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Ashley Talbot died after being hit by a minibus outside school -


a coroner says lessons must be learned.


Health officials speak of a recruitment crisis in the NHS,


costing health boards millions of pounds.


And why Wales' biggest council plans to suspend the right to buy


The coroner investigating the death of a 15-year-old boy who was run


over in the grounds of his school said the inquest has identified


Ashley Talbot was struck by a school minibus as he was leaving


Maesteg Comprehensive in December 2014.


The jury returned a verdict of accidental death and the coroner


will now make a report about the design and construction of


15-year-old Ashley was struck by a minibus


Police say the driver, PE teacher Christopher Brooks,


He was driving at 14 to 17 mph and would have had less


But the inquest heard about wider safety concerns.


One bus driver said this was an accident waiting to happen.


Several children described near misses which they had witnessed.


The coroner said the investigation had revealed matters of grave


concern and he will now be preparing a report on the design, construction


Reacting to the verdict, the solicitor of the family


No child should die in a road traffic accident on school premises.


In schools, more than anywhere else, the safety of children should be


This school was constructed through a PFI initiative.


It is clear from the evidence that we have heard in court


that the staff of the school were never satisfied with the design


And that they struggled, then, to provide a secure


and safe environment, given the design restrictions


Following the hearing, the local authority issued


a statement saying improvements have already been carried out


at the school and a review of safety in all schools in the county borough


The chair of governors paid tribute to Ashley as a popular pupil


and said the governors are satisfied the school is now safe.


We complied with all the health and safety


recommendations that were brought in following the terrible accident.


We believe now that the school is certainly a very safe place.


Ashley's mother has been too ill to attend the inquest.


They have welcomed the ongoing health and safety investigation and


They also plan to campaign for school safety in


Failures to recruit doctors and nurses are costing Welsh health


boards millions of pounds and today Assembly Members were told


there's now a recruitment crisis in the Welsh NHS.


In North Wales the amount of money being spent on agency staff this


year matches the entire ?30,000 overspend of Betsi


year matches the entire ?30,000 overspend of


We are told our hospitals have rarely been busier,


pressures rarely greater, the squeeze on cash rarely tighter.


But at a time when the Welsh NHS needs every penny it can get,


spending on agency staff to fill empty posts is spiralling.


According to some critics, there is a recruitment crisis.


In north Wales, as an example, there are 177 full-time nursing vacancies.


There's a shortage of 79 health care assistants.


Ward rosters are going only 85% filled.


And that's despite a recruitment drive.


We asked to be allowed into the hospital here in Bangor


today to speak to doctors and nurses about recruitment, but that


One, an experienced sister, who didn't want to be filmed,


told me that recruitment problems were down to the


Places like this are extremely tough to work in, she said,


Outside our cities, most Welsh hospitals struggle for staff.


Today at the Senate, Assembly Members were


Why, for example, do many medical students leave


We have recently run a survey of all of those trainees coming


to interview with us to find out exactly what are those key factors.


And the vast majority have indicated that it's important that they have


got somewhere where their friends are, their family is and it's


a geographical location that it is known to them.


I was talking to a number of students thinking


of going into medicine recently in my constituency.


They were all young, single, you know, young men and women, 18,


19-years-old, who couldn't wait to get out.


And said, you know, they've spent their whole lives here,


they wanted to go and see the big wide world.


And the failure to recruit is costing money.


This year, the Ysbyty Clwyd health board expects to be


in the red to the tune of more than ?30 million.


And that's similar to the amount it was spent on agency staff


If you could fill posts, could you get rid of a big


I think it would be a massive help if we could reduce the agency


spend and we are working towards that every day.


We have some rigorous plans in place to control


the spend on agency staff, both from the medical point of view


We need to recognise that there will always be a need


in certain circumstances to employ agency clinical staff, to make sure


A safe service, then, but also a cheaper service.


This has now become a major challenge for the Welsh NHS.


Meanwhile, the number of patients waiting more


and Emergency departments in Wales has risen by a quarter.


Just over 4,000 people spent 12 hours in A last month,


The Welsh Government said the rise is "unacceptable" and pledged


to work with NHS Wales "to achieve improvements for patients."


A man from Tredegar has appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court


accused of downloading so-called Islamic State manuals.


