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The Older People's Commissioner is calling for evidence


that the inappropriate use of antipsychotic drugs


It follows a review by Sarah Rochira in 2014 about the experiences


of residents across Wales which, at the time, called the use


Anti-psychotic drugs can alleviate agitation and aggression. They are


now prescribed to one in five dementia patients according to the


Royal College of psychiatrists. The concern is that could be too many


and professionals need to provide more emotional support instead of


prescriptions. Two years ago, the Older People's Commissioner told us


the inappropriate use in care homes was a national scandal. You've


identified what is wrong. What are you going to do about it? Alongside


identifying what needs to change in Wales, my legal review outlines a


wide range of action. Now she wants to see evidence of that. I know that


there is good practice going on across Wales and people are working


to deliver improvement for older people in care homes, but I want to


see as part of my follow-up review, evidence of it being sufficient.


It's only when health boards provide me of that evidence and iPod into


the public domain I can be assured on behalf of older people, we are


not inappropriately using this inappropriate path of drugs on older


people. These medications are used to treat conditions such as


schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. They help with hallucinations,


delusions and extreme mood swings. High doses can make people feel


sleepy or drugged up and slowness and sleepiness can be side effects.


Health boards in care homes say, since then, they've made changes,


issuing guidance and regularly reviewing patients medication. The


older People's commission says there is good practice across Wales, but


now is the time for care homes and health boards to prove it.


And you can hear more on this story on Eye On Wales over


on BBC Radio Wales tomorrow afternoon at 12.30.


It will also be available on iPlayer Radio soon afterwards.


A man has been taken to hospital with serious injuries after a crash


It took place around junction 24 and 24A between St Asaph


The air ambulance was called, but the man was taken


Welsh businesses have flown out for a trade mission to China


and Hong Kong looking to forge links and promote their services


in a market worth close to ?370 million a year to Wales.


The week-long trip organised by the Welsh government


Among those making the journey are representatives from Amni Tec


The company makes industrial hoses used in the oil and gas


industries and is looking to expand its customer base.


It allows us to network with companies who are already some way


along the journey further than us along that journey, we can network


with them and pick their brains. Starting from scratch would be


daunting. China and Hong Kong on our own, to approach those markets with


any degree of success would be a daunting huge task and we would not


know where to start. Football and Gareth Bale


has made his comeback from injury for Real Madrid,


scoring as a substitute Meanwhile, Cardiff's City's


fine form continues. They beat the Championship's


bottom side Rotherham 5-0. A last-minute goal


for Cambridge dashed And Wrexham lost 2-0


against Aldershot. Rugby, and in the Pro 12,


the match between the Ospreys and Munster has just kicked off


at the Liberty Stadium. The winner will go top


on the table tonight. Earlier, the Cardiff Blues


claimed a bonus point 57-20 The Dragons are at


Connacht later tonight. In snooker, world number


four Judd Trump is into He beat Scotland's Scott Donaldson


by six frames to three in Cardiff. He'll play the winner of this


evening's second semifinal between Stuart Bingham


and Robert Milkins Before I go, let's take a look


at the weather and tonight it will be a rather cloudy night


with some hill fog Temperatures only dipping


to seven Celsius. Tomorrow, and a few bright intervals


are possible in the east, but much of the day will again be


cloudy with some light rain. From all of us here,


enjoy your evening.


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