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Work to deliver superfast broadband to 40,000 homes and businesses


is being delayed by the challenges of putting in fibre optic cables.


Ministers say they're frustrated by the information


given out by the company, which has the contract for a UK,


Welsh Government and EU funded scheme to provide better internet


You need to dig up road, put cable in, but her Cabinet certain. In some


cases, that means closing getting planning permission, it's a complex


process. But I think the timescale is a reasonable one, and the truth


is, it couldn't have been any faster.


And you can hear more on this story in Eye On Wales tomorrow at 12.30


A protest has been held at Aberthaw Power Station


in the Vale of Glamorgan, calling for its closure.


Around 100 people from several environmental groups


attended the demonstration, calling for investment


The plant's operators RWE say they're investing ?5 million


in technology to lower emissions, but protestors say


It's a massive polluter, it is part of the dirty 30. We try to draw


attention that this power station is not needed or wanted anymore, it


needs to reduce its emissions, it is a sticking plaster. It is not nearly


enough. A 46-year-old man has died


after being hit by a bus The collision happened at around


5.30 at Morriston Cross. The bus driver and


passengers were uninjured. Virtual reality could be used to


diagnose and treat visual vertigo. That's according to a team


at Cardiff University. People with the condition say


places with repetitive patterns, like supermarkets,


are often the trigger. Now a team of psychologists


is working to develop virtual environments


to help with rehabilitation. Boxing, and Lee Selby says he's been


left almost in tears after his world title defence was called off


with just 24 hours to go. His opponent failed to meet


the regulations ahead of the fight. From Las Vegas, here's


Dafydd Pritchard. Lee Selby arrived in Las Vegas


hoping to realise a dream. A fighting in the city boxing calls


its spiritual home. Welsh fans flew over to watch could have been a


career changing fight. But then came the news nobody expected. The


challenger for the title did not meet Nevada State licensing


requirements. It is understood his opponent failed to meet those


requirements because of his medical tests, and it left the cell be


distraught. I'm almost in tears, it was my big chance to shine. Trust


me, I will be back. Hezbollah 's biggest baby was meant to be a


stepping stone to bigger and better fight -- his Las Vegas debut. As he


told me when speaking exclusively at his team hotel, he's still coming to


terms with the setback. I'm devastated, all the training I put


in, and to be let down the tree 30 minutes before I was about to take


stage and did away in -- literally. Very disappointed. It hasn't worked


out this time, but I'm still returning home as champion. Selby


will have to wait to see his name up in lights here in Las Vegas, but the


dream is by no means dead. Football, and Cardiff City


lost against fourth It's a blow for Neil Warnock's side,


who want to move further from In League Two Newport County beat


Hartlepool 3-0, and Wrexham won 1-0 against Boreham Wood in the National


League. Good evening, it's been a pretty


unsettled day of sunshine and showers, and we do have more rain in


the forecast tomorrow. Tonight, a few showers lingering, some could be


wintry. In between, clear skies, a touch of frost forming. Overnight


lows, chilly, zero to four Celsius. Tomorrow, a bright start across the


north-east, but the weather front is pushing in from the south-west,


bringing rain. A wet afternoon, some heavy balls is likely with


temperatures getting up to about nine Celsius. Feeling my other


tomorrow night, and a mild stopped to Monday morning.


Our next update is tomorrow evening at around 6.20.


From all of us on the weekend team, have a good evening.


Hello. If you don't like the cold weather, it certainly felt a lot


better for you today, at least across the southern half of the UK.


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