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The First Minister has accused ministers in the UK government,


of being naive about Britain's future relationship


Carwyn Jones told the Sunday Politics Wales programme,


the UK needs to "re-learn the art of diplomacy", rather


than "shouting at foreigners", in order to secure favourable


Here's our Political Correspondent, Arwyn Jones.


When they met on the stairs of the Senedd in July,


the newly appointed Prime Minister was meeting the First Minister


who is the longest serving leader of any part of the UK.


They will need to work closely over how exactly the UK


But speaking to the Sunday Politics Wales programme about his hopes


on Brexit over the coming year, Carwyn Jones has said he was worried


about what he calls the naivete of some new UK Government ministers.


There are some realists, but there are some who still say,


oh, Europe will basically fall at our feet.


We have to be realistic and understand this is a discussion


between, not just two parties, but more than 30 different parties


when you take into account the different parliament


The UK has to relearn the art of diplomacy rather


than shouting at foreigners, which is what the impression you get


A spokeswoman for the UK Government said it was determined to get


the best possible deal for the UK as we leave the EU,


and that it is approaching the negotiations in a spirit


of goodwill whilst working closely with the Welsh government.


The First Minister also said he will travel to Norway


in the New Year to learn about their immigration system,


where people can stay there for six months to find work.


Carwyn Jones favours a system of only allowing people to come


here if there is a job waiting for them.


Ukip wants a model where points are earned before visas are approved.


I think that it has to be controlled and we have to know who is coming


into the country and how many people are coming in and we have


to look at our small country and we have to,


obviously we have to take a responsibility as well


Also today, Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns said Brexit could benefit


deprived communities that have previously mist out on EU aid.


Speaking on Sunday Supplement programme, the Vale of Glamorgan


MP said leaving the EU was an opportunity to reshape how


Parents at a school in Haverfordwest have been warned about a stranger


befriending children on social media, and asking them


Sir Thomas Picton School says it's been informed of a number of recent


incidents and has advised parents to inform the police


Dyfed-Powys Police says it's aware of the allegations.


A man has been charged with murdering Paul Groom -


The 48 year old died earlier this month, after being found


A 32-year-old is due before magistrates tomorrow.


Detectives are investigating an armed robbery at


the Ely Conservative Club in Cardiff last night.


Police say two men wearing balaclavas threatened a member


of staff, with what's believed to be hammer-type object,


A doctor from Bangor says she's raised enough money to build


a children's hospital on the outskirts of Aleppo,


which will be able to treat 5,000 patients a month.


Dr Saleyha Ahsan, who works at Ysbyty Gwynedd, is currently


travelling with the supplies to Syria, and spoke


to us from Germany, as Caroline Evans reports.


The medical supplies have been put together by two doctors,


one of them a BBC presenter and A registrar from Bangor.


The hospital is going to be built in an area


It's going to serve a population of 66,000 children and it's


estimated that it will see, treat and look after


More than ?170,000 raised across Britain in two weeks.


But Doctor Ahsan praised in particular colleagues in Bangor


We've even had staff and colleagues contributing financially.


One of my colleagues, one of my senior nursing staff,


gave me a bunch of money in cash and said, "Instead of Christmas,


we would like to give you the money."


Meanwhile in Cardiff today Syrians from the Syrian Welsh Society held


We have more than 100,000 people in Aleppo living


in the middle of nowhere now, no schools, no medicine,


So Syrian and Welsh people are standing here in solidarity


to say, stop the massacres in Syria, stop the war, give some


Doctor Ahsan will be handing over her equipment to doctors


at the Syrian border and plans to be back on shift on Christmas Eve.


Onto Rugby and the Scarlets held on for a historic


European Champions Cup victory over Toulon this afternoon.


Scott Williams went over for the only try in the opening


Wales full-back Leigh Halfpenny scored all the visitors points,


but he missed a last-minute penalty which would have won them the game.


A quick look at the weather and there's a yellow warning


for fog - which could cause hazardous driving conditions.


Parts of Wrexham, Powys and south east Wales are most


That lasts into tomorrow morning, but it should become brighter,


We're back with another update at the later time


Hello. Exactly a week to Christmas but it did not feel that way in


north-east Scotland today with temperatures as high as 13 Celsius




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