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That's it from us. They will be continuing coverage throughout the


night on Tonight's headlines:


On the campaign trail. The First Minister says Labour has


a 'mountain to climb' Cardiff University will become


one of the UK's major And an inquest hears a tumble dryer


should "not be ruled out" as the cause of a flat fire


which killed two men. The First Minister, Carwyn Jones,


has admitted that Labour has 'a mountain to climb'


in the general election. Speaking for the first time


since the snap election was called, he also said it was an opportunity


for the UK leader Jeremy But with the party languishing


in the polls, how much pressure Our political editor


Nick Servini reports from one of Labour's heartland areas,


Merthyr Tydfil. High-profile politicians


are back out on the step. And at times it's going to get quite


uncomfortable for them, as the First Minister found out


in his home patch of Bridgend. And you haven't stood


by your constituency. The majority of people


voted for Brexit. The Welsh Labour leader of course


won't be ending up in the Number Ten Can you honestly see


Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister? I think he has to prove himself,


there's no question about that. People haven't seen him


in an election campaign. He is somebody who is passionate,


he is somebody who is This is, despite the apparent lead


in the opinion polls, an election Jeremy Corbyn insists it's not


a foregone conclusion but Labour is lagging in the polls which has


led some to predict The party currently


has 25 out of the 40 Constituencies like Bridgend,


Cardiff Central, Newport West, Anglesey and a number in north-east


Wales could come under pressure. If they lose six they go down


to less than half the seats in Wales and that hasn't happened


for a very long time. What that means is it will take much


longer to rebuild because I think there will be an inevitability


as usual with the political cycles. This isn't the end of


the Labour Party but it will take a lot longer to get back to where it


used to be. Merthyr Tydfil says


it has a big heart. A big problem for Labour in places


like this is that they supported Brexit in contrast to virtually


all of the party's leaders. No one realistically expects anyone


other than Labour to win here. This is Labour heartland


territory, isn't it? Surely it's safe for


Labour here isn't it? Labour says it does support leaving


the EU and recognises the result. It's all a bit watery


though, isn't it? I'm Labour, always been Labour


and I will not change my mind. If everyone was in the same frame


of mind as me perhaps They will vote Labour


if they had a donkey I think they have lost a few voters


to Ukip and potentially Even in Merthyr.


