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It has to be that man, the coach, Eddie Jones, about to win the Six


Flights between Cardiff and Anglesey have been grounded after the airline


running the service - Citywing - went into liquidation.


The airline had been receiving a subsidy of more


than a million pounds a year from the Welsh government.


Next month marks 10 years ince the service was launched.


It has been turbulent with a number of different operators taking


it on and three years ago an assembly committee said taxpayers


with value for Citywing is it this doctor lives


in Cardiff but works in


The thought of having to travel five hours on a train


instead of the 40 minute flight and having to do


week and the expense, because the


flights were so cheap, will affect how often


Citywing says difficulties arose after its contract was suspended by


the aviation authority after an incident on despite an annual Welsh


government subsidy of ?1.2 million, one transport expert says it will


not be easy to find another operator. The chances of finding


another company are not encouraging. There will be somebody out there who


is able to operate the service but they will look to see what Citywing


and why there were problems with and then try to the Conservatives have


criticised the amount of money given to run the flights saying it would


have been better spent on bus routes. The Welsh government says it


is working to minimise disruption but of the North- south


The leader of the Welsh liberal democrats says May's local elections


elections are "critical" for the future of the party.


Mark Williams - who's also the MP for Ceredigion -


was speaking at the party's Welsh Spring Conference in Swansea.


as the party faithful arrived, the question to answer was how to learn


lessons from recent heavy election defeats. With just one MP in Wales


and a single assembly member in it's easy to write off the Liberal


Democrats as a political force. You only need to go back a few years to


a time when the party was in Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham and


Newport, and the message has come very clearly from this conference


that the fightback The party's leader in Wales says


losing 4 AMs last year he thinks the Lib Dems need to build


on their councillors. These elections are


critically important for the communities in which they are


fighting but for the unashamedly fighting to gain more Liberal


Democrat councillors across the The party's lone assembly


member is also the Education Secretary


in Labour's Welsh government. She said that after Brexit


the Liberal Democrats had to show leadership


on tolerance and fairness, It rests on achieving


more than the other parties put together and we are


still very much the party of education, raising standards,


reducing the attainment gap and producing an education system


that is the source of national pride The membership know


they have to regain people's trust and votes but seem


up for the fight. a lot of areaslike Cardiff


where we are campaigning. We have got a very strong


and proud history in terms of The party leaders say


the Liberal Democrats are so they will be hoping that may's


local Football and in the Premier League -


Swansea City were beaten 2-1 Elsewhere, in the Championship,


Cardiff City drew Bottom of the table Newport County


beat Crewe in League Two. While there was defeat for Wrexham


in the National League. Onto rugby and Wales' women


suffered their third defeat They were beaten 12-7


by Ireland at the Arms Park. A quick look at the weather,


and tomorrow after a bright start for many, it'll quickly turn cloudy


with some outbreaks However, it'll turn drier


and brighter from the west later, There's a full forecast


coming up next. That's Wales Today -


enjoy your evening. Good evening. Some of us managed to


get some decent weather today, not everybody but some of us. Lovely


picture from a weather


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