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the community is pushed away so a bit fresher. And it will feel


Newport's chosen for a new contact centre which could create 300


At a ceremony in Kyoto, Wales are drawn against Australia


and Georgia in the 2019 World Cup in Japan.


And high above Aberystwyth, archaeologists discover a burial


mound that could date back 3,000 years.


South Wales has been chosen as the location of a new contact


centre where around 300 jobs could be created over


Carpeo's new base in Newport will offer services including


arranging affordable wills and funerals.


Here's our business correspondent, Brian Meechan.


Carpeo is the latest addition to the thriving Welsh


It will create 60 jobs this year with further growth planned.


Starting salaries will be ?22,000 a year, slightly lower


than the Welsh average but higher than many others in the industry.


These projects will require a level of empathy and voice


Wales is recognised as having that skill set.


Secondly, really, we were looking for an area where we were getting


The company decided to come to Newport rather than Teesside,


in part due to a ?500,000 grant from the Labour-run


Ministers say it will create a range of jobs linked


The contact centre industry in Wales has been on the up.


It employed 10,000 people in 1999, which has now


It is estimated to be worth over ?650 million


It is estimated to be worth over ?650 million


But work like this faces a challenge from technology,


with automation expected to mean fewer employees will be


Industry representatives say they're not concerned.


Robotics may see the end of the lower paid non-transactional


job role, but because the advisers are then dealing with more complex


calls, the time will be longer, so they will need


Opposition politicians are welcoming the new jobs,


but Plaid Cymru says other parts of Wales aren't benefiting from


The Conservatives argue it shows the strength


A woman has died in hospital days after a crash


in Rhondda Cynon Taf, - in which her son was also killed.


63-year-old Irene Martin and her son Mark Golubovic were involved


in a collision with a lorry near Llanharry on Saturday.


A village where 140,000 litres of oil leaked into a river killing


a large number of fish has been given 40,000 by the pipe owners.


a large number of fish has been given ?40,000 by the pipe owners.


Kerosene spilled from the Valero-owned pipeline


into Nant Pibwr, near Nantycaws, in October last year.


Calls are being made for more research into a mysterious disease


which is killing dogs, including five in Monmouthshire.


So-called Alabama Rot causes ulcers and lesions


on the paws and legs of dogs, before causing fatal kidney failure.


Experts don't know exactly how it's contracted,


or how to prevent it, with a conference being held


today to discuss ways to tackle the problem.


There are many more causes of lesions on the feet and lower


legs and on the tummy and the face, so I think, if it's something that


you can't understand where it's come from or can't explain where it's


come from and your dog is showing systemic signs of sickness,


then it's definitely worth getting checked out.


Wales now know who they'll face in the 2019 Rugby World Cup


and coach Warren Gatland says he's pretty happy with the draw.


His side has avoided the toughest pool for the tournament,


Kyoto this morning and the Japanese Prime Minister welcomed the rugby


world to Japan. But the first rugby World Cup in Japan 2019, a shining


example of new beginnings, ambitions and opportunities. From the all


Blacks South Africa, every was represented. Warren Gatland's team


was handed a kinder to the last time round but just like in 2015, the


impaired with Australia that also face Georgia. Then it's likely to be


feature awesome, and a qualifier from America, probably Canada or the


USA. We'll know for sure by the end of next year. Last November, and


Wales suffered the 12th successive defeat against Australia. They also


lost against the Wallabies of the last World Cup. Both sides will face


each other this autumn, Georgia will also visit the principality stayed


in November. That game now takes on greater significance. After the


photocalls, coach Warren Gatland said it's a tough


competitive draw but he's happy how it's turned out. It's a proud moment


for hosts Japan. As for Wales, there's plenty of time to prepare.


The World Cup doesn't kick off for another two years.


Newport Gwent Dragons Chief Executive, Stuart Davies,


says the decision to allow a takeover deal has secured


the future of professional rugby in Newport, and work will start


immediately on installing a new pitch.


Last night, shareholders of Newport RFC voted to allow


the Welsh Rugby Union to assume full control of the region,


There's work to be done in terms of the transition for Newport RFC,


in terms of the current arrangements, and how we make sure


that is us with as possible and of course a lot of planning


will start on the Dragons side in respect of what's


We've got to move quickly on that well.


Archaeologists in Aberystwyth say they've made a "nationally


significant" discovery on an Iron age hill fort in Ceredigion.


A geophysical survey has revealed new finds at Pen Dinas,


including a suspected Bronze Age burial mound, thought


Matt Murray has been to take a look.


It looks like an unassuming grassy mound but this is thought to be an


ancient Bronze Age burial site. Archaeologists say it's pushed their


understanding of Pen Dinas near Aberystwyth back 1000 years. And


it's hugely significant. Before the Iron Age fort, there was someone


here. There was maybe a local chieftain that was buried there in a


prominent location, so this whole monument, was meant to be seen from


the ground the landscape. Pen Dinas has always been considered when of


the most largest and significant fortresses in Wales. It


consists of two separate forts, but the only archaeological excavations


were in the 1930s, led by Professor Daryl Ford. But this geophysical


survey which provides images from beneath the ground without needing


to date shows the soil hasn't been disturbed year for over 3000 years.


The survey was part of a community led Heritage and an environment


project. Just to find that somebody, whether it's achieved for a king or


a queen, some amazingly important person, is buried here, has just


blown some of the community away. The next plan is for a full-scale


archaeological survey for a site still surrounded by the views which


made it a prime location for an important Bronze Age burial.


Sue's here and it's another beautiful day?


This afternoon, dry and bright with plenty of sunshine and just


Turning warmer again with light winds, top


Some late evening sunshine, skies remains clear tonight,


light winds, turning chilly, overnight lows of 5-10C


for towns and cities, colder in the countryside.


The high pressure starts to break down tomorrow,


troughs moving up from the south, bringing bands of showery rain.


Chilly enough for patchy frost in sheltered rural spots


in north and mid Wales, brightest here too for longest,


but as those fronts edge closer, cloud will thicken, showers pushing


in from the south, hit and miss, but less settled in the south


tomorrow, brighter in the north, and with warm southerly winds,


it will feel milder, 16C in Powys, 19 in Gwynedd.


That trough continues to moves northwards tomorrow


Tomorrow night, drier in the north for a time,


but those showers continue to push up from the south, turning


cloudier everywhere, so milder overnight at 9-12C.


Then Friday's more unsettled, more in the way of showers,


heavy in places, with a risk of thunder, moving northwards,


maybe turning a bit drier in the south later, and feeling


quite humid, unstable air, temps in mid to high teens.


Sunshine and showers for the weekend.


Those are the latest headlines in Wales.


Lucy's back with a full round up at 6.30pm.


But for now, from everyone on the lunchtime team,


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