Stranger things have happened. So over the next seven weeks expect


Theresa May to talk a lot about taking us out of the EU


and controlling our borders. Expect Jeremy Corbyn to talk a lot


about anto-austerity and taking The question is, in a place


like Merthyr which voted to leave remember, has Corbyn's class-based


rhetoric which has gone down so well over the years been overtaken


by the new language of Brexit? All of the parties will come under


intense focus in a frenetic few weeks but in Wales inevitably that


means the dominant force, Labour, Cardiff University has been chosen


as one of the major centres The ?13 million centre


in the capital will be a significant section of the UK's


new Dementia Research Institute, The other towels were


outside, weren't they? From preparing a meal


to doing the laundry, 54-year-old Karen Kitch


from Llanhari in Rhondda Cynon Taff gets a helping hand with daily tasks


from her personal assistant, Three years ago, she was told


by her doctor that she had He couldn't tell me how long before


I was in the final part How it was going to be


through the process. He said it was an


individual disease. And have you noticed


that the condition is My children say that


over the last 12 months I think that I'm OK,


but they say that I have Cardiff University has already


gained international recognition for its dementia research,


but today's announcement means academics here can


take their research a step further. The is to aim find new ways


to diagnose, treat, prevent and care for people with dementia and build


on the work which is already taking Initially, the University


will receive ?13 million to become a UK Dementia Research Institute


Centre. And the centre is set to become


the biggest investment Wales has ever received first scientific study


into the disease. With the potential to be awarded


a further ?70 million in research And up to 60 scientific researchers


will be employed in Cardiff by 2022. This happened to cancer


research about 20 years ago, where a lot more investment was put


in and sustained. And now we are reaping


the benefits in terms And we needed this large


injection of funds. Back in her home, Karen


welcomes the news. It's really needed, because I don't


think it will be for my time, but it will be for my children,


my grandchildren, because possibly they could have dementia


when they are older. And if by that time they could find


a cure, that would make me happy. The recruitment process will now


begin at the centre as the fight Police investigating a sexual


assault on a woman in Barry are appealing for a man,


who gave her a lift in his The woman had been out


in the Park Crescent area It's believed a man in a silver


Lexus offered her a lift. He's described as white,


aged 50 to 60, with white hair and was wearing orange


workmen style trousers. Waiting times for patients


in Accident and Emergency units Just under 81% of patients were seen


in less than four hours. The target of 95%


has never been met. NHS Wales is still behind


on waiting-time targets for patients to start cancer treatment,


but there was a slight improvement in ambulance response times


to life-critical calls. A tumble dryer at a flat


in Llanrwst, where two men died in a fire, couldn't be ruled out


as its cause, despite a lack An expert, hired by the manufacturer


Whirlpool, has been presenting his findings at an inquest


into the deaths of Bernard Hender One of the key questions surrounding


the fire at this flat in the centre of Llanrwst is whether a tumble


dryer was to blame. Seen on the left of these pictures,


taken just days after the tragedy, it's the focus of the inquest


into two men who died there. 39-year-old Douglas McTavish,


who ran a local bistro, and 19-year-old Bernard Hender,


who worked there as a chef, were unable to escape the thick


smoke and flames which tore through the property


in October 2014. Mr Hender's partner


Garry Lloyd Jones was able to crawl out of the building but,


suffered from severe He said yesterday that he woke up


in a smoke filled bedroom, before seeing flames coming


from the drum of the tumble dryer, though it had been swtiched off


with the door open the night Today, a member of the Insitute


of Fire Engineers presented his Appointed by the manufacturer


Whirlpool, he said there was no compelling evidence that the blaze


started in the dryer, The company's former product safety


director said between 2009 and 2014, there had been 28 reports of fires


where the same type of door switch was implicated


or couldn't be ruled out. But given that its dryers


complete one billion cycles every 12 days,


it hadn't triggered The inquest is expected to enter


a third and final day tomorrow. UKIP have been campaigning


for the local elections on the streets of Cardiff today,


saying it offers a breath It says councils are under pressure


because of immigration and also The party is fielding 80 candidates


in 14 authorities in Wales in the local elections,


on May the 4th. We have our scheme to prioritise


people in terms of housing needs. We want to reduce fat cat


salaries for councillors In particular we want to return


to the old committee system and get away from the cabinet system


of local government that we've And the money saved,


we can put into front-line services. A charity is calling


for a respite centre for patients It would be the first


of its kind in Wales. Kidney Wales is staging a walk


around the country in 30 days, to help raise ?4 million


for the centre. It would allow patients


to continue treatment, while they enjoy a holiday


with loved ones. 10,000 people in Wales live


with kidney disease. It's going to be a form


of respite care centre. Lots of families can't go on holiday


because they are tied to a dialysis machine and we are going to put


together a wellness centre The former Wales manager


and midfielder Gary Speed will be inducted into


the National Football Speed, who made 536 Premier League


appearances, is being honoured The former Wales captain,


who died in 2011, will be inducted Time for the weather forecast now.


What do you have for us Derek? I did it sure. Cloud, sunshine and


frost and a cold snap on the way. We have not had much rain this month so


far and we're not expecting much if any rain over the next few days.


It's a dry story tonight. Clear in parts of the South but cloud will


spread down from the North overnight. Temperatures holding up.


Fairly cloudy tomorrow morning. Bright in a few places and dry. Just


the odd spot of light rain in the North. Across the rest of the UK we


have called front line through Scotland which will bring some rain


with it. Tending to fragment as it moves south during the day.


Brightening up behind that cold front. For the south of the UK


mostly dried -- tomorrow. The best of the sojourn in Devon and


Cornwall. In Wales tomorrow afternoon the odd light shower in


parts of mid and North Wales but otherwise it's looking dry and


bright. The best of the sunshine in the south and south-west.


Temperatures up to 16 Celsius. Some sunshine in the south tomorrow


evening then overnight cloud increasing and a few splashes of


rain in the north and north-east. On Saturday cloudy for a while and the


odd spots of rain but no more than that. Brightening up with some


sunshine. Gardeners watch out on Saturday night, it's going to be


quite cold with a widespread grass frost. Sunday is largely dry with


summer sunshine. Next week, called a heading our way from the Arctic


bringing some showers and some of those will be wintry. So cold snap


next week. We'll have updates in Breakfast


tomorrow but that is Wales Today. I think I love you. I love you too.


Let's move in together.