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We begin with breaking news tonight and within the past few minutes,


the death has been announced of the former First Minister


Mr Morgan led the Welsh government from 2000


His career in public life also saw him serve as an MP in Cardiff,


after winning his seat in the 1987 General Election.


He is survived by his wife Julie and their children.


There will of course be full reaction to that


news on BBC News online, on our radio services in the morning


The news about the death of Rhodri Morgan can just


after the first Welsh television debate of the general election


campaign where Welsh party leaders clashed over Brexit.


The five main leaders presented their visions for Wales


after leaving the European Union and also discussed their ideas


Our reporter James Williams was watching.


Just weeks away from a snap election, called with Brexit in


mind, it came as no surprise that Brexit would dominate much of the


debate. Plaid Cymru 's leader wanted clarity about the future of Welsh


farmers, who on average receive about 80% of their income from


European Union payments. Either we are going to continue to have a


Welsh farming industry and its only with Plaid Cymru voices in


Parliament will we make sure that the Welsh farming industry has a


voice, all we can see that farming industry go to the wall with a lack


of Tory guarantees. These are the kind of threats we face in Wales


from the Tories. Each of the five leaders said Wales post Brexit


should continue to receive every single penny of money it currently


receives from Brussels. With three of the panel having campaigned --


having campaigned for remain and two Forli, passions ran high. Can we


behave like adults? Grown-up politics say the Liberal Democrats,


would entail giving the vote as a second referendum on the Brexit


deal. Plaid Cymru and Welsh Labour won the Welsh assembly to have its


say. Ukip disagrees. The referendum was a United Kingdom referendum and


not just a walk referendum for Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland


and England. No part of the country has a veto on this and there are


differences in the voting patterns in different parts of the United


Kingdom. But there was consensus about the need to agree on the


rights of UK and European Union citizens across the continent. The


EU and the UK need to have a guarantee for each other's citizens


but it should have been done by now. Strong and stable leadership, I will


use Andrews centres for him, means making an agreement like that so


everyone has comfortably for the negotiations start. That has not


been done. Although reluctant to reference Jeremy Corbyn, Carwyn


Jones did defend UK Labour's manifesto commitments to massively


increase public investment and raise higher taxes on the wealthiest.


Plaid Cymru would do the same. The Lib Dems would add a penny on income


tax. While income tax would remain the same under Ukip. We have cut


corporation tax and taken it to 17%, a third more revenue has come into


the Treasury. We actually more money in Houston make businesses to create


that wealth and that is the key goal. What we have from the parties


on my right is an operation to raise everyone's taxes in this country.


Whether this being the fifth campaign in Wales in just over two


years, apathy was a concern for some. You have a responsibility in


the audience to challenge everybody that seeks your vote wherever you


are living in this election, challenge him on those issues and


share your discontent and have that dialogue with the people that serve


and seek to be your representatives. You need to give us the hard time.


And you the voters have three weeks left until polling day to do it.


A decision about whether to back the multi-million pound Circuit


of Wales race track with public money has been delayed


The Welsh Government says it must take its time before agreeing


to underwrite half the cost of the ?425 million project.


But opponents say the process is being dragged out


Our political correspondent Daniel Davies reports.


The middle of May, although it didn't feel like it


This was the time we expected an announcement here


The circuit would create thousands of jobs in one


of the poorest parts of Wales, according to its developers.


They've got private money to pay for it but need a Welsh Government


It seems every time the finish line is in sight, it disappears


Ministers blamed the latest delay on gaps and inaccuracies


in the information they've had from the circuit.


Sorting that out has added a few more weeks


Here in the Senedd, with a general election three weeks away,


opponents say ministers are quite happy to wait a little while longer.


What you've done is conduct a forensic audit with the express


purpose it seems to me are finding some excuse, any excuse at all,


And isn't it also the case, Cabinet Secretary, that having first


delayed the decision until after the May local elections,


you are now delaying it beyond June 8th.


My interest is with the people of Ebbw Vale.


Yours seems to be political self-interest.


A big difference between ambition and recklessness.


I will not short-circuit the due diligence process.


There have been many twists and turns since late 2011 when plans


The Welsh Government got on board the following year with a ?2 million


grant and two years later, it guaranteed a ?7


Last April ministers declined to underwrite the ?350 million


After months of negotiation, Ken Skates in February he'd look


in detail at a new application to guarantee half


A decision was expected in March, that was delayed until the middle


of this month and now, it's been put off again.