23-year-old Nathan Saunders is charged with five counts


of possessing a record likely to be useful to a person committing


A woman from Swansea who claimed she'd been imprisoned


in her father's flat in Saudi Arabia is still waiting for a face-to-face


21-year-old Amina Al-Jeffrey said her father locked her up


because "she kissed a guy", an allegation he denies.


Last Summer, Mohammad Al-Jeffrey was ordered to facilitate his


daughter's return to the UK, but she remains in Saudi Arabia.


A High Court judge has revealed her lawyer has yet to be


Tenants in Cardiff could become the latest in Wales to lose


the right to buy their council houses as the authority aims


to tackle the city's growing housing need.


The Council's decision to suspend the Right to Buy policy for five


years will need to be rubber-stamped by the Welsh Government who plan


to introduce a law that would amount to a Wales-wide ban


In March, they'll have been married 60 years.


For almost 40 of them, they've lived in this former council


When we came here it was nothing like it is now and then we were hit


-- here about a month and decided we'll buy it.


We feel proud that we both came from, I came from a council house


in Ely, Harry's from the docks and we're out here


So, I'm quite pleased with both of us.


The Fords would have benefited from a discount of up to 50%


when the policy was first introduced in the 1980s.


These days, social housing tenants in Wales can get out of a maximum


of ?8,000 knocked off the value of their property.


Last year, 359 properties in Wales were bought under


the Right to Buy scheme, out of a total of more than 200,000


Had we not had the Right to Buy, we wouldn't have a waiting list


today and people on the waiting list are in significant housing need.


So what we want to be able to do, we want to protect a very important


asset for families to come, now and into the future.


Cardiff Council's requests will need to be accepted


Anglesey, Carmarthenshire and Swansea have already been given


permission to suspend the Right to Buy policy in their areas.


But other applications are still being considered.


However, next month, government ministers for proposing


a new law in the assembly that would amount to a Wales-wide


It would bring the curtain down on a flagship Thatcherite policy


driven by her desire to create a nation of homeowners.


This just deflects attention from the huge national need


We should be proud of the Right to Buy and we should


encourage its use in the future but we certainly need


to build more homes, that's what the Welsh government


We really do need investment in new homes.


Housing associations are a big part of that and are committed


to building social homes that are needed up and down Wales


and the Right to Buy is one part of that picture.


It stops us losing homes that we desperately need


but actually the focus needs to be on building new homes.


But as far as Shirley and Henry are concerned,


it afforded them the opportunity to turn the house into a home.


He's had an incredible week, but the dream is over


The teenager from Ebbw Vale lost to world number four Judd Trump


But while Jackson's Welsh Open is over, one Welshman


remains in the tournament - Lee Walker beat Graeme Dott to make


Let's see what the weather has in store.


Derek's here and is it a little milder?


We're little bit milder, yes. 10 Celsius this afternoon. And, daytime


temperatures will continue to exceed the mid-February average over the


next few days, typically ten to 12 Celsius. Tonight, some rain for


parts of mid and North Wales. That will gradually ease and clear.


Elsewhere it is looking dry. A few gaps in the cloud and a mild night.


Generally dry tomorrow morning. A bit misty and places first thing. It


should writing up in Monmouth, a little sunshine. Across the rest of


the UK a warm front through England and Scotland will bring spots of


drizzle. Some sunshine in Edinburgh and Newcastle. Many areas dry but


some pockets of rain in the West later in the day. Temperatures on


the mild side generally speaking. Nine in Glasgow, 12 Celsius in


London. Close to home, dry and brighter in the north and east


tomorrow afternoon but how will increase. Some rain spreading from


the West and look at those temperatures, ten to 12 Celsius with


a south-easterly breeze. Tomorrow night a bit damp in places,


otherwise dry. Enough moisture for a few mist and fog patches to form.


Against a mile. Mist and fog patches on Saturday will live. A lot of dry


weather, fairly cloudy, with a few sunny intervals. However, a cold


front will move through the day. It stays on the mild side on Sunday.


Again a few spots of drizzle, otherwise mostly dry. Hopefully a


little bit of sunshine. In the next week, half term, mild, breezy a


little rain, it may turn colder later in the week with showers.


We're back with updates from around 6.25am in the morning


But that's Wales Today, from all of us on the programme, goodnight.