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The Former Labour Welsh Secretary Lord Murphy says it is not the role


of the House of Lords to thwart or block Brexit, but it


will play an important role in scrutinising its terms.


He was speaking ahead of a two-day debate by peers about the bill


giving the Prime Minister the power to begin the process


Meanwhile, one of his cross-party counterparts in the Lords says


they should not delay or alter the bill.


MPs have already voted by a majority of 4:1 to give


Prime Minster Theresa May the power to invoke Article 50


and begin the process of Britain leaving the EU.


Now, peers in the House of Lords will debate the bill for two


The Upper House normally gives an unopposed second reading


So it would be a breach of tradition if they opposed it.


Lord Lisvane, who is from Cardiff, and who, with Sir Robert Rogers,


served as clerk to the House of Commons, says peers may succeed


I think it is possible that the Lords may ask the Commons


to think again on the position of EU nationals resident in the UK.


I don't think that there is any chance that the Lords


If the elected house has decided not to do so,


then the unelected house, I think, could not, would not


Former Welsh and Northern Ireland Secretary, Lord Murphy of Torfaen,


agrees that it's not the role of the Lords to block Brexit,


but he'll be tabling an amendment on the issue of a hard customers'


border with Ireland, and feels peers have an important role to play.


Parliament does have a very important role in scrutinising


the terms of our exit and, in our case, of course,


to make sure that we get the best possible deal for the Welsh people.


Because we rely so heavily, for example, on our exports to Europe.


We rely heavily on European money for agriculture and for all sorts


So we have to try and safeguard those and to ensure that we get


So there is a role, but it's not one to block or to thwart Brexit.


Nearly 200 peers have put their name down to speak.


Any amendments would then go back to the Commons.


But political analysts say, barring anything unprecedented,


the bill to leave the EU should become law.


A police car chase which led to a BMW crashing and closing


a major road in north Wales has been referred to the watchdog,


the Independent Police Complaints Commission.


The crash closed the A55 between St Asaph and St George yesterday.


The driver of the car is said to be in a stable condition in hospital.


North Wales Police are appealing for anyone who saw the BMW


convertible travelling from Bodelwyddan to get in touch.


The Labour party says it has suspended a campaigner who fought


against the decision to change a Carmarthenshire primary school


However, Michaela Beddows has told BBC Wales she is not a member


of Labour, something the party says she hadn't informed them


Carmarthenshire Council voted in January to drop the English stream


All lost pets found by councils should be checked for microchips


so they can be returned to their owners.


That's according to a petition which will be considered


Currently, it is compulsory to get a dog microchipped,


Six councils across Wales say they don't routinely


The petition, signed by 160 people, says the microchip system can only


be fully effective if all animals are checked


Snooker: And it is a late finish to this year's Welsh Open.


A short time ago, World Number Four Judd Trump edged ahead of former


World Champion Stuart Bingham to lead eight frames to seven.


The first to nine frames wins the title and takes home


Live coverage continues over on BBC Two Wales.


The first Welshman to fight in the mixed martial arts


Ultimate Fighting Championship says his bout tonight in Canada


Jack Marshman will take on Brazil's Thiago Santos later.


It's his 27th professional fight, but only his second in


the Championship after his winning on his debut.


Time for a quick look at the weather forecast now:


Another murky, but mild day tomorrow


Temperatures starting from around nine Celsius first thing.


There's more rain on the way, feeling damp, but it should


Strong winds will pick up, especially over higher ground.


Staying mild, highs tomorrow of around 14 Celsius in Monmouth.


We'll have updates in Breakfast from 6:25am tomorrow morning.


For now, from all of us on the weekend team, good night.


Good evening. It has felt more like spring and winter this weekend. We


had 14


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