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A woman from Cardiff is fighting to stop her 19-year-old boyfriend


being deported to Afghanistan tomorrow.


Bashir Naderi arrived here as a child ten years ago,


and was put into foster care, but is now due to be sent back.


His girlfriend, and his foster mother, spoke to us from Oxfordshire


where he's being detained, as Caroline Evans reports.


Nicole Cooper with her boyfriend of two years, Bashir Naderi.


Today, fighting back the tears, she told me how she was


about to visit him for what could be the last time.


Are here now with his foster mum...


She says he fled Afghanistan after his father who was in the army


His mother sold his father's land to provide the money to support


Bashir to get out of harm's way and danger and came


in the back of a lorry, things like that.


He was educated in Cardiff at a Catholic school


His foster mother, who has travelled to the Oxfordshire


immigration detention centre where he is being held,


When he first come to me, we got told after five


years he would be given his British passport.


That hasn't been the case and he has fought ever since.


He has had a long battle on his hands trying


to stay in this country. It is his home.


He's got the Welsh twang. If he goes back to Afghanistan


with that, he hasn't got a hope. It's just not fair.


Bashir's MP Jo Stevens says she too believes his life will be


She is working with his solicitor to try to suspend his deportation


so that he can make a fresh application for leave to stay.


The Home Office says it cannot comment on individual cases.


A fourth person has been arrested in connection


with the alleged murder of a man in a Denbighshire car park.


48-year-old Mark Mason was assaulted outside Home Bargains in Rhyl


The people arrested are not from north Wales


Police want to speak to anyone who saw a black BMW X1


The Eagles Meadow shopping centre in Wrexham was evacuated this


afternoon, following a fire in one of the stores.


No one was hurt but fire crews remained at the scene for several


A recovery board is needed to improve how the Welsh


government's education department implements its policies.


That's according to the former head of one of Wales'


Dr Philip Dixon told Sunday Politics Wales that head


teachers, schools and councils have been taken to task over


standards in the last decade, but not the department


The Welsh Government says it's already asked


an international organisation, the OECD, to assess if its education


I think it needs to be set up as you would with a local authority.


You set up a recovery board so you get those with track


records in the other jurisdictions, the UK from Northern Ireland,


Scotland and from England who can turn government departments around.


You have got some world leading experts as well


but they would not be the dominant ones.


World Rally champion Sebastien Ogier has won the Wales Rally GB


The event came to a close in Llandudno this afternoon.


For the last three days, around 150 cars have


sped through woodland in north and mid Wales.


I liked watching the finish, or to bring our grandson down


I have heard loads of different accents, cars from all over


It is local to me so I always come and watch every year.


Wales forward Gareth Bale has extended his contract


The 27-year-old arrived at the Bernabeu in 2013,


after signing for what was then a world-record fee, of ?85 million.


Time for a quick look at the weather forecast


and after a fairly mild night, tomorrow any early fog and low cloud


will lift through the morning, to leave some sunny spells


for many of us in the afternoon. Highs of 15 Celsius.


We're back with updates in breakfast from 6.25am tomorrow morning.


That's Wales Today - from all of us on the late team, goodnight.


Good evening. It has been another cloudy and mild day, where the cloud


broke it felt warm with temperatures up in the high


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