,000 people


to arrive, enjoy and crucially leave the Welsh capital.


It means providing extra accommodation, transport


and security in one of the smallest cities to ever host


When you look at cities the size of London and Berlin,


lots of big footprints, and we have pretty much taken every


So the size has been a challenge but it's also been an advantage


because when people do come, they can walk around fairly easily


and we think that will put Cardiff on the map and make it different


South Wales Police say they've never planned for anything like this.


As part of a huge security operation there will be road closures


and disruption for both businesses and residents.


But organisers say the city is used to hosting major sporting events


and can deal with large crowds flooding the streets.


In 2005 for the Grand Slam game they said there


were about 250,000 people in the city.


There will be the festival, there will be two fan meeting


points each for the teens, lots of bars in Cardiff


So we are confident the city can absorb that number.


Alongside the final there is a four-day Champions League Festival


One of the highlights will be a legends match where the world's


best former footballers will play on this floating pitch.


But there won't be an opportunity for fans to watch Juventus take


The Festival shuts hours before the final kicks off.


We would have loved to have been able to put on a public screening


but the problem we face is the city is already going to be at capacity


and if we put a free of charge public screening on in the city,


particularly now that it's Real Madrid and Gareth Bale,


we would have so many people coming in from the local areas the city


Is Cardiff going to be maxed out anyway?


It's not very often that Real Madrid and Juventus play in Cardiff.


If you are a local person and you like sport we expect


The best footballers in the world are on our doorstep and these


opportunities don't come around very often.


So people shouldn't be complacent and think we'll see them next time.


Who knows, there may not be a next time.


Fire crews in Swansea hope to bring a large blaze at a recycling unit


in Fforestfach under control this evening.


There were more than 70 firefighters tackling the fire earlier.


Thick smoke affected some train services


I could hear the bangs and that but I obviously


It was dark then so you couldn't see smoke but you could smell it.


Armed police officers are on duty at the Urdd National Eisteddfod


The increased security measures are in response to last week's


Extra security officers are also conducting bag searches.


It's expected over 100,000 visitors and competitors will attend


the Welsh language youth festival this week.


A Welsh surgeon who saved countless lives in Syria


has been recalling the "evil" acts he's witnessed there.


has been operating in conflict zones for more than 20 years.


He's been speaking to Huw Thomas at the Hay Festival,


where he delivered the BBC's annual Patrick Hannan Lecture.


In Syria the mission for David Nott is professional and personal. The


victims, so often the innocent and the young. An air strike killed this


little girl 's parents. He worked hard to save her life. Oh my


goodness me. Later he was reunited with their butt so many others have


died including Syrian doctors who worked with him. In his lecture this


evening he condemned the bombing of hospitals and the targeting of


civilians. What we are seeing now is evil because of sin is something you


can be a morsel about that evil is something you perpetrate and you


know it's wrong and you continue to do it. That is the difference


between sin and evil. David Nott has trained local doctors and works


tirelessly to promote the plight of the people he has tried to help. At


the attack in Manchester has brought it home and the techniques he has


used on the battlefield have been employed in British hospitals. There


are core skills which all the surgeons have. Nowadays of course we


never saw the effects of bomb blasts in this country before and now we're


adding that to our training regime and a teaching surgeons how to deal


with horrific ones. He told me he will return to Syria and wherever


else his skills are needed. To help others, the innocent victims of the


world's cruellest conflicts. You can hear David Nott's


Patrick Hannan lecture A course run by a Cardiff based


charity is coaching doctors and dentists who are refugees


and asylum seekers through specialist English exams so they can


be employed by the NHS here. It's thought the programme


by 'Displaced People in Action' has saved the health service ?20 million


across the UK. It's just a training room


in Cardiff Bay but through these doors have come children's doctors,


brain surgeons, specialists, talented medical


staff key to the NHS. What brings these people together


is that they are all Professionals in their own country


determined to qualify To do that they will be tested


on their reading, writing, Not an easy feat when you are


talking about complex science. One of them was in Aleppo just


a month ago having graduated Another left Libya in 2014


and wants to continue I'm working for my


children's future. It's different to have a mum


who just stays at home and does the cooking and prepares


everything for them. I want them to see their mum


fighting to get to her target. So I think I have to put some work


into this to achieve my This pioneering scheme was set up


by Displaced People In Action alongside the body responsible


for training doctors here and with initial funding


from the Welsh Government, 87 doctors have now been registered


with the General medical Council Of those, 12 are GPs,


two are consultants and 67 There are shortages in certain


specialties and if you think that we can have a qualified doctor


through the scheme within sometimes one to two years at absolutely


minimal cost, whereas to put somebody through medical school


and training you are looking at about a quarter of a million


pounds, that is a huge difference. This doctor from Kuwait came


to the UK seeking asylum in 2014. Now doing a placement


in psychiatrics in Cardiff, he came here because of what the Welsh


scheme could offer. After passing all the exams


and getting registered it's very Also it's very difficult to find


the references required for the job. So by providing this opportunity


for me and other refugee doctors we were able to find references,


we were able to refresh our skills These doctors can use their own


language and culture to benefit patients and it also means they can


become professionals again Cricket and Glamorgan


have secured their first County Championship win


of the season in dramatic fashion. They've beaten Durham


by three wickets with just three balls


to spare at St Helen's in Swansea. The visitors declared


on 276 for seven, but Nick Selman proved


to be the hero, helping Glamorgan reach the target


with an unbeaten 116, which included two sixes


in the last over. Let's get the weather forecast now.


Here's Behnaz. It has been a pretty cloudy bank


holiday Monday. The weather will settle down towards the middle of


the week. Tonight we have a few showers which will clear the way and


to feel less humid. This was the satellite picture from earlier. We


did season breaks in the cloud with brighter spells but nowhere near as


nice as the weather last week. Tonight we have these showers which


will clear north eastwards. It will become driver time. Overnight a few


more showers coming in from the west. A lot of dry weather to look


forward to. Temperatures remaining in double figures for all of us.


Tomorrow we have this weather front that will bring with it a bit of


rain. I pressure is building from the South and that will settle


things down. First thing tomorrow the odd shower, some sunshine and


then a spell of light rain making its way from the West and gradually


clearing by the afternoon. Temperatures tomorrow getting up to


17 or 18 Celsius. Tomorrow night, some evening sunshine for all of us


and we will see some clear skies. Mist and fog forming in the early


hours of Wednesday morning. Temperatures much fresher. The winds


are like. As we head into Wednesday high-pressure sitting comfortably


across the UK. That will settle our weather down. A lot of dry and


bright weather on Wednesday. We could see the odd isolated shower


along the coast in the south but the most of us it is sunny and dry with


temperatures getting up to about 19 Celsius.


Our next bulletin is at 10:30pm tonight.


From all of us on the programme, good evening.


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