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The number of European students choosing to study at Welsh


universities has hit an all-time high.


More than a thousand have been accepted on to courses


Cardiff and Aberystwyth universities both received a record number


of applications from EU students for this term.


But Aberystwyth say the numbers are still fewer than predicted


When more than 100 prospective students from the EU with true


applications to study at Aberystwyth University earlier this summer, the


Acting Vice Chancellor was clear. He blamed it on the result of EU


referendum. Now according to the latest figures from the University


admissions service here in Aberystwyth and in Cardiff there has


been a record number of applications from EU students for this term. Many


in the sector say it is too early to know the long-term effects of


Brexit, but some believe this increase in applications might be a


short-term gain. I am sure the universities happen marketing the


fact that you would pay the same fees as those in Wales, as compared


to ?9,000 normally. And then of course they might be coming in


anticipation of Brexit and what a chance later on if Britain leaves


the EU to come in on such favourable terms. While Cardiff University says


Brexit has led to little impact so far on its finances, reacting to


this latest data Aberystwyth University says numbers applying are


still measurably fewer than predicted before the referendum. In


a statement they see Brexit has undoubtedly been a factor with


applicants looking at what the options are on their own countries.


And allegedly they say this will have an impact on our finances. With


students still able to apply until September the 20th, the University


of South Wales, banger and other university say that they cannot


confirm how many EU students will be unrolled when term starts. The Welsh


government has said the universities will continue to do their best to


recruit overseas students. Meanwhile the Education Secretary said it will


take time for educational reforms here to reflect pupils performances


in the International pests. More than 70 countries are signed up


to the tests that assess students' skills in maths, reading


and science every three years. Wales performed worse than the rest


of the UK in 2012. The next set of results will be


published in December. Some visitors at Festival number 6


in Portmeirion say they've been stranded for hours as they try


to make their way home The bad weather caused some vehicles


to get stuck in the car park. Organisers have apologised and say


they're providing recovery vehicles. Football, and Wales captain


Ashley Williams says he has no intention of retiring


from international football, ahead of the start of their 2018


World Cup qualifying campaign. His England counterpart Wayne Rooney


has said the tournament 32 year old Williams said they're


now focused on getting another taste of the elation they experienced


in the summer - As summer school, there is was not a


bad one. Of the European Championship lifted Wales both


through the rankings and in the eyes of the fans. But it is -- it has


also raised aspirations and so the next challenge begins. The 2018


World Cup qualifying campaign. 11th in Fifa world rankings, whilst take


on Moldova, ranked 165th. But Wales have been tripped up by smaller


nations before. We do not think we can roll up and have it, our way.


And that it will be over after 60 minutes. I sat here two years ago


before the end only in game where everyone thought it would be the


order for adding to be easy and we did not play very well. We got


planned Bassett after the game. But the taste of success over the summer


has left them hungry for more. I have to use that word desperation.


Every result we get is massive for us. For the captain Ashley Williams


a busy summer was topped by a move from Swansea to Everton. If Wayne


Rooney is planning his retirement from international duty is Ben


Williams has other plans. I am not retiring today unfortunately. I feel


good, I am enjoying it. I love coming to play for Wales. But with


success comes a new challenge. We're not the underdogs. We have to manage


that and deal with it. A sell-out crowd is expected tomorrow, kick-off


is at 745. Rugby, and Cardiff Blues


got their Pro12 season off to a good start -


picking up a bonus point, with their 34-16 win over Edinburgh


at the Arms Park. Fly half Steve Shingler totted


up 15 of those points A quick look at the forecast, and


rain will spread east overnight - affecting all parts by dawn,


with minimum temperatures As for tomorrow, it'll be rather


cloudy, with light rain and drizzle during the day, along with fog over


the coast and hills. Warm and humid though,


with some brighter spells later. That's Wales Today -


I'll be back with your late bulletin Hope you can join me,


until then, thanks for watching


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