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Suspicious activity on some NHS computers.


But the Welsh Government insists patient data is secure


Joab is partially deaf and achieves good grades.


But there are warnings deaf children across Wales


And jubilation as the Swans remain in the Premier League.


Suspicious activity has been identified on six


NHS computers in Wales following the international


But the Welsh Government says patient data and


As part of measures to defend the Welsh NHS, emails to staff


from outside the organisation are still blocked.


Our health correspondent Owain Clarke is in the newsroom.


Thank you. We know around 47 NHS organisations in England and 13 in


Scotland were affected by the global cyber attack, a virus was unleashed


by criminals which locks computer files and demand a ransom to unlock


them. We know services across the border continue to be disrupted


which may have some impact on some Welsh patients but it appears to be


IT systems in the Welsh NHS appeared to have withstood the breach with


the Welsh Government announcing this morning although six computers were


identified as having suspicious activities, systems within the NHS


prevented the virus from being activated. Those computers have been


isolated from the wider system. A lot of work took place over the


weekend to protect systems here in Wales.


We know that NHS staff won't be able to receive e-mails from outside the


organisation. Those have been blocked. They can still e-mail each


other. We expect the situation to be reviewed at three o'clock this


afternoon. We know IT experts have been working all weekend and the


Welsh Government says it has been investment into protecting the


system. The longer term question here is, whether or not the Welsh


NHS did in fact have a lucky escape or whether or not the system was


more robust to be able to withstand the attack that has affected so


many. A man from Kinmel Bay has appeared


before Llandudno magistrates charged with the murder of 43-year-old Tracy


Kearns. Anthony James Bird who's 48 has been


remanded in custody to appear before Tracey Kearns' body


was found on Saturday, A 24-year-old man who attacked


a police officer after taking the drug Spice has been jailed


for 20 months. It took seven officers to bring


Leroy Parry from Swansea under control after he sank his teeth


into one of the officer's arm in an PC Gareth Phillips described


the pain as "excruciating". Deaf children are underachieving


at every stage of their education in Wales compared


to hearing children according to figures


seen by BBC Wales. The National Deaf Children's Society


has described the gap as appalling and has called for more


training for teachers. 12-year-old Joab believes


he's a better drummer His teachers make sure


he can read their lips But at the very beginning


of secondary school One of the big effects I had was


homework because sometimes I would miss somethings when it comes


to doing homework, I wouldn't know a certain thing for the homework


or I wouldn't know what the homework And it's these kinds


of classroom issues that are causing deaf


pupils to underachieve Official figures for last year


showed 49% of deaf children achieved A star to C grades


in the core GCSE subjects. That's compared to 70%


of hearing children. But there's a gap


at every key stage. Because year-on-year you would


expect to see an improvement. If there was appropriate


commitment to reducing this attainment gap then


you would expect to see a reduction. The Welsh Government says it's


looking to introduce new laws that'll completely overhaul the way


pupils with additional learning It's promised ?20 million


to accompany the changes. Joab has won prizes for his


achievements in school but other children with hearing loss


aren't being given the chance Paul Clement has been nominated


for the Manager of the Season after his role in helping


Swansea City retain A win for the Swans on Saturday


and defeat for rivals Hull yesterday meant their survival was confirmed


with one game left to play. Clement is the third man in charge


at Swansea in the last 12 months and is credited by many


for turning their season around. In seventh heaven as a seventh


season in the Premier League was The players jubilant as they watch


rivals Hull get beaten by relief after a season that has


seen them on the edge. Swansea had done their part


on Saturday, any early nerves quashed as a 2-0 win over


already relegated Sunderland In the end it was a breeze


for Crystal Palace with a 4-0 trouncing sealing Hull's destiny


and Swansea City's. For Swansea it has been incredible


revival, coming back At Christmas they were rock bottom


searching for their third They struck third time lucky,


Paul Clement was appointed in January with the club


in dire straits. He has been credited by many


for turning things around. When you come into


a club and your remit it is to keep your team in


the division, that's what it was for Paul Clement and he has done that,


it is 100% success for me, irrespective of winning a few games,


losing a few poor games but the fact that Swansea City


are still in the You have to say it is


down to Paul Clement. He has done a great job,


he has come in there in difficult circumstances and Swansea have


finished one position above the West Brom come to the Liberty


Stadium this weekend for the No doubt there will be a party


atmosphere but lessons must be learnt to ensure


Swansea are not in this Staying up would not normally be


cause for celebration but this A look at the weather


now, Sue's here. And it's been a wet start


to the day for some of us. After a weekend of sunshine and


showers it is a much cloudy day today. Breezy and rain at times. We


can see from the map that rain pushing from west to east across


Wales, turning patchy as it does so and staying mild with strong


southerly winds introducing the warm air. Temperatures holding up between


14 in Pembrokeshire and 18 in Conwy. Wins have reached up to 48 mph. The


pressure chart shows this friend bringing the day's rain and another


bringing rain overnight and into tomorrow. Tonight, the rain


reinvigorates as it moves eastwards will stop an unusually mild night.


Between 12-14 Celsius in towns and cities. It is a man to start


tomorrow with patchy rain, easing as it slowly moves eastwards. Staying


quite murky and cloudy for a while. Turning right through tomorrow and


with temperatures again holding up between 14 in Gwynedd and 18


Monmouthshire we keep those warm southerly winds. For tomorrow night,


the patchy rain and drizzle should clear eastwards, turning grey,


cloudy for a time, clear spells developing overnight lows of between


eight and 12 Celsius assault on Wednesday with got this friend which


goes back towards the east and south. For most of Wales it is fine


and dry on Wednesday. West is best for sunshine. Flesh as the wind


turns Westerly. Temperatures between 11 and 15 thousand. That is the case


on Thursday as well. Quite muggy for the next few days. Improving as we


head through Wednesday, looking try and write on Thursday, the brightest


day of the week before sunshine and showers return into next weekend.


That's all from Wales Today this lunchtime.


Jamie Owen will be back with all the day's news


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