The Conservatives say there are serious questions


about more than ?9 million the Welsh Government has already


given the Circuit of Wales, while Ukip is urging ministers


We have Sony delays. I know the minister is saying this is about due


diligence but I think it is a excuse for delaying it beyond the


elections. I would give the scheme the go-ahead. I am not privy to all


the information the government has got but if I were a private investor


in the market for this kind of project, I would certainly put some


money in. The Circuit of Wales says it has


complied with every request from the government about this


complex application and that it looks forward to a positive


announcement soon but in the Bay, some says the outlook


for this project is starting Five people in Pembrokeshire have


been arrested on suspicion of "gangmaster" offences


following an investigation They were arrested in Milford Haven,


following a multi-agency operation. Dyfed Powys Police says those


affected are being fully supported. South Wales Police say they hope


that becoming the latest force to roll out body-worn video cameras,


will help deter criminals It says all front line staff


will soon be wearing the technology, It means all four Welsh


forces now use bodycams. Imagine being confronted


with this one day at work. This footage, an officer's eye view,


helped convict the man South Wales Police now the latest


force to use body cameras There's an opportunity


for the public to confident that police officers


are deploying their skills, using force in the appropriate


and proportionate way. And for police officers to feel


that they are being supported and if they are assaulted


or there are particularly negative interactions, the court will see


the actuality of it. The force says budget pressures


is the reason why they didn't buy A study by Cambridge University last


year suggested that after officers started using cameras like this,


complaints against them fell by 93%. Everything is being recorded


so there is little point in making a malicious claim against a police


officer and if you are an officer yourself, maybe even more reason


to act professionally at all times. Domestic abuse cases is one


area in which cameras Body cam footage from


Hampshire Police resulted in this perpetrator getting ten


years for assault. People don't realise


how bad these things are but with that you know footage,


they can see how bad it was. They could see I was


totally confused. Which you don't get


from a photograph. Security staff at the University


Hospital of Wales have also used Once they are turned on, aggressive


individuals often calm down. One expert says their


increased use could help People like to be able


to see what happened Previously, you would just


rely on a statement Now the jury can actually see,


this is what happened and this is the story


of what we are being Of course, it all does come down


to hitting record at the right time. Staff are being trained


on how to do that. Footage is stored securely online


and could even be used with face It will also be used for officers


to learn from incidents. Time for the weather forecast.


Tomorrow will be much brighter than recently. We will all see some


sunshine with a scattering of showers. Much of the country dry


tonight. Some clear spells. Showers in the far north-west. There will be


clear scare -- spells at much fresher than recently. Temperatures


dropping into single figures. A fresh start tomorrow with one or two


showers about but many places dry and bright with some blue sky and


sunshine. Across the rest of the UK, it is a mixture of sunny spells and


scattered showers. Quite a few showers in Northern Ireland. They


could be heavy. Should stay dry in London tomorrow. Pleasant in the


sunshine. Up to 19 Celsius. In Wales tomorrow afternoon, a few showers


dotted around. They could be heavy if you catch one but a lot of places


will stay dry and with the sunshine, it will feel warmer than today.


Temperatures up to 17 Celsius. Tomorrow evening, scattered showers


will slowly die down. Many places dry overnight. Quite chilly in the


countryside. Most places will start dry on Friday. There will be some


sunshine but the air will be unstable. Some showers turning heavy


and thundery but quite a few places will miss them and stay dry. As for


the weekend, a similar story really. A mixture of sunny spells and


scattered showers. Some of the showers on Saturday could be heavy


with a rumble of thunder. Fewer showers and lighter showers on


Sunday with more in the way of dry weather. I think we have seen the


worst of the rain for a while. Sunny spells to come.


Before I go, let me bring you that breaking news again tonight


and a short time ago, the death was announced


of the former First Minister of Wales Rhodri Morgan.


Mr Morgan led the Welsh government from 2000


His career in public life also saw him serve as an MP in Cardiff,


after winning his seat in the 1987 General Election.


He is survived by his wife Julie and their three children.


There will of course be full reaction to that


news on BBC New online, on our radio services in the morning