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Tonight's headlines: They're fleeing war zones.


Criticism of the UK government for giving up without enough


discussion on a scheme to find homes for vulnerable child refugees.


A detailed study shows a healthy lifestyle can reduce


The UK Government has given up on a scheme set up to protect


the most vulnerable child refugees without enough discussion.


That's according to the leader of Torfaen Council.


Labour's Anthony Hunt told Wales Today that he and other


council leaders would work with the Home Office,


350 child refugees will have arrived in the UK by the time


the scheme ends in March, with 32 having already


Fire lights up the sky above Calais in France last year as the makeshift


Sam from Newport was part of a volunteer group which took


There were children there sleeping under those blankets.


We had to go to the warehouse and fetch blankets.


She claims in several short visits over 18 months she met more than 150


children who had no one at all to look after them.


These children are alone and all they have learnt


to do is keep walking, keep walking, keep walking,


and then they get to Calais, which is the end of the road,


and they don't know where to walk now because all they knew


was that they lost their parents somewhere along the road


From places like Syria, the UK accepted around 8000 child


Many who leave war zones make their own way to Europe, many


Some hoped as many as 3000 might be resettled here who don't have any


The government has confirmed that it will be far lower than that.


Many councils in Wales say that announcement was premature.


We have not reached a definite position


This is disappointing really that we find out that the government


seemed to have given up on the situation.


Your message to the Home Secretary then as a leader


Let's work together, let's have constructive talks to see,


given the funding and given that we get the technicalities right


because we want to make things better, not worse,


you know, that is a given, but let's talk more.


Some councils say they do have capacity, others none at all.


Conservative MP David Davies says the UK Government has


The government are absolutely right to do this.


It had to be in place for a short period of time only


because otherwise what happens is that the parents in countries


with much lower living standards will simply try


and send their children over by themselves in order to get them


into Western Europe and then follow them afterwards, so the government


are right to do this because they are going to...


You are going to create a human catastrophe if you encourage people


Judges are now considering whether the UK Government's decision


The Home Office maintains it is not giving up on vulnerable children,


citing other schemes it operates that have also resettled hundreds


It's a disease that affects more than 42,000 people in Wales


and a campaign has been launched, aimed at reducing people's


It's based on detailed research that found those who adopt


a healthy lifestyle, are 60% less likely


Colombian dance fitness, Prestatyn style.


Since her daughter started a fitness business in the area,


Julie Rhodes has become a bit of a zumba fan, attending


It helps me mentally, keeps me alert.


My dad, who is now 95, he is suffering with memory loss


and to see it is such a shame, it is such a sad illness to see.


So I would like to prevent it, if at all possible.


Keeping fit is one of the steps recommended by the dementia


Launched today, it also encourages people to check their health


regularly, cut down on alcohol, and stop smoking in a bid to reduce


the risk of developing dementia by up to 60%.


Six tips in all, based on research conducted on these men.


In total, there were 2500 of them from the Caerphilly area


who were prodded untested for a generation in one of the most


influential research projects of its time.


We all know that it is beneficial but actually disciplining


and getting round to following healthy behaviours


consistently, for some reason, it beats most of us.


He was ever so kind and ever so sort of gentle, really...


Broadcaster Beti George talking about her husband,


David Parry Jones, in an upcoming BBC Wales documentary.


He is one of more than 42,000 people in Wales suffering from the disease.


Nobody would object to a campaign that advises people


It won't guarantee that you won't get dementia.


What concerns me is that it doesn't solve the problems


People are already living with dementia and their carers.


The latest statistics I read was that the numbers


It is really a time bomb we are sitting on.


In an attempt to stop it from detonating, today's


Put down the pint and pick up the Lycra.


90 jobs are to be created in Wrexham by a new financial


Chetwood Financial Limited will be based at the town's Technology Park,


in an office acquired from the telecommunications


The startup is being supported by money from the Welsh Government.


Opponents of the proposed takeover of Wrexham-based Dee Valley Water,


have been granted leave to appeal the move.


The High Court approved an ?84 million takeover by utilities


Some staff and customers had opposed it, concerned


A group of AMs are trying to ban under 18s from having


so-called intimate piercings because of serious concerns


The chair of the Assembly Health Committee, Dai Lloyd,


who's also a GP, says such practice could be viewed as


The Welsh Government will consider the recommendation.


Tonight's sport now starting with rugby and three Welsh regions


The Ospreys came back from behind to claim a comfortable win


There was also a win for the Scarlets in Glasgow


but the Dragons were soundly beaten by Pro12 leaders Munster.


Wales' Under 20s have suffered their first defeat


They faced their English counterparts in Colwyn Bay tonight


and despite going into an early lead the defending champions,


who completed the Grand Slam last season, lost by 37-21.


In football, Newport County's hopes of escaping relegation from


They picked up a hard-earned point against top-of-the-


You may need your long johns this weekend. It is going to stay cold


and windy. Some dry weather but also some wintry showers. A little snow


on some of the hills and mountains. Most places dry tonight. A


widespread frost and you may be lucky and catch a glimpse of the


lunar eclipse. Tomorrow morning, as dry in parts of the South and West.


Elsewhere, Cloud increasing with a few wintry showers. Most of the snow


on the hills and mountains. Across the rest of the UK, wintry showers


will spread further westwards to ring the day. Most of the snow on


higher ground. The best of the sunshine in the far north and west


of Scotland. In Wales tomorrow afternoon, it should be a little bit


of sunshine in Pembrokeshire but for most of us, cloudy. There will be


some showers around. Wintry on higher ground. Drier in sheltered


parts of the South and West. Feeling cold everywhere in the wind. If you


are in Cardiff for the rugby match tomorrow afternoon, it will be cold


but mostly dry. Good luck to Wales. Tomorrow night, further showers. A


little snow on the hills. Drier in the South West. Temperatures close


to freezing. High pressure over Scandinavia on Sunday. That means


stronger winds in Wales making it feel very cold. Again, there will be


some showers. Wintry on higher ground. Drier and brighter in


sheltered parts of the West. They called weekend, windy on Monday with


some sunshine. By the middle of the week, a little bit milder.


We'll be back with our next update at 4:05pm tomorrow.


From all of us here, have a good weekend.