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The former leader of Plaid Cymru, Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas,


says he left the party because it wasn't serious about working


with the Labour-led Welsh Government.


There are now calls for a by-election in his


More from our political correspondent, Aled ap Dafydd.


Hours after quiting his party, Dafydd Elis-Thomas was fulfilling


Relations between the Dwyfor Meirionnydd assembly member


and Plaid Cymru have been been fractious for a long


It was clear to me that the group in the National Assembly was not


willing to Sergei Potters abate in the government and to give Wales a


stable government -- serious debate. Davitt Millar Thomas has represented


Plaid Cymru as an MP and a member of the House of Lords for 40 years. He


led the party in the mid-80s and is best ever been the public face of


the assembly, as deciding office of 12 years. Before the election, he


was challenged by his party locally about his loyalty to them and to


Plaid Cymru in general, not quite the correct thing is for him to call


a by-election. Dafydd Elis-Thomas has a long list of disagreements, as


the assembly's presiding officer, he called her out. More recently, he


lost the party whip after handing out degrees instead of attending a


crucial vote. Two years later, Leanne young Woods sat down with


Thomas as chair of an assembly committee. He said he won't be


standing down, so what do those who elected him make of the decision? I


feel strange our ribs and but the Independent, it's not the party --


Ara represented. He's not allowed to say anything. I want someone who


will speak their mind. Davitt Ellis Thomas says he might support the


Welsh government and future but maintains he hasn't been approached


to join the Labour benches here, and wouldn't do so if asked. But he


could of course join the Welsh government as an independent member.


It is one job which is so far eluded him.


A former solicitor general has said the footballer Ched Evans' trial has


Vera Baird said details of the woman's sexual history should


Yesterday, Evans was cleared of raping a 19-year-old woman


Referring to an alleged rape victim's sexual historyis banned,


but the Court of Appeal said this case was exceptional.


Army veterans involved in the Aberfan disaster have been


back to the community to pay their respects.


They led a parade to the memorial gardens this morning,


50 years after the coal waste tip collapsed, submerging a school -


For many it was the first time back, the first time to see the site of


the school, now transformed into a memorial garden. Among them were the


veterans from the Kings own border Regiment. In October 1966, they


returned from weekend leave to answer a call for volunteers to


travel from Devon to Aberfan. 700 men stepped forward. Over lunch,


they shared their memories. When we turned the corner, you could see


across the body beautiful sedums. Like someone had painted it. --


scenes. You suddenly realise it was so quiet. Because there were no kids


running around. We took the greys and everything. It is so emotional.


Grown men crying. It never leaves you. 50 years on, the day's service


was a chance for the community to thank the servicemen who worked so


hard to support them. A quick look at today's


football results - and Swansea lost 3-2 away to Arsenal


in the Premier League. In League Two, Newport County lost


1-0 at Yeovil after a late goal, and in the FA Cup, Wrexham drew away


to Stamford in the fourth round, It'll be a day of sunny spells


and scattered blustery showers, But those showers will ease


into the afternoon, leaving It'll feel warmer - with a top


temperature of 15 Celsius. Jenny Rees is here


tomorrow at around 6.05.


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