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People in parts of Monmouthshire say they feel cut off


after a rural broadband company went into administration.


And the Welsh Liberal Democrats warn of a Brexit "sledgehammer"


to Welsh interests as they launch their manifesto.


People in parts of Monmouthshire say they feel isolated after a company


providing rural broadband went into administration,


leaving them without any means of modern communication.


AB Internet received close to a million pounds from the UK


Government to provide services in Wales, but closed last week.


I'm on the outskirts of Llanddewi Rhydderch near Abergavenny.


It has little or no mobile signal and now no land line


As of last week this place was all but cut off


This now the message on people's computer screens.


And it's not just a matter of inconvenience for


We live remotely as it is so to live remotely without any services


whatsoever as far as communication is concerned is really worrying.


The couple's broadband and landline, in part, came through this dish


provided by AB Internet, which was available


Last week, it went into administration.


AB Internet received more than ?800,000 from the UK Government


three years ago to pilot the scheme here.


The company's administrators say it's suffered significant


The company says it is in negotiations to move


people's services seamlessly to other providers.


The Welsh and UK governments, along with Monmouthshire Council,


say they are working to restore the service and to see how


Two years ago, broadband in this part of Wales


was deemed commercially unviable without connections.


For now, Claire is left isolated and wondering when she can enjoy


living here in the Welsh countryside and at the same time stay connected


A 21-year-old man accused of planting what's been described


as a hoax bomb in Swansea's Quadrant Shopping Centre,


Richard Punchard allegedly placed a box with wires under a seat,


two days after the terrorist attack in Manchester.


Armed police and bomb squads attended the incident,


which also saw the city's indoor market and bus station closed.


He's due to appear before Swansea Crown Court next month.


The roof of the National Stadium of Wales will be closed


for the Champions League final for safety reasons.


Up to 170,000 football fans are expected to travel to Cardiff


to watch Juventus and Real Madrid a week tomorrow.


Closing the roof had been suggested because of fears


Concerns have been raised by the public services ombudsman


for Wales about the number of complaints made against one


health board and how the complaints were dealt with.


Between April last year and this March, there were 194 complaints


The Health Board says it takes all complaints seriously.


The Welsh Liberal Democrats have warned that Welsh interests risk


being hit by a Brexit sledgehammer, as they launch their manifesto.


They're offering a second referendum on the final Brexit deal,


with an option to stay in the European Union.


Our Political Reporter, Bethan Lewis, is in Hay on Wye


for us this lunchtime ahead of the formal launch.


The Welsh Lib Dems will be coming to this pharmaceutical company to


launch their manifesto. That pledge to have a second referendum on the


content of the Brexit deal is central to what they are offering in


Wales and across the UK. They say that her bed -- bad Brexit deal with


Britain outside the single market could wreck the party. As part of it


they would be an option for people to stay within the EU. That is


applied to increase the powers of the assembly in areas such as


policing and broadcasting and a penny on income tax would create an


extra cash for the NHS. They would also crack ahead straightaway with


the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon. But it could be another tough election for


them. Yes, they've had a terrible run of results. Two years ago in the


general election the last moment -- most of their MPs. In the assembly


election last year only one Welsh Assembly Member. Earlier this month


they wanted to use the local elections to rebuild but it didn't


happen. They went backwards again. A terrible run of results and the big


game in these elections will be to reverse that tied and show some


progress. Rugby and the Scarlets


are in Dublin, They play Munster tomorrow


at the Aviva Stadium as they look The Scarlets have been playing


with huge confidence this season and although they face tough


opposition, the players say I think we've got to believe


that we can win the competition now. We spoke a couple of weeks ago


and said we're not just here A lot of people wrote us


off before the game. All the Leinster fans,


I think, were buying tickets


for this weekend. We have to believe we can


go all the way now. We need to produce the same


performance again. We'll have a full weekend weather


forecast in a few moments. But first, a round up of the


week's news with Erika James. Wales paid tribute to the victims


of the Manchester terror attack Town and city centres,


as well as schools and workplaces, came to a standstill to remember


the 22 people who died and the 64 who were injured


when a bomb went off at the end of an


Ariana Grande concert. Following the attack, there's been


an increase in armed officers at key locations,


including at Holyhead Port. South Wales Police said there


wouldn't be a knee jerk reaction as they prepare for the


Champions League final in Cardiff. A huge security operation will be


in place for the 170,000 football fans who are expected to


arrive in the capital next week. Vigils were also held


across Wales to show solidarity The First Minister, Carwyn Jones,


spoke at the Senedd and in Pontypridd flowers were laid


and candles lit in the town centre. Around 150 people gathered


in Swansea's Castle Square. Let's get the weather forecast now.


Derek, another hot day? It sure is. The mini heatwave


continues. The whole of Wales basking in sunshine. This picture


was taken by Robin in Abergele. Temperatures are soaring. The


current highest records recorded in May was back in 1989, just over 29


Celsius in Carmarthenshire. That is a chance we could set a new record


this afternoon the cost temperatures are rocketing upwards. Already 28


Celsius in Porthmadog. Very warm if not hot and sunny this afternoon.


Hardly a cloud in the sky. Temperatures soaring into the high


20s. A south-easterly breeze. The senator is very strong with very


high UV levels so don't forget the sun cream. This evening, fine, warm


and sunny. Ideal for sitting out in the garden. A change after midnight.


The first of showers and thunderstorms are spreading from the


south. It is going to be warm and close tonight. A bit of a change for


tomorrow. Cloudy, scattered showers and thunderstorms will clear


northwards, leaving many places dry in the afternoon. More cloud around


compared to recently and the best of the sunshine in Monmouthshire.


Temperatures not as higher today but still very warm in the north-east.


Around 25 in Wrexham. Fresh air in the south-west. Tomorrow night is


generally try and a cooler night for all of us. A more comfortable night


sleeping. Not a bad day on Sunday with a mixture of cloud and


sunshine. Overnight into bank holiday Monday low-pressure does


bring a risk of some rain and showers which could be heavy and


thundery in places. So a change on the way over the bank holiday


weekend. Some showers that not a wash-out and turning fresher


eventually. Lucy Owen will be here


with Wales Today at 6.30pm. From me, Derek, Erika


and all of us on the programme,